20 years younger than me

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20 years younger than meShe was a language nerd, and yes, there really IS such a thing. Pretty? Not so pretty that she’d turn your head if you passed her on the street. But she moved nice. And when she smiled her brown eyes lit up and her lips parted just so. She wore her pants at her hips, and once in a while she wore tees that would ride up a little bit and reveal just a little of her soft white belly. She was 20 years younger than me, and she WAS pretty, and damn sexy.She was hired as an assistant to the CEO, a job that was well below her capabilities. She told me that jobs in language were few and far between, and she didn’t want to work as a production translator for a translation firm. She was planning to bide her time at our place until something decent came along.I really should have stayed away from her, kept it professional. But the horny bastard that I am, I couldn’t. It started with a lunchtime walk, short and sweet. And another, and another, each getting a little bit longer. One day we walked to her apartment and, sitting side by side on her couch, we played a video game, thighs touching. She was definitely interested. So was I.One evening after the office closed I invited her to a bar down the street for a drink. We made small talk over whiskey. She was captivating; her auburn hair soft in the dim light, her eyes sparkling, and her lips…I get hard just thinking about it.I walked her back to her apartment and she invited me in. We sat on the couch and sipped some Jameson from karaman escort her cupboard. At first we were sitting apart, wrapped in conversation, but before long our thighs were touching. I couldn’t resist, I slowly brought my face close to hers, and she did the same, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly and her lips parting, ready to meet mine. And Jesus…when our lips met, I shuddered. Soft and warm, and sweet with Jameson, her lips caressed mine, caressed my tongue, caressed my cheeks. Her touch was light, her pace was slow. Slow, beautiful kisses. We paused for a second to put down our drinks. She asked if I was comfortable, and I mumbled “sure”. She smiled sweetly and told me that I was supposed to say “No” so she could invite me to her bedroom. I took her hand, we stood up and she led me there.Standing next to her bed, gently kissing once again, we began to strip each other. Clothes falling to the floor, but not in a hurried way. She was taking her time. Her armpits were unshaven, and the hair was soft and fine. I stumbled on her bra and she stopped kissing me to help. Her breasts were small and pale, her skin was flawless. She had a little more hair around her nipples; I bent and gently kissed them, lips and tongue slowly circling. As much as I wanted to move faster, she had set the pace, and I was enjoying every long minute of it.She stood me up and took off my pants and boxers. My boxers were soaked with seminal fluid that had been leaking from my stiff cock for the past escort karaman half hour. She gently took my cock in one hand and balls in the other, and we kissed some more. So gentle, so light, so sweet. I was throbbing.Down she went, lips gently working my glans and shaft, hands caressing my balls. Her pace didn’t quicken, she took her time with me. My head was spinning, she was beginning to groan softly. I don’t think it was more than a couple minutes before I came; she felt it coming and took me deep into her mouth. I spilled into her throat. She groaned a little more loudly.We lay down on her bed, kissing softly again. She had my head in her hands. I began to move toward her sweetness, starting with her ears, moving down her neck, into her armpits. I loved the way she smelled, the way she tasted. Her neck arched, her skin tightened and I could see the way her muscles shaped her beautiful pale skin. God she was gorgeous.She groaned softly as I kissed her belly, and a little louder as I began kissing her pussy lips. She was hairy, but it was such beautiful hair; soft and fine, deep brown, musky. I buried my face in her pussy and worked her with my tongue and lips. I gently circled her clit and she arched her back. I worked it with my tongue and she moaned and rocked. I picked up my pace and focused on her movements. I found her rhythm, and I bore down. She was rocking, panting, her hands gripping my head tightly. Her hips began to jerk, she thrust her pelvis forward and pulled my karaman escort bayan head in tight. I couldn’t breath, but I kept working her until she came and then I worked her gently as she relaxed. She cooed and caressed my face. It wasn’t until we relaxed that I realized I was hard again.I brought myself over her, my cock throbbing as it touched her pussy hair. I asked if she was OK, if she wanted me inside her. She nodded without speaking, her eyes on fire with anticipation. We kissed a little more, I positioned myself and gently slide into her. She was tight, really tight, but she took me in with a smile and a gasp and lifted her legs up around my sides. I paused deep inside her, throbbing, then slowly began to move . She moved with me. We rocked gently. Her legs tightened around my waist, her arms tightened around my shoulders and neck. I leaned forward and we kissed, those same sweet gentle kisses. We rocked and kissed. Time stood still. I have no idea how long we worked each other but I didn’t want it to stop. Her legs tightened more, her kisses became firmer, she began to gasp. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it. We rocked harder, her hips jerked, she quivered and shook. She gasped and moaned without ever taking her lips from mine, her breath was sweet and warm. Her pussy clenched my cock and couldn’t stand it any longer. We came together. We collapsed on the bed. I stayed inside her, we rocked very gently, just enough to feel each other, both wet and warm. We continued to kiss as my cock softened, eventually falling out of her. She looked at me and smiled.When I woke up daylight was streaming through her windows and falling softly on the bed. She was holding me. We looked at each other without speaking. We kissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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