The Setup 03

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Jess parked her car, the lights in the house were all off. It was late, she couldn’t blame Jake for not waiting up. Stripping down she climbed into bed, her body aching for sleep after a tiringly long day at the office.

Jake felt his wife get into bed and once she was laying down he rolled over to spoon her. It was one of his favourite positions as his face nestled into the curve of her neck just as his cock nestled between her pert, smooth buttocks.

He felt Jess stir as his hand wandered up her side, along her thigh, over the small curve of her hip and forward to let his hand surround her pert, breast. His cock started to swell and grow between them, rising up between her ass cheeks. Just as he started to kiss Jess’ neck she rolled her shoulder, pushing his head off.

“Sorry, Jake, not right now, I’m so tired. In the morning?” Jess said sleepily. Jake grunted what he hoped sounded sympathetic to his wife’s sleepy state and rolled over, his throbbing erection going unattended.

The next morning Jess awoke first. She knew that their sex life had gone awol and that a lot of it was due to her, but work was just so important right now. She knew it would only be for another few months… But she had promised, and now she planned on fulfilling.

Jake was sleeping on his back, which made what Jess planned a lot easier. Reaching under the sheet she felt his soft cock, thick already. One thing that she loved about her husband, however shallow it made her, was that his cock was larger than average. She barely touched it before it began to swell. Growing in length and girth in her hand.

Pulling the sheet away, Jess stroked her husband’s meaty cock, pulling it upright before swallowing the soft, fat tip whole. It was at this point Jake woke up!

“Oh shit, Jess! Yes!” He groaned as his wife sucked and slurped her way down his shaft, stretching her mouth wide. She pulled gently on his balls as she tried to take all of him and failed.

Jake put his hands on his wife’s head and bobbed it up and down, but not for long. He needed to feel her tight pussy surround him! Jake pulled his wife’s head from his dick and looked into her eyes and smiled. “Get on.”

Jess, straddled her husband, holding his cock still in one hand she quickly rubbed her pussy to get it wet. Slowly she lowered herself, feeling the fat head of his cock pushing at her small hole. Jake loved having Jess on top. Her petite frame always looked like it would be split in two by his thick dick and he could see her bite her bottom lip as she rode him.

Just as his throbbing member opened her up, however, Jess’ phone began to ring. Jess frowned at it, hoping she could ignore it as she slowly lowered herself more and more onto her husband.

The phone rang again. Jess let out a groan and reached over to grab it. Still half embedded inside his wife, Jake watched her try to concentrate on listening to the call. Jess struggled to maintain concentration as she felt Jake throbbing inside her. The trouble was, her thighs were starting to burn, holding herself up and she felt them give way, causing more of her husband’s cock to slide inside her.

She let out a moan more than a ‘yes’ to one of the questions and bit bedava bahis her bottom lip when she finally had Jake fully inside her pussy.

“OK, I’ll be right there.” Jess finished and hung up the phone. Jake reached up and pinched her nipples.

“I hope you mean in a few minutes.”

“I’m so sorry, Jake, they need me there.”


“Ten minutes ago.” Jess replied, climbing off her husband’s cock, leaving it standing tall, thick and glistening with her juices. “Reign-check til tonight? I’ll wear something special?”

Jess didn’t even wait for a response, she was already grabbing a shower. Fifteen minutes later she was out of the door shouting a goodbye. Jake lay there for a few more minutes before getting in the shower himself. His cock had softened slightly, but still massively tented his towel as he wrapped it around himself.

He heard the doorbell ringing incessantly and assumed that it was Jess having forgotten something important. He ran down the stairs, his towel falling off just before he got to the door and opened it saying “See, we had time to finish…”

“Oh my…” Kate exclaimed as she beheld her friend’s husband, totally nude, his thick cock hanging atop his large balls. Jake made to cover himself, looking around desperately for his towel. Kate dipped down and picked it up for him, severely tempted to throw it away. “Here.”

“Shit, sorry, Kate! Thanks. I thought you were Jess.” Jake said, hurriedly trying to cover himself up.

“Please do not worry on my account! It’s good to be on the receiving end for a change.” Kate winked at him.

Jake smiled back. “You want to come in?”

“Sure thanks.” Kate tried to ignore the fact Jake’s cock seemed to be growing as she brushed past it into their living room. I’m only in jeans and a t-shirt! she thought to herself.

“I’ll just go and get something on.”

“Please do not worry on my account, I won’t be long, I’m just dropping the dresses back.”

“Oh yeah, how did the date go?” Jake asked, perching on the arm of the sofa.

“Well, I went with the green…”

“And he tore it?”


“Well I’m guessing something happened, as I recall it’s a bugger to get you out of!” Jake turned a bit red when he realised what he had said.

“Nothing happened. That’s the problem!” Pouted Kate. “He didn’t have a chance to get the dress off because… Well… Look.” Kate pulled the dress out of the bag and held it up. There was a small white stain on the front.

“What’s that? It’s not…”

“Yep. He blew his load before I was even out of this thing.”

Jake stifled a laugh, “I told you it was the best one.”

“It’s NOT funny, Jake!” Kate growled throwing the dress at him. Jake caught it and in doing so let go of his towel. He quickly used the dress to re-cover himself as he stood. But Kate had already seen enough. “Damn, Jake, can’t you keep that thing under control?”

“Sorry, it’s not entirely my fault…”

“You’re not going to try and blame me now are you?” Kate grinned, “It’s been awhile since you saw me, surely you should have sorted yourself by now?”

“I did!” Jake replied almost too quickly.

Kate feigned shock, however, her mind was starting to whisper wrong thoughts in her head, “You stroked yourself over me?”

Jake just nodded. bedava bonus Kate stepped forward and whipped the dress away from him before he could stop her. “In this?” Kate continued to tease, holding the stained dress up.

Jake nodded again, his hands barely covering his thick cock, let alone his heavy balls. “Though there was more than that.” He nodded to the small stain on the front of the dress.

“Oh yeah?” Kate asked, her interest peaked. “How much more?”

“I can’t tell you that! It’s bad enough I did it!” Jake said, his heart rate increasing.

“It’s only playing.” Kate said back. “Hell, I had to play after my date left and I can tell you now, it wasn’t his cock I was thinking of…” She turned a little red. “It’s only playing Jake.”

“I guess.” Jake murmured. He looked at Kate, her eyes glued to his crotch and she was biting her bottom lip. “And I suppose I did see all of you yesterday…” He held his hands by his sides, his thick, meaty cock throbbing as it grew.

Kate just gasped. “I… you need… Ummm, I think you might need some more time by the look of it…” She never took her eyes off it.

“Well before Jess got called away we were working on that.” Jake replied a little too gruffly, now not even seeming to notice his nakedness.

“Oh!” Kate said. Turning a little red.

“So yes, once you’re gone I’ll probably have another shower.”

“Why wait til I’ve gone?” Kate asked, so quietly Jake wasn’t sure if she had just said it or not.


Kate managed to look him in the eye. “Well if you’re just going to imagine me again, why not have the real thing?” She winked. Though her heart was about to thump through her chest.

“You mean… here? Now, with you?”

“We’re not going to fuck if that’s what you think I’m suggesting.” Kate grinned. Something about the way Jake squirmed sometimes made her smile.

“I wasn’t!” Jake shot back, slight panic in his voice.

“Sure!” Winked Kate. “No, if you’re just going to imagine me in this,” Kate held up the dress. “Why not have the live show? It’s not like we’ve not seen each other.”

Jake’s mind was racing. Kate was right, he was planning on using their interactions of yesterday to help get himself off. What harm would it be to have her in person rather than just in his head? Before he knew it he was nodding. “OK.”

Kate grinned. She whipped off her t-shirt and jeans, revealing just a bra underneath. This time she un-clipped it right in front of Jake. It was his time to stare. Kate’s breasts were glorious. Much bigger than Jess’, but still firm. And her curvy hips were something to behold. He glanced at her smooth pussy and his mouth began to water.

Before Kate even had squeezed into the dress, leaving the zipper undone to just below the swell of her breasts, Jake was stroking his cock. His balls ached now and the sight of Kate, in person, her flame red hair framing her cute face, those full lips and large breasts were just what he needed.

Kate stared at Jake, his cock was huge, and the sight of him tugging it right there in front of her was mesmerising. She could see the pre-cum leaking out and he used it as lubrication to his strokes.

“So what is it about this particular dress, Jake?” Kate asked. “Is it the fact that I can’t even fit in the deneme bonusu top?” She pushed her breasts together as they bulged out of the dress, her hard nipples free. She gave them a quick tweak. “Or is it that if I were to bend over you can see everything?” She turned slowly and bent at the hips, the small dress riding up revealing the base of her ass and her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Jake groaned as he enjoyed the show. Kate was enjoying the show too. Her pussy was on fire.

“Maybe it’s because if I were to slowly undo the zip some more it might just tear off?” She stared at Jake, a smile on her lips as she slowly pulled the zipper down, revealing more of her nudity beneath. She sat back on the chair and spread her legs. “Oh, fuck, Jake, I’m gonna have to sort myself out too!”

Jake watched as Kate started rubbing her pussy, two fingers disappearing inside as her thumb stroked her clit. Her other hand squeezing her breasts and pulling at her nipples. She chewed her bottom lip as she threw her head back. The dress hung off her now as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm.

“Come closer!” Kate panted to Jake as she stroked her pussy, finger fucking herself. “I want to see you explode.”

Jake was too far gone to even ponder the repercussions and did as requested. With Kate sitting spread legged, Jake was right between them, her thrusting hand bumping into his thighs as he looked down upon her. His balls churned, bursting for release as Kate squirmed on the sofa.

Kate let out a gasp as she brought her orgasm on, her hips bucking against her own hand as continued to play with herself through the pleasure. She looked up and saw the massive size of Jake’s slick cock as he grunted and groaned above her.

She just realised how close he was when he cried out, “Oh fuck, Kate!” and gripped his shaft at the base. He erupted powerfully, several strong blasts of hot, thick cum spewed from his cock covering Kate’s stomach and breasts. He continued to hold his cock at his wife’s friend as he pumped more and more cum over her.

“Oh God, Jake!” Kate squealed as she was covered in his cum. It was so hot on her skin. When he finally squeezed the last out she was covered from her lower stomach to her neck in his thick load. She hadn’t been this turned on in months. and immediately felt Jake’s cum running down her body and to her pussy.

Jake suddenly came to his senses. Realised what he had done. “Oh shit, Kate, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be!” Kate panted. She was licking her fingers and clawing more of Jake’s cum up. Jake’s cock let out an involuntary throb at the sight of his wife’s friend eating his cum off her body. She took one more scoop then pulled the dress out from under herself and wiped the last up.

“We’d better wash that.” Jake grinned.

“Yeah, you were right, you did make a little bit more than my date…” Kate smiled back. She glanced at Jake’s cock, it was still mostly hard. “Fucking hell, doesn’t that ever go down?”

Jake turned red a little. “Well, it’s been a while and well, you look good.”

“You saying you want to go again?” Kate asked. Her eyes were fixated to Jake’s softening meat.

“I think we have gone far enough don’t you?” Jake replied, but he couldn’t stop staring at Kate’s breasts and smooth pussy.

“We’ve already done it once, Jake.” Kate smiled. She stood up, their bodies close enough that they could feel the heat coming off each other. “Let’s face it, we’ve already crossed the line of decency. If you want more release like I do, what’s to stop us from playing with ourselves again?”

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