A dare and my x

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A dare and my x1st jan 2011,lets start the new year with a bang,after spending new years day shopping for sexy undies i was as horny as hell so on the drive home i asked john my b/f to dare me anything he liked once i had got home,showered,shaved my pussy and put on some of my sexy new undies.John tought about it for a while and then said rather shyly there was something he fantasised about and wouldn’t mind giving it a try if i was up for it.Basicly the idea was that he would like me to put on my new short black skirt,hold up stockings,white see through silk panties and my white blouse and then ring my x and ask him if he would like to go for a spin and a chat as he had being pestering me for a shag ever since we broke up nearly two years ago.The plan was to tease him,wank or blow him if i wanted too and let him fondle me,and then come home and while john fucked me i would tell him everything that happened.Cool kuşadası escort bayan i tought deffo up for that.So got home showered,shaved all be it for a little landing strip mike my x loved to see that through sheer undies put on my new clothes and heels got a glass of wine and text mike.fancy meeting for a chat need to sort things out i text and after what seemed ages i got a reply,sure where and when it said.Collect me when you can and we can drive around and chat whenever your ready and text me once your outside as i dont want john to know what were doing. It was a this stage john came home and saw me dressed up for the first time,wow he said you look fucking hot have you tought about texting mike yes i said its done and he’s on his way.John gulped im not too sure i want you to go ahead with it now mike might not be able to control himself he said worriedly just then mike texted one kuşadası escort bayan word (outside).Cant back out now john as he’s outside it will be ok i trust mike and you trust me so chill.I should add at this stage that john never liked mike as compared to him mike was a big bully boy,well built with a big cock which made john feel inadequate and why this idea turned him on ill never know.As i sat into mikes car he smiled told me i looked sexy and drove on.I replyed mike you gotta stop textn me its not on but he wsn’t listening can i touch your leg he asked yes i said if you stop texting me from now on you can touch me ok he said as his hand rubbed up and down my thigh.I let my legs open a little as by now i was very wet and wanted him to touch me there he did and said wow nice and wet just the way i like it.We drove to a wooded area close to where we live and by now i was wanking him and escort kuşadası he me, fuck i was close to cumming.It was dark and quite and i asked him to get out i went outside bent over the bonnet and said fuck me and he did hard and fast and we came in minutes with his massive cock baning off my swollen pussy i came twice.I pulled my soaking wet panties up catching all of his cum and we drove home hardly speaking.Once inside i saw john pacing up and down the hall biting his nails nervously are you ok he said,what happened he asked, calm down i said take off your clothes and ill tell you.He did as he was told and i stripped down to my sodden panties as i straddled his face he pulled my panties to one side and started to lick me out furiously taking all of mikes cum in his mouth.He asked is that what i think it is i said yes and told him everything that happened well he fucked me three times after that and twice the following day.Now 3 days later he’s still horny so you could say it was a success mikes still texting though as i knew he would.xxxxxxxPS. Wishing you all a happy and sexy new year love ann.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXIf anyone has any new sexy ideas or dares for me id love to hear them.

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