The Hospital Fling – A lesbian tale

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The Hospital Fling – A lesbian taleTHE HOSPITAL FLING – A lesbian tale.When Wendy opened the curtains she could see Ms Harrington’s hand quickly move from under the covers to the side of the hospital bed. “Well well..what were we doing this morning ?”, asked Wendy with a wicked smile.“WE were occupying ourselves”, answered Ms Harrington making a kissing motion towards the cute black nurse. They both laughed.“It’s time for your walk down the hall”, announced Wendy in a more professional voice.“Oh well…that’s good…Any new bodies I should know about ?”, enquired Mary Harrington.“Well..let me think…there is a new lady a few rooms from you”, answered Wendy.“Nice ?”, asked Mary suddenly perking up.“She looks nice”, answered Wendy,” but I’ll ask know…if she’s your type”.“I can usually tell if she’s my type”, said Mary ,” I have lots of experience”.Mary Harrington wore her hair as she had always worn it, down to her shoulders and slightly wavy. The only difference was that it was now a shiny white. In her early 60s, Mary was a very attractive woman with a slightly bony face showing a only a few wrinkles and age spots. She was medium height and her breasts hung down slightly, her nipples slipping out of her pyjamas, as she bent down to reach her walker. “Got an eyeful, did you ?”, she teased Wendy.“I sure did”, answered Wendy playfully, watching Mary’s full ass slide off the bed.Mary had broken her ankle and thighbone while skiing for the first time. Her cast had just been taken off and she had to walk on the mended bones for a week before she could be sent home.Wendy admired Mary’s energy and her wittiness. As soon as they had had their first conversation, Mary made it clear that she was a lesbian and had been all her life. Mary had also noticed right away that Wendy and Sue, the other nurse on the floor, were having an affair. At first Wendy denied it but was soon telling Mary about the difficulties of working with her lover. The two lesbians, 30 years apart in age, had become good friends.Sue was also Jamaican and was nursing the patients in the rooms down the hall. She had welcomed Helen Reese the evening before. Helen was recovering from a hip fracture received in a car accident a few weeks ago. Helen was quite shy at first but the striking blonde, who had just turned 60, soon “took” to the plump nurse. Helen had to get used to a walker and took obvious pleasure in putting her arm around the nurse’s shoulders for support. That morning was her first trip down the hall by herself.“10:30 ?”, asked Sue as she walked by Wendy in the hallway.“Ok”, answered Wendy, “is it…good ?”.“Oh I think it’s gonna be good”, answered Sue with a broad smile.At 10:30, the two nurses brought their patient out of the room and into the long wide hall. Mary knew about Helen but Helen did not know about Mary. The two nurses stood at the entrance of the room together as they watched Mary begin her walk with Helen in tow several yards behind. Helen’s eyes went directly to Mary’s long slim buttocks move slowly under her robe as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other. Helen was about the same height but slightly heavier, her full bust filling the top of her pyjamas and her round buttocks moving against each other like two bowling balls as she walked, trying to catch up with Mary.“Bet you they hit it off”, whispered Sue to her lover.“I bet you my Mary will take the lead”, answered Wendy.“Shall we stop güngören escort them if they want to do it in the hall ?”, laughed Wendy.“…have a dirty mind”, answered Sue.“I do”, answered Wendy as her hand cupped Sue’s left asscheek. The two women moaned for a second before Sue slapped her lover’s hand away.Mary took no chances and stopped her walk to let Helen catch up. “Hello there…you must be Helen”, said Mary in a warm voice, and extending her hand.“I would extend my leg…but I can’t”, she added laughing. “I’m Mary”.“Hello Mary…I would welcome your leg”, answered Helen, “but I can see the problem with that”.The two ladies looked at each other up and down for a few seconds and then shook hands their eyes making a long and warm contact. The seduction game was on and they both knew it.“Bingo”, Wendy whispered to Sue before they walked to their respective areas.“I bet you’re an academic”, said Mary to her new friend.“Did Wendy tell you that also ?”, asked Helen with a cute smile.“No…Wendy only told me you were down the hall”, answered Mary.“Well you’re right, I taught most of my life…classical architecture”, said Helen. “And you ?”.“I was involved in schools, trying to run them, schools…for girls”, added Mary her eyes sparkling.“Did you teach in the US only ?”, continued Mary.“No..I was in Switzerland then Athens…the American University there”, said Helen very modestly.“Ah Greece”, mused Mary, “ The Acropolis, the sun, the beaches, Delphos….Lesbos”, she continued.“Yes…yes…all of the above”, said Helen in a throaty voice. “Are you alone in your room ?”, suddenly asked Helen.“Yes I am”, answered Mary, not used to having another woman take the lead.“Let’s finish our walk and I’ll meet you there”, said Helen, “I have someone in mine”.After a rather abridged version of the walk, the two women met in Mary’s room and continued their conversation.“Did you know Rebecca Myers ?”….”Oh what a doll”….”I’m sure you’re too young for retirement”…”You look just lovely”….bits and pieces of conversation could be heard by Wendy and Sue as they walked by the room. When it was time for lunch, Helen got up to retire to her room. “Oh soon ?”, said Mary, disappointed.“We have the rest of the week to get to know each other better”, answered Helen.“I would….”, began Mary but she didn’t have the chance to finish her sentence. Helen lifted Mary’s chin with her hand and planted a wet kiss on her full reddish lips. Then she grabbed her walker and left.—————————————– —————————————————————–“So ?”, enquired Wendy.“I think I’m in love”, gushed Mary.“So we’re gonna have to pry you two apart, will we ?”, answered Wendy with a dirty grin.“Wendy…see what you can do…I have to…I know she wants to…”, said Mary with an urgency in her voice Wendy had never heard before.“Neither of you has very flexible limbs…won’t be easy…what did you have in mind ?”, said Wendy very business-like.“Do I have to get technical ?”, said Mary suddenly blushing.“I’ll get Sue to talk to Helen and we’ll try to manage something”, said Wendy reassuringly.After some negotiations back and forth, the two nurses had a plan and promised both ladies some time alone for the next evening, since they were both on night shift. That night, in their small bedroom, just after Wendy had just given Sue her second orgasm, they began to talk about the hospital.“They could wait a week, escort güngören couldn’t they, and meet outside ?”, asked Sue, wiping the sweat off her brow.“No they can’t”, answered Wendy still partially on top of her lover. “Maybe we’ll be like that at their age… a sense of urgency….”.“God I thought Mary was horny…you should have seen Helen when I told her Mary wanted to”, said Sue giggling. “Do you know how to get them to…?”, asked Sue“For God’s sake Sue, do I have to draw you a picture ?”, answered the black lesbian.Sue made a V with her fingers and made licking motions through it. “Of course”, cried Wendy. “Show me”, said Sue suddenly very serious.Soon the young lovers were well on their way to a third orgasm.———————————————————————————————The next day Mary had a long shower and found a bottle of skin cream she had hidden away in her luggage. Helen had a good wash also at her end of the hall and handed a perfume bottle to Sue.“What do you think ?”, Helen asked the black nurse.“Mmmmm…nice…kind of ..I don’t know…intimate”, answered Sue, putting a few drops of the expensive liquid on her wrist and smelling it. “It’s called Sweet Pussy”, cried Helen in a fit of laughter.“You’re k**ding ?”, said Sue wide-eyed.“Yes deary…I’m k**ding”, answered Helen still holding her stomach and blushing.“Tonight…around midnight, I’ll come get you”, reminded Sue.“I know..and just my robe, right ?”, asked Helen, already excited.“Yeah…just your robe”, answered Sue as she kissed Helen on the forehead.In the other room, Wendy made sure Mary would be awake and ready for her Helen. They practiced the position together…well at least Mary’s position. Everyone was ready.————————————————————————————–That night at the stroke of midnight, Wendy walked into Mary’s room and lifted the sheets in Mary’s bed. It was not the first time she had seen Mary naked but it was the first time she had realized how beautiful a woman of 60 could be, especially when she was waiting for her lesbian lover. Mary still had a full bush, most of it black with strands of white. She opened her legs slightly, showing it off to her nurse. Mary’s breathing made her breasts move up and down. Wendy stood by the bed until she heard Helen’s feet shuffling behind her walker in the hall.Sue had taken Helen from her room without waking up her roommate. Helen was wearing her pink bathrobe and nothing else. Sue could see part of her breasts as she bent over her walker. Wendy pulled off the sheets revealing a naked Mary already on her side, resting on her good leg. Sue pulled the curtains for a minute to let in Helen and slipped the bathrobe off the woman. Sue inadvertently touched the woman’s soft buttocks with her covered thigh and could feel that Helen was trembling. The two nurses helped Helen get on her side with her bad hip up. The two women were placed head to toe. The two nurses then made sure Mary and Helen could reach what they wanted without their help. Without a word, a sigh or a kiss, the two mature lesbians began to lick each other’s pussy. After a few near misses, they extended their arms, grabbed on to the other’s buttocks and pulled the hairy triangle to their mouth. Sue and Wendy stood in silence inside the closed curtains and made sure the women were comfortable and pleased with their position. During that first güngören escort bayan critical minute, each woman managed to pry open the other’s labia with her tongue. They shifted a bit on the mattress so that their tongue could penetrate deeper into the other’s vagina. Their hips began to move against their lover’s tongue. The two nurses looked at each other, pleased with themselves, and closed the curtains as they retreated to the hallway, leaving the lovers to enjoy their privacy. Wendy could feel her pussy getting very wet and a few drops of pussy juice trickled down the inside of her thigh. They were alone in the hall. They could hear quiet moaning coming from behind the curtains. It was like the muffled cries of a young dog dreaming. “I think they found each other’s clit”, announced Wendy“Shhhhhhh…” answered Sue, elbowing her lover.They could hear the mattress creaking as the two lesbians were obviously going harder at it.“Let’s go see”, said Wendy, visibly excited.“No…let them finish first,” answered Sue, the more prudish of the two.The creaking and the moaning were getting louder. The two nurses looked at each other again, hoping it wouldn’t wake the other patients. Sue ran out for a minute and came back.“We can’t hear anything next door…it’s ok”, she reassured her partner.Wendy took Sue by the hand and led her to the curtained bed. Pushing aside the end of the curtain, they both peeked at the scene. Mary and Helen were still on their side, but they had both managed to bend their knees so that they formed an imperfect circle. They were locked together mouth to pussy. The two nurses noticed that the licking had given way to clit-sucking and that the women’s fingers had slipped neatly between the other’s asscrack, painted nails moving in circles around their wrinkled hole. The couple’s hip motion increased suddenly. A much louder muffled moan was followed a few seconds later by the bodies shuddering and trembling together. The two nurses, amazed and happy at the outcome, forgot the noise for a moment, and smiled broadly at each other. They closed the curtains, walked briskly to the hall, and came back slowly to the bed, pretending to arrive for the first time. Helen and Mary had remained in the same position except for their mouth, which was resting on the inside of the other’s thigh. Sue had a little trouble convincing Helen that the session was over and had to gently but firmly pull her away from Mary in order to get her up again. Wendy helped Mary raise herself on her elbow while Sue held Helen by the shoulders. The nurses glided their patient’s mouth towards each other so they could kiss. The two women licked each other’s tongue for a minute, then the nurses pulled them apart. Sue helped Helen put her bathrobe on and they shuffled out of the room. Sue had brought a hand towel and began to clean Helen’s face.“Oh … please leave it”, pleaded Helen.“Ok…but only for the night”, said Sue smiling, “You can smell it all night”. “Smell it ?…I want to taste it”, whispered Helen, laughing quietly.Wendy turned Mary over gently and pulled her sheets up to her neck. Mary reached out with both arms and grabbed her shoulders.“Thank you”, said Mary. The tough woman had tears in her eyes but regained her composure quickly.“Now go see your woman and give her pleasure”, she commanded Wendy.As the first rays of daylight began to reach the windows of the rooms, Wendy and Sue walked down the hall, adjusting their uniforms as best they could. A fly on the wall of the storeroom could certify that each had given the other three orgasms that night. In two of the rooms, two lovely ladies were already preparing for the next night shift. THE END

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