A Bad Day Gets Better

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What a day! I get to wake up to a corrupted file system, a crashed computer, no OEM for my OS CD to restore, a lost report, and a longing for sexual relief. However, I didn’t know that it would eventually turn out better.

It all started when I when I woke up this morning. I had been doing some rather important schoolwork on my computer and grew tired, so I saved and let the program run all night. And when I woke up, my computer was frozen and refused to boot into Windows 98. I tried to salvage the information through another OS on a separate partition, but to no success.

Distraught that I had no report for my literature assignment due that day, I went and took my usual morning shower. This time, however, I accidentally walked in on my beautiful 20-year-old sister, Marian. She’s a very shapely woman, though not too tall at 5’9″. She has beautiful, long, blonde hair and a body to die for. Her curvature is astonishing as her 35c breasts take shape, going down her slender body and curving lusciously at her hips, to her perfect, full, firm buttocks. Her breasts firm and lightly tanned, her areolas just larger than silver dollars, and her nipples large and very, very pink. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting a sensual body in my life! Moving to her blonde muff, cleanly and neatly shaved except for a small path above her woman-hood. As I stood there staring at this magnificent site, she looked back toward me and screamed.

“AAAAHHH! What the HELL are you doing there Jim?!” She exclaimed in a slight tone of embarrassment and confusion.

I turned my head and replied, “Oh, shit. I’m sorry Marian… I wasn’t thinking straight. My report got lost and… I wasn’t expecting you to be home today. What are you doing here?”

She drew her breath as he wrapped a towel around herself and blurted, “My EX fucking boyfriend Ron was cheating on me, so I left that son of a bitch and asked mom if I could stay home from school.”

I kept my face hidden as she said, “It’s okay, you can look now. I’m decent, not that you didn’t enjoy your little show.”

I just stood there with my face beet red, sweaty and flushed with an all out hardon and replied, “I really am sorry Marian. I.. I…” my words ended as I was too horny to explain myself. She stood there tapping her foot as I just kept my face, and cock, hidden as best as I could. She finally speaks up and says, “Well, you wanna get out of my way so I can get some clothes on? I’d rather not stand here and watch you hide your face and hold your crotch while I’m standing in a fucking towel, you prick.” And with that, I simply move away and began walking shamefully to the closet to get a towel. When I returned to the bathroom, Marian was collecting the rest of her things and stormed past me while muttering under her breath, “Pervert.”

Now with all of this that just happened, I’m aroused, guilty, and fascinated. I had never seen my sister as the full-blown hotty that she is! I couldn’t keep my mind off of the wonderful display I had witnessed this morning. All I could think about was how fucking perfect my snotty older sister had become.

So, now I’m heading home from school after getting in shit loads of trouble in several classes for day dreaming. And to add insult to injury, I have to face Marian when I get home. What a fucking drag. My feelings are already hurt, my self-confidence is destroyed, and worst of all, I think I’m getting a case of blue balls. As I slowly drag myself home, I notice something. Mom’s car is still gone and there’s another car at my house. So I walk in like I always do and look around, assuming it’s one of Marian’s friends when I hear, “You fucking SON OF A BITCH! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW! I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! YOU GOT THAT?!” followed by the loud crash of a door slamming and glass breaking. Marian was screaming at someone, so I dropped everything and ran back towards Marian’s room. I stop as I come to the door and open it. Marian is sitting on her bed crying her eyes out as this guy tries to walk past me.

I stand in his way and ask; “Who the fuck are you, and what the hell did you do to upset my sister so much?”

He answers, “I’m Ron, and I just told your bitch of a sister that I’ve been cheating on her for almost a month. How do you like that, tough guy?”

I cock my head side to side, look him dead in the eye and say, “You know something, PAL? I don’t like your attitude. So I suggest you get the fuck out of here before something really goes bad.”

He looks back at me and says, “Fine with me, you just gotta get out of my way.”

So I move aside to let him through and exclaim as he walks towards the door, “Hey, if I ever hear you calling my sister a bitch again, I’ll cut your fucking balls off and feed edirne seks hikayeleri them to you, got it?”

With that he simply huffs, mumbles something under his breath, and storms out of the house, slamming the door. I walk over to Marian and kneel a little, watching the tears run down her face and listening to her now softening sobs and ask her, “Are you OK? Did he hurt you? Cause if he did I swear I’ll..” She cuts me off and says, “No, I’ll be okay, and no he didn’t lay a finger on me. Thanks for caring for me, and thanks for defending me.” and gives me a hug. I return the hug and gently pat her back and tell her, “Any time sis, any time.” She asks me to leave the room, so I did.

A few hours later I get a phone call from our parents. Mom and Dad decided to take a weekend retreat and were leaving us the house for the next three days. I thought to myself, “Sweet. Fucking sweet. Maybe I can get a couple of friends to come over and we can watch some movies and shit.” So I make a few calls, no luck. It’s Friday night, and everyone but me has a girlfriend to party with. So I decide I’ll ask Marian if she wants to come with me to rent some movies. As I knock on the door gently, I listen for signs of activity. There is none. So I crack the door a little to see if she’s asleep, and there she is. Stretched out on the bed with nothing but a long T-shirt from what I can see. I stare for a couple of seconds and whisper her name a few times. I decide that she’s out and get my stuff together to go rent some movies.

Guilty, yet still feeling horny from that morning, I decide to rent a sci-fi horror movie and a porno. I rent Pitch Black, and some porno that looked promising. I get some munchies and a pack of Black ‘N Milds and head home. I get out of my car and unlock the door, setting the movies on a small table near the door and tossing my coat onto the sofa. I head back to Marian’s room once again and knock to see if she’s awake, once again, no answer. So I crack the door open again to see if I woke her and to my surprise, she was still sleeping. I look a little closer and her nightshirt was risen well above her breasts, and I saw her soft cotton panties, her vaginal contrasts perfectly defined by the snug cotton. Bam, instant erection. And God did it hurt stretching my tight blue jeans. Fixed on her cotton covered love hole, I begin to rub myself a little, then reality hits. I decide it’s time to watch that porno that I just rented, not that I needed any more stimulation.

So, I walk awkwardly out into the living room, get the tape, pop it in the VCR, and lounge in the sofa. I fast forward through all of the beginning bullshit until the actual movie starts. So I unzip my pants, turn the volume up a little, and pull my hard 7″ out of my boxers. This movie was fucking hot, and I just imagined myself doing that to my sister. I stroked myself slowly as to not blow my load soon. Then I got a guilty, yet very aroused smirk on my face. I knew that thinking of my sister like that was wrong, I’m not stupid. I know what society accepts and what it shuns. Still, simply thinking of penetrating my sister was giving me a guiltful pleasure. I lay my head back on the couch, listening to the moans the woman is making on the movie, and stroking myself. I’m just getting ready to shoot my wad onto myself when I hear footsteps and a gasp. I stop and shoot up while turning my head to see what it was. FUCK! It was Marian! And there I am, standing there with a hardon, my hand around it, and looking at my sister. “Oh no.” I thought. “She’s going to fucking freak and tell everyone, SHIT! God fucking damn it all!” To my surprise she just stands there, staring at my swollen organ. “Quickly! Say something!” I thought. Then she goes, “What are you doing, wait, don’t answer that.” and giggles a little.

Wham… what a fucking pain. My heart falls through the fucking floor and I stand there with an embarrassed look on my face and say, “Err.. uhhm… Marian… uhh… you’re… I mean, you can’t be… I… uhmm… I thought you were sleeping?”

She just stands there, eyes fixed on my crotch and says, “I was, I heard something and came to see what is was. Then I find you here with a porno on and your friend in hand.”

Now I realize I still haven’t put it away, so I quickly tuck my dick in my pants, zip them up, shut the movie off and eject it. I turn and look back at her and say, “Marian.. I can’t explain this. I just… fuck, I… I can’t explain anything right now, excuse me.” and start rushing to my room. I close the door and lay face down into my pillows. I just stay there, really hot and really embarrassed. Suddenly I hear a knock at the door.

“*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*.. Jim.. Can I come in?” Marian queries.

“If you’re going to try to make me feel any worse about this, no!” I exclaim, face still buried in my pillows.

Marian opens the door and walks in, closing the door behind her and softly says, “Jim, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you like that. Why do you have to do that anyway? You’re cute enough, you should be able to get laid.”

Grumbling, “Jessica broke up with me and I haven’t gotten laid in two months, apparently she spread a bunch of rumors about me and now none of the girls will really talk to me, much less date me.” I reply.

Softly she says, “Really? Wow.. What a bitch. Look, Jim. I didn’t mean to call you those things or yell at you this morning either. I was just so embarrassed and surprised that I simply went off. Can you forgive me?”

With a slight sigh of relief, and some self-confidence restored, I reply, “Yeah, no problem. If you don’t tell anyone about… uhmm… you know. My length, or lack of it.”

Giggling, Marian replies, “Jim. 7″ isn’t really small. You’re pretty well endowed, if I do say so myself. And I won’t tell anyone anything you don’t want me to. I promise.”

Slowly I roll onto my back, sit up and look her straight in the eye.. “Really? You think I’m well endowed?”

With a shy grin and sly expression she blurts, “I sure do. I wish my boyfriends had cocks even close to the size of yours.”

Feeling quite a bit better about myself, I look at her and decide I need to let her know what got me into that ordeal to begin with. So I look at her and ask her to sit next to me. She carefully, yet promptly, sits next to me on my bed as I begin to explain. “Marian. I don’t want you to get freaked or anything; I want to be honest with you. And most of all, I don’t want to destroy our relationship. So, please don’t think poorly of me for what I’m about to tell you.” I said. She sheepishly replies, “OK.. What do you have to tell me?”

With a deep sigh, followed by another I gather enough courage to blurt “Marian. After I saw you this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about how drop dead sexy you are. I couldn’t stop thinking about your body, and envying everyone who’s ever slept with you. Then before I rented the movies, I snuck a peek at you and rented that porno to fanaticize. After I got back, I checked to see if you were awake yet and stared at your breasts for about five minutes. So I went out there to relieve what had built up, so to speak.” I quickly cover my face and mutter “There, I said it. Please don’t hate me, even though I know you already do now.”

She smirks and pats me on the back and whispers to me, “I’ve got a secret for you, too. I’ve snuck peeks at you while you were masturbating before, it turned me on. In fact, I was standing there for a while before I made any noise.”

With a confused expression and a once again raging boner I ask, “R.. re… really? … But.. You said in the bathroom..” Cutting me off she says, “Like I said, you embarrassed and startled me. I’ve had a secret attraction to you for a while now. I used to fanaticize about you while I’d masturbate. I thought you’d never accept me as a woman, rather than your sister, but judging by that cock or yours I was mistaken.”

Embarrassed yet smirking I bashfully tell her, “I only thought of you as my sister until recently. Then all I could think about was how bad I wanted you.”

Slowly she leans over and kisses me. My lips meeting her subtle, full, lucious, red lips. It was bliss, all I could do was sit there and let her lips touch mine. She began to probe my lips with her tongue, slipping it between them once and a while. Marian certainly was a skilled kisser. I finally gathered a little courage and began to return the favor, this was all that she needed and she opened her mouth to mine and her tongue darted in. Wrestling my tongue, then me wrestling hers. She held one side of my face as she leaned on the bed with me. I slowly began to get bolder and let one of my hands to begin exploring her body. Running it through her hair, down her cheek, along her back and finally down to that oh so perfect ass. She continued to prolong the kiss as her hand left my cheek and went to my thigh where she began to rub. My dick was throbbing and so constrained by my jeans that I begged her to unzip them before it got bent or something. She unbuttoned my pants then slowly unzipped them.

Relieving my aching member from the constraints of them and leaving it only constrained by my boxers. She began to run her hand to my swelled love tool and caressed it. I moved my hand below her smooth buttocks and slowly began to pull the back of her T-shirt up. She quickly reached back and grabbed my hand while smiling. She stood up and pulled the shirt off. “Are these the breasts you liked so much?” She said as her twin 35c’s stared at me, pink nipples at full attention. Meekly I nodded, as she sat back down and looked deep into my eyes and gently whispered to me.. “Go ahead, take me. I’m yours.” With that I placed my hand on her left breast, gently cupping it and lifting it, twisting that hard pink nipple and circling it with my index finger. “Hhhmmm… That feels good.” She responded. I positioned myself to get my lips closer to her huge, young, firm breasts, and began to lick them. She began to run her fingers through my hair as I licked and suck her left nipple, eventually moving to the right one, trying to give them both equal attention.

“Oh yeah… mmm… oh, lick my nipples. Suck them, devour my tits!” Marian moaned.

I slowly worked my hand over her wet, cotton covered muff and began to massage it while she played with my stiff cock. Forgetting any second thoughts I had I began to move my hand under her now soaked panties. She softly moaned and asked me to get undressed, so I did. I quickly undressed while she took her panties off and lay on my queen-sized bed. I position myself next to her and began tongue lashing her nipples once again. “Ohh.. Yes… more… unnnngh..” she moaned as my hand began rubbing the love button nestled between her legs. My tongue assaulting her full breasts, my hand pleasing her hungry snatch, her hand tugging at my cock. I looked into her eyes and smiled as I said, “Get toward the edge of the bed, spread your legs, and lay on your back.”

She complied without hesitation, then said.. “You ready to give that beautiful cock to your big sisters hungry hole, are ya Jim?” I replied, “Almost, I’ve got a few things planned first.” She just smiled and rested her head as I positioned mine between her legs. The smell alone was almost enough to make me cum right there. I stared into her waiting cunt, then moved in and began to lick her swollen nub. “Ohh… ohh god yes… mmm… I like that! Oh yeah, eat your big sister out! Make me cum on your face, Jim!” Marian moaned excitedly as I gave her swollen clitoris a tongue-lashing. Traveling her soft, puffy, pink, sweet vulva, tasting her sweet love juices and then beginning to tongue fuck her while tracing her clit with my thumb.

“OOOhhhh YES!.. Oh GOD it feels SO GOOD! Oh Jim! Don’t stop! Please! Don’t stop!” She gasped and moaned as my tongue and thumb worked simultaneously at her muff. Her breathing became heavier and she began to buck her hips wildly. I worked furiously to meet her wriggles and bucks, then she began to moan louder.

“OOOOHHHH! OOOHH YEAH! OHH, EAT ME JIM! OH FUCK YES! EAT ME JIM! EAT YOUR BIG SISTER! OH GOD I’M CUUUMMMIIIIIIING!!!” Marain screamed in ecstasy. I could feel her pussy trying to milk my tongue, her sweet fluids oozing onto my tongue and me greedily lapping them up. She bucked and writhed wildly until her orgasm began to subside. When she caught her breath enough she went, “Fuck me, Jim! I need that cock in me! Don’t make me wait anymore! I want your cum mixing with mine!”

I got up and she slips up on the bed, I crawled over her and positioned myself directly above her opening. With one hand, I probed her soft, steamy slit until I began to slip in. Inch after inch became buried deep into her steamy cunt. My dick twitched and throbbed at the feeling of her tight, hot pussy. Her vaginal walls like fine velvet along the shaft of my dick. Her muscles grabbing it, trying to pull it in further. “Give it to me Jim! Fuck your big sister hard!”

She cried, so I shoved the last 3 inches of my cock into her hot fuck hole. She moaned with joy as we were finally united. I knew I was going to shoot my load into my sister. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. All that I wanted to do was fuck her until we couldn’t move. Slamming my hard cock into her, and withdrawing rapidly, then back into her. Our bodies colliding making a slapping sound. Moans filling the empty house. Love juices seeping from between us, sweat rolling from our bodies, her muscles twitched and contracted as if they were trying to milk my hard dick for all it was worth. I looked into her eyes as my body began to shake and yelled “Oh GOD YES! Oh SIS! I’M CUMING! I’M CUMMMMMMMING!”

And I began to shoot my seed deep into her throbbing snatch. My dick pulsing with each squirt of sticky semen. My ass twitching and writhing. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding my tight into her body. Swear rolling off of me as my orgasm subsides and the last bits of my jizz are milked by her greedy cunt.

Breathing heavily I collapse next to her. She looks toward me and kisses me and smiles while saying, “That was great, Jim. I love you. I love you so much little brother.” I smile and kiss her back and say, “I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. And I love you too.”

For the next few minutes we kissed and relaxed, then we both fell asleep, entirely satisfied.

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