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You’d go down on me if I asked you to. I blushed, recalling her words and my reluctant answer.“Yeah, I would,” I repeated quietly, my voice drowned by the sound of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet floating out of the speaker as I pulled into the drive-thru.It had taken me three days to build up the courage to see her again. Three days of turmoil before hunger won out over my better judgement. I glanced in the rear view mirror, carefully appraising myself. Red lipstick and sunglasses. Nothing out of the ordinary to anyone glancing my way. A lavender sweater that buttoned up the front, the top button undone. A gold kitty on a chain around my throat that I’d had since college. And below the waist? A pair of jeans, unzipped to reveal that I’d recently given myself a wax. No one would be able to tell. Not unless they were looking in at the right angle, such as a drive-thru window.Nervously, I pulled up to the speaker, my breath catching as I heard her – Violet’s – familiar cheerful voice as for my order.“Fries, please. And a diet pepsi.” I responded, my voice trembling slightly.“Fries and a Diet Pepsi,” she repeated, popping her ‘p’s softly. “Would you like ketchup with that, dirty girl?”The last two words were softly spoken, so soft that I knew they were for my ears alone, her voice taking on a sultriness that left me slightly breathless.“No, thank you,” I managed, barely aware that I’d spread my thighs as wide as I could in anticipation of pulling up to her window, butterflies fluttering in my stomach so I could collect my meal and show off my incredibly moist pussy.oOo I couldn’t help but play with myself on the drive home, stroking my puffy clit with my finger, recalling her smile as she gazed down into the car, eyes, sparkling with mischief, fastened on my exposed cunt.“Missed you,” she’d said with a sly grin as I’d handed over my card, leaving me breathless as her fingers brushed over mine. She’d taken a moment to scribble something on the receipt before handing it over.“See you later,” she’d told me before I drove off, not posing it as a question. It was more of a request or perhaps even a command.I waited until the third intersection before reading etimesgut escort her note, unable to resist slipping a single finger into myself as I waited for the light to turn green.Call me. 7. Pulling my lower lip between my teeth I moaned softly just as the car behind me honked, startling me. I managed to keep both hands on the steering wheel until I was home, not even bothering to zip up my jeans as I let myself in and began fingering myself, recalling our “date”.You’d go down on me if I asked you to.Oh, god, yes, yes, I would.It didn’t take me long to push myself over the edge in one of the most explosive masturbatory orgasms I could recall, mumbling her name afterwards as I slipped into a satisfied doze…oOo I woke up with my heart pounding, reaching for my phone and checking the time before my panic abated. It was shortly after 6. I had almost an hour. An hour of anticipation and torment and second guessing. Great. Sitting up, I let my eyes focus on the dresser mirror and the image reflected in it, blushing at my state of undress. I was naked from the waist down, my jeans somewhere on the bedroom floor.“You should see what you do to me,” I mused, smiling at myself as inspiration hit. Reaching for my phone, I arranged the pillows and lay back against them, spreading my legs, knees bent, and took a picture of my pussy – of me playing with my pussy.“Bad idea, Jenny,” I told myself and hit send anyway, quickly followed by ‘thinking of you’.‘Good girl’ came the reply, although it didn’t arrive until I’d had half an hour to regret the impulse, about 10 minutes before I was expected to call. Needing something to ease my nerves, I settled back on the bed and slowly teased myself with my fingers some more. By the time 7 o’clock rolled around I was dripping wet and my nipples were rock hard with lust.“Hi, dirty girl,” she chirped after letting the phone ring half a dozen time, my heart pounding harder each time.“Hi. It’s Jenny,” I managed, my voice catching a little, making her laugh. It was a delightful sound. Without even thinking, my hand settled between my thighs and began stroking softly, my hips rising eryaman escort to press against my fingers.“Free tonight?”“Yes,” I answered hesitantly.“Good. You playing with yourself, Jenny?”“Yes,” I whispered, my face warm with embarrassment at her question and my admission.“You really are a dirty girl. You know the theatre on Union?“Yeah…”“Meet me out front at 10. Short skirt. The sweater you wore today. No bra or panties. Understood?”“Yes,” I managed, a little breathlessly.“Don’t be late.” I could hear the grin in her voice and then the line went dead, leaving me alone with my thoughts. 10 o’clock, left me three hours to talk myself out of it. Or into it. I wasn’t sure which.oOo I made sure I was earlier, all too aware that, had I been wearing panties, they’d have been soaked even before I turned the key in the ignition. I spent most of the next fifteen minutes nervously smoothing my skirt down, paranoid that the cool breeze that teased between my thighs would pick up and lift the hem, just enough, to out me, cursing myself for wearing a light cotton mini that came perilously close to indecent.“You look chilly,” Violet teased when she finally made an appearance, her eyes focusing on my sweater. Blushing, I realized that my nipples made obvious dents in the material. Thankfully, I had chosen to stand with my back to the lights. No one else had noticed, I kept telling myself. Probably too busy checking out my legs…She took my hand, her fingers curling between mine. The gesture felt intimate, and I felt my cheeks warm.“You’re blushing,” she said, giving my fingers a squeeze. “Embarrassed?”“A little,” I mumbled. “Wouldn’t you be?”She chose to ignore me, pulling me along with her, and into the theatre, purchasing a pair of tickets, a large popcorn, and a large diet pepsi.“More fun to share,” she stated, punctuating her words with a light smack on my bottom, startling me into a soft gasp.“Don’t,” I objected, glancing around, worried, much to her amusement.“I’ll do as I please. If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave at any time.” She smacked my ass again, her hand lingering, cupping one cheek, caressing my sincan escort soft skin before picking up our snacks. She handed me the soda, popping several kernels of popcorn into her mouth before recapturing my hand.“Any time you want, dirty girl.”Wordless, I let her lead me into the dimly lit theater, nervous excitement rolling like waves through my nervous system, meekly climbing the stairs at her side and making our way down the very last aisle as we claimed the center seats. Besides us there were, maybe, half a dozen other people, the closest of them several rows in front of us. I wasn’t sure if that was reassuring or not, wondering what she had planned. I had no illusions about simply watching the movie with her. Nor did I want it to be. Already I found myself anticipating the moment the lights went down. Nervously I grabbed a handful of popcorn, washing it down as Violet held our cup. It was sweet, in a way, and I found myself smiling shyly at her before quickly turning my gaze towards the screen.“Cute,” she commented, her voice just loud enough to hear. A moment later, I felt her hand resting on my thigh, warm against my bare skin, just below my skirt, her thumb sliding absently along the hem, repeating the motion, each time pushing my skirt slightly, revealing incrementally more and more of my thigh. Hypnotized, I stopped watching the movie, and turned my attention to my lap. As my eyes adjusted, I watched as she slowly exposed my bare flesh. I could have simply pushed her hand away, but I didn’t. Instead, I shifted the bucket of popcorn to my other thigh and slowly spread my legs, letting out a soft sigh of surrender, and pretended to watch the movie.She took her time, filling me with equal parts of frustration and pleasure, her finger brushing almost absently on my leg, feather light touches along the inside of my thigh, each time a fraction of an inch closer to my thoroughly soaked pussy. Thank god the movie was loud enough to drown out every whimper or sigh. She would pause long enough to push my skirt a little higher from time to time, until I was fully exposed and could feel cool air blowing almost directly against my hot and hungry sex. If there’d been someone in the row in front of us, and they’d turned their head, they’d have gotten a good look. I was beyond caring, however, and simply sat there, enjoying every touch, my hands resting on the armrest, fingers slowly clenching and unclenching with anticipation.

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