3 guys, 1 girl, 6 nuts, 5 Os

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The fun started Friday night with Leigh and Daniel; a pair of new sexy friends we recently had the pleasure of playing with.

Leigh wanted her nipples pierced like mine, so we got them done before heading out to Hooters. Nipple piercing and wings, not a bad combo.

Major flirting was happening all around so it wasn’t long before we were headed back to the house. My poor hubby Jason was exhausted and he had to be up early, so I took him home.

With his blessing, I headed to Leigh and Daniels house for some fun. Leigh was “unavailable” to play at that moment so it was just me and Daniel.

Grabbing drinks, Daniel and I headed out to the RV parked next to the house. In no time at all we were naked and entangled on the bed. Daniel is easy on the eyes and gentle with his touch.

After much kissing and touching, Daniel makes his way to my aching pussy. Lapping at my slick clit, I was soon twitching and moaning with desire. Needing to feel the release, I flip him on his back and impale myself on his solid cock.

Fingering my clit, I was soon overwhelmed with an intense wave of heat running through my body. Gritting my teeth, clenching my muscles and gasping for air, I ride this wave for what seemed like hours. Clawing at Daniels chest, I continue to twitch and gasp until I collapse.

Daniel gets this cute smile on his face as he flips me over and buries his cock deep in me. I let out a small yell as my pussy was still twitching. Daniel grabs my hips and pounds until he is moaning aloud and shooting hot cum up my back. That’s 1 sexy guy, 1 busted nut and 1 mind blowing O.

Heading back home with a smile on my face, I crawl into bed. Jason wakes up, takes a piss, crawls into bed again and says, “I’m awake now, must have been a power nap. Want to get fucked again?” Now who am I to deny my sexy husband?

Jason fingers my still soaked pussy until I’m moaning and wriggling under his touch. “Cum fuck me.” I say to which Jason replied, “Nu uh, you’re going to cum bahis firmaları on me first.” Smiling slyly, I climb atop Jason’s hard 8 inch cock and slam myself down hard.

Watching me intently, Jason licks his thumb and starts to flick my clit. Licking my own fingers, I replace his thumb and furiously rub at my clit to my second all encompassing orgasm of the night. My legs tighten, my pussy tightens and juices flow over his pulsing cock. Gasping for air and almost seeing stars, I fall off Jason complaining of aches in my knees.

Jason rolls me onto my side, I bring my knees close to my chest as he gets on his knees and slides deep in me. I moan aloud as his cock hits my still pulsing g-spot.

Jason holds my hip and thrusts deeper and deeper until his hot cum is unloaded deep in my pussy. Smiling…..I think, ‘that’s’ 2 sexy guys, 2 busted nuts and 2 mind blowing O’s in one night. Nice!’

Saturday night found me at Leigh and Daniels house again for movie night. After watching a movie, all three of us decided to get into the pool. With the kids half asleep and all the lights off in the pool, we decide to skinny dip. Nothing like a warm night with warm water and no clothes to make you feel free.

After some sexy touches, we decided we needed more. Leigh was back on the market, so it was game on! We headed to the RV where it took about 10 seconds to get into bed and get going.

Leigh was still relatively new to the bisexual side of things. But you wouldn’t have guessed it that night. In no time at all, Leigh was between my thighs with her tongue buried in my pussy. She lapped at my clit, flicked her tongue and sucked my labia like a pro.

My whole body was jumping and my pussy juices were flowing out of me and running down my ass. Being with women gets me so hot my pussy just drips. Leigh was doing some kind of swirl with her tongue that had me climbing the walls. With two of her fingers pulsing in and out of my cunt along with her swirling tongue, I came with such intensity that I was arching off the bed and clawing at the bed covers.

As I was catching kaçak iddaa my breath, Leigh sits up wiping her face with an erotic smile on her face. Gee, I think she likes it! Meanwhile Daniel is as hard as a rock watching his sexy wife lick my pussy.

Leigh and I position Daniel on his back. She climbs on his face into a 69 position but instead of sucking his cock, I get to blow him.

In no time at all Leigh is wiggling and riding Daniels’ face while I work his ever hardening cock in and out of my mouth. Leigh moans louder and louder until she is gasping with release. Feeling Daniels body tense and cock swell, I bury his cock all the way in my throat and suck for all its worth.

Daniel moans as his hot cum squirts into my throat. I lick and swallow every drop as his cock pulses and pulses in my mouth. Mmmm…tasty! I love cum! This weekend has turned into a veritable fuck fest. Now it’s 2 sexy guys, 1 hot girl, 3 nuts busted and 4 O’s. Whew!

When Jason arrived home the next morning from work, he knew I had a nice time the night before and was itching for another round. Again, who am I to deny him? Swinging with friends makes us both very horny. Besides, it was Jason’s birthday and he needed a good fucking.

After some intense love making and busting his nut deep in me, he was off to the beach for some surfing. Hey, it was his day. I reminded him of the party at Leigh and Daniels house that night. Add one more nut to the bunch and we are up to 4.

At the party that night were our dear friends Kevin and Angel. Having had many swinging adventures with them, we introduced them to Leigh and Daniel. They hit it off a week earlier and had some sexy fun since. Can you say another 6-way in the near future?!

Anyway, Kevin had been working ultra hard lately and I missed him. Kevin is a very intense lover and I crave him constantly. Sex between him and I, is like a power struggle. I attack him and try my hardest to make him cum; he fucks me deeply and tries to hold off. I usually win!

Flirting with Kevin at the party, I am trying to entice him to meet kaçak bahis me in the bathroom out of the eyes and ears of the kids. Knowing what I want, Kevin keeps me at bay, which only frustrates me more. I need him badly and now!

Finally coming up with some excuse to go into the master bedroom, I shut and lock the door quickly. I grab Kevin, pull him to me and start kissing him with furious abandon. He calls me a dirty girl and quickly buries his finger in my pussy under my dress.

Wanting to get away from the door, we make our way to the bathroom where I crouch down and take Kevin’s growing cock into my mouth. Kevin removes his shirt and shorts and moans aloud as I bury him deep in my throat. I stand up and bend over wanting him to fuck me hard and deep. Kevin has other plans!

He throws me on the bed and buries his velvety cock deep in me. The sex is intense and frenzied. Our breath is rapid, our moans loud and we grab each other with white knuckled hands. Kevin moans as my pussy tightens around his cock. He says in a breathy voice, “Oh, your going to make me cum”. I tell him to “Cum then” to which he replies that he doesn’t want to yet.

Knowing that all I need to do is clamp down on his cock, kiss him deeply and he will be pushed over that edge, I tell him I want his cum and now. Kevin throws his head back, pushes deep in me and spasms with a deep orgasm.

Catching our breath, we realize that our intense fucking took maybe a total of 15 minutes. Kevin is such a wonderful intense fuck! I love it! One more sexy guy and one more nut! Pussy is getting sore!

After coming out of the bedroom to cute knowing smiles by our sexy swinger friends, we socialized a bit more and then headed home.

Jason and I crawled into bed to which he said that I wasn’t done yet. Oh really?! Jason broke out the lube as he knew my pussy had been used and abused this weekend.

Sliding in nice and deep, Jason worked me like he always does, with the knowing touch of a husband of 17 years. With yet another load of hot cum from him, I was seriously worn out.

All told in three days, this girl had some serious fun. With three sexy men, one hot lady, lots of cum and many orgasms by me, I can’t complain a single bit. I mean really, how many get to have the fun I do. Life is really good!

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