The Fort

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The FortGrowing up me and best bud, Joe always did things together. As we hit that age, our teen years, we started thinking about sex and girls. We really wanted to have sex and started to think of ways we could do that. We built a fort out in the woods near our house. A place we could store our porno mags that we had found and a place we could fuck a girl when that time came up. We built this fort with some scrap lumber we found and put a small couch and some carpet in there. It was not weather tight but enough to give us some privacy. We even stole a bottle of wine and some candles from my kitchen, because women like that kind of stuff. So we would sit in our fort and look at our mags and think about pussy. Then we would jerk off. Then we decided to go find a girl that might could help us out with our plan. We thought about several moms, then the college age lifeguard at the pool, then girls our age. That girl would be Sami, a tom boy that hung out with us often. She was a younger than us but would be a good place for us to start. We brought Sami out one afternoon. Let her into our “club”. We all sat around talking when Joe pulled one of the porn mags out. Much to our surprise Sami was all over that mag, so we took out the others. We read some of the “Letters” out loud and shared the photos, we even broke out the wine. Then Joe stood up and said “my dick is hard I need to stroke it.” And he did just that. “Sami, you should show us your thing, you know, tits and pussy. Do yours look like what these girls have?” Joe said. Much to my surprise, Sami said okay and took off her top and dropped her pants. Her tits were small and her pussy was cute, not real hairy, it was wet and her lips were open showing pink. She checked out our dicks while we checked out her cunt. It was pretty cool. Then she wanted to know what happens when we cum. So we both kicked it into overdrive, stroking our cocks like mad till we both started shooting cum onto this towel we had there just for this purpose. diyarbakır rus escort Sami gasped at the sight. “That is a lot of spunk, that is what shoots up into my cunt? How does all that stay in there?” We both looked at her cunt in wonder as Sami took the towel and started to play with the cum smearing it around. We met out at the fort a few days later and went thru the same thing, looking at porn mags and drinking some of the wine. This time Sami wanted to stroke our cocks for us. All three of us were naked and this time laying on the carpet with Sami sitting up. She took a cock in each hand and started to play with them. our cocks and balls. It was really cool to have a girl holding my dick, a naked girl. As she stroked our cocks I reached over and played with her pussy and then her tits. Joe did the same. I really liked the way she smelled and her pussy was tight around my fingers. Joe and I both came pretty quick. Sami squealed with delight as the cum erupted from both our dicks. “I can feel these pulsing as the cum shot up!” Both Joe and I laid there with Sami between us, big pools of cum on our bellys. Sami played with both pools of cum again smearing it all around our tummies and then to my surprise, she coated a couple of her fingers and then put it to her mouth tasting my cum. Joe and I looked at each other and then back at Sami who was smearing more cum on her fingers for another taste. Both our dicks got hard again, and Sami seemed pretty happy about that and she started to stroke both dicks some more. Then she changed her position and took my cock in her mouth. She did not have a clue what she was doing and neither did I but she was trying to give me a blowjob. Then she switched to Joe. She kept stroking me as she sucked Joe. All this had me so revved up that when she came to my cock and sucked it again I started to cum. And she kept her mouth on it letting my cum fill her mouth. And she swallowed! Then she diyarbakır rus escort bayan went to Joe who did the same thing and she swallowed his load too! At this time in our lives none of us understood what a big deal it was for a woman to swallow our load. Every two or three days Sami would meet us at the fort to play. She would jack us off or suck our dicks. We would finger her pussy and soon started to eat her out or suck her tits. For some reason none of us ever brought up fucking. Don’t know why as I am sure we all thought about it. We were having a lot of fun doing everything but fucking. Then one day we were all naked just getting started doing our thing. Sami went outside to pee and came back in with some woman and then two guys came right behind them. They looked homeless maybe or had been hiking across country or something. They had yucky teeth and dirty clothes. The woman was blonde with big tits but skinny. She asked why we were naked. They reeked of pot and had been sitting right near our fort. They made themselves at home, drank some of wine and were looking at our porn. “What are you guys doing out here? Can we join in on what you three are up too? Are you guys learning about sex because we can teach you everything you need to know” The blonde said to us as she started to take her top off, then her pants. She had nice tits and huge dark haired bush. She placed herself right between Joe and I. The two men took off their clothes and sat on either side of Sami. The fort was not designed for this many people so it was cramped. But this woman started to play with our cocks and we liked that. The guys were all over Sami and quick enough one was between her legs eating her out. Then the guy sat up and placed his cock right at her cunt and pushed it in. Sami gasped as he pushed in and pulled back out and then repeated. My dick was now so hard it hurt from watching real fucking. The guy fucked Sami for about two rus escort diyarbakır minutes then he pushed in and arched his back and groaned loudly. He then pulled his limp cock out of Sami cute pussy, a trickle of white cum ran down her crack. The other guy mounted her and did the same thing. As this was happening I looked back over and the blonde was sucking Joe’s dick. Her ass was right there in front of me, her little pussy peaking out. I pushed my cock forward and right into her cunt. It was an incredible feeling as my dick sank into the blonde’s pussy. I made about three thrust before blowing a massive load of hot spunk deep inside this woman. I waited till I was drained and my dick was limp before pulling out of her. Then Joe did the same but I am not sure he even made one thrust before he exploded. We fucked the blonde again and the two other guys fucked Sami again and then they left. Sami, me and Joe all sat there and started talking about what had just happened. Sami was telling us about how it felt to have guys cumming inside her and we were telling her about cumming inside that blonde. We were all excited about having sex for the first time and to get to watch the others having sex. As we talked, my cock got hard. “Just put inside me, like you did to that blonde.” Sami said. I did just that. Her pussy was gooey from the four loads of cum already pumped into it but I liked it anyway. I made several thrust then let my balls drain deep inside her. “Wow, I really love that feeling, that feeling when you guys cum. Your cocks swell then start pulsing, it makes me cum!” Sami exclaimed. Then Joe mounted Sami and started to fuck her. We were all pretty sore after that and did not go to the fort for almost a week. But then we were so horny we all three fucked like crazy. That was a great summer. The three of us fucked every chance we got. Sami got a boyfriend who she fucked a lot but she was always happy to let us have a poke whenever we wanted. I went on to fuck a lot of girls, and even one of my other friend’s mom. Joe fucked many girls too but he knocked some girl up. That was thirty years ago. My parents still live in that same house and when I go back to visit I think of Sami and Joe. On one visit I ran into Sami all grown up with a husband and k**s. She let me have a poke, just like old times. I sure miss those days.

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