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455 going in Pt4455 going in Pt4A bout of what he now knows as vanilla sex, now ensued, it was hard and fast stuff from a lad who was fast learning the ropes. She climaxed, and immediately after he filled her in quantity. They lay together sated, then she said in a quiet voice, “I thought you might have wanted me up the backway having seen the film!”He grinned but said, “one thing at a time madam, I needed to empty my balls, as you taught me, then with a cool head I wanted to ask if you enjoyed it, and if I could… not just do it as Tony would and force myself on you, …well in you…and better a bird in the hand than two in the bush, and I didn’t want to upset you!” he paused then said, “I wouldn’t want to force you for the world, it`s your body!”Her smile accompanied by tears at his attitude said volumes, she was touched, he was so thoughtful. Drying her eyes she said, “Well they forced me that time and I was had up the back a few times after that and once it was in, well, I grew to enjoy it a bit I must say, but it was that that Murray`s particular joy, having me secure and using me up there, as he knew his thickness hurt me like hell, he has also been known to pee while in their too and that’s different and in fact weird, but ok I guess!”“Tony had me that way now and then he was about your size and I enjoyed that, but Murray, he was a different prospect. they also had me from both sides at once which was wow, well, you will see, it`s on one of the later films!”His mouth agape he regarded her in awe, she went on, “they had a thing about pain too, there was another chap Jimmy, an Ulsterman, he was the one with a need to whip me, and I think he paid Tony well, because on one occasion I ended up in bed for a week after a severe beating from him, that’s on film too, somewhere, Tony just stood by and watched, out there in the yard it was, till I finally collapsed. So you see, it must be that I was a masochist, but whether I could now still take it, I really don’t know, but am willing to try, if you promise to take things steady and withdraw if I tell you to stop.”His urgent nod, soon had her reaching for the lube she used for her vibrator and positioning herself on all fours while he fingered the rosebud while applying the lubricant.John eased his tool into her tight muscular ring and slowly with much care eased it further and further into her passage, his mons suddenly hit her buttocks and they were together.He was in to the root and without a single murmur of protest from his partner. He felt her anal muscles contract, squeezing at his member, milking him, then holding him.Slowly, oh so slowly, he began to ease himself out and then back into her body, which made her whimper though not with pain or discomfort, but from sheer erotic enjoyment. Speed increased slowly, till with her own movements working herself against his, the head was at the door one second then with each plunge it was deep in her belly. Together bahis şirketleri the climax took them both over the edge of the orgasmic abyss and had her collapsing, still conjoined, flat on the bed, he limp on her back like some live blanket. They lay like that for long moments, happy with the effect, and too tired to disconnect themselves.She later said that that was the most impressive and comfortable performance that way, that she had ever received, and she had kissed him thank you, as they finally rolled apart.Next day after the obligatory vanilla screw, which she said he was getting good at by the way, and then breakfast they went to the park and did silly lover type things like feeding ducks and taking a boat out on the lake, his camera clicking away.That was until it began to softly rain and they caught the bus home. She made toast with cream cheese for lunch, then without a word they took to the bed and the next film. This one was in the bathroom, the one room that Tony for some reason had apparently spent money on. originally this had been a second bedroom, it now had a big triangular bath, with a shower at one end, in stark white all with then very modern crome taps and fittings! All with a contrasting stained wooden surrounds and cream walls, which made the place palatial, a divided sector held a matching sink and toilet. Anne chuckling said, “don’t think he spent money, that was just not his way!” and that, “he had won the whole thing in a magazine competition, till then it had been the sink for a wash a tin bath for a bath and that outside toilet at the bottom of the yard!”The film began with the usual name “hot showers” then the credits, Pat Myarse, and Tim Trent along with two new name`s Micky Taker, and Trunky Richards.The scene opened with Pat, being fetched into the bathroom hand`s tied as usual to the collar and wearing a flimsy pink slip. Lead by Tim in a dressing gown and slippers. They were followed by a giant black chap, well over 6 feet tall and again in a flowing dressing gown. Of the fourth member of the cast there was no sign, so John presumed he was duty cameraman. Beside the big bath they stopped, and the black chap removed the victims slip by the simple expedient of snapping the two shoulder straps with his chunky hands in a way that reminded John of a gorilla snapping a blade of grass. The silken slip slid down the body as only silk can, revealing her naked charms to his gaze like an unveiled statue. Her face was a mixed picture of fear and shame. The paw waved at her and his voice grunted “in” Tim undid the lead, and daintily as she could, her arms being unable to help with balance, she stepped into the sparkling white tub. Again, the giant black grunted “kneel”, she looked askance of Tim and he said, “do as trunky says girl!” The giant coloured man was now identified as Trunky Richards, by deduction the cameraman then must be Micky, John said as much to Anne who muttered, bahis firmaları “correct and you`ll see why trunky in just a moment!” Carefully ‘Pat knelt. Tim by now had gone from the frame and Just then the camera went from focus for a second, no doubt due to a change-over of cameramen!A slight distraction to the proceedings, that took Pats eyes from the big blacks laughing brown face.A tiny leprechaun of a chap now bounded into view, naked as a jay bird and waving a long thin prick about in a way that said he was both erect and led by this the biggest single item in his life! To everybody`s surprise this little man good naturedly elbowed Trunky to one side and taking his long thin dick in his hand offered it to Pats waiting lips. Anne quietly explained, “innocent me thought the little shit wanted a BJ, and that I didn’t mind, but this…!” her voice tapered off as on screen the woman`s head was held, and the urine began to run! A voice off stage, instructed her “swallow girl, don’t waste it he`s paying for this…” eyes tight shut she began to do as she was instructed, though it made her wretch, the flow was long and steady, egged on by a few pints of juice that morning … the penis withdrew and using it like a firehose the stream was directed over her face, her hair, breasts and belly, before the final burst once more onto her tongue. Micky as he dried began to laugh at her discomfort, saying “That miss was the aperitif the main meal is yet to come.!” sadly he was not k**ding.With a “tar rah” he turned swept his companions gown to one side exposing a phallus of fully 11 inches slack and as thick as a baby`s arm.He left it for a second to sink in, then with a flourish announcing, “meet Trunky Richards, wrecker of young girls and stretcher of the older woman!” her face showed horror and amazement rolled into one as if on command the thing stiffened to a mini flagpole.The dark face smiled at her look, then told her, “stand… stand, and face the wall.” She did as bid but slowly and in amazement, turning her back on them both. Trunky stepped up into the big bath then effortlessly lifted her hips and planted her on the tip of his tool, she being forced to put her elbows to the wall to balance and stop her face smashing into the tiles.The weight of her body began inserting the giant rod into her body, and as it stretched her, she began to cry out in pain. Never before had she taken such a massive invader, slowly she slid onto the thing , deeper and deeper it slid, the pain both uncomfortable and yet exciting, she was being impaled, there was no other words for it and it was magnificent…Her buttocks touched his body then softly spread before he was as far into her as anyone had ever been. They stayed like it for long seconds, her awaiting his ride which she partly wanted and partly dreaded. However, to her amazement a strange sensation began deep in her belly, a filling stretching feeling.Stiff though he appeared kaçak bahis siteleri to be, he was pissing emptying his bladder deep up into her, it was a strange feeling, she felt bloated, the fat phallus making a tight seal, so the bladder-full was rapidly swelling her belly, not leaking away, stretching and washing her guts the pain increasing with every drip, every splash, every dribble, and this fire hose of a tool was passing copious amounts. She began to scream, the pain near unbearable as the fill increased, and the pressure mounted. She was aware of the men laughing, her belly distended like a pregnant woman, or a balloon and it had the Irishman hopping from foot to foot with his glee, loving her distress, with his own not inconsiderable prick in hand, stiff and threatening.Her eyes wild and panicking now, fixed on Tim her husband a broad smile on his face the camera a big professional shoulder size one, not missing a tiny detail, and him loving her pain her every cry.Trunky eased back his hips the pressure eased and for a second, and she felt relieved, but it was short lived as the inward thrust followed and hydraulic pressure increased rapidly once more, the Irish man now urging on his trained bear, who wishing to please him increasing speed and power with every thrust. Regardless of the woman`s cry`s and screams he pressed home his attack. Tiny spurt of escaping pee ran from her on each with-drawl.But she knew even now what was to come, knew his big balls would soon add to her pain, bracing herself as she felt him nearing his peek, her own body rising to a painful crescendo, the traitorous senses sending her into an orgasm that was huge and oh so strange, her howl of climax, and pain sending the Irishman involuntarily over the top, his hot seed hitting her left leg and running down like so much lava from a volcano. The black bear yelling as his balls filled her even more and added to the already megga pain of her full guts. The little Irishman promptly sitting on the bath edge, watching his friend withdraw and a positive waterfall escape from the woman like a balloon emptying. Anyone could see his satisfaction…The end credit appeared and the inevitable slap of the tail of film and the bright light instantly filled the room.A tearful Anne lay beside John having re-lived the scene as it was shown, memories of the callous pair having flooded back, and as they dressed and left, of Tim fixing the camera on its stand, then helping her on jelly legs to leave the bath, was it over… no not a chance, he lay her on the cold tiles of the floor.Then he again ravaging her, in a way that did not bring her even near a climax as he barely touched the sides so large had been Trunky, but he had soon filled her once more, in an indifferent style, that said much of his caring and his love of his wife… The couple watching, gently in contrast to the aggression of the film, made love. It was the only way he could express his feelings to this lovely lady, calm her and perhaps express his excitement, though it was a little diffused having witnessed her distress.Outside rain beat at the window and the afternoon was normal for a high street in the rain.

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