Today I Met an Angel

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Today I Met an AngelThe moment I saw her, I fell in love!I had just inherited my family’s six-hundred-acre estate in upstate New York with its large ten-thousand-square-foot house. I’d grown up in that house, so I knew every room, every closet, every corner of the house. But it still took me several days to realize that it was now mine…along with a healthy net worth. I was only thirty-five years old, but wouldn’t have to work again. However, with my degree in computer science, I planned to start a small business.So, after a couple of weeks of settling in, I walked down the road to meet my neighbors. Of course, there was a gate, so I pressed the comm button.“Yes?” came a young-sounding female voice.“Hi. I’m Doug Statham, your new neighbor. I just came over to meet you.”“Oh! I knew your parents. Come in,” the voice said as the gate opened.I walked almost a quarter mile to the house, which was much larger than mine. I was impressed and a bit intimidated. I knocked on the door using the big iron knocker.The door opened immediately and there stood the most gorgeous girl on Earth! She was probably in her early twenties, had very long brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She stood about five-foot-six to my six-foot-two. I was so overcome by her beauty that I was speechless.”Hi, Doug. I was so sorry to hear about your parents. What a tragedy!”“Um, thanks. I’m still a little shocked.”“Come in. Come in. I’m Sabrina. Sabrina Masterson. Would you like something to drink? I could make coffee, tea, or wine; about anything you want.”I thought, “How about coffee, tea, or me?”“Tea would be fine. It’s a bit early for wine.””Oh, of course, it is. What’s wrong with me?”Sabrina seemed to be a bit flustered, but I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe she’s always flustered when meeting someone new?When she returned with a silver tray containing two teacups and a teapot, she sat it on the coffee table and her long hair fell down all over it.“Damn!” she said. “My hair’s getting too long to handle. I need to get it cut.”“Oh, Sabrina! It would be a shame to cut such gorgeous hair!”I said it without thinking! We’d just met and already I’d blurted out a compliment. It was not appropriate!“Why thank you, Doug! You must like long hair.”“Actually, I don’t. I LOVE long hair and yours is the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen!”There I went again! Almost flirting with a married woman I’d just met.“I’m so sorry, Sabrina. I shouldn’t have said that. It was totally inappropriate.””No, it wasn’t. It was a nice compliment, so thank you.”“Well, now I feel sort of uncomfortable.”“Please don’t feel that way, Doug. I don’t get many compliments.”“Surely you jest. Your husband must compliment you all the time!”“Well, to be honest, he’s a sixty-eight-year-old workaholic that comes home late, goes right to bed, then gets up early and goes back to work. It’s embarrassing to say this, but I’m his trophy wife that he takes to parties and other social soirees. That’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s true.”“No, don’t think that. I’m glad that you feel comfortable enough with me to share it.”“You know? I do feel comfortable with you…and we just met!”“I feel the same way, but for a different reason,” I said, even though I was about to say something that would be inappropriate.“Oh? What is that?”“Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m totally overwhelmed by how beautiful you are. I’m almost tongue-tied when I speak.”“Aww. Really? That’s so sweet, Doug. I never get compliments like that, even at parties. I guess guys are afraid to give me compliments because of who my husband is.”“Who is he?” I said with great anticipation.“Wilson Masterson? The man who owns most of Atlanta’s real yalova escort bayan estate? You’ve never heard of him?”“No. I’m new in town remember.”“Oh, that’s right! Sorry.”We both were silent for a moment, then Sabrina said, “Maybe we could have dinner sometime. I’d like to get to know you. I know no one my age.”“You must be lonely then. And I’d love to have dinner sometime.”“How about tonight? I’ve heard about this wonderful club that I’ve never been to. It has dining and dancing to live music. Would you like something like that?”I thought, “To hold you in my arms with your body against mine, I’ll agree to anything!” “That sounds wonderful.”“Then it’s a date. What about seven o’clock?”“Seven is fine. I’ll pick you up.”“Great! We’re going to have so much fun!” Then we both stood up and she came around the coffee table, put her arms around my neck, and hugged me.As I slipped my arms around her tiny waist to return her hug, my fingers slipped through her soft, silky hair and I almost shot off. I couldn’t wait to dance with her! As I held her in my arms briefly, I felt my cock growing and wanted to press it against her leg. She must have felt the same way because she held the hug longer than would be considered normal.Then she released me and said, “Well, tonight is going to be lovely.” But she kept her arms on my shoulders and I kept my arms around her waist.“You know what, Doug?” she whispered. “I have an overwhelming urge to kiss you right now.””Ditto,” I responded.Then we plunged into a passionate French kiss that quickly had us grinding our crotches together. I knew that we were going to have sex for the rest of the day. That’s how hot we both were.“Oh, Doug. It’s been years since I’ve had sex! And I think we both want the same thing right now,” she whispered as she humped her crotch against the huge bulge running down my leg.”I’ve wanted you from the moment you opened the door!”“Then we’re wasting time,” she said, then led me by the hand up two flights of stairs to a large, immaculately decorated bedroom.“This is my bedroom; as far away from Wilson’s as possible. He’s never even been in here!”“Then I’m honored to be the first,” I said and I slipped my arms around her from behind and pulled her nice ass against my bulging cock. Then I buried my face in her silky hair and managed to kiss her behind the ear.“Oh god. That’s so sexy,” she whispered as she pushed her butt against me.Then I whispered in her ear, “I want to feel your legs around me.”“Mmm. I was thinking the same thing,” she whispered as she pushed down her slacks and panties.I did the same as she removed her silk blouse. She was braless as she crawled into the large king-size bed and spread her long hair down over her body. She had her knees up and was rubbing her clit as she smiled up at me.“Hurry up or I’ll start without you,” she whispered as she pushed to fingers into her pussy then sucked them into her mouth.Sabrina was being so seductive that I almost creamed in my shorts just looking at her! She was a gorgeous angel who had just fallen to Earth for me to make love to. I couldn’t wait to get between her legs!But first, I buried my face in her smooth, shaved pussy. I explored every fold before licking her clit.“Oh, Doug! You’re going to make me cum,” she whispered as she took my head in her hands and thrust her clit against my tongue.I licked it hard as I pushed two fingers into her wet pussy.“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck me! Hurry!”So, I quickly crawled up between Sabrina’s legs and thrust my nine-inch cock deep into her body. She wrapped her legs around my waist and went straight into a massive orgasm that must have lasted a full escort yalova minute. She groaned loudly as her body went into a spasm.I was getting worried by the time it was over. Then she said, “Keep fucking me. I need to have more orgasms!”So, we fucked for an hour. She moaned and groaned and quivered through four more intense orgasms, but I was somehow able to hold back.Sabrina was the most gorgeous fuck I’d ever had and she was thrusting under me as we kissed hungrily. I don’t know why I didn’t shoot off immediate and I didn’t care why. I just wanted to fuck this angel all day!I had enjoyed fucking Sabrina for an hour before she said, “Let me suck you. I need to feel you shoot off in my mouth!”I couldn’t argue with that, so I crawled up and straddled her chest and looked down at her beautiful face with her gorgeous hair spread out under me. I’d had my fingers buried in it for the last hour, yet it still looked silky and untouched.I leaned over and Sabrina sucked my wet cock into her mouth. I pushed my hand to the back of her head and started to fuck her beautiful face.“Mmm! Mmm!” she moaned each time I pushed deeper.She seemed like she wanted more, so I lifted her head and pushed my cock down her throat. She gagged only slightly as I held it there for many wonderful seconds, then pulled it out so she could take a breath.“Throat-fuck me!” she demanded.So, I lifted her head again and throat-fucked her for only a few minutes before shooting off.“Gunk. Gunk. Gunk,” were the sounds she made as she swallowed each spurt of my cum. Sabrina knew how to suck a guy off and she loved it.I left my cock in Sabrina’s throat for as long as she wanted to suck it. Then when she had sucked and consumed every drop of my cum, she slowly pulled it from her mouth while clamping down on it with her lips to draw out all remaining cum.Then when it slipped from her mouth, I slowly wiped it across her gorgeous face. She smiled and giggled. “That’s funny,” she said as she stuck out her tongue to lick the underside of the head. She knew that was the most sensitive part and looked up at me and smiled as she did it.But we both were exhausted, so I rolled off and pulled her on top of me. She felt as light as a feather as she laid her head on my chest and her hair fell across my arm.“That was so good, Doug! I needed that so badly.”“It was good for me too.”“Can you spend the night with me?”“What about your husband?”“He’s somewhere in Germany working on a deal of some kind. He won’t be back until sometime next week.”“Then I’ll spend the night with you in my arms; just like this,” I said as I combed her hair with my fingers.“Mmm. What you’re doing is so nice.”“It sure is!”She kissed me and said, “Actually, if you wanted to, you could stay here every night until he returns. I’m still horny.”“I was just thinking how nice that would be. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you.”“Ditto,” she said, laid her head down and went to sleep. I eventually fell asleep too.- – – – -We woke up a couple of hours later and made love again. Sabrina had two intense orgasms before I filled her with cum.“Oh god. Your spurting cock feels so good inside me! Keep spurting!” she ordered as her muscles milked my cock. She kept pulling with her feet, trying to get every inch of me inside her.“Oh, Doug! You fuck me so good!” she whispered, then bit me lightly on the ear.Sabrina was not only good in bed, but she was also playful, especially right after she’d been well fucked.We continued to roll around and kiss and play until she said, “Guess I should take a shower if we’re going out tonight.”“Yep. Me too. I’ll see you at seven.”She gave me a lengthy French kiss, yalova escort just long enough to get me aroused again, then said, “Okay. I’ll be ready. And save that hard-on for the dance floor.”- – – – -So, when I picked Sabrina up, she looked so good that I wanted to grab here. And I told her so. She was wearing a tight strapless black dress that showed off her perfect body and her long hair was hanging across one eye, making her look so sexy that I grabbed her around the waist and kissed her hard.“Wow! You sure are passionate tonight!” she said as she rubbed her body against mine.“You look good enough to ****,” I replied as I pushed my bulge against her leg.“Mmm. You can do that later. Right now, I’m starving.”- – – – -When it became time to dance, every guy in the room saw Sabrina for the first time and couldn’t take their eyes off of her! Even their wives and girlfriends were staring at my angel.When I pulled her close, she made it obvious to everyone that she was interested in only me. She put her cheek to mine and whispered, “I wonder what people would think if slipped my hand down to your nice hard-on and gave it a squeeze?”“That would feel good, but don’t you dare!”“Oh, please! Just a quick squeeze! It’ll let all the guys know that I’m yours.”“Mmm. Okay, but be quick.”Then Sabrina put my hand on her shoulder and reached down and squeezed my cock as she kissed me softly.“How was that?”“Sweetie, you have to be the most gorgeous and most sensuous woman on Earth! You’re an angel that fell to Earth just for me.”“Aww. Am I your angel?”“Yes. That’s what I’m going to call you from now on.”She kissed me again, then laid her head on my shoulder until the song ended. But as we were about to leave the dance floor, another slow number started, so we danced again. We were dancing so close that we were oblivious to the fact that all the other couples had formed a circle around us. When the song ended and we opened our eyes, everyone applauded the ‘newlyweds.’As we made our way back to our table, we got many congratulations on our just being married. That made me think just how wonderful it would be to have Sabrina as my wife.As we sat down, Sabrina smiled at me and said, “Wouldn’t be wonderful if we got married? I’m already in love with you, Doug.”“I know. And I’m in love with you. You have to marry me!”“Is that a proposal?”“Yes.”“Then I will.”She leaned over and we kissed for a long time; so long that the orchestra started to play the Wedding March.We laughed and everyone applauded again. If they only knew that we’d just met that day and had already decided to get married.We danced until the place closed at two, then went home and made love for an hour. We both were pretending that it was our wedding night.- – – – -Sabrina divorced Wilson and got a fifty-million-dollar settlement. He had failed to get a prenup. She could have gotten a lot more, but we didn’t need it. She moved next door to my house and we seldom wear any clothes; only an occasional T-shirt. I love looking at her body and she loves looking at my perpetual hard-on. She loves it when I sneak up behind her, grab her around the waist, and pull her over to the kitchen table and bend her over. I do that several times a week and she never fails to have a devastating orgasm.Wilson sold his estate and moved to Atlanta, which suited us just fine. Now we go skinny dipping and make love in the water. Or we’ll get out and make love on a large chaise lounge that we bought just for that purpose. We’ve even gone out in the front yard at sunup and made love in the wet grass. Sabrina will spread her long hair out on the grass and we’ll have sixty-nine for a while, then I’ll turn around and we’ll make love until we’re both exhausted.My angel and I are so happy that we are giggling all the time. We take three or four long trips every year to exotic places, or we’ll take two week-long Caribbean cruises in a row.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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