The Marine Ch. 10

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A/N — This is the last chapter to take place in this category for the time being. Further information is at the end of this chapter, and it might be worth revisiting what I said at the start of Chapter One in regards to where this series may possibly end up. To ease any fears, this story will have a happy ending and will end with the story ending back in this category but… well, I don’t want to spoil too much otherwise.


“Those fucking cunts,” one of my men muttered. There was plenty of agreement, some just calling them curses, a few derogatory comments which, in that moment, could be well and truly forgiven. We’d spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting some of these fuckers. We were not the first target. Madrid had been bombed the previous year, the first sign the war was expanding. The loss of life there had caused a grip of fear across Europe.

It was July 7th, 2005. What we were witnessing on the TV chilled us to the core. The war we’d been fighting thousands of miles away had visited the streets of London. In the middle of watching the TV, everyone was texting loved one’s. Hannah was in Bristol, though I still text her, just to make sure she was okay, safe and sound at home. But Emma worked in London. Thankfully, she had text me first, letting me and the entire family know she was safely at home. With London locked down for the time being, and with no car to get away, she was going to sit tight but insinuated she wanted me to come get her.

My phone had lit up with messages from everyone back home. Amy called, as expected, and I put her mind at ease immediately, though Mum was quickly on the phone to me as well, almost desperate to hear my voice.

“What are we going to do, sir?” one of the younger men asked. His question was followed by others. I heard the tone in all of them.

“We’ll do something when we get orders, Marine.” A few turned their eyes from the TV to me. “No problem having your own private thoughts. I would suggest to all of you that you keep most of them to yourself. Understood?”

“Sir,” they replied in unison.

I stood up and turned off the TV. “We still have our assignments. Watching this isn’t productive. Whatever you’re feeling right now, swallow it down for now, get on with your jobs. If you need to talk, my door is open. I’ll remain on base tonight and all day tomorrow.”

Even those older nodded at me in appreciation. They had wives, children, families. The attacks looked bad. Madrid had been awful. There had been other attacks since, many of them foiled, but there’d been attempts. But this was almost a reminder of the old days when Northern Ireland had been a fucking mess, and the IRA brought the ‘troubles’ to the shores of the mainland. The enemy we were fighting seemed almost invisible, particularly if they were on our own streets.

I messaged Emma that night, asking if she wanted me to drive to London the next night, being a Friday. She lived in the south-west, and she called me immediately, asking to come as soon as possible. She wasn’t frightened, not too much anyway, but she would feel far safer with me. No surprise Hannah called me lunchtime the same day, letting me know she was going to meet me at my apartment so she could go with me.

Soon as she got in my car, she hugged me tightly. I knew why. She was already over-thinking the reaction. Soon as I put the car in gear and got us onto the motorway heading east, I took her hand. “Hannah, they’re not just going to throw us into the grinder in revenge.”

“I know. But it’s hard not to think that this is going to provoke one hell of a reaction.”

“There’ll be a reaction but it will be tempered. It only happened yesterday.” I squeezed her hand. “Don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere for a while.”

Emma shared a small apartment with a friend, though she was already downstairs waiting for our arrival. Hannah and I got out and hugged her tightly. “You can stay with me as long as you want,” I said.

Driving us back west, we agreed to get some takeaway not far from my apartment, handing them the plastic bag of food as I carried their small packs upstairs. Only once I had shut the door did Emma seem to relax. I knew why she was actually terrified but putting on a brave. She travelled through one of the bomb sites every morning and evening, going to and from work.

After eating, I sat back on the couch, Hannah cuddling to my left, Emma to my right, putting on a movie so we didn’t really need to think about anything. I knew there was nothing I could do myself. This was real life. I wasn’t going to tool up and go on a one-man rampage against an invisible enemy. I was a Marine, I took orders, I did my job.

Still, I wasn’t the only one with a burning desire to go catch the fuckers. Perhaps break the Geneva Convention when it came to dealing with them as prisoners.

But I managed to clear my mind all that, kissing Hannah and Emma on the cheek, the latter releasing a giggle. “Thank you for coming to get me,” she said softly.

“I’d have come yesterday, but I have no kurtköy escort doubt getting to or from London would have been difficult.” I gave them both a squeeze, a soft kiss on the lips for both of them. I knew they’d already be worried about me being sent off again rather quickly. The reaction would be tempered, but an attack on British soil? Whoever was responsible was going to be hunted down, whether at home or abroad.

None of us were in the mood that night, Hannah spooning back against me, Emma was even smaller so spooned against Hannah. All of us had clothes on, as although not in the mood, nudity would lead to something. So they liked the idea of at least wearing one of my t-shirts and panties, while I still had underwear on. Emma made sure my right arm was stretched far enough she could hold onto it all night.

Emma and Hannah stayed with me for a week. I went into work each day, and we just got on with the job at hand, though I heard plenty of conversations from the men about what should be done next. I didn’t mind the conversation, them getting whatever was on their minds and chest out. Better than carrying it around. Most of it was a simple case of ‘Hunt down the fuckers and kill them. It’s what we’re trained to do.’

“Think some of you have been reading too many paperbacks,” I muttered.

“Sorry, sir.”

I waved it away. “You’re echoing the thoughts of millions. We claim to be a civilised people, but after such an atrocity, even the best of us wants blood in return. We’ve already been fighting them for three years. The only thing I think we all got wrong is that it would never end up happening within our own borders. There was always bound to be a reaction from the other side.”

Before leaving on Friday, we were summoned to a briefing by the base commander. All of us knew why. Rumours always spread before the news of deployment was actually confirmed. When we were all sat down, what we were told wasn’t a surprise. In two weeks, we’d be deployed back to Basra. Shit was hitting the fan, and after what happened, the British couldn’t appear weak.

“Two weeks?” Hannah asked when I got home.

“Those are our orders, Hannah. Nothing I can do about it.” I stated it bluntly, but still took her hand and squeezed. “It’s unusual, but there has to be a response. Can’t go marching around the UK looking for these fuckwits, so Forty is going to Basra, Four-Two is going to Helmand. Almost feel sorry for those bastards.”

“Can we stay until you go?” Emma asked quietly. I met her eyes and she was had no problem showing her own emotions now. The only thing the three of us hadn’t done was tell everyone in Manchester that the three of us were, effectively, in a relationship.

“You can stay after I’m gone, if you’d like.”

“Might just take a couple of your t-shirts to wear at home,” she said softly.

I knew this was the part they would hate most. Hannah had hated me leaving every single time. When I was training, it was real but it wasn’t for her. I would visit her constantly in Manchester or Bristol, but whenever I disappeared, she knew I wasn’t heading into danger. Training was brutal, and there was the possibility of being badly injured, and even killed if an accident went tragically wrong, but I hadn’t been facing constant danger. Hannah and Emma both watched the news. Afghanistan was now kicking off big time and Iraq was getting worse every fucking day.

During normal conditions, we wouldn’t be deployed as quickly, as we’d only been back nine months and usually had a year at home until redeployment, but we were not living in ordinary times. And considering most of us were champing at the bit to get back into the fight, there were not too many dissenting voices in private.

Soon as we finished dinner that night, I was dragged into the bedroom where my two cousins took turns riding my cock, making sure my hands were always on their body. Emma eventually gave in, sat on my face backwards, the pair making out constantly as they rode me. It was then suggested they get on their knees, leaning forward, side by side, fucking one while fingering the other. That was Hannah’s idea, not Emma’s.

While fucking Emma, I gave her arsehole a little attention with my thumb. We still hadn’t broken that barrier, but Hannah noticed, threw me some lube, and I quickly had my thumb up Emma’s tight little butt. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, “Just your thumb feels enormous.”

Hannah positioned herself in front of Emma, watching her face light up as her younger cousin quickly got to work on her pussy. “Wait until you feel his cock there, Emma,” she moaned, “But it takes prep.”

“Okay. Tomorrow night?”

I coughed. Hannah laughed. “Well, at least you’re eager for it.”

Leaning forward over her, Emma got properly fucked as the idea of sliding my cock into her tight little arse was something I’d thought about. It had been something we’d discussed, just never got around to doing. I’d obviously done it with Hannah quite a few times, and she’d loved it each time. If Emma didn’t sound as aydıntepe escort eager, I’d drop the idea, but as I slid my thumb deeper into her arse, the moan released suggested she was definitely up for it.

“She’s very tight, Hannah,” I muttered, still pumping my cute young cousin.

“So your big cock will just have to stretch her out.” She met my eyes and I almost gulped at the look in them. “Fuck her there, you’re definitely fucking me there too. Nice and hard. I want to walk funny the next morning.”

“Fucking hell,” Emma grunted, “You really love it?”

“He’s the only man to have ever taken me that way.” That made me grin. She’d been with a couple of others while we were apart. “Quite frankly, most of the sex I had while we were not together was… meh… Guess I didn’t help myself by not really wanting to go down on them, and I guess I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic either. Not a dead fish, but… nothing like I am with you two.” She ran her fingers through Emma’s hair. “I do enjoy your eating my pussy, Emma.”

“Well, I’m enjoying eating your pussy while my hot cousin fucks me hard.”

I was busy just grunting as I was getting ready to leave another load in her. Hannah leaned forward to kiss me, the sort of kiss that would only provoke an orgasm. “Fill her up, Nate,” she whispered, “Maybe you’d like to put a baby in her?”

That set me off again. Guess it was this thing in my mind, the caveman ideal of spreading my seed. I’m not sure what it was, but whenever Amy, Hannah or Emma mentioned it, the idea was just a complete and utter turn on. Maybe I wanted to be a father at heart? I didn’t really have much time to think about it otherwise.

When I still, I heard a choked sob from beneath me, sharing a concerned glance with Hannah, sitting back on my knees and immediately lifting Emma back to rest against me, ready to take my cock out though she reached back to hold me in place. “I just loved the idea, that’s all,” she said.


“God, I’d love nothing more than for you to knock me up, Nate.”

Well… I hadn’t expected that. She’d been all about her studies and career. I was ready to ask what changed her mind, but her feelings had obviously developed since that time in Spain. That felt like a decade ago but was only two or three at most. Hannah got to her knees and cuddled Emma too, wrapping my arms around Hannah so our younger cousin was sandwiched. That earned a giggle.

We spent the next day in Bristol as the girls wanted to do some shopping. Though I would have usually been bored out of my brains, they made the idea of following them more appealing by entering a couple of lingerie stores, and made it ever more enticing by doing a little modelling. How I didn’t end up fucking one or both of them in the changing rooms, I guess I have better restraint than I thought when it came to either of them.

I definitely received my reward for following them around all day as they disappeared for quite a while once we got back to my apartment. I heard the shower running and plenty of giggling. Poking my head in the door, they very sweetly told me to piss off, giving me big puppy dog eyes that I’d like my surprise, but to shoo for now.

Sitting back on the couch, sipping at a beer, I heard more giggling as they obviously walked from the bathroom to my bedroom. Getting up, I grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses, knocking on my bedroom door, announcing I had wine. Emma opened the door, naked as the day she was born, taking my gifts and kissing me, before shutting it softly.

“Go sit down!” Hannah ordered from behind the closed door.

Shaking my head though chuckling, I sat back, sipped at my beer, enjoyed the tunes I had playing, and just waited for what I expected to appear. I mean, they had modelled for me, though I knew they’d picked up other things for themselves.

Hearing the click of heels, I didn’t turn around but closed my eyes, knowing I was smiling as I felt their presence in front of me. I felt one pair of lips press against mine, slightly opening my mouth as I felt a tongue slide into my mouth. Definitely Hannah. Then she moved away and Emma I knew rather well as she was a little more aggressive.

Slowly opening my eyes, the smile on my face definitely broadened while a bulge would have definitely appeared in my shorts. Emma had always looked good in dark blue, it was just the colour that suited her pale skin the best. I have no idea how expensive it all was, but she looked fantastic. The bra was barely all there, covering just enough of her nipples, thigh highs with suspenders, and a pair of panties that barely covered her shave mound. On her feet were some four inch heels.

“You like?” she asked, surprised she was so nervous.

“I love.”

Then I turned to Hannah. Her bra was black lace, slightly push up as it made her cleavage appear even better. Otherwise, she wore the same ensemble as her cousin, though her panties appeared to be the sort that I could fuck her without needing to remove them.

“Fucking hell, you’re tuzla içmeler escort both gorgeous.” This wasn’t the entire surprise. They both turned around and lowered their panties to show the base of a plug in their arse. “Holy shit!”

“Care to join us in the bedroom, Nate?”

I grabbed a hand each and practically dragged them there, hearing them giggle away. They took their time undressing me before ending up on their knees, side by side. “Tonight, cum on our faces,” Emma said, “We’re going to do everything we’ve fantasised about, and continue that until you have to go.”

“Leave with some good memories,” Hannah added, “Though I know you always do.”

Hand on heart, I’d learned that both women loved blowing me. Emma would happily wake me up doing it, while any time we were intimate, Hannah had no problem initiating by sliding to the floor when sitting on the couch and getting my motor running with a long, sloppy blowjob. The desire in her eyes, each and every time, still stunned me at times. Both would happily blow me without any reciprocation.

This night, though, was something else entirely. They attacked my cock with everything they had. My balls were not ignored for a single second. They even play fought over who was going to blow me the most, almost giggling away as they demanded to have my cock in their mouth. We’d only just started, and I knew this was going to be a night to live long in the memory.

“I’m ready,” I announced after quite a lot of attention.

They sat side by side, looking up at me smiling away. Part of me was almost not ready to do it, but they looked so happy… “Do it, Nate,” Hannah whispered, “We want you to do it.”

I left a nice blob on her face first, swinging enough to leave a couple of white ropes on Emma’s face, hearing her laugh away, before I left a couple more on Hannah’s. “Fucking hell,” I muttered.

Emma wasted no time taking my cock back in her mouth, Hannah stating that I needed a clean cock for when I slid it inside her arse. “Yes, we’re going straight to that,” she said to my unasked question.

I needed a few minutes, so although my cock might not slide inside a pussy that night, I threw Emma onto the bed and went to town on her with my mouth. Hannah watched her orgasm then wanted some attention too. She got extra attention, as Emma joined in, Hannah enjoying more than one orgasm with two tongues and a few fingers ending up inside her.

“Emma first,” she murmured once the third powerful orgasm passed. We would have stopped, but she pleaded for us to keep going, Emma was enjoying herself, and I loved watching Hannah orgasm. Always would.

Emma eagerly got onto her knees, grabbing a pillow to rest her head on. Hannah sat on her knees next to me, whispering into my ear that she wanted to watch from my point of view, handing me lube to get me ready. I ever so carefully removed the toy from Emma. It wasn’t large, but it was the first foreign object to go up her butt, apart from a finger or two when she masturbated and my thumb the previous night.

Kissing from the top of her arse, all the way along her spine, I rested my lips near her ear while resting my cock in her crack. “Ready?” I asked softly.

“More than anything, Nate. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

“I’ll admit, the first time I saw this pert little butt on the bed in Spain, I had some very unsavoury thoughts about my younger cousin.”

She turned and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too.”

Leaning back, I caressed her back with my left hand as I guided my cock into her arse. I rubbed the head up and down first, letting her get used to the idea. The toy was one thing, my cock was another thing entirely. Slipping the head inside her, she gasped and I felt her clench immediately. It was something I expected, caressing her back again, whispering words of affection so she’d relax. Took a few seconds, but I felt her release me.

“Good, gorgeous, you want more?” She nodded, glancing back, noticing the shimmer in her eyes. It wasn’t due to it hurting. I knew she’d wanted this as long as I had. It just took her confidence to build, and I think Hannah being with us helped. I knew how much she loved her cousin too. Slowly but surely, I gave her another inch, another inch, thrusting ever so slowly, feeling and sensing her relax but more importantly enjoy it each passing second.

“Oh god, this feels really fucking good.”

“She’s going to be addicted,” Hannah sang softly.

Once I watched my entire cock disappear inside her arse, I let Emma know. She looked back and smiled as I started to gently thrust. Hannah wrapped an arm around my waist and was content to just watch. My left hand continued to rub Emma’s back, keeping her relaxed. Fuck, she felt tight though. The fact I was the first man to be inside her arse was a real thrill, and from what she’d said, I’d be the only man too.

“Faster,” she moaned.

Moving my hands to her hips for balance, I did exactly as she asked. At the same time, there was no doubt she started to fondle herself at the same time. I thought Hannah might have enjoyed doing that, but she was mesmerised by my thick cock pumping into her cousin’s arse. And as both had helped me cum already, I was definitely going to last a little longer.

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