The First Knock is the Hardest Ch. 02

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This is the second in a series of stories following Ed and his adventures as a door-to-door salesman. You don’t need to have read chapter one but you might as well!

I hope you enjoy them and please do leave me feedback – it’s always welcome. All rights reserved, (c) Northern_One, 2013.

The Canadian had an apartment only a block away from where the street of backpackers’ bars thumped with heavy bass and thronged with people. The bars had a liberated, hedonistic atmosphere where people abandoned mundane reality and cut loose, even if they were only free for a few days or weeks, and something of that heady air filled the dimly lit apartment where Ed, the Canadian and the dancer from the bar lounged, already pretty drunk and now mildly drugged. They had met in one of the bars a couple of hours earlier and were back at the Canadian’s place to sample his new toy, a huge pyramidal electronic vapouriser that, when combined with his latest batch of grass had the effect of making them particularly high. It was only a couple of days since the Canadian had acquired the girl’s number but from what Ed could see they were getting on pretty well already.

“So how d’ya get on at work?” the Canadian asked with a wink. He was propped up against the head of the bed, a beer can in one hand, the other draped around the shoulders of the petite brunette who lay against him. He was a good looking guy, the Canadian, not that Ed was attracted to men, but he could see what girls saw in him. Although Ed wasn’t exactly an eight stone weakling the Canadian had the kind of broad, rugged physique that Ed always wished he’d been blessed with; a scruffy beard and mop of curly blond hair added to the general air of masculinity that the Canadian exuded.

“What do you do Ed?” the girl, whose name Ed had taken the time to ask, only to forget it immediately lay against the Canadian, her head on his chest. As fine a specimen as the Canadian was, the girl Ed had last seen wearing only stripper shoes and gold hotpants was altogether more up his street. She was Hungarian – he knew that much – and had extraordinarily high cheekbones that accentuated her almost mesmeric, grey-blue eyes even further. Her dark hair was scraped back from her face in a tight ponytail giving her a slightly stern look that, along with her full, pouting lips, and those narrow, feline, steely eyes reminded Ed of an Eastern European villainess from a Bond film although the cumulative effects of drink, drugs, heat and her striking appearance were making any suave, Bond-like witticisms most unlikely, on Ed’s part at least.

“Basically I’m a door-to-door, salesman,” Ed told her from the armchair in which he was slumped, his legs outstretched on the bed. He took a slurp from his can and crossed his ankles. “It’s a pretty shitty job to be honest but I need to make money somehow.”

The girl nodded, grinning broadly. “I know what you mean,” she responded in accented yet flawless English that would put many native speakers to shame. “I’ve got a master’s from Oxford and here I am, flaunting my tits to drunken yobs,” she laughed.

This made the Canadian snort. “You’re shitting me?” he yelled. “You went to Oxford?”

The girl looked at him and pouted, extricating herself from his arm and sliding across the bed towards the vapourising machine. “I’m a girl of many talents,” she said. As she spoke she looked at Ed and winked. Her glossy black leggings made a noise like static electricity crackling on the Canadian’s cheap bed clothes.

“I’m sure you are baby, I’m sure you are,” drawled the Canadian, admiring her sculpted arse, perfectly presented as she leaned across the table to fill the machine. Ed and the Canadian absently appreciated the beauty before them, watching her fill the Magic Mountain with another batch of greenery. The conversation lulled for a moment as the men admired the girl and the girl went to work on the machine.

A change of tracks on the sound system snapped the Canadian out of his trance and he gently kicked Ed’s feet, nudging him back to reality. “So,” he encouraged, a look of genuine eagerness on his face. “Any luck out there?”

Ed smiled coolly. He’d been waiting for the Canadian to ask and secretly was desperate to tell all and boast about his conquest of Charlene but he didn’t want to look like a boorish womaniser in front of this remarkable female. Okay, he might have seen her on a podium, oiled and topless a night or two ago but, as she said, everyone has to make a living somehow. “A gentlemen doesn’t tell,” he said smoothly, ostentatiously checking his fingernails for any dirt.

“Bull shit!” the Canadian exploded. “Fuck gentlemen; a dude shares the wealth!” he boomed, his eyes dancing with excitement. “You did, didn’t you? You nailed a MILF!”

“What’s this?” asked the girl, an equally mischievous glint in her eye as she turned to Ed. “Have you been seducing desperate housewives?”

“Ha ha, no,” Ed instinctively said, suddenly feeling very much on the spot. “Well, yeah, kind of,” he said quietly. bahis firmaları He found himself having to stifle a childishly excited laugh.

“You little ripper!” the Canadian yelled in a vaguely Australian accent. “I told you, you’ve just gotta be on the ball! What was she like? Was she a hound? I bet she was!”

The girl blew out the non-existent smoke and frowned gently at the machine. It had taken Ed a while to become used to not having the feel of hot smoke on his throat. It was almost as if feeling that burn was a necessary part of getting stoned but, after a few minutes, the effects of the machine were impressive. She settled herself back on the bed, beside the Canadian, pulling his arm around her bare shoulders once more.

“I bet she was a babe. Ed’s hot. He wouldn’t fuck a hound, would you Ed?” The girl was looking right at Ed as she spoke, her lips pouting as she looked him up and down.

“So was she a hottie then?” the Canadian asked.

Ed was feeling very much on the spot now and regretted the last hit he’d taken from the Magic Mountain. He shuffled uncomfortably, taking his feet off the bed and placing them on the floor, subconsciously trying to make himself less open, less a part of the cosy little trio.

“Leave him alone, you” the girl said gently. “Like Ed said, he’s a gentleman and a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.” She winked at Ed, her mouth in a seductive pout. She made herself more comfortable on the bed and took a sip of beer from the Canadian’s can. She looked at Ed again. “Although if you did want to tell I’d love to hear,” she said quietly, her eyes locked on Ed’s.

Ed looked away, unable to stand her intense gaze. He waited a second to compose himself and to try to unscramble his thoughts. It felt seriously weird to tell people whose names he couldn’t even hold in his head about his sexual conquests but then again, the girl was a topless dancer and the Canadian was the one who ultimately he had to thank for his little escapade with Charlene so he wasn’t exactly going to be shocking anyone. He looked back at the girl who was still looking at him, smiling subtly, encouraging him. He took a swig of beer. “She was pretty hot,” he muttered.

“I’m sure she was,” the girl said. She shuffled closer to the Canadian and patted the bed beside her. “Come here and tell us about it.”

Ed glanced at the Canadian who had raised an eyebrow. Ed was pleased to see even the burly alpha male was slightly taken aback by the girl’s suggestion but, with the words of advice he’d been given the other night about looking out for opportunities at the front of his thoughts, he climbed out of the armchair and onto the bed, taking up his position next to the girl.

“Now then,” she said, her elegant manicured hand resting on his thigh. “Tell us your story. We want details.”

The little apartment, already pretty hot, was rapidly becoming stifling. The three of them sat on the bed, their backs against the headboard, their legs stretched out. On one side of the bed the Canadian was wearing a faded blue t shirt and khaki cargo shorts. On the other was Ed, dressed in a loose white shirt and shabby, frayed jeans. Neither wore shoes, flip flops being their footwear of choice. Neither had shaved for a few days and both had fairly unruly, messy hairstyles. In between the scruffy blokes the girl was a well-scrubbed and fragrant beauty. She was subtly made up, not as obviously so as she had been the other night when the boys had ogled her as she twisted and gyrated atop the podium, but the make-up she did wear highlighted her exquisite cheekbones and eyes, accentuating her almost feline appearance. Her full lips shimmered in the dim light. They were pale, a kind of pastel-pink that complemented her skin and eye colour. Along with her glossy leggings she wore a tight, silvery boob tube-type top and black, strappy stiletto heels. It would have been hard to find a better illustration of the way many men and women approach dress and grooming.

It wasn’t a big bed and Ed was pressed tight against the girl. Along with the effects of the drink and drugs, the hypnotic beat of the music and the close heat here was a definite tension in the air. Ed, encouraged by the girl’s seductive voice and general air of exotic sexiness was finding it a little hard to concentrate on keeping his story coherent. Both the Canadian and the girl encouraged him, asking him to recount his time with Charlene slowly, to not miss anything out. Ed wasn’t quite sure where this was leading but something told him it was likely to be an enjoyable journey.

The girl’s hand was still on Ed’s thigh, her other on that of the Canadian. Ed, finding his inhibitions tempered by the intake of the evening and the unusual circumstances, was beginning to enjoy his role as storyteller. Every so often one of his audience would ask a question or make an encouraging remark, fuelling Ed’s enthusiasm, urging him on. He hadn’t even begun to talk about the actual sex yet, it seemed as though the thrill of the build-up, kaçak iddaa the setting of the scene; the little details were what were truly exciting.

“So do you think she liked the look of you the first time you called and planned it?” the girl asked. Ed couldn’t be sure if she was consciously rubbing his inner thigh now but the feel of her hand running up and down his thigh through his thin jeans was certainly having an effect on him.

“I don’t know,” Ed replied, looking across at the pair of them. The girl was smiling faintly, her lips moistened, her white teeth just visible. The Canadian was grinning like the village idiot. He was obviously loving hearing how his words of wisdom had been put to good use. “I mean, I didn’t remember her but then she was naked under that leisure suit, so maybe.”

“I bet she did. I bet she planned it all,” the girl said to Ed, her hand working its way higher, making Ed catch his breath.

“I told you, man,” the Canadian chuckled. “Bored suburban chicks. They’re the best.”

The girl gave him a look and slapped his thigh sharply, making him yelp. “Sorry babe. You know what I mean, though,” he said sheepishly.

“Come on, Ed,” she encouraged. “My god, I bet you were excited!” As if to reinforce her point she dragged her fingers over Ed’s crotch, causing Ed’s rapidly hardening cock to lurch. Her eyes were won his, a knowing look there, behind the faintly mysterious blue-grey of her irises. He looked at the Canadian; her hand was on his crotch, too. He gave Ed a slightly wary look, his eyes wide, brows raised.

Ed continued, relaying how he’d decided to go for broke and strip in front of Charlene and found himself rubbing his cock in front of a stranger in her kitchen. At this point the girl murmured something quietly to herself and rubbed her palm firmly and deliberately over the sensitive tip of Ed’s now fully erect cock. Ed began working through various possibilities of how the current scenario might develop. The girl was clearly in charge, her hands slowly stimulating both men but Ed couldn’t help wonder where things were heading. Years before, he and a friend had almost had a threesome with a girl but had chickened out citing having no desire to see one another’s veiny stalks; but that was as a teenager. Ed was quite happy to see where this was going.

“So did she get them out for you then?” the Canadian asked.

Ed snorted at the directness of his acquaintance, so much for building an erotic atmosphere, he thought. “Yeah, once I was in the buff she got them out,” Ed laughed.

“What were they like?” he asked eagerly. “Were they like these little beauties?” he leaned over to the girl and pulled down her tight top. Both of her pert breasts bobbed into view. The girl didn’t bat an eyelid.

Ed took a good look as she continued to rub his cock. “Probably a bit bigger, I guess. Not tanned though.” He paused to appraise her tits some more. Yes, he’d seen them in the bar but there they were something to ogle, something for drunk blokes to wank off over back at their hostel. Here, in the charged heat of the Canadian’s apartment, they were – she was – real, a part of a beautiful, apparently sexually available woman who was currently rubbing his and his friend’s cocks. Driven by the growing tingling in his groin he reached to feel her left breast. She raised an eyebrow and smiled. The girl’s tits were smaller than Charlene’s but firmer. Ed didn’t think he’d felt such firm boobs since he was a randy teenager, persuading reluctant girlfriends to let him cop a feel. Her tits filled the cup of his hand perfectly, a dark, slightly upturned nipple pressing hard against his palm. As he rubbed the European beauty pouted, her thumb and index finger closing around his now almost painfully-throbbing erection.

“So, Ed,” she breathed. “What happened next?”

Ed continued to rub her tits and picked up his story. He had past the point of verbal foreplay now and was describing his licking her out and building up to their hard, intense fuck on her dining table. Neither the girl nor the Canadian asked anything now; there was a palpable air of concentration to accompany the sexual tension. Ed, now with no embarrassment whatsoever, his memories fuelling the imaginations of his listeners, was describing the sensation of sliding deep inside Charlene’s tight cunt. As he did, the girl, with impressive ambidexterity, unbuttoned the flies of the men either side of her, finally freeing their aching cocks and began to stroke. The feel of her hand tight around his aching hard on caused to Ed to gasp. He looked across at The Canadian who again, just for a second, looked a little unsure and looked away. What was happening had obviously taken the Canadian by surprise too but the girl either ignored his discomfort or didn’t care and instead looked at Ed and pouted, her breasts beginning to jiggle as she pumped her arms up and down in unison.

“Keep going,” she told him. She looked at Ed’s cock in her left hand then, raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow, kaçak bahis back at him. “Charlene’s a lucky girl.”

Ed grinned at the compliment then groaned as the girl’s French-manicured nails dragged up the length of his cock and onto the wet, sticky head. He pinched her left nipple, making her squeak, then resumed his tale.

A few moments later, as he was building, literally, to the climax of his story, the girl moved out from between the boys and, crawling down the bed, her little shiny black bottom wiggling enticingly as she moved, turned to face them. She knelt, her top below her breasts, her hard nipples pointing upwards, and gazed admiringly at the scene in front of her, and the excitement she was causing. “Take them off,” she instructed, looking at the undone jeans and shorts Ed and the Canadian still wore. “And your tops.”

Ed, now so far beyond caring whose cock he saw, was naked in an instant. He was quite happy with not knowing the destination, just happy to enjoy the ride. The Canadian, now rather less sure of himself hesitated briefly, then followed but kept his gaze firmly fixed on the girl. “Good boys,” she said huskily, eyeing the two bobbing, glistening penises in front of her. Her tongue slid along her full lips, moistening them again, and she rubbed her tits, pinching both nipples. She came closer, kneeling between Ed and his friend, and took hold once more. She looked at Ed, the muscles of her slender arms visibly tensing as she worked her hands up and down. “How does it end, Ed?” she asked. “I want to know.”

Ed was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on his narrative, a task made all the more difficult when the girl, her eyes on his, lowered her head, and took him into her mouth. He moaned as her wet, hot mouth engulfed his cock, her tongue slithering and slipping across the tip, her full, pouting lips almost pornographic as they formed a tight seal. She sucked hard, sensual, cat-like eyes still on Ed’s, her head bobbing up and down, lacquered ponytail flapping from one side to another. After all too short a time she released him with a slurping, sucking sound and, after demanding the finale of the story, turned her attention to the Canadian. As her mouth closed around his cock, her hand found its way back to Ed’s cock, wanking him hard.

She alternated like this, her hand wrapped tight around one cock whilst sucking the other as Ed described how he had fucked Charlene. Each time she swapped she’d smile, almost demurely, at her man before resuming her efforts.

Maybe Ed was slowed by having to tell his story or maybe it was simply staying power but on perhaps her fourth visitation to the Canadian’s pole he cried out as he suddenly came. Her hand didn’t let up on Ed’s cock for a second as the Canadian thrust his hips upwards in time with his ejaculations, her lips tight around the head, the shaft below glistening with her saliva. She waited patiently until the Canadian’s writhing and grunting died away then, without making a show of it, swallowed, released his still twitching tool, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and turned her attention back to Ed. How times change, he thought to himself. From turning down a threesome because he didn’t want to see his mate’s dick to being sucked off by a girl who had just swallowed another dude’s load. That had to count as progress. Perhaps not for the Canadian, though, who didn’t know where to look.

Kneeling, her delectable little bum pointing skyward and just visible in the apartment’s mirror, the girl settled herself between Ed’s knees, her hands rubbing up his inner thighs, between his legs, dragging a fingernail across his arsehole, then upwards, onto his balls and cock. She rubbed his slit with a fingertip, massaging the sticky emissions and her own saliva all around his big, purple helmet with a greedy look on her face. She looked up at him again. “Story please,” she said, then slid her wonderful lips down his rod, taking as much of Ed’s long, thick cock as she could. Ed groaned quietly and endeavoured to finish.

His story was nearly complete and so was he. As she sped up, her tongue writhing across him as she sucked, her hands working on his shaft and squeezing his balls, Ed relayed Charlene coming, then his own orgasm, shooting his load over her body. As he did the girl pressed a digit against his arse, working him towards ecstasy. Her head bobbed, her mouth so wet and hot, her eyes never leaving his until finally, the moment came and he erupted, shooting jet after jet into her mouth. He grunted with each spurt, the slow build-up to his orgasm making it all the more intense. The girl swallowed as she went and didn’t stop until she’d sucked every drop from him, her eyes smiling wickedly as she did. Finally, reluctantly, she set his now softening cock free and sat up on her knees, a huge, satisfied grin on her sultry face.

“Mmm, that was nice,” she said, eyeing the drained boys. “I don’t do that for just anyone, you know.” She looked at Ed. “I loved your story. You made me feel very naughty.” She paused for a second, taking in the view, her hand idly playing with her right breast before she pulled up her top, and playfully slapped the boys’ legs. “Right, you two. Get dressed. We’re going out.”

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