The Dare.

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The Dare.Pure fanstayIts Saturday night, we’ve all soaked our bones in the bath and it’s time to get ready to go out. You asks what shall I wear? I dare you to wear high heels, your new black leather skirt, no knickers, black bra and a sheer black top and stockings. A few minutes later you emerge from the bedroom dressed as suggested, to finish off the look, you put on your long matrix style coat and we make our way down to the car.As we are seated in the restaurant we make sure our table is out of the way because you are very aware that your nipples are becoming hard and are that a few onlookers got a good view as you remove your coat.As I am seat next to you, we chat about many things when you feel my hand sliding up your thigh,” what are you doing?” you ask softly, “making sure you are knickerless” I reply, you oblige by parting your legs a little so I can just about stroke your inner thigh and pussy lips, I smile as you wince and let out a soft moan as I make bursa escort contact.We near the end of our meal and I bring out my phone and tap out a message, a short while after, your phone beeps with a message..‘Take your coat and bag to the ladies toilets; there you will take off your top, bra and skirt. Place them in your bag and return wearing just your coat.’You return looking happy and very warm, but instead of going back to the car, we make a B line for the local supermarket to look for any last bargains. As we walk down one of the isles I make sure the coast is clear before asking you to prove to me that you are naked under your coat, nervously you do, I spot your nipples are fully erect and you want to feel yourself.Getting back in the car, the car park is almost empty, so I make sure you are comfortable in the passenger seat before undoing your coat and suck on your nipples and stroke your clit for a while. Your moans and both loud and joyful.I dare you to bursa escort bayan stay like this for the rest of the journey home, you agree but only if I do something for you. You whisper your demands in my ear, and I have little choice to obey. I remove my seatbelt and exit the car, as I make my way to the passenger side, your already winding down the window ready for me. Before I’ve even had a chance to make sure the coast is clear, you’ve reached through the passenger window, undone my flies and pull out my erection from now my tenting trousers.I can feel your tongue swirling around the whole length as you go to town on my cock. I warn you that if you don’t stop soon, I’m going to cum in your month. You bring me to the brink before squeezing the end saving me for later. As an extra bonus, I leave my cock outside my trousers for your pleasure for the drive home.I make sure that we drive down at least a couple of high streets, but because of the darkness, I assure escort bursa you there is little chance of us being seen. It’s amazing how carefully one drives while being played with.We arrive back at the flat, we can just about make it up the stairs, me with a hard-on in his trousers and you almost weak at the knees.We crash out in the bedroom where you tell me what we did tonight was unfair but very erotic and must pay by removing my clothes. I gladly do so and as I lay back we go 69. As you take me in your mouth as I taste your pussy juices and rub your clit with my hand. You can feel that I am about to cum when you stop and say ‘ I want you inside me’You get up and face me and I watch wide eyed as you lower yourself down onto my erection and start grinding your body against my full length. I spy one of your vibrators and dare you to slide it in next to my cock. You do this and moan loudly as the walls of your pussy are stretched, the added tightness makes me explode inside you, giving us both a massive orgasm.Exhausted, we collapse on the bed for a long while but still holding each other reflecting on the night’s fun and games. Knowing that you may take revenge on me one day.

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