The Cornholing (Conclusion)

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The Cornholing (Conclusion)The Cornholing(Conclusion)Fred’s wife, Freida, retuned home for about a week. During this time, I went to their house a couple of times to clean the pool. It was different being around them as husband and wife after what I had seen Fred doing with Tom. The day after Frieda left I went down to see Fred. I had told Fred that I would be coming down in hopes that he would not have Tom over. When I got there, he was by himself. He opened the door and let me in. We walked out to the pool and discussed when it would be time to drain and winterize it. After a few minutes, Fred said the pool looked good and didn’t need any attention for a day or so. He then asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I said “sure”, and Fred responded by taking off his shirt and then pushing his shorts to the ground. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock sprang into view. By this time, I had seen Fred’s cock enough times that I wasn’t shocked, but I was excited. Fred jumped into the pool as I removed my shirt and shorts. While Fred’s cock was showing some stirring, mine was already past the half way point towards being fully hard. I paused for a few moments pretending to brush something off my arm. I was giving Fred a good look at my cock, which by now was sticking straight out. After a few moments, I jumped into the water. I swam and splashed for a few minutes then moved over to the side of the pool. Fred made his way over to where I was floating in the water while holding on to the side. When he was next to me, Fred asked “So, did you like what you saw?” “What do you mean?” I replied. Fred looked straight at me and said “Well you have watched Tom and I play around at least twice that I know of. Now today you are here alone with me.” “I figure that you must have enjoyed what you saw” Fred continued. I sensed that it was now or never time. “Yeah. It was pretty interesting to watch.” I said. “And now you are curious and want see what is like, right?”I felt myself getting lightheaded and at the same time my cock was getting hard. “Yeah” I replied. “I guess I do”.Fred made his way to the pool ladder and pulled himself out of the water. “Well, let’s start at the beginning” he said. C’mon”. With that, he picked up his shirt and shorts and started walking towards the house. It looked as if his hard cock was pointing the way.I pulled myself out of the water, collected my clothes and followed him. He tossed his clothes on the floor and signaled me to continue with him. I was a little surprised when he led me to the master bedroom and on into the bathroom. Fred spread a bath towel on the floor and then reached into a cabinet and pulled out a disposable enema, “Nothing can spoil a good time like making an unpleasant mess” he said. He continued on, “Lay on your side and insert the nozzle in your ass. Slowly squeeze then bottle until all the liquid is in you. Lay still for 5 minutes and then sit on the toilet and empty out.” He said all that very matter of factly. “I’ll see you when you are done”With that, he walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. With that, I stood there for a few moments. Too excited to muğla escort be embarrassed. The nozzle was pre-lubed and slide in easily. I started gently squeezing the soft plastic bottle and forced the contents into my bowels. I felt really full, and after what seemed like ten minutes, I looked up at the clock hanging on the wall to find it had only been two minutes. I impatiently waited out the rest of the time and then eagerly jumped up to sit on the toilet and empty myself out. With that bit of unpleasantness over with, I stepped out into the bedroom to find Fred laying on the bed, slowly stroking his cock. My own cock had gone soft, but the sight of Fred stroking his hard dick reminded me why I was there and my cock started stirring. Fred waved me onto the bed. I lay on my back and Fred moved between my legs. As he pushed open my legs, he lowered his head and took my cock into his mouth. I had experienced some blow jobs before. They were enjoyable but nothing special. However, Fred was a master of the art. Fred took the head of my cock and alternated soft, gentle sucking with occasional, brief hard sucking. He used his tongue to lick on and around the head of my dick. While doing this, he gently used one hand to massage my balls. Fred moved at his own chosen speed and ignored my groans and pleads for him to speed up. After several minutes, he took his mouth off my dick and got up on his knees and elbows with his ass up in the air. “Have at it young man” Fred said with a slight smile.While I got up on my knees behind him, Fred picked up a jar of “Abolene” skin cream that was laying on the bed and handed it to me. “Might want to lube up your dick a bit” he said. As I coated my cock, I looked at his little brown hole that was exposed in front of me. After applying a generous coating of the slippery cream, I moved forward and lined my cock up with Fred’s ass. I remember thinking that I wanted to be careful and not hurt him. I shouldn’t have worried. His ass was tight but yielding as I pushed into him. His moans and groans were of pleasure not pain. When I was about half way in, I paused and then pulled back a bit. I did this for the rest of my entry. Pushing forward some and then retreating a short distance. Fred encouraged me with moans and saying things like “Oh, shit!” “That’s it.” Keep going, just like that.” Eventually, I was balls deep in his butt. I paused again to assess the situation. His rectum felt good and snug around my cock. But his sphincter was really tight around the shaft of my dick. I started a slow paced fucking of his ass which I soon increased to a slightly faster pace. Rather than protest or complain, Fred was encouraging me to go faster. I was only too happy to oblige. I braced myself by taking hold of Fred’s hips and then increased the speed of my strokes. I would pull almost all the way out and then drive all the way back in. Each stroke of my cock through Fred’s sphincter felt like a tight hand holding my dick. Since I had already been horny and ready to go, it didn’t take long for me to feel myself building towards an orgasm. Fred also seemed to sense eskişehir escort this and raised his head up off the bed. “Stop a minute and let me turn over” he said. I stopped my stroking and moved backward. After my cock popped out of his asshole, Fred turned over and lay down on his back. He pulled his legs up and held them up and parted by placing his hands behind his knees. “OK”, he said. “Get back in.” I moved into position, with his legs over my shoulders and my cock lined back up with his ass. Since his butt had a slight gape now, I could slip back in with almost no resistance. As I started to pump, I glanced at a clock and saw that we had been fucking for a little over a half hour. This time it didn’t take long for me to get to the point where I was trying to hold back cumming. But this time, Fred was not having it. He reached up and started rubbing and gently pinching my nipples. It felt like an electric current was suddenly running from my nipples to my cock. I was barely holding back when Fred started talking to me. “Come on. Fuck me. Give me your cum. C’mon. Shoot it.” And cum I did. I don’t think I had ever cum that hard before. I could feel the cum leaving my balls and shooting out of my cock. I came so hard that that I felt dizzy. As my orgasm subsided, I fell over on my back and started catching my breath. Fred got up and left the bedroom. He returned a couple of minutes later with two glasses of ice water. He handed me one of the glasses and, as I took a big drink, I noticed that Fred was still raging hard. I suddenly realized that everything we had done so far had been for me. It struck me that now it was probable payback time for me. I set my water on the night stand and positioned myself sitting up on the side of the bed with my feet on the floor and Fred standing directly in front of me. I reached out, took hold of his cock and pulled him towards me. I leaned forward and, with no hesitation, I took Fred’s cock into my mouth. I really don’t know what I had expected, but I found having a dick in my mouth rather un-extraordinary. There was no special taste associated with it. Instead what I found was excitement in Fred’s reaction to what I was doing. And what I was doing was to copy a lot of what Fred had done to me. I moved my mouth up and down (taking great care not to sc**** his cock with my teeth). I alternated the amount of suction I was using to prevent his cock from becoming too sensitive. Occasionally I would remove my mouth from his dick so I could lick around the head. After several minutes of this, Fred put his hand on my shoulder and stepped back, pulling his cock out of my mouth. Fed looked down at me and said, “Whew… Turn around and get up on your knees.” As he guided me, I got up on the bed on my elbows and knees with my feet hanging off the side of bed. Fred reached over and picked up the jar of Albolene cream. I could hear him opening the jar and the sound of cream being applied to his hard cock. I remember wishing silently that he would apply the entire jar. He concluded by using a finger to apply a dab of cream to my tight hole. After gaziantep escort he finished applying the cream, he took hold of my hips and held me steady as he positioned himself behind me. “Relax and remember to breathe. A few deep breaths, but not rapid” he instructed. “Also, you are going to feel full, like you need to go to the bathroom. But you don’t really. The enema you had earlier took care of that.” “OK. Now just relax.” He said again. With that, he used the fingers on one hand to part my buttocks and with the other hand he stated guiding his cock towards my anus. I felt the head of his cock against my ass. At this point, his cock felt like a rubber ball pushing against my rectum. I worked to follow Fred’s instructions by taking deep, steady, breaths. His entry felt slightly uncomfortable. Mostly I just felt full. Really, really, full. But Fred continued to slowly push his cock up my ass. He wasn’t being rough but he was unrelenting. He was telling me. “You are doing great. Nice and easy. Just a little more.” Finally, I felt his balls rubbing up against mine. He paused with his dick buried in me and let me catch my breath. Then he pulled part way out and slid back in. A few minutes of this and his strokes became faster. He wasn’t slamming into me, but he had a steady rhythm going. I was becoming more accustomed to his cock in me. The uncomfortable sensation I had felt initially was now becoming a pleasant massage inside me. After long time, Fred finally paused and pulled out of me. He turned me over and laid me on my back. With my legs on Fred’s shoulders, he re-entered me. This entry was much easier than the first. Fred resumed pumping into me. As I lay there I looked up at Fred’s grimaces and the motion of his hips while feeling his hard cock stroke my ass. The feeling now was pleasant and I was even enjoying the feeling of being stuffed full. Despite Fred being well lubricated, I started to feel sore. I thought now would be a good time to stop while the sensations were good. I didn’t really want to just tell Fred to hurry up and finish after he had been so good about taking care of me. Then I remembered another one of Fred’s tricks. I reached up and started rubbing and gently pulling on his nipples. Fred’s pumping speed increased and he started moaning. He began rolling his head back and forth and groaned out loud. “Oh, shit. Oh, my god. That is so damn good.” It took several more minutes, but Fred finally yelled out and slammed his cock all the way up in me. Surprisingly, I could feel Fred’s cum hitting the walls of my rectum. Fred gradually slowed down until he had stopped. He then pulled his softening cock out of me. When I looked down at his dick, I could see that the enema had worked. After being in my ass, Fred’s cock was still clean. AFTERMATH: This had been a day of exploring and learning. I had another session with Fred a few days later. It was very much like this one. Another time we did a threesome with Tom. Again, very interesting but it didn’t “wow” me. While I was happy to have had all these experiences, I learned that I was more “top” than “bottom.” I also found that I didn’t get hung up on any labels. To me, sex was sex. The gender of my partner was not significantly important to me.Freida stopped going out of town and that made meeting up more difficult. Additionally, I left for military service in the fall. But in many regards, this was one of those defining events in my life.

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