Unexpected Encounter at the Adult Video Store

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Unexpected Encounter at the Adult Video StoreA few years back when the wife was out of town I decided to go rent a porn vid so I could come home and jerk off. I went to my favorite adult store north of Atlanta where I was surprised at the number people there that day. I guess I was not the only horny person around that day. I started to peruse the videos and walked from section to section. When I got to the bi-section a slightly heavy-set guy started chatting me up about the video selection. “Are you finding what you like” he asked. “Not really, “These seem to be more sissy videos, which can be OK, but I like more of the seduction, straight guys getting it on with a girl videos.” He agreed with me then asked what I was into in real life. Sensing he might be interested in a bit more than chatting I responded “Well I am straight but I do like to go down on guys everyone in a while”. “Nice” he replied. “So have you ever been fucked by a guy,’ he asked. I was embarrassed by the right to the point question and tried to deflect the conversation. “What are you into with guys?” I asked. He moved very close to me and asked the question in a more firm tone, “Tell me, have you had a dick up your ass.” I quietly whispered “Yes.””Did you enjoy it” he probed. I was getting very uneasily turned-on as he talked to me “sort of” I said shyly.”Come on now sort of is not a good response.” “Yes or No, did you enjoy it.” “YES, I did” I said in a loud whisper. “I knew it.” He was standing really close to me, as he reached over and massaged my crotch noticing my hard cock. “Well you seem to be pretty excited. “Is this hardon from the videos or me?” My new friend asked. “You and this conversation”. I responded”How about we take this back to the booths.” he propositioned. My heart was pounding as I nodded and whispered “Yes, let’s go.” We stood there for an awkward second. “Then he leaned over to me, bitches lead the way.” He continued “Everyone here will see you going back there followed by me and will you know that you are going to be my bottom boy.”That made me fucking nervous and fucking excited. Up until this point very few guys other than those I had been with, knew my secret. “Now all these strangers will know,” I thought to myself.I walked slowly back to the booths with this 5-10 230lb guy following right behind me. We entered the video arcade where there were nearly a dozen guys standing around. I felt they were all looking at me as I walked. “Go to the right and then go into either booth 4,5,or 6,” he said in a voice loud enough most of the guys could hear. Yikes, I was really embarrassed now. I walked over to the booths and 4,and 5 were open. I went into booth 4 followed by my new friend. The door closed and the light came on. Jason introduced himself and I told him my name was Bill. He told me I now had to address him as “Sir” and because I was the lucky one, I had to feed the video machine. “OK, Sir” I said in a low voice. I put $20 into the video machine. Jason told me to undress and get completely naked. As I got undressed I could hear the doors open and close on either side of us. I looked around and saw on either side of the booth a good 4-5-inch hole on bahis firmaları either side. From the shadows in each of the dimly lit booths, I could see they were both now occupied. Jason did not get undressed but he had me stand in front of him while he sat on the small chair that was in the booth. From the nervousness my boner was now only semi hard as he fondled it inspecting me. He felt up my dick and then fondled my shaved balls. “Mmmmm. I like that you shaved them” he said. “Now turn around and put your hands against the wall I want to see your tight asshole. I assumed the position and spread my legs. He pulled apart my cheeks and rubbed my hole with his middle finger. Nice. You have sexy asshole, he said. Lets see how tight it is. With that he spit on my asshole and pushed his middle finger abruptly into me. Arggg, it hurt a bit due to the force. “Mmm tight hole. “You are right you have not been fucked many times.” He continued to his forceful exploration of my ass as he pushed his digit deep and felt around in my rectum. He hit my prostrate and whatever discomfort was replaced with an intense pleasure centered on my prostate. A little moan escaped from my mouth, “you like that don’t you”. “Yes, I do, Sir,” I responded approvingly. Not only was I enjoying the fingering but the who submissive tone and humiliation was quite enjoyable as well. Jason then removed his finger and stood up. “Openwide”. He looked into my mouth then he put his middle finger deep into my throat causing me to gag a little. Suck the finger like it’s my dick, he said. I closed my lips around the finger and sucked it swirling my tongue around it. That’s good, you are one hell of a submissive slut. Do you like being a submissive slut? “Yes Sir!” I mumbled with his finger in my mouth. He took his finger out of my mouth and looked at my now fully erect penis. “Wow! You are not k**ding” Jason commented when he saw my dick. He then whispered, look we are being watched through each of the holes. I knew we would but confirming it made the feelings of humiliation even stronger. Jason then told me to stand by the hole on the left. “See if our friend wants to fondle you.” Jason said in a voice loud enough to be heard in the next booth. Jason had me face the hole but standing almost a foot away so he could watch. A stranger’s hand came through the wall and lightly caressed the underside of my balls. “Close your eyes and enjoy it, Bill,” Jason said. I felt my balls gently get squeezed then a finger traced up the underside of the cock finishing at my pee hole. The hand then started to stroke up and down my rigid shaft pleasuring me in my highly aroused state. This continued for 2-3 minutes until Jason saw that I was getting very close to losing it. He had me move back forcing the stranger’s hand to release and subsequently retract to the other side. Bend down and look through the hole and tell me what you see, Jason commanded. I looked, “A middle aged man, looking through the hole back at us. He then stood and showed me his cock, Sir.” Jason said, “be nice, get on your knees, and offer to suck his cock.” I knelt and then I put my finger through the hole and withdrew it. I heard kaçak iddaa the guy move around a bit then his magnificent 7″ cut cock came through the hole. I grabbed it, taking a second to admire it, then I guided it to my mouth. I then bobbed up and down on his cock. Jason knelt next to me to get a close-up view. “This is so fucking hot” he said as he put a hand on my head to push me further down on this cock and gagging me. I recovered and I sucked it. Jason then reached down and started to gently play with my cock. I alternated swirling my tongue around the head and then taking this cock deep. The stranger’s cock kept getting bigger and firmer then as licked the tip, the guy started to cum without warning. The first shot landed on the side of my face. I quickly took the tip and sucked for all I was worth. The stranger’s cock spurted a half a dozen times filling my mouth with tasty cum. When the stranger’s cock receded, I showed Jason my prize. He said, “Wow he came a lot.” “Make it disappear now”. Jason commanded and I swallowed the strangers load. Jason then had me stand facing the back wall, spread my legs a bit, and put my hands on the wall straddling the video monitor. He stood behind me and unbuckled his pants. I patiently awaited the next set of sensations my new friend was going to impart on my body. I felt his cock in my crack, Jason felt pretty thick, but could not get a good idea of his length. I moved my ass around grinding his dick between my cheeks. Jason, said in a voice loud enough to heard in the hallway, “looks like my bottom wants to get fucked.” His dick head was wet with precum as he lined up it with my tight pucker. When Jason found the center of home he told me to push back. Fuck, I felt like I was impaling myself on a post! I pushed against his fat dick head and slowly felt my anus start to give way. The pleasure turned to an uncomfortable stretching sensation as he felt incredibly thick and we were not using any lube. “Push harder” Jason commanded and having me be the one to apply all the force. Finally, his cock head popped past my anus into my rectum. A sharp pain radiated from my stretched anus through my entire body. Jason held there for a second to let my ass adjust but my anus never quite recovered and kept throbbing. Grabbing my hips, he started gentle thrusting in ever increasingly deep thrusts. His dick was causing very intense sensations in my ass since he did not use any lube. When he landed balls deep, he started picking up the pace. I adjusted my hips a bit and his dick started massage my prostate as he thrusted in and out. I never felt so much intense pleasure from my prostate before. Each time his head poked and slid by my prostate, a warm sense of pleasure radiated through my balls, cock and loins. I was whining and moaning as he fucked me. “You’re liking this, aren’t you?” Jason asked rhetorically. “Yes, sir” I responded. He then pushed really deep into me working and grinding his cock deep as possible in my ass. Slowly he then he withdrew it from my ass. “Turn around and get on your knees,” Jason commanded. I knelt with his cock an inch from my face with a strong smell of ass filling the air. I took kaçak bahis this quick moment to admire my friends dick. His dick was not that long only 5.5 inches but quite thick. “Maybe its this size that makes it feel so awesome” I thought”Where has that cock been?” Jason asked in a commanding voice. “In my ass, sir!” I whispered. “Yes, where is it going next.””In my mouth?” I said I a reluctant tone. He then brought his dick to my lips and pulled my head to his cock. “Suck it!” he said in a very forceful tone.I hesitated for a second then I opened my mouth. I passively let him push into my mouth, “That’s it, suck my dirty anal cock.” I slowly sucked his dick to his moans of approval. I somehow resisted gagging from the smell and taste. However, strong feelings of humiliation and submissiveness flowed through my mind and body as the full breadth of what I was doing and tasting set in. “MMMMM, that feels great,” from tightness of your ass to warm wetness of your soft mouth. I was still sucking hesitantly as he asked “You like tasting your ass juices, don’t you?” I looked up with his dick still in my mouth “hmmm, hmmm” I said affirmatively, giving him the answer he wanted. Jason then pulled his dick from mouth and had me re-assume the ass fucking positon. He positioned himself behind me and reentered me, albeit a bit harder this second time. Within in a few strokes, I was in heaven again as his dick was causing radiant pleasure to propagate through my loins. My moans were becoming a more urgent as I started to realize I might actually cum. I could feel precum oozing from my cock and build up in my prostate made it feel I could pee cum. “Sir I think you are going to make me cum.” Jason picked up the pace stating that I needed to keep my hands on the wall. “If you are going to cum, Slut, it is going to be only from me fucking you.” The increased thrusting rate quickly put me over the edge as I experienced an orgasm like never before. Waves of intense pleasure radiated through my loins in time Jason’s rhythm. Each thrust of Jason’s dick caused huge amounts of cum to ooze from my dick. He was literally fucking the cum right out of me! My orgasm lasted as long as any has ever. As I recovered I heard Jason say “that was fucking hot.” With that I knew it was his turn to cum. He started to pull all the way out and go deep in one stroke. I grunted, whined, and whimpered as he now worked my ass for his pleasure. My anus was getting really sore from the relentless in and out and from having no lube. However, I knew I could not complain. The fucking was hard and unyielding as I could tell he was now hitting a sense of necessity. He told me he was going to finish in my mouth. He said with an ugent tone “When I tell you, turn around, kneel and take my cock directly into your mouth. Don’t hesitate.” “Ok, sir” I said and with that he fucked me hard for a few more strokes and said “Now.” I flipped around, knelt and immediately took his dirty anal dick deep into my mouth. The taste of ass was much stronger this second time as he screamed “Fuck yeah.” His body convulsed and shook as he shot his cum into my mouth. The cum mixed with the anal taste and I was able to swallow the load without gagging. After he came, Jason had me lick clean every millimeter of his cock. Then Jason quickly pulled up his pants and left his sub there naked, kneeling in a pull of cum, satisfied, and well used.

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