The Flirt…..

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The Flirt…..Recently I was in the Pittsburgh area on a business trip. I was bored one evening so I thought I’d go to a club that the hotel maitr’d had recommended. It was nearby so I walked over about seven.This was unusual for me, since I rarely drink, and then usually just with dinner, but my wife had become total uninterested in sex, and it had been over a year since I had been with her or anyone…..The place was thinly populated, I asked the bartended for a white wine, and asked where everyone was? He said that things would pick up in about an hour when the band starts.I nursed my drink and watch a few couples and singles arrive. Then she walked in, She was a strikingly sexy petite young woman long sexy blonde hair wearing an electric blue dress with a mid thigh skirt with very sexy legs. She was showing just enough cleavage to tease from a distance but a closer look…?I noticed her right away, I watched as she ordered then I caught her eye. She looked at me and smiled. I was about to approach her table when she got up and went to the restroom, her sexy rear swaying at me invitingly as she walked away! After a few minutes she came back, I again noticed her looking my way. I looked back and she smiled and so did I. I walked up to her table shortly after she sat down. “Hello, my name is Doug, may I join you?””Hello Doug, I’m Jan, I’m expecting a girl friend soon but please join me…. So Doug, I haven’t seen you here before….””Oh I’m just visiting, I’m staying at the Hyatt and I asked about nearby clubs they suggested this place.””So what brings you here, work?” “Yep, I’m a troubleshooter for my company and I’ve been here for two weeks, I’ll probably be here for awhile yet.”So we chatted awhile, her girl friend came by just as the band was starting. I asked Jan to dance, she agreed. We danced a few more modern dances then a slow jazzy dance came up. I opened my arms to dance and she walked into my embrace.I held Jan close to me, i smelled her sexy perfume as I put my arms around her, holding her shoulders lightly. As we dance, Jan lays her head on my shoulder, snuggling into my neck. I kiss her cheek then her very soft lips lightly, mmmmmmmI pull her closer and she lifted her head, we kiss, my tongue sliding between her soft welcoming lips, sliding deeper as our passion ignites, Jan slides her hand around my neck and shoulder as she deeply returnes my kiss…. my hands slide down her back to pull her hips tightly against me. Jan moans softly as my growing bulge presses against her swaying hips…As we move to the music our hips grind together….my knee slides between her legs and raises the skirt of her dress…..I whisper in her ear, “Why don’t we go to your place?” she giggles then says, “Oh god, yes!”We walk over to her table, I leave a pair of twenties for the waitress as I slide my arm around Jan’s sexy waist….She takes me to her car, where I open the door and she kisses my cheek as she gets in. I get in and Jan giggles, “What?” I ask.”I got lipstick on your cheek.”I look in the mirror,’ Not just my cheek either” I laughedJan drives us over to her condo building about three miles away.As we entered the elevator, I take Jan in my arms and as the door shuts we embrace and re-ignite our passion! Our lips and tongues twist togetheras our arms pull each other tightly together…My fingers in her 1xbet yeni giriş long blonde hair and hers in my short hair….Jan’s lipstick is all over my face and neck by the time we arrive at the penthouse, Jan’s condo….My arms are around her waist as she opens the door and we enter..I hold her from behind, nibbling on her neck and finally lightly caressing her breasts as I reach around Jan pulling her to my chest tightly! Jan moans as I turn her to face me, she moves toward me to kiss, but I pull back looking deeply into her sexy eyes…I kiss her forehead, then each cheek, Then the tip of her nose, Jan giggles as I slide my tongue between her feather soft, warm sexy lips, She gladly accepts my embrace, as we kiss her breathing rate increases as our arousal grows more intense…..I reach behind her and pull down the zipper on Jan’s dress, pulling it all the way down to her waist…She giggles and helps me remove her dress, than takes me by the hand and takes me on a tour of her condo, ending in her bedroom, with her tongue sliding between my lips and my hands running through her long sexy hair…I brush her hair away from her ear then begin to nibble on the it, she shudders with her excitement, holding me tighter…I kiss down her neck and shoulder sliding a bra strap from her shoulder, as my hand caresses her bra cup, then unclipping the front clasp, I remove Jan’s bra and moan softly at the site of her sensually pert breasts and long hard nipples, I caress Jan’s breasts, then I kiss down her chest around the side of her breast and along her lower breast, not touching her sensitive nipples, but I notice her nipples growing with her excitement! The site of which is very exciting to me! Jan groans, takes my head in her hands and places my lips on her growing nipple. I caress her hard nipple with my lips, flicking my tongue across the tip, then rolling it against my teeth. Her hot breath on my ear as I suck her, is so warm, her arms tremble as she guides me to her other nipple…I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply as her nipples poke me sensually into my chest…She starts to unbutton my shirt kissing my skin as she reveals more of me. I pull her lips to my nipple and moan as she licks first then sucks hard on me…I slide my hands down her bare back as she removes my belt and unbuttons my slacks caressing my throbbing bulge as she does…I pull Jans lips back up to mine, we kiss deeply..I moan during our kiss as she slides her hand into my shorts to caress me, I slide my fingers into her soaked panties and return her caress with one of my own, bringing moans of desire from my partner….Jan leans down to expose my eager shaft as I slide her panties down her sensuous legs….Jan kneels before me, “mmmmmm, I want this!” as she licks the head of my cock, taking it into her mouth as I moan with pleasure…Jan runs het tongue around the head of my cock as she grabs my shaft with one hand and with the other caresses my balls. She slides me deeper into her mouth, licking the tiny slit, then down the V and the ridge on my shaft as she strokes my cock and balls. Her touch sends electric shocks through my cock, balls and hips. My desire for this woman has reached new heights. I passionately lift her lips to my hungry mouth as I push Jan down on her bed, roughly spreading her legs, I run my finger 1xbet giriş nails along her inner thighs. Jan arches her back and moans…”Jan dear I want you so much!””Take me darling….Oh Doug, please my body is yours, no limits, take all you want.””I want you, all of you dear!” I reply. As my fingers caress her wet swollen lips, a finger on each lip and one running down the middle, dipping into her soaking pussy, bringing moans from Jan.I suck on her nipple, my tongue flicking her nipple as my finger slides into her pussy following her upper pussy, Jan moans, then I feel her inhale, and then her body explodes, her orgasm rips through her body, rolling her body from side to side as Jan enjoys her first orgasm with me, with many more to cum, as I slide a second finger deep into her tight wet, very hot cunt.I spread my fingers inside her cunt scr****g her pussy as I thrust my hand against her. My other hand caresses Jan’s very erect clit, stroking and flicking it as i fuck her pussy lightly for now, Jan arches her back and I feel a hot stream of pussy juices flood against my hand as Jan cums again, grabbing my fingers in her pussy, as she pushes my head into her chest, I suck hungrily on her breast…My desire is now the beginings of lust as my fingers begin to work her pussy and clit, drawing moans and giggles of delight from this woman! I must have her, I slide my hips down between her legs as I slide my finger out of her cunt and into her mouth. We suck the juices from my fingers as my hard cock rubs hard against her clit….”Oh yes! please darling!”I bring the head of my shaft to the opening to her love hole, slick with her juices and cum. I begin to slowly slide into Jan, penetrating this sexy woman’s body…She kisses me hard and my lust explodes…I thrust hard into her, must fuck, must join with her! The thrust hard and fast…I fell her moan and groan as she comes again, the heat of her juices stoking the fire of mylust, thrusting harder and deeper…..Thrust, thrust, THRUST…..I thrust and hold grinding my hips into Jan’s widely spread hips.I lean up and slide my cock out for a second as I pull her legs over my shoulders, sliding back into Jan, feeling her body take me, caress me as only a tight hot lovers pussy can…I roll Jan’s hips up as I thrust hard and deeper than ever, feeling her cervix on the tip of my shaft…Jan screams and I hold her hips tightly to mine as we screw our loins together fucking hard and grinding together. Jan grabs the sheet with one hand and my neck with the other as another orgasm ripples through her hips, her sensual body as my balls prepare…The hot flood of cum against my cock is the final trigger and I groan, thrust deeper and my body jerks with my sudden release…..I pump my potent seed deep against Jan’s waiting body, pumping my cream cum, wave after wave pump into her as my lust begins to wane, I drop onto Jan’s body as she cums again! My hips grind into her to seal our juices into her cunt, but as I relax, our juices slowly leak from Jan’s body…I slide out and Jan licks my tool as I eat her pussy and lick her legs and lips, her juices now slightly salty as I eat her wonderful pussy.I lay next to Jan and we hold each other as our body’s tremble and shake, we kiss now as lovers, as sexual partners soon to couple again…I caress and massage Jan’s 1xbet güvenilirmi breasts and legs. She giggles as I tickle her legs lightly. She pulls me off the bed and into the bathroom. Jan turns on the shower and pulls me in with her…We hold each other and kiss as the water sprays on our bodies from all kinds of directions. I soap Jan’s chest and pussy and she thoroughly washes my hardening cock..Now Jan turns around and I see her sexy ass for then first time….I caress her cheeks and she giggles…. I slide my fingers down her crack pausing to rim her asshole and the giggle is replaced by a sigh…”Ok Jan dear?””My body is yours dear…” I soap up a finger and slide it into Jan’s very tight hole, to her moans and groans…I add a second finger spreading her ass farther as my fingers caress her pussy and then her clit, she looks back and caresses my hardening shaft, mmmmmmmmmI spread my fingers deep in her ass, as she pulls my dick towards her,,,,”Doug please!””I always aim to please, my lady!” I had never had anal with my wife so it had been some time…..I place the tip of my shaft against her, she pushes back as I slowly, very slowly open her very small hole, after what seems an hour, my head slides past her sphincter ring and slides into her to Jan’s groans and as her hips tremble and jerk….I thrust into Jan’s ass as my fingers caress and pinch her clit and tits…I feel a warm flood of juices on my hand as Jan cums, and suddenly I pump my load into her ass. A few final thrusts and I am spent. I slide out from her and turn her around, we kiss passionately and hold each other tightly! “Oh Doug you’re such a hot fuck!” I chuckle “Jan, god baby, you the hot one in this shower!” We giggle together as I wash Jan and she washes me….We fall into bed together, robes and towels around us, Jan snuggles into my shoulder and she is soon asleep as I hold her in my arms. I kiss her head, lay back and …….I wake the next morning, Jan is in the bathroom, I sit up as she returns….”Lay back!” she commands, so I do and my morning erection pops up, Jan straddles me, opens her robe and slides me into her very wet, hot hole…”mmmmm I thought you’d sleep all morning! I’m sure glad you woke UP!” Jan giggles as I thrust upward grinding our hips together. I pull her lips to my hungry lips as I thrust into her. “mmmmm I always enjoy juicy pussy in the morning! Jan dear…” Jan meets my thrusts with hers back onto my shaft….oh my! AGGGGHHHH we groan as we come together! Our groans make a wonderous music as Jan collapses onto me.”Dear, I love feeling your hot cum shoot into me!” “I’m so glad! ’cause I enjoy it too!”Jan lays on me as we kiss and I hold her on me as our cum dribbles onto my tummy.We spent a wonderful day together talking and kissing and making love a few times. I gave Jan a massage ending with several orgasms as I held her in my arms and slowly rubbed her clit till she started to cum, then I would continue until she made me stop. It took some time for Jan to understand that I so enjoyed watching and feeling the pleasure ripple through her as she cums. That night we went back to the same club to dance and romance each other yet again, We go in separately then she flirts with me, refusing my first advance this time, I dance and kiss another woman then a second. Now Jan agrees to dance, just to tease the other women, let them know what she has and what they will miss! Back at her place she pushed me on the bed, strips off my pants and shorts and FUCKS MY BRAINS OUT. That was the first time a woman EVER fucked me!Oh my god what a flirt! what a WOMAN!

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