The Final Domino

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NOTE: This story is a follow-up to “The Terminator’s Daughter” posted January 2016. To get the most out of it, the author advises readers to read that one first.


Kendra Goodwin struggled with her troubled marriage for years. First there was Jim’s affair, the separation that followed and then the marriage counseling which repaired enough of the damage for Jim to move back in. However, things were hardly hunky-dory after that. Jim’s affair had shaken Kendra’s trust. And trust, as anyone knows, is the foundation upon which marriage is built. Until recently, their foundation had remained basically intact. Cracks in it remained, though Kendra had managed to live with them. But now, after suspecting that Jim is engaged in an affair with their daughter Alexa, those fault lines have widened. Yeats’ words—”things fall apart; the centre cannot hold—”ring true in this household of secrets and dysfunction.

Of course, it’s no secret to Jim and Alexa what went on a couple Sunday’s ago. Alexa, driven by an intense sexual attraction to her dad, approached him in their big club basement while he was watching NFL football, ostensibly to practice moves in mixed martial arts. In a previous training session, Jim, known as “the terminator” in his fighting MMA days, had revealed that the sexual attraction was mutual and therefore he was all too happy to oblige. One MMA move led to another, which in turn led to the two of them engaging in father-daughter incest, culminating in a wild round of fucking on the sit-up board. Kendra came down the basement in the aftermath, and things haven’t been the same since.

Jim and Kendra barely speak to one another, much less have sex. Jim still gives Alexa pointers in her quest to one day fight in the octagon. However, he’s resisted the urge to continue their affair, much to her chagrin. “We can go to a hotel daddy,” she told him yesterday when she called him from college on her cell phone. “Mom won’t suspect a thing.”

“She suspects enough already,” he had said. “Let things cool for a while.”

But cool is hardly what Jim feels. He is, in fact, hot for desire for his sexy daughter. Since their sit-up board escapade, he’s drifted through his life’s routine with a perpetual hard-on. The sweet smell of her, the tactile delight of touching her satin-smooth skin, not to mention the feel of her powerful legs wrapped around him as he pounded her hot, wet pussy remains fresh in his mind. Even so, try as he might, he’s been unable to fully rationalize carrying on their incestuous affair. That doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about one or pretending not to notice and to even enjoy Alexa’s efforts to break him down, parading around the house in skimpy attire when her mom and sister Danielle aren’t around. And even when they are, she’s not above (or below, depending how you look at it) flashing him as he walks by, lifting up her dress sans panties, bending over or accidentally on purpose brushing up against him.

Ambiguity about anything can last only so long before it cracks and then splits in two, leaving one half on the table, the other half discarded. While Alexa doesn’t fully intellectualize this process, she does sense it working inside her dad, senses his resistance to her efforts to seduce him weakening. So, on this Saturday in late October, when Danielle is out with a girlfriend and Kendra is out shopping, she feels hopeful that he might be ready to finally resume what they started a few weeks ago. Only this time she makes no pretense about what she wants. Instead of workout clothes, she slips into black lace panties and bra, and dabs on a little perfume. She then marches into the kitchen and says, “Hey dad, in the mood for some company?”

Jim, sitting at the white Formica table reading a newspaper, looks up and blinks. “You don’t give up, do you?”

She giggles, bends over and kisses him on the forehead. “Give up what, the best sex I ever had? Nope.” She glances over his shoulder to read the headlines about the fighting in Syria. “We now have the house all to ourselves—in case you haven’t noticed.”

He looks up from his paper. “Look, Alexa, this isn’t a good idea. Your mom and sister could burst in here any moment. Plus, it’s wrong, just plain wrong.”

She straddles his left leg, pushing her crotch down on his jeans. “Of course it’s wrong. But that’s what makes it so exciting. Besides, that didn’t stop you last time.”

“Don’t you have moves to practice? Arm bars, choke holds, stuff like that?”

“I’m in the mood to practice other moves,” she says. She leans into him until her boobs are up against his mouth. Then she reaches down to his crotch. “And from what I feel down there, I’d say you are too. Come on, dad, don’t reject what you and I both know you crave.”

He begins to feel her boobs over her bra. “Now I know what it feels like to be an alcoholic who can’t stay on the wagon.”

She unsnaps her bra, then pulls his head toward her nipples. “Oh, my. Suck on them, dad. That’s it, get them nice and hard. Oooo, yes, like that.” She closes her eyes and starts to rub her crotch. “Oh my god, my pussy’s raining bullets already.” etimesgut escort She positions herself fully on his lap and closes her eyes. She rolls her head back and forth, and moans as his tongue swishes over her hard nipples. Somehow doing it in the openness of the kitchen, with bright sunlight streaming through the windows, feels more erotic to her than when they were doing it in the sheltered confines of the basement. Her dad’s words ring true—Danielle or her mom could very well burst in and catch them in their flagrante delicto. It is a realization as horrifying as it is aphrodisiacal.

Jim tucks his hands under her arms, lifts her off him and stands up. Alexa frowns. “Where are you going? I’m just getting warmed up.”

“I think we ought to take this to the basement, don’t you? We’re too exposed up here.”

She giggles. “Of course we are, that’s the whole idea, silly. Come on, we should be able to hear when mom pulls into the garage or when Danielle’s girlfriend drops her off.” She cups her boobs and rubs her crotch, looks at him with her beautiful blue eyes, pleading with him to see it her way.

He shakes his head. “Okay, here goes. Against my better judgment, but here goes.” He then proceeds to lift her up on the surface of the table. He spreads her legs, flicks the crotch of her panties to the side, and begins to lick her pussy.

“Wow! Oh my god!” Her voice reverberates off the cavernous acoustics of the kitchen. “Yes, yes, my pussy’s on fire. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Her thoughts float back to when they did this in the basement and she passed out with her climax. Will it happen again? She can’t help but wonder as Jim’s tongue continues to deliver the sort of oral delights she never could have imagined prior to that time. “Keep going, dad, keep going. That’s it, faster. I’m almost there,” she cries. Jim accelerates the action, revving his tongue in sync with his daughter’s wishes. Soon, her body shutters and she sees what she almost expects, the creeping blackness that threatens to envelope her. She fights it, throws it off like an unwanted blanket, struggling to stay conscious as wave upon wave of orgasmic sensation rolls over her. She looks up at the ceiling and smiles, bathing in the afterglow of her climax.

Jim helps her off the table. “I’m glad you stayed awake this time to enjoy it.”

“Wow, did I ever!” she says, leaning against the table for support. She looks down, eyeing the bulge under his jeans. “Now it’s my turn to please. And from what I can see, you could use some pleasing.”

He glances at the wall clock. “That would be great, only I’m not sure we should press our luck. They could be here any moment.”

“Look, I’ll keep my panties on to save time in case we need to split. You can fuck me the same way.” She pulls the crotch of her panties aside and fingers herself. “I’m still wet and horny, daddy dear.” She then snaps open his jeans and takes them down along with his underwear. “Take a seat, dad,” she orders, pointing to the chair. “From the look of your erection, this shouldn’t take too long.”

He looks out the window, shakes his head warily. “All clear so far. For how long is my concern.”

“And my concern is wrapping my lips around that thick cock of yours.” She stoops down and begins to do just that while he sits nervously on the kitchen chair, his enjoyment tempered by the angst of getting caught. “Don’t come just yet,” she says. “You need to fuck me first.”

She straddles him, then carefully guides his cock into her. Gripping the back of the chair for leverage, she begins her vertical dance on his cock, his “condomless” cock made safe from impregnating any woman ever again by the vasectomy he got a year after Danielle was born. He buries his head between her boobs, breathing in the lilac freshness of her smooth skin. The taboo factor of fucking his own hot offspring, coupled with his angst of possibly getting caught by either Kendra or Danielle, drives his whole being into a state of hypersensitivity. They’re less than a minute into it, and already he’s about to come. He knows that quickies have their place, especially in compromising positions when time is of the essence. But, sensing that Alexa is not quite there for O number two, he decides to hold out for another few minutes to give her a chance to catch up. It would be great if they could climax in unison, he thinks. A few more minutes either way shouldn’t matter as far as their security is concerned.

In fact, it does and it will, for sixteen year old Danielle is walking toward the house. Her girlfriend has just dropped her off, not in the driveway as Alexa thought she would, but out front, out of Jim’s and Alexa’s earshot. She’s in a good mood. She’s had a nice day and looks forward to spending time with her boyfriend Dennis later on tonight. Her mom is still out, she notices, and judging from the cars present, it appears that Alexa and her dad are home. Danielle walks up the driveway and then into the garage to a side entrance that leads to the kitchen. Four small windows atop the door allow her to see into the room from a few feet away. etimesgut escort bayan And what she sees as she holds her keys to unlock the door freezes her in her tracks. Her dad is pulling up his pants, while her sister stands there buck naked except for her black lace panties. Feeling dizzy and nauseous, she backs away, though not far enough to miss what they do next: embrace and kiss, and not the way father and daughter normally do. She wants to run but her feet feel frozen to the cement. All she can do is stand there, transfixed by this loathsome, yet amazing horror show happening in her own home—her dad with his mouth and hands all over her sister, who seems thoroughly enamored by the whole thing. They go at it for another few minutes before Jim sits down to read the paper and Alexa exits the kitchen.

Danielle leans against the wall of the garage, thinking she’s either going to faint or throw up. Suddenly it occurs to her that what she just witnessed might be the cause of the recent tension in the household, the coldness between her parents and the strange vibes Alexa’s been giving off. Danielle’s efforts to find the reason behind her sister’s moods had come to naught. “Nothing’s wrong,” Alexa would say. “I’m just stressed with school and MMA training.” Danielle sinks to the concrete floor, holding her stomach. She bends her legs, then puts her head between her knees, trying to keep the room from spinning. Passing out on the garage floor is not an option. Still, that’s what she fears will happen if she stands up too soon. She takes deep breaths while thinking of what she should do, how she should handle this unexpected and very disturbing thing that’s been going on behind her back. She wonders if her mom knows. Danielle plays out various scenarios, from pretending it doesn’t exist to confronting her dad and sister.

She’s so lost in thought that she doesn’t hear her mom’s car until she pulls into the driveway. That brings Danielle to her feet fast, though she needs to lean against the wall to keep from toppling over. Somehow she manages to get to the door and stick her key in the lock before her mom exits her silver Buick Enclave.

Jim greets her when she steps into the kitchen. “Hey, sweetie, have a nice time?” She nods. He looks at her strangely. “Are you okay?” “Um, yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“You look kind of pale. And you sound like you’re out of breath.”

She then realizes she’s hyperventilating. “I’m okay, dad, really.”

Kendra then steps in the door. She’s holding a plastic shopping bag and wearing a lightweight tan jacket over a lemon-yellow dress. She greets Danielle, gives her husband a token nod. “Danielle, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. You’re sure as hell white as one.”

Jim looks up, his face registering concern, if not borderline panic. “Did that Nichols girl just drop you off?”

Danielle holds her stomach, trying hard to control her breathing. “Um, yes, she did.” He gives her a slow, cautious nod, keeps looking at her as if expecting more information.

Danielle and Kendra turn to see Alexa coming down the hall. She’s barefoot and wears white shorts and a green sweatshirt with the name of her college scrawled across the front in big white letters. “You’re wearing your new jeans, I see,” Alexa says, aware that Danielle had been out shopping with her girlfriend. Then she too notices her sister’s distressed condition. “Dannie, are you okay? You look like you’re about to faint.”

Jim once again looks up from his paper. “Lord help us,” he whispers under his breath. He and Alexa trade worried glances.

“I’m okay, really,” Danielle manages to say. “Maybe I just need to lie down.”

Alexa watches as her sister pads down the hall, enters her room and closes the door. “I’ll look after her,” she says.

Alexa knocks on her sister’s door, ignores her “really, I’m fine” response, and steps in to find her sitting on the edge of her bed, bent over and still hyperventilating.

“You don’t look so fine, Dannie.” Kneeling down, Alexa holds Danielle’s hands and directs her to hold her breath for ten seconds. “That’s it. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand…”At ten-one-thousand Danielle takes a deep breath. Color returns to her fair complexion, and she opens her small mouth into a shallow smile of relief.


Danielle nods and brushes back her straight, shoulder-length brown hair. “Better. Thanks.”

Alexa stands up. “Good. Now, maybe you can tell me what you’re panicking over.” Danielle orders her to close the door. Then:

“First, maybe you can tell me what’s going on around here, why you’ve been acting so weird lately, and why mom and dad act as if neither one of them exists.”

Alexa sits on the bed next to her sister. “As you know, our parents’ marriage hasn’t been exactly a model of domestic bliss for years. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t divorced by now. As for me acting weird, I’m not sure what you mean. Weird? Weird how?”

Danielle takes a deep breath. Then, looking at her sister in the eye, she says, “Weird how? Weird as in escort etimesgut making out with dad in the kitchen with nothing on but your sexy, black lace panties.” Another deep breath. “I’m still trying to process that, hoping what I saw a few minutes ago was a bad dream.”

Alexa holds her head in her hands. “Oh boy…What did you see exactly?”

“It hurts me to say what I saw, what I can’t stop seeing, what’ll probably stick in my brain for another fifty years.”

“Look, dad and I have gotten much closer since he agreed to coach me in MMA.”

“Much closer is right! Alex, I saw him sucking on your nipples and rubbing his hand over your crotch. Is that his idea of coaching?”

Alexa takes some consolation in knowing that Danielle caught them on the tail end of what happened, though not much. “You’re making more out of this than it is. Like I said, we’ve gotten closer. There’s not much more to it than that.”

Seconds of tense silence pass before Danielle stands up and crosses her arms against her chest. “I’m afraid to ask this. But here goes. Are you and dad having…an affair? I mean, are you…screwing him?”

“Dannie, that’s really between—” She stops and stands up upon hearing footsteps approach. “Come in,” she says at the sound of knocking.

“Is everything okay?” Kendra says. She’s standing in the hall beside Jim, who trades intense looks with Alexa.

“I’m better,” Danielle says. “Alex taught me what to do for hyperventilation.”

Alexa flashes a smile while flexing her biceps. “Big sister to the rescue.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” Kendra says. “But what were you hyperventilating about, Dannie? Did something happen when you were out with Cindy Nichols?”

“Ah, no mom, nothing like that. Sometimes I get panic attacks. They just come on.”

“Funny, I’ve never seen you like that before,” Kendra says, her face a model of skepticism. “You looked freaked out of your wits.”

“Well, she’s okay now, aren’t you, Dannie?” Alexa says, looking at her sister and then at Jim who looks as if he might have a panic attack of his own. He shakes his head and looks behind him before facing his daughters once again.

“Right, I’m just great,” Danielle says. She shakes her head and sighs. “Just great.”

Kendra nods. “Well, whatever’s going on, it seems as if it’s something privy between you two. So I’ll bud out. Maybe your father here can help,” she adds, her tone tinged with hostility and sarcasm. “Meanwhile, I’ll get dinner on.”

As Kendra leaves for the kitchen, Danielle fixes Jim with a hard, glaring look of disgust. “Yeah dad, maybe you can help. Maybe you can explain what I saw after Cindy dropped me off, what Alex started to tell me before you and mom came in.”

Jim looks like a guy treading water after being capsized in the middle of the ocean, desperate for someone to throw him a lifeline. He spreads his arms, shakes his head, hems and haws.

Alexa waves him into the room. Then, after closing the door, and in a near whisper, she says, “It’s okay, dad. I told her that we had gotten closer since you agreed to coach me in mixed martial arts. I didn’t tell her what I think we should now admit in light of what she caught us doing. It’s my fault. I should have listened to you about…going to the basement.” Danielle throws her hands over her ears. “Look, I changed my mind. This is too sick for me to stomach. I get it. I wish I didn’t but I do.”

“I’m sorry, Dannie,” Jim says. “You shouldn’t have been subjected to what I’m sure you feel is appalling and perverted.”

“And you don’t?!” she cries, wide-eyed, almost shrieking. “You mean to tell me that what you two are doing feels normal?!”

“Shhhh,” Alexa says, placing her finger over her mouth, imploring her sister to keep it down. “Of course it isn’t normal. But don’t blame dad. I initiated what you saw today. It was my idea, was my idea from the get go. What started out as an innocent request for him to coach me turned into…well, you just got an eyeful of it. The point is, I seduced HIM.”

“Thanks, Alex. I feel so much better now. Oh geez.” She shakes her head. “Does mom know?”

“She suspects something,” Jim says. “You might have noticed the coldness between us lately.” Danielle nods. “Well, that’s the reason, although I haven’t admitted anything. Let’s spare her the pain, shall we?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Danielle says, “there’s no way I’d even think about telling her. Only…”

“Only what?” Alexa says.

“Only is this it? I mean, is this going to go on or are you two done?”

“We are so done,” Jim says. “Right Alexa? Done?”

“Um, right. Done. Absolutely.”


I had every intention of keeping my word to Danielle. After she confronted Alexa and me, the cold, tense atmosphere that had pervaded our household began to thaw. My relationship with Kendra improved to where we could talk, if not affectionately then at least civilly. We even started to have sex again. Alexa went forward with her plans to fight in the octagon. I still coached her; however, we avoided training in the basement together. Truth be told, the sexual attraction between us didn’t wane. In fact, just speaking for myself, it grew stronger because one, I find her incredibly desirable; and two, because she’s my daughter—the taboo factor once again. We were each other’s forbidden fruit, eaten at our own peril. Why tempt fate?

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