The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 02

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Annastasia Price, or “Anna” as her friends call her, always looked forward to Pledge Day. As faculty advisor to the sorority, she took pride in watching the new crops of pledges grow into successful young women. As a former sister, Anna also looked forward to catching up with old friends: former sisters, like herself, that returned every year for Pledge Day to welcome the new members. This year, Pledge Day was especially important to Anna. She had just gotten through a messy divorce and needed a chance to unwind.

Anna could remember it all like it was yesterday. She had just found out that she had been granted tenure at the university. It felt exhilarating, the culmination of her life’s work. Unable to contain herself after hearing the news, she ran straight from the Literature department’s office to the History department to tell her husband, Sean. It had been raining, but Anna was too excited to grab an umbrella before sprinting across the quadrangle. She was soaked by the time she reached the building and the sloshing of her shoes echoed down the hallway as she sprinted to his office, but she was too excited to care.

“Sean, you’re never going to believe…..,” she said, as she opened the door.

Anna froze. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. One of Sean’s graduate students, a blond that was maybe a decade younger than Anna, was bent over Sean’s desk. Meanwhile, Sean, the love of her life, was standing there, pantsless and pounding the blond from behind. The asshole didn’t even bother to stop after seeing Anna in the doorway.

“Well, I guess you were bound to find out, sooner or later,” was all he said.

In retrospect, Anna wasn’t completely surprised that Sean would have an affair. They had been having problems for years. The turning point had been when Anna had found out that she was sterile. Sean had always wanted children and didn’t want to adopt. Ever since then, he had been increasingly distant. He threw himself into his research and rarely made it home for dinner. Still, it was a shitty way to find out that it was over, Anna thought to herself.

As the Pledge Day ceremony ended, she promised herself that she was going to have a good time. Her divorce from Sean wasn’t an ending; it was a chance at a new beginning. After all, she was only thirty five; she was still young. She pictured herself as a phoenix rising from the ashes, as she grabbed her first drink and strolled onto the patio to mingle.

“Anna! Hey, Anna! Is that you?” she heard from across the lawn. Anna looked over to see her old roommate, Donna, walking towards her.

“Donna! I didn’t know you were coming. You should have told me,” Anna said, as she hugged Donna.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to bother you,” Donna said. “I heard about what happened with Sean. Honey, I’m so very sorry.”

“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be,” Anna replied. “At least it gives me the chance to have some fun again. Sean was so boring.”

Donna laughed. “It wasn’t my place to say so, but yeah, he came off as a pompous asshole,” Donna said. “Does he still wear those tweed jackets?”

It was Anna’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, he does,” she said. “He was still wearing one when I walked in on him with that whore. He didn’t even take it off!”

The two women couldn’t control their laughter. It felt good to laugh again, Anna thought to herself. Donna always had a way of cheering her up. The two had been nearly inseparable until graduation, when Donna moved overseas for a job.

As the night wore on, the two women caught up on old times. Donna, always a partier, brought Anna a new glass of champagne whenever her glass was empty. Anna couldn’t even remember the last time that she had touched alcohol. Sean didn’t like having alcohol in the house; he called it was a “legalized poison.” Screw him, Anna thought to herself, as she took another sip.

By the time it was to showcase the pictures from the sorority’s yearly challenge, both Anna and Donna were fairly drunk. Truth be told, most of the women present were drunk by then, and cheers erupted for each photograph. Anna and Donna nudged each other when their respective photographs were shown. Anna’s target had been Tom, she recalled. He was on the hockey team and had a reputation as being wild. Donna, always the more outgoing one, had actually been the one to set it up. She dragged Anna right up to him and bluntly asked if they could take a naked picture of him. Sure enough, he agreed and Anna was later able to join the sorority.

One of the pictures from this year’s class drew the most attention. A pledge named pendik escort Sarah was able to land a monster. Both new and former sisters hooted at the picture. The entire sorority was in an uproar. Kevin Harrington, Anna thought to herself, why does that name sound familiar? It was hard to concentrate with Donna cheering next to her.

“Now that is one sure way to get over Sean,” Donna said, laughing.

Just then, Anna realized where she had seen Kevin. He was one of the students in her introductory poetry course. He attended the first lecture and then mysteriously disappeared. Anna had thought he had dropped the class until he reappeared for the first exam. She hated when students did that.

“Oh my God,” Anna said. “Donna, I think he’s one of my students.” The champagne was taking its toll and Anna and Donna laughed uncontrollably.

“Well, then that makes it much easier,” Donna said, after the laughter subsided. “It’d be just like the old days. Besides, I was the one that landed Tom for you, if you recall. You owe it to the sorority, and to yourself, to do this on your own.”

“Sure, Donna, that’s a great idea,” Anna replied. “Sleeping with one of my students is against the university’s rules. I could lose my job for doing something like that.”

“Isn’t that exactly what Sean did?” Donna said, putting her arm around Anna. “I think you need to relax a bit, dear.”

Anna held back her anger at being reminded about Sean. It was true: the administration didn’t seem to care, even when Anna had tried to get him fired. Maybe Donna was right, she thought. Maybe I just need to throw caution to the wind and have some fun.

“OK, I’ll do it,” Anna proclaimed.

“That’s my girl!” Donna said. “I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make it happen. It’s really good to see the old Anna again.”

Pledge Day finally wore to a close and Anna and Donna eventually parted ways. They promised to keep in better touch, now that Donna had moved back to the city. The sorority was a mess from the party, but Anna was too drunk and too tired to care; the girls could handle it in the morning.


Anna went straight home from the party and went straight to bed. As she lay there, the picture of Kevin and his amazing cock popped into her head. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands caressing her body, as she ran her hand along her side and across her breasts. Already, she could feel herself getting aroused.

Anna slid her hand down her stomach and under her panties. She imagined Kevin’s head moving slowly down her body, as if caught by the gravity of her pussy. Her hand brushed past her pubic hair and touched the hood of her clitoris. She moved her fingers in small circles, imagining Kevin’s tongue on her. A shiver of delight passed through her body.

Anna’s slid her hand further down to the lips of her pussy. A few drops of moisture had accumulated between her folds. She was surprised that she was already this wet, but continued to probe with her finger. She thought of Kevin’s tongue and slid her finger into her dripping canal, her pussy eager to devour something, anything.

Anna reached over to her nightstand and grabbed her vibrator with her other hand. She had bought it after Sean moved out. He was always too insecure to allow her to have toys. It was too bad, too; nothing could bring Anna to climax faster than her vibrator. One twist of the knob and the whole device quaked as she pulled it under the sheets and held it to her clit.

The vibrations seemed to reverberate throughout Anna’s entire body. She pictured Kevin on top of her, the young stallion pounding her over and over with his gigantic member. She drew closer and closer to orgasm. She pictured Kevin tensing up as his cock exploded inside of her. It was enough to draw her over the edge. Anna arched her back and let out a moan as an orgasm washed over her.

I should do that more often, Anna thought to herself. Anna always felt more alive after an orgasm. She put her vibrator back on her nightstand and tried to go to sleep. I’ll see you soon, Kevin, she thought to herself, before finally drifting off to sleep.


A few days after Pledge Day, Anna heard a knock at her office door.

“Come in,” she said. “It’s open.”

“Um, Mrs. Price, you wanted to see me?” Kevin asked, as he entered the office.

Anna took the time to size up her soon-to-be stud. He was nothing like what she was expecting. He was nerdier and less confident than he was in her imagination. She thought maltepe escort back to the exam and remembered that he looked the same way then, too. In fact, he had been wearing the same outfit. Second thoughts started cropping up in her head, but then Anna thought of Donna. So what if he isn’t Romeo, she imagined Donna saying. He’s hung like a horse and you need a good lay. Live a little.

“Yes. Have a seat, Mr. Harrington. Oh, and it’s Ms. Price,” Anna said. “I’m divorced.”

Kevin sat down, a sheepish look on his face. Anna stood up from behind her desk and scowled down at him.

“I wanted to first tell you that you did quite well on the midterm exam,” Anna said. Kevin relaxed, no longer looking sheepish. “Unfortunately, you’ve already failed my class.”

Kevin recoiled. “H…how? You just said that I did fine on the exam,” he stammered.

“That’s true,” she said. “Unfortunately for you, exam scores are only a part of my grading scheme.” Anna walked around her desk and sat on the front of it, looking down at Kevin. “Attendance and class participation also play vital roles and you’ve already missed enough classes to fail the course,” she added.

“That isn’t fair!” Kevin exclaimed. “The syllabus said nothing about attendance being required.”

Anna forced a frown. “Did my syllabus give a breakdown of my grading criteria?”

Kevin shook his head. The poor kid, Anna thought to herself. I’d better not rattle him too much.

“Then you assumed, incorrectly I might add, that attendance was optional,” Anna scolded. She leaned forward, looking Kevin in the eyes.

“P…please,” he begged. “I only took your class to fulfill a requirement for graduation. I’m already doing coursework towards my graduate degree. That’s why I’m so busy. I need your class to graduate. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Anna asked. “Well, maybe we can work something out. I’d be willing to give you some extra credit if you’d agree to meet me weekly for some private tutoring.”

Kevin looked as if he had won the lottery. “Oh, thank you,” he said. “I’ll write extra reports. I’ll read extra books. Whatever you need me to do. I just need to graduate this semester.”

Anna smiled at Kevin and looked him up and down. “I’m glad to see your enthusiasm for my class, again,” Anna said. “While you’re here, shall we hold a tutoring session right now?”

“Um, I’m not, um, completely up to speed on this week’s reading assignment,” Kevin stammered.

“In that case, I have a few other ideas,” Anna said. She slipped off one of her shoes and gently placed her foot between Kevin’s legs. Kevin jumped out of his seat.

“You’re crazy!” he exclaimed.

“Do you want to pass or not, Mr. Harrington?” Anna asked, calmly. “If you do, then I suggest that you remove your pants.”

Kevin stared at Anna for what seemed to be hours. He didn’t know what to do. Maybe I can report her, he thought to himself. It’d be my word against hers, though. The thought of failing made Kevin even more desperate. He thought to himself, what’s the big deal if I go through with it. She is pretty hot for an older woman.

It was true: Anna was still in the prime of her life. She was an avid yoga practitioner and her toned body was noticeable, even under her conservative outfit. Her dark, shoulder-length hair shone in the light and provided a sharp contrast to her deep blue eyes. Without another word, Kevin unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled down both his pants and underwear in a single motion.

Anna watched as Kevin undressed himself. His enormous cock hung flaccidly between his legs, just a foot in front of Anna. She reached out and held it with one hand, partially to see if it was real. She could feel the it throbbing in her hand, blood pumping through its numerous veins.

Anna slid off the desk and knelt in front of Kevin, still gripping his cock. Face to face with the monster, it looked even bigger up close. She glanced up at Kevin and pressed her lips around the head. Kevin let out a slight gasp. She knew that there was no way that she could take the whole thing in her mouth, so she concentrated on just sucking the head. She squeezed his shaft with one hand, while kneading his balls with the other.

Kevin reacted immediately. Anna felt his cock stiffen in her hand and in her mouth, as she continued to suck. She had always loved that feeling. His cock was soon an iron rod and, to Anna’s amazement, even larger than before.

Anna removed her mouth from Kevin’s cock and stood up. She noticed that she was still holding onto him with her hand, as if kartal escort her hand refused to let go. Anna hiked up her skirt to reveal her pussy, cleanly shaven that morning. Shaving your pussy is the new trend, she had read somewhere. “I want you to fuck me,” she said.

“I, uh, don’t have a condom,” Kevin said. “Do you have one?” Anna had been married for so long that she had completely forgotten about using protection. She considered stopping things for a split second, but realized that she wanted it too much. The look of Kevin’s rock-hard cock, pulsating in her hand, was enough to break the debate in her head.

“Don’t worry about that. I can’t get pregnant and I was tested for STDs after I got divorced. I’m clean,” Anna said. It was true: the one saving grace of Sean’s infidelity was that he hadn’t given her any diseases.

Anna let go of Kevin’s cock and turned around, bending over her desk. “Well?” she asked.

Kevin awkwardly felt between her legs until his fingers ran across her slit. He used his other hand to guide his cock to the entrance of her pussy, pressing the head of it into her, to make sure that he was aligned correctly. He wasn’t quite sure what to do; his only sexual encounter had been with Sarah, and she had done all of the work. He decided to just do what felt natural. He gripped her hips and thrusted forward, Anna’s pussy swallowing most of his cock in the first thrust.

Anna felt Kevin probe around for her entrance and she started to get frustrated. Don’t tell me he’s a virgin, she thought to herself. Put it in, already. Just then, she felt the head of his shaft enter into her. It felt even better than in her imagination. Suddenly, she felt him grab her hips and plunge his cock deep into her.

Kevin was in ecstasy. It was even better than with Sarah, he thought to himself. Anna was naturally wet and really seemed to know what she was doing. Sex without a condom also felt different; it added just a hint of friction that felt amazing on his cock.

Anna couldn’t believe what she was feeling. Kevin’s cock filled her completely. She had missed the feel of a cock inside of her and this went beyond anything she had experienced before. This was exactly what she needed.

They soon got into a rhythm, with Kevin doing the majority of the work. He furiously pounded away, sliding his cock in and out of Anna’s pussy. Each thrust brought even more pleasure to the two than the last.

Anna was tingling. Her body welcomed its invader and she let herself get swept away by the feeling. She flailed her arms around as Kevin pounded her from behind. Unwittingly, she reached out and grabbed her stapler. The realization of what was happening brought her back to reality. She was in her office, bent over her desk, having sex with one of her students. It was just like that time she walked in on Sean. At that moment, she realized that she no longer cared about Sean.

Just then, a shiver came over Anna and she knew she was about to climax. “Cum with me,” she commanded.

“Are you sure you want me to?” Kevin asked, panting. “Inside you, that is.”

“Do iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!” Anna screamed. Her entire body quaked as she orgasmed. She wondered if anyone in the neighboring offices could hear her. The truth was: she didn’t care. Let them hear, she thought.

The feel of Anna’s pussy as she orgasmed was too much for Kevin. He couldn’t hold the pressure back back any longer. Suddenly, his cock erupted inside of her, his cock twitching with each squirt. Her pussy contracted, as if trying to milk every last drop from his cock.

Kevin stayed inside of Anna, long after their orgasms subsided. It was Anna that finally broke their coupling. She would have stayed with Kevin all day, but had to teach a class soon.

“That was fantastic,” Anna said. “I needed that.”

“Yeah, that was great,” Kevin said.

“Kevin, do you mind if I ask you a question?” Anna asked, as she hiked her skirt back down her legs. She took one last look at Kevin’s cock, still semi-hard and glistening with her juices. “You can put your pants on, if you want.”

“Uh, sure,” Kevin said, as he began dressing.

“Was that your first time?” Anna asked. “You don’t need to be ashamed if it was.”

“It was my second, actually,” Kevin replied. He paused and then said, “I’m sorry if it wasn’t very good. I’ve never done it that position before.”

“Oh, you were amazing,” Anna said, smiling slyly at him. “You’re a natural. You just don’t seem very confident with women is all.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him. “That’s OK, stud. There’s all kinds of things that I can teach you, next time.”

“Next time?” Kevin asked.

“You didn’t think one tutoring session would be enough to pass my class, did you?” Anna asked. “Now, what time works for you each week?”

(to be continued)

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