The Twins Weave Book 02 Ch. 04

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DISCLAIMER: All characters engaging in sexual conduct are 18 years or older, and legally permitted to engage in such activities, irrespective of pet names used for each other.

This story has a male main character and is written in the first-person protagonist.


Queen Amice– Capital Morroco — Home – Cegramond

Queen Hollis — Capital Djamena – Velho southern island-

Queen Isabella — Capital Tripoli

Queen Gilfa — Capital Cairo

“You create the portal as normal but place it on him, pull him through but don’t allow the portal to take place. I did the same to a table once.” I see her remember the table in her room and she smiles at me.

I take them all to the baths as it is a very large open room. I walk to the end and set the melon down. “I’m going to make the portal, and move it on the tile over there with the stars on it. When you do this, imagine that final pop at the end when it finishes, hold it back from visualizing. Plucking is a good word for it as you pull back at the very end.”

“The two cones are wispier, it finishes its form, but I have it close right after opening before it does all the visuals, the melon moves from its resting spot to the stars tile without a portal showing up. “This prevented the guards from leaping through the portal after the previous king.”

It takes a while as they are all proficient in magic, but they’ve spent so much time reciting they lack the imagination to adjust the spell while you are weaving it. Nora figures it out and explains it.

“When you set it down, it will automatically spit the object out, just set it and then close it and both will happen in order. They take turns even after getting it, to work on the timing. I was pretty sure I said the same thing, but hey, what do I know.

Abi smiles over at me, “So when you did the hand thing, you were setting and pulling it closed?”

“Yep.” I reply back, I thought it was pretty good.

“It got everyone’s attention and they had no choice but to stop.” She answers my thought.

“Cataline was ready to mind spike the guards holding the people,” Abi says out loud and Cataline turns to stare at her.

“Badass.” Neivia nudges her.

“I was so angry he was holding them like that.” She whispers. “The guards in the palace are from the surrounding keeps and never should have agreed to do that.”

“I was more worried about what they were throwing at us,” Neivia says and touches her jewelry. “I felt this losing strength fast. Hey mom, if we run into something like that again, can you keep our shields full?” Mazarine face lights up and she agrees.

“I’ll do it if we are split up.” Nora volunteers. “I felt it also and heard James, but it’s best if you can focus on one thing.”

“That reminds me, most of the champions are evocation, we are going to want the other fields in with them, not every encounter needs to start with fire,” I say remembering the talk with Harold. “And, I’ve only been up for a few hours, what do we do now as I am not ready to go right back to sleep.”

Pointing over at Denae and Cataline, “Would you two like to walk around town for a little while?” They both agree as they were with me this back home and in the same situation.

We decide to walk south of the house this time. Walking a little east to stay in the commerce section. The lane directions and sections have no pattern that I can figure out, it’s like they made forks and circles in the roads for fun. So many lights that you can’t see the stars.

“So many people out tonight.” Cataline has one arm and Denae is walking on my other side.

I put my arm out and Denae looks over at Cataline, I lift it up a bit more crooked and formal and she takes it.

“I’m following you two, so lead the way.” There were all different types of people in Velho as there is here. It is amazing to see the various regional differences and how people dress. I’m wearing the casual sand-colored linen pants and white shirt most men wear during the day at home. Some here are wearing every color at the same time.

Cataline leads us over to a bench in a little side garden area. “We need to talk.”

“That never bodes well.” I reply right away.

“Tahareesa was saying that we can’t go to see the elves until Mom, and I can pass the test.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it should take all that long?”

“They didn’t seem to mind either,” Denae replies so I turn towards her. “We don’t want to be the reason you all have to wait.”

“We certainly aren’t going without you.” I lean back and put my arms around them. “Everything we did yesterday was so we could appreciate sitting in this perfect little spot and making fun of people’s choice in clothing”

Cataline leans over and kisses my cheek and I see Denae take her hand off my leg. Cataline must have seen it also as she sighs and looks around me.

“Are you going to make this awkward and weird?” She asks Denae. “Everyone already talked about this.”

“Not out here though,” Denae replies looking around.

“Good, I’ll escort london scoot over here.” Cataline moves over leaving space between us and I pull my arm down.

“Well, its not exactly the same situation between us as it is for you two?” Denae says looking more at me than at Cataline.”

“I thought you were taking over Nora’s spot?” I ask Denae and she glances over at Cataline.

“That’s a real thing? I figured it would be Cassandra.” Cataline replies.

“It’s not a real thing,” Denae replies before I do. “Cassandra is a favorite of many.” She laughs again, “There is a lot of conversation going on about that right now.”

“Getting back to Denae, we can go as slow as you would like.” I keep my arm around her and look up at the lack of stars again. “If you take too long though, they are going to dip you in the bath again.”

“That’s what I said.” Cataline laughs.

“Who is your favorite?” Cataline whispers.

“Depends on the situation,” I reply.



“What! Really?” I see Cataline make a face like she is listening; it is probably the same face I make.

“Neivia said Mazarine just smiled and said she knows why.”

I nod at Cataline, “You two hungry?”

“You just ate!” Denae takes my hand in hers and pulls me up. She reaches over doing the same with Cataline. “Let’s just keep wandering around, I love being out here.”

After a few streets, I see an incredibly old man selling some kind of food in a brown sack. “Let’s go see this guy.”

A giant spoon that dips the food out of hot oil, lots of salt and he drops it into a little sack, “Here you go.” He hands me a one and smiles at Denae. “Queen Denae, saw you here once twenty years ago, you haven’t aged a day.”

“Oh, I love you!” She wraps her arm around his, “We’re taking him with us.”

The first bite is shockingly delicious, a salty, crunchy bread wrapped around a thin cut of meat, shaking the bag to see how many are left I’m not sure this will do.

“We are going to need two more of those.” I offer each of them one and we end up with five bags of them to take back home.

“We have treats, going to portal into the hallway, I don’t want to carry this through the house.”

The bags were destroyed by everyone in the room, I watch the laughing and teasing. Mazarine might be quiet but when she speaks it is hilarious as she listens and will use their words against them after they attempt to tease her. Neivia and Cataline don’t appear as competitive as I thought they might be, sitting together with Abi. Abi smiles at me as I catch her watching me watch her.

We’ve had this bond since birth, all day every day, I can feel her attitude and we make random comments back and forth as a rolling commentary. Now that I can reach back it has expanded to seeing and feeling and hearing even if someone else mentions her. Neivia and Mazarine feel the most open of the others, with Cataline being the most distant. Comfort seems to be the key to increasing the strength of feelings let through.

“Comfort? That’s a good word for it, usage both ways also contributes,” Abi says and I see her plan with Neivia and Cataline while moving Denae my way. I’m fine with that and start walking over to Denae and Cassandra.

Sitting next to Cassandra, I pull her in for a side hug leaning in to kiss her cheek. She tilts her head and smiles.

“Good evening, my mother is coming shortly, she would like to meet you,” Tahareesa says to the group.

“Okay then.” I help both Cassandra and Denae up. I pull Denae close and kiss her and get the response I was hoping for, no hesitation, the same kiss I got when she was affected by the bath.

“Mmmhmm, salty.” I smile and escort them both out to the common room.

We arrive in a pack and see Tahareesa’s mother talking, they look like sisters of the same age. They stand as we enter, and they both clasp their hands in front of them at the same time making me smile.

“Aurenthel, meet Cassandra and her two; James and Abi. Denae and her daughter Cataline, Mazarine and her daughter Neivia and Nora. Everyone, have a seat.”

“Do you mind if I look at your auras?” Aurenthal asks me and Abi, I stand up and move back a few steps from the table. I have everyone staring at me and feel a little on the spot.

“They complement each other which is to be expected with twins, there is no human in James.”


“Sorry, your magical essence has no human signature.” Aurenthel clarifies, “Abi and the others you can see the internal and the external essence, which is remarkable. I can understand how Falael was so intrigued when he met you all.”

We talk about the same things we’ve explained a dozen times earlier on how it happened, Velho and the Kingdoms, and what we believe is coming.

“Ian used to live with us while the humans were figuring out how to survive. He wanted us all to live together, but that wasn’t going to work until we were equal, which is why Falael and others volunteered to live and work amongst you recently.”

She dubai escorts gathers Cassandra, Nora, Denae and Mazarine together. “You are the first human to attain your natural age and the first time anyone has regressed in age naturally. How was the experience?”

“It has been amazing though I’m still getting used to all of this.” Cassandra replies. “The hope is this is not temporary.”

That was something I hadn’t thought about, but I guess that would be the first thing thought about by those going through it.

“As the first humans we would need to watch and learn, the theory is that as long as you draw natural magic in, you will remain as you are now, when the time comes, we give up the source and move on to Valinor.” You could see all four of them relax. Aurenthel looks over at me. “You qualify to enter Valinor, though I’m not sure how it would work.”

“I’m hoping for a little time to figure that out. If you are here, how many of you know what is coming?”

“All of us, we are making arrangements for where to put all of the humans. Acquiring many more rings to get everyone in and out quickly.”

“We are making arrangements to house them at every Keep that currently has a teleportation ring, and figuring who gets a new ring to spread them out evenly” Nora replies.

They discuss the rules on what cannot be done while there, paramount being no cutting and no killing to eat. The current plan is to send them out in shifts and bring them back when not needed, being one door away with the teleportation rings will make everything easier.

I stand up when there is a pause and start going back to the room. We can pick this back up in the morning. Edging over towards Denae I put my arm around her and she pulls in closer. “Something respectable with Cataline here. I don’t want to break before she does on the noise.”

“Neivia and Abi are taking care of that for you, Cataline will be in her own little world with those two.”

“They really do have the timing down on just about everything.”

As we settle back in the room and get everything put away, getting washed up and ready for bed.

“Cataline seemed a little down that she missed the bath?” I say with a plan. The trio are in the bath together with Cataline trapped between Neivia and Abi.

Denae is already in bed when I get back, chatting for the next few minutes waiting for everyone to return. Denae has moved around to have me behind her with the trio’s bed in front of her.

Rolling her onto her stomach I reach over and grab some of the oil. Starting at her neck and shoulders I work my way down working her muscles and looking for sensitive areas. Her ears and neck are easy targets, lower sides are ticklish. The rest come back and comment that the massage looks nice.

Roll her over and get her arms and fingers and then move to her chest and stomach, down her legs and flipping her over again. Working down her ass to her feet and back up again.

Looking over I see Cataline is distracted, leaning down I kiss Denae’s neck and whisper, “You can relax now, we are alone.” Crawling back down I lift her hips up and start licking and sucking on her lips, pulling her over onto her side and spoon her with a little leg lift, push in now that she is ready and put the leg back down.

“This is my favorite sensual position.” Denae whispers turning her head and we make out while slowly pushing against each other. Cataline is making quite a bit of noise causing us both to look over and see Cataline on the bottom with Neivia flipped around on top and Abi at the bottom of the bed, both are licking Cataline and kissing each other.

Cataline’s head falls back on the bed facing us, though she is lost in the moment, Denae looks back at me watching her daughter also and she smiles. “I guess we can do what we want now.”

Nudging her onto her stomach, legs together I pull a pillow under her and lift her ass up a little, dipping in a few times and coming all the way out. “I didn’t mean teasing, me.” Denae is reaching back to pull me in.

After all of the oil and sex I push into her ass and feel her grunt. “Oh. OH Fuck, your too fat for…Ugh.”

Leaning over and down pushing all the way in and resting my weight on her she groan screams. “Relax and get used to it.” I kiss under and around her ears getting the sexiest moans. Both hands on her shoulder blades.

“Is this what you want?” I ask and don’t think she hears me as she is grunting and moaning without us moving. Leaning back down, rolling my hips a little. “Is this what you want?” I ask again next to her ear.

“Mmmhmmm, stop moving, Ugh, push down harder, so close.” Denae moans and I feel her fingers pushing for room. Her fingers are the only thing moving and feel great rubbing me at the same time. “Oh my! Oh.” Denae is pushing back up into me from her pinned position.

“God, you are too much.” I push harder with my hips unloading into her ass as she clenches and releases, so tight I’m pushed most of the way out. I fall off to the side, take Escort Dubai a drink of water and hand it to her grasping hand and laugh.

“That was different.” She moves over. “Mazarine is probably coming over.” She whispers. “Get ready.” We hear the giggle and Mazarine whispers back.

“I’m not here for him, yet.” She opens Denae’s legs and crawls up to get as much back out of Denae as she can. Cataline is laying on her own with Abi and Neivia having fun with each other. She smiles at me and watches the scene going on next to me in awe. I’m not doing anything right now, walking over as her eyes get a little bigger. She’s glances at my face and then stares at at my dick as I walk around the beds. She glances up a few times and then back down. “What are you doing?” She asks in a whisper.

Denae is squirming around as Mazarine holds her in place until Mazarine is done and moves over to me and goes down cleaning my dick and looking up at me.

“Mmmm, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” I whisper and she nods.

“I know, you ruined my training with your answer to Cataline. “Thought I was going to snap when company arrived and put everything off.”

“When we are finished you need to bleed off some of your power, I can see it pulsing it is so full.”

“What do you weave to see that?” Mazarine climbs on top of me.

“Nothing, it’s just there, I think Falael can see it based on his first comments. What do you see when you do this detect magic, I say the incantation.

“Not my area.” Mazarine leans down and kisses me.

“Do it anyway, your green aura is just as big as your yellow internal aura.”

Mazarine says it and nothing happens, neither aura fluctuates. I cast the weave of detect magic on Mazarine and she is startled and stops grinding on me to look around the room.

“WOW! Abi, your entire upper body is yellow.” Mazarine almost shouts and everyone stops what they are doing.

Weaving the spell again I place it on everyone in the room and then release it.

“I saw that!” Mazarine says looking down at me.

“Nice! Okay, weave this and set it on yourself.” I repeat the detect magic weave and she repeats it.

“Ahh, I can see the green aura now. Awww, you’re so pretty.” Mazarine says looking down at me.

“First time I’ve been called pretty.” I smile back at her.

“Well, it’s true, ours is a mix of yellow and green, whereas yours is a pretty emerald green.”

Mazarine looks back at Abi and shakes her head. “Abi is pretty also, that yellow is so bright.”

“Thanks Mom!” Abi laughs, “We knew you were ready, congrats on the breakthrough.”

Mazarine leans down and kisses me again. “Cataline?” she whispers, and I nod, Denae hears it and slides out of the bed and walks over to her daughter.

“UP.” Denae stands naked with her hands on her hips. Cataline gets up quickly based on the tone of voice. Denae lays down in her spot and laughs.

“What?! That was rude.” Cataline looks around and Mazarine is waving her over.

“Oh, okay.”

Mazarine rolls off and meets her next to the bed and whispers to her.

“That’s what you do?” Cataline asks and Mazarine whispers again. Cataline stares at me like she is learning all my secrets, whatever they are.

“Come here Mom.” Neivia calls Mazarine over. I turn and pay attention to Cataline climbing on me, quite a bit more petite than anyone else, especially Mazarine’s plush parts. I get up and we walk to the baths considering what I’ve been through so far.

“That’s why you chose Mazarine when I asked you earlier?”

“Depends on what she told you?” I reply moving us down into the bigger bath. Soaping the cloth and starting with her. She gets quiet and just enjoys the attention.

“Mom or Denae or whatever I’m supposed to call her, thought this was going to be a process to get to the weave and that was all. I was obviously aiming for more, but now she looks at you like I do, I’m not sure how to process it.”

“Call her what she wants to be called, it costs nothing and makes your life easier. Denae is also the best person to talk to about how you feel.”

“I didn’t realize how much we didn’t talk until I joined this group and I hear them talk to each other, about everything to everyone.” I give her a moment as she is obviously listening to a conversation going on right now. When I see her eyes focus back in on me.

“If you said the same thing in that chat, that you just said to me, there are five people that are going through the same thing you are. Mazarine will step in at some point.”


“She’s the group mom, sits in the background, listens to everything, doles out little bits when you need them, while we are running around with you and Neivia out front ready to unleash, she was focused on us.”

“Probably not the best time, but, I know Amice and I fucked up before, Abi and Neivia said everything was fine, but you never said anything.”

“Abi and Neivia were the ones that pulled you in, they were more than just fine with it. And I’ll never complain about you wanting to steal me away and make me your sex slave.”

“What!” Her head moves out from under my chin, and she looks at me. “That’s not exactly what we were thinking, but, yeah, I guess it could have been taken that way.”

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