A Coincidence of Wants Ch. 02

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It’ll help to read part one, but the really sexy starts here, so whatever works for you, Constant Reader. Enjoy!


I think we both felt really awkward after that. I felt bad, I think you felt worse. The guilt and shared shame at knowing we wanted each other so badly really took a toll on our relationship for a while. I know I avoided you for weeks, spending all my free time at friends. I think I played more video games that month than I ever had before.

I remember exactly what broke the ice. It was your promotion.

“Hey! HEY! Come downstairs, right away!” You had just gotten home from another trip.

I thought I was in deep trouble for something. “Ok, Mom, be right down,” I called. I was right in the middle of, yes, masturbating about you again. It seemed like every time I was home alone, that’s about all I did. I tried to will my erection away, put on some really baggy shorts and a tank top and went downstairs.

“We are going out to dinner again tonight, because…wait for it…I got the promotion! I’m not traveling any more!” You had the biggest grin on your face.

“Wow, Mom, that’s fantastic news!” I walked over to give you a big hug. I felt your body stiffen for a moment when we came together, and I worried that I upset you, but then your whole body softened against me. I felt your breath on my neck, and it made my arm hair rise.

“Oh, baby, isn’t it the best news ever! Between your acceptance to the college being so close, and no more travel, we’ll be able to spend some quality time together. It’s been too long.” We were still hugging. I was milking the moment for all it had. We so rarely had physical contact, especially after the dinner night.

“Yes, that is awesome news. Do you want to go to the same restaurant?” My cock was rising because we were still hugging.

“Yes, I think so. That’s our special place now,” you murmured, lips about half an inch away from my skin. I got even harder. I felt you lean in closer, and my cock made contact with your upper thigh. I tried not to gasp — you pushed your thigh against it even harder. Was it on purpose? It had to be.

“What should I wear this time?” you asked.

“Um, uh, well, whatever you want. Your choice.” I couldn’t think. I was about to explode in my shorts. I thought about road-kill, grandma naked, shooting terrorists in Call of Duty, whatever I could to keep that from happening. And then you began very very slowly to move your thigh up and down.

“Oooh, my choice? Ok, I think I know just the thing. How about…no, I’ll keep it a surprise. And I want you to wear the suit you wore for Aunt Ellen’s wedding. It should still fit, that was only three months ago.” Up, and down. Up, and down.

I moved away quickly before my nuts drained.

“Sure, Mom, no problem.” I started to walk upstairs.

“Baby?” you called.

“Yeah?” I turned around.

“I am really excited to go on a date with you again.” Your eyes flashed down really quickly to my cock outlined at this point through my shorts. I thought I might have imagined it, but I chose to believe it anyway.

“Me too, Mom. Me too.”

I went upstairs and took a shower. For some reason, I chose not to stroke off. I liked the excited feeling I had, and I knew it would be drained if I exploded under the water.

I changed into the suit, tied, re-tied, and re-tied my tie again until it finally fell just half an inch past my belt. Black belt, black wingtips. Brushed my hair, teeth, and I was ready.

When I got downstairs, I took a seat in the family room and booted up a game. I knew it would be a while before you were ready.

“Hey baby?” you called.

“Yeah, mom.”

“Can you come help me, please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right up.” I gulped. I paused the game. What would I see up there? My imagination ran wild. There was that erection again. The thing was like my shadow.

When I walked ensest hikayeler into your room, you were standing in front of the full-length mirror. Your hair was piled up high on your head in curls, with little wisps on each side of your face. It was very anime, but still appropriate for your age.

I wanted to plunge my canine teeth into your neck. It was a disturbing, predatory thought, and I banished it immediately. Too many anime vampire video games…

“What do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Zip me up, please.”

That’s when I noticed the dress. It was black, very black, made out of some sort of velvet or something. It absorbed all light striking it completely. The zipper was down just above your waist. It was tight all down your torso and hugged your hips, and it had a flared skirt in some sort of pleats. The skirt ended above your knees. Rather…high…above your knees.

I stepped up closely behind you. I reached down and held the fabric under the zipper. I held the zipper and slowly moved it upwards. As I did that, I noticed your ass started poking out at me more and more.

By the time I reached the top, your butt came into contact with my crotch. I couldn’t tell how much was fabric, and how much was skin.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I just didn’t want the zipper to break — this is a great dress, but not very expensive. The zippers break on these things all the time. It helps if I stretch that way while you do that. I should have warned you.”

“It’s ok, Mom.” The hottest part? We didn’t separate while you explained everything. We just…stood there. I looked over your shoulder at your eyes in the mirror. You looked back at me. My hands went down to your waist, and I slowly pulled you in tighter to me. I saw your eyes close, and you went up on your toes, then back down again, caressing the hardness sliding in your cheek-cleavage. Then you pulled away quickly.

“Um, ok, please go downstairs. I’ll be down in just a minute.” Your chest was heaving and your nostrils were flaring a little. Your cheeks looked like red LEDs.

“Sure, Mom.”

I was certain now. You wanted me as much as I wanted you. I had no idea what to do about it. I didn’t want anything to change between us, but my entire life-focus became concentrated on getting a very insistent part of me back where my entire self had come from so many years ago. I had no plan, I had no courage either…but I had something far more valuable. Hope.

The beginning of dinner actually went by rather anti-climactically. There was no teasing, no innuendoes. We just…talked. I think since you knew you would be home so much more, you started to open up about how hard all of that travel had been. I never really knew the extent of your loneliness. I felt bad for not really thinking about it before. We opened up to each other that night.

You asked me about girls, and I mentioned some I had been dating for a while. I noticed that the longer I talked about them, the more agitated you became. You asked fewer questions, but they became rather pointed. I decided to go for broke. It was now or never.

“So, yeah, they’re cute and all, but…they just never hold my attention.”

“Oh yeah? What does, then?” you asked sharply. You weren’t looking at me. The conversation about girls had you drinking from your wine glass frequently. You ordered another bottle.

“There’s someone I’ve had my eye on for a long time, but…I’m not sure she would be receptive. And she probably doesn’t think about me in that way at all.” Opening gambit. Pawn to D4. Whatever, I didn’t know anything about chess, but it sounded good in my mind.

“Really? I find that very difficult to believe. Who is this girl, if I might ask?” Your eyes turned back to me.

“Well, number one, she’s not a girl. She’s actually a bit older. And number two, I’m not sure I should tell you.” Pawn takes pawn.

“Oh, come on, baby, you know you can tell me anything. Who is this older woman? A teacher? It better not be a teacher!” You laughed, and had another swallow. Your face was flushing, I knew you was getting tipsy. It emboldened me.

“No, not a teacher. I mean, she’s definitely someone who could teach me a lot of things. In fact, she already has, for a while now.” Pawn takes bishop.

“Hmm. This is a true mystery. Not a teacher, yet teaches you. Older woman, not a high-schooler. Oh my God, is it a neighbor? Mrs. Cuttle?!” You were smiling hugely now, certain you hit the mark. I performed a lot of chores for Mrs. Cuttle. She was about twenty five years old, and smoking hot. Her husband paid top-dollar for car washes, lawn mowing, and anything else he needed. Like you, he was out of town on business a lot. Mrs. Cuttle had worn some pretty revealing things around me a couple of times, but I never got any sort of vibe from her.

“No, although I wouldn’t mind getting a kiss or two from her. She’s really hot.” Pawn takes knight.

That rattled you. You looked away again. “Yes, she is, isn’t she. Well, she should enjoy being in her twenties as long as she can. Once you hit thirty, it’s all downhill.” You fly-cast for sympathy. Well, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Ok, that’s a lie. It was totally going to be that easy. I was desperate to let you know how I felt about you. And you knew it. Bishop takes pawn. Women!

“Mom, she cannot hold a candle to you. Do you have any idea how hard you work out? She’s, what, twelve years younger than you? You look the same age. Seriously, no— ” I stopped myself.

“It’s ok, baby, you can curse around me. I know you do it with your friends. I hear you on the phone, and especially when you’re playing on the Xbox. But do you really think that? I know my boobs are bigger.” You took a deep breath and they pushed out your dress marvelously. The deep cleavage held a teardrop silver pendant, nestled deep in the soft flesh. Saliva flooded my mouth. Bishop takes knight.

“Yeah, and your ass— ” Stopped again. Now I had the Santa cheeks.

“What about my ass?” Bishop takes castle. I was going down, hard. And I didn’t give a shit.

“Your ass makes my hands itch, my heart race, and my eyes burn.” There. Laid it all out. To hell with the consequences. I figured if you were offended, I could play it off on the wine (I only had one glass, but you’d never remember that). Castle takes bishop.

“OH! Oh…my goodness.” You sipped your wine to give yourself some time to recover. There was a silence.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I— ” I started.

You interrupted quickly. “No, baby, it’s ok. It’s totally ok. Don’t worry about it. I’ve known you’ve looked at me that way for a long time now.” You continued to look away, but sneaked a glance at me. Queen takes castle.

“You have?” I buttered some bread, not hungry in the slightest anymore. Not for food, anyway.

“Oh yes. Do you think I haven’t heard you in your room? You can get kinda’ loud. And there have been a couple of times when I’ve come back right after leaving and you didn’t know I was in the house. Baby, I’ve heard you…calling out for me…while you’re…” She stopped.

“While I’m what, Mom?” I pushed you, trying to save my king. Castle threatens queen.

“While you’re stroking that long, thick cock, whispering ‘Mom’ over and over. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?” You licked a finger tip, and circled the top of your wineglass, making a ringing noise almost below hearing. You were playing me as you played the glass, making my whole body resonate with your delicious words. King takes castle.

I couldn’t speak. My cock was about to explode. My own Mom was making an undeniable pass at me, her own son. She wanted to fuck me. There was no way I could be mistaken about that. Was that going to happen tonight? I had to find out.


“Yes, my sweet baby.” Finger circling, circling.

“Can we go home now?”

“Yes. I think we should. Right. Now.”


Queen takes king.


You reached over and stroked my cock through my pants as I drove. I asked you to stop after about two minutes and just as many close accidents. You giggled and said you’d be good. Then you raised your skirt. You had a garter belt on, and black silk stockings. You slowly stroked your bare, smooth upper thighs. I kept my eyes on the road resolutely, only staring when we stopped at red lights. There was no way I was going to let a car accident blow this chance.

“Oh my God, seriously, I must be really drunk. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I am shamelessly showing my body to my own son. But my God, baby, you are so hot. Do you have any idea how hot you are? Your body is absurd. You’re 18 years old, you play football. You’re, like…the ultimate sex toy for women my age. I cannot believe Mrs. Cuttle hasn’t taken advantage of you.” Stroking, stroking. Your fingers got closer and closer to your panties. They were black, with dark magenta satin lace, and so fucking tiny. It was clear you waxed.

“No, she hasn’t. But you know what?” I asked.

“What, baby? …God, are we home yet?” You moaned. Your fingers dug into the deep crease between your thighs.

“Well, I was going to say, if you want me to hit on Mrs. Cuttle, I can, just to see what happens.” I joked. This was brave, but you seemed to like it too.

“What?! No! I will not have that hot little slut tramping around with my son! If anyone is going to seduce you, it’s going to be— ” She stopped herself, and I could tell she was afraid of her own thoughts.

“Mom, it’s ok. I know what I’m doing. I’m a grown adult. I can make my own decisions,” I lied. At that point, I didn’t think there was anything I wouldn’t say or do to make this dream come to fruition. Too many years…

“Baby, are you sure? There’s no going back from this. We have a great relationship. I think I’m taking advantage of you. I know you probably want this more than anything else right now, but how will you feel tomorrow? How will you feel around your friends, or, oh my God, around your Dad when you visit him this summer? This could really be a disaster.” As she spoke, I noticed her fingers didn’t stop their work.

“Mom.” I pulled the car over about 8 blocks away from the house.

“Baby, I want to get home.”

“I know, Mom, but this is important.” I looked right at her. I took her hands away from her panties and held them.

“Mom, you need to understand that you are the only woman, the only girl I have ever loved, and as far as I can tell, you are going to be the only woman I love this way for the rest of my life. You felt that kiss. You and I were made to be together. I have no idea why that is. It flies in the face of all social convention. I feel bad about it sometimes, but…well, I think of it this way. If I love you this much, if my feelings for you are generating this much love in the world, and I mean genuine love, not just lust or whatever, then God must approve of this. Why would He create this much love if it was so wrong?” I spoke as earnestly as I could, putting all my emotions into it. My eyes welled up.

“Mom, I love you like no other ever will. You made me. You held me inside you for 10 months. You created every cell in my body. I can look at your beauty because you made my eyes. Everything I touch I feel because you made my skin, my nerves and my brain. If I am made to be with you, then so be it. It is what it is, and I don’t feel like fighting it anymore.”

You were crying very softly. “Baby?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“I feel the same way. Let’s go home now. I need to show you something.”


I put the car in gear, and tried not to race home too quickly. You smoothed down your dress and looked out the side window the whole time. I saw you brush the tears from your eyes a couple of times.

The driveway appeared, and I pulled into the garage.

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