The Landlady’s New Pet – Part Three

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The Landlady’s New Pet – Part ThreeElaine stood dominantly by the sofa, with me naked, collared and leashed, already hopelessly enslaved and kneeling submissively before her, as the buxom Hortense strutted eagerly back into the room with the two new arrivals. Again, both were middle-aged women, well endowed, shapely and obviously very assertive. One had jet black hair and was dressed in a thin leather cat suit; she had brought her own whip, which she toyed with as she smiled at me. The other was blonde and very tall and buxom; the removal of her outer garment revealing a chiffon body stocking, a tight pair of black panties concealing her sex. As I gaped at the two women Elaine struck my arse sharply with her cane for the first time.“Kiss their feet immediately!” I crawled over and kissed the shiny stilettos that both women wore; I was now willing to do anything or suffer any punishment, my cock pulsing rigidly as the air in the room was now full of the sweet scent of feminine arousal. “Now you’ve introduced yourself to Margot and Stella, we have only to wait for Anita to arrive before your initiation can begin; I know she is going to invite us to one of her ceremonies tomorrow, your first outing as my slave will be a memorable one!” The women giggled and sneered in unison at my mistress’s comment; I was still bewildered by my situation, but the array of women and their scent alone held me captive. I looked a t Elaine, so dominant, and wondered what my time alone with her later would bring. I viewed the luscious rear of Hortense and yearned to be allowed to lick her arse, and Margot and Stella were equally as dominant and attractive in their stance. My cock dribbled as the women strutted and chatted about me as though I were an item of livestock. What would Anita be like, and what was the ceremony tomorrow? I was çankırı escort soon to find out as the doorbell announced her arrival. My arse tingled as was made to kiss the feet of Anita; she was the oldest of the women, at around 60, but was in superb shape, a shape made all too apparent as she removed the long coat she was wearing to reveal a sumptuous arse, hips and large, still very firm breasts, all clad in black satin with black stockings and stilettos. She had red hair like my new mistress, with milky white skin and vivid green eyes; she oozed confidence and clicked her fingers, pointing down to her shoes as I was given my command by Elaine. The women sneered with approval as I bent submissively and kissed her patent leather stilettos. Anita beckoned for a cane which she teased my arse with when it was passed to her.“Let me see your balls!” She barked, and I did not hesitate to pull them from between my kneeling legs. She tapped my erect penis with her cane as I displayed my balls for her, making the women laugh.“I’d like to have those in my display cabinet; I shall be first in line when Elaine tires of you. I love adding to my collection!” My arse tinged all the more as I listened to this formidable woman. Elaine giggled and added her comment.“Patience Anita! Really! We shall have our fun with him first; he’s yet to learn to be a slave to his own balls and will please us with his feeble masculine weaknesses for a while yet. Besides, you’ll be having an addition tomorrow!” The women all laughed as I cowered before the matriarch; my cock erect as never before at the thought of losing my balls to a woman. Anita looked down at me in superior fashion.“Have you his outfit ready for tomorrow? I’m so looking forward to humiliating a fresh one!” The women all looked at me with knowing smiles as Elaine opened escort çankırı a draw and took out a frilly French Maid’s outfit on a hanger which she hung on a picture rail for me to view. The women clapped their approval, and as I stared at it with disbelief I heard the whoosh of a cane and felt its sharp sting as Hortense chose to chastise me.“Say thank you mistress, and beg to wear the pretty dress tomorrow!” The women roared with laughter as I carried out the command with a broken voice; the sting of the cane still throbbing. I was truly learning humiliation. Elaine smiled wickedly down at me as she returned to the drawer; I noticed at this point that the damp patch at the front of her panties was now very prominent. She took a blonde wig and large stilettos from the draw, and two other objects. After placing the wig on the hanger and the shoes beneath it, the women all smiled smugly at each other as Elaine made ready to display the two objects with a very victorious look on her face. With deliberation she placed the two objects on a side table. The first was what looked like a transparent penis in flaccid mode, with a tiny padlock. I gulped visibly and much to the delight of the women as it dawned on me that this was a chastity device. Elaine undid the little padlock with her delicate spikily nailed fingers, as the ladies enjoyed my apparent look of discomfort at the idea.“You’ll be milked nicely this evening and tonight; you will beg me to fit this before midnight, so you enjoy tonight’s pleasure as you’ll not be allowed further relief until I am sure you have earned it.” Anita teased my throbbing cock with her cane.“If I had my way, there would be no use for that contraption!” The women roared with laughter and my cock pulsed in anticipation of the relief I was to be allowed and the exquisite humiliation çankırı escort bayan I was enduring. Elaine then placed the second object on the table; the women giggled as I looked puzzled at the thing which resembled a tow-bar with a bent arm and looped ring at the other end. Hortense strutted into my field of vision and the other women laughed heartily as she bent and pointed to the anus I so dearly wanted to lick. She then looked at me and nodded with a smile as she saw I had now realised the object was a butt plug with cock ring. The scent of the women’s arousal was now intoxicating as they enjoyed their teasing of me. Elaine looked triumphant as she confirmed witwith pleasure what I had now realised.“This is your butt plug; you will wear it at all times unless told not to. You will get great enjoyment from wearing it, as it will be a constant reminder that you are owned by a woman. When worn with your cage it will feel exquisite as the slightest movement will tease your prostate, making you attempt erection. You will experience constant denial and will be permanently reminded of your place below women. You will wear your two new friends from midnight.” The woman applauded as the plug was placed on the table by the cage. This act seemed to be key as the women suddenly all looked very sternly at me. Elaine picked up a remote control and a huge screen on the wall flashed to life.“Now let’s get the evening underway, punishment is due.” The women looked at the screen and I realised it was CCTV footage of the bathroom; I looked on in horror as I saw myself with Elaine’s panties; the women tutted with contempt as they watched me sniff and wank. Each woman cut the air with the cane they each held, my cock pulsed and dribbled as I imagined the pain to come.“What have you to say for yourself!” Screamed Elaine, as she wriggled free from the sodden panties she wore; her sex enlarged in triumphant arousal.“Get over here now and show us all what an a****l you are!” I crawled to her, encouraged by the first of many stokes of the cane, delivered by Anita…

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