Taking Ownership of Dick

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Taking Ownership of DickTaking Ownership of DickJune 21, 2013Here I sit at a roadside café, looking into a sea of people in the plaza. My eyes simply bypass the females in the group and eye grope the men in the crowd. All types of men from short to tall, from the darkest of dark to the whitest of white and from older to barely legal tikes. Many believe men are allowed to be sexual a****ls whose primal instincts are to hunt women to fit on their dicks. Many will not acknowledge many of us women want to be hunted and probed…repeatedly.I sit in my seat sipping a café latte on a warm, sunny day. I am feeling not only sexy and inviting but radiating raw sexuality like a hormonal cat in heat. My full figure feels shapely and lovely dripped in a caramel color hue that has been kissed by the sun. I sip my coffee while enjoying the view of the men and feeling not ashamed at all of the seeping sexual perfume from my pussy lips.Being an older woman, I have let go of some of my youthful shyness. I stand up. I look down on myself admiring the view of my own cleavage barely covered by a summer yellow top with a plunging neckline and enjoying the feel of the white pencil skirt hugging my full hips. My bare legs are gleaming in the sun and strappy white and gold sandals adorn my feet. Red accentuates my full lips, and sparkle on my finger and toenails. My short sassy haircut is quite fitting especially with medium sized gold hoop earrings. I become emboldened by my own sexual aura and I walk into this beautiful sea of now only men. All of them look so inviting that I bite my lip in anticipation of what’s hidden in their pants or shorts.I walk through the crowd and begin thrusting my hand into several men’s crotch and testing their reaction and of course response hardness. No one looked appalled. They only look at me with either surprise or respond with their own wicked grin. I enjoy feeling all kinds of cocks that sent whispers of excitement straight to my loins which respond with greater emanating essence. I swear the men could almost taste it as I continue groping and searching for that dick I want. I feel a lot of potential dicks and those with potential; I whisper my phone number into their ear. I continue to walk through the crowd until my hand discovers the dick I want.My hand enjoys the feel of this massively hard cock in its hand. I stand by his side, rubbing it, teasing it and enjoying the response to my touch. I look up and up and up until I find the face of a gorgeously, tall Swedish man with an untraditional Nordic look. He had blazing, blue eyes, dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He has the body of an athlete, hands that would have no trouble palming my large ass and feet that promised he had much to offer. He looks down on me and smile. Words are unnecessary. I unwillingly bahis siteleri remove my groping hands from his groin and take his large hands and lead this new found dick to some place a bit more private.I decide if I was going to fuck him, I want to do so where I could fully enjoy him for as long as I require. I lead him by walking to the Radisson hotel in central Stockholm and with luck they have a free room with a king size bed. I request two bottles of wine, one red and one white and strawberries with cream. I have no problem paying for the room. I take his hand and lead him to the elevator. Once we enter, I push the button numbered five and immediately unzip his pants, find his cock which proves to be uncut and just gorgeous. I grab him by the front of his shirt and pull his face towards me where on queue he hungrily kisses me. He put a long arm around my back and palm my ass. I knew one hand could handle my entire ass. He kisses me as if he hungered for years for my touch. I stroke his cock immensely enjoying the weight, girth and length of it. For me he was just right. He is well endowed but he is not enormous. He is perhaps average on the larger side of average.The elevator stops and the doors open. I lead him by his dick to our room and actually I didn’t care if we by chance encounter anyone in the hallway but we didn’t. I open the door and ask him his name in Swedish. I whisper softly, “vad heter du?” He responded quite sexily, “Ja, jag heter Tobias.” I love the name Tobias. I sit on the edge of the bed, cross my large legs at the ankle and say, “undress Tobias.” He smiles a nice smile with skin slightly reddened by the sun and begins to undress. He slowly removes his wife beater shirt, and then allows his long shorts to drop to the floor. I love the look of that gorgeous dick hanging out over his black biker style briefs. As he kicks off his white gym shoes from his feet, there is a knock at the door. “Stand there lover. Don’t move.” I saunter to the door to let the hotel service in to deliver our wine and strawberries. It is a woman. She saw my dark haired Viking and gave me that “you lucky bitch” smile. I sign the receipt, tip her and send her on her way.I saunter back to the bed and looked at him quizzically, “I remember telling you to strip, did I not?” He nods his large head and removes the white footies exposing nice feet and then dropping his briefs. “Good.” I want that cock now. So without wasting time, I stand up and beckon him to me. Instinctively he knows to lift my shirt from over my head, then remove my bra which reveals my well-endowed breasts, pushing my skirt and then my cum soaked panties down to the floor leaving me naked before him with only my white and gold strappy sandals on my feet. He gently pushes me back to sit on the edge of the bed and canlı bahis I respond by letting my legs fall open wide revealing a soaked pussy that was dying for him to invade. He kneels before me and just breathes my essence in. I hear him moan with delight and then I feel his tongue on me. He begins by licking me from my ass to right above my clit. He then buries his face in and licks me to one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t keep myself from screaming and trembling as I listen to him sucking all the juices I emit into his mouth. Still trembling, I sit up and grab that delicious looking cock. I take my tongue and tease the little hole while stroking the shaft. He rubs my short hair as I begin to suck him hard into my mouth. “Oh my he tastes so good!” I lick and suck his cock from the very tip to just under his balls until his cock quivers and delivers to me his sweet sugar. He stands for a moment trembling himself with his butt cheeks still clenched tight in my hands. This was only the beginning.We took a shower together and took turns drying each other off. Afterwards, we enjoy a delightful conversation while sipping wine and enjoying the strawberries. It didn’t take much wine before I see his dick rise to the occasion while he is enjoying the view of my full breasts. He pushes me onto my back rubbing my belly and suckling my nipples. He parts my legs and fingers my pussy. I guide his head so he can give equal attention to both nipples as I stroke his cock and finger one of his nipples. I then push him on his back so I can suck his nipples and stroke his cock. He turns me so my back is to him then he rolls onto my back letting his cock rub up and down the crack of my ass. My pussy makes me respond and I arch my back to let the head of his penis tease the entrances of my ass and pussy. He lifts my hips and penetrates my pussy. Oh God he pounds me so hard I can hear his hips slapping into my ass. I arch my ass up as high as it will go and then shimmy my ass on that cock. I love it and he seems to be in heaven. Without warning, I lift from my knees into downward dog and his cock follows my pussy and continues slamming into it while smacking my ass. With great strength, he lifts my hips and buries his face into my pussy drinking my juices while my mouth finds his cock and sucks it. I never thought a man would have the strength to hold me in a 69 while standing. He lowers me gently to the bed holding the 69 and licking and sucking my pussy passionately. I grind my pussy into his face while I bury his cock deep into my throat.I roll him over and then turn to mount him. It seems both our loins were starving for sex. As I lower onto his dick, he pushes his hips up to meet my pussy in order to bury his cock deep within me. I ride him circling güvenilir bahis my hips wildly before sitting deep into his hips so I can feel that cock as deep as I can. I roll my belly and circle my hips while grinding into his hips which explodes that g-spot immensely. As he sees the orgasm rise, he grabs both my boobs and sucks both nipples with the right intensity that strengthens the orgasm even greater! I ride while my orgasm spills onto his strong hips. Before I could subside from the orgasm, he rolls me onto my back, lifts my legs high and penetrates me. He grabs me near my hips and pounds deep and hard until he releases his own potion deep inside of me. I lick his thin lips and with one hand grab his ass and the other on his back as he growls and shudders from his own intense orgasm deep inside my womb.We lay together for a moment, panting. His long, lean body was smothering my shorter plump one. I can barely breath but I am loving it! We shower again and proceed to enjoy the second bottle of wine. We saved the red wine for last. We polish off the last bit of strawberries but used the cream to eat each other more. I spread cream on his hardening cock and he spreads some on my moistening pussy. In a 69 with him on top, we enjoy our cream flavored genitals. He then spreads my ass cheeks, licks and begins to finger fuck me in my ass. I love getting fucked in my ass. With such gentleness, he turns to face me. He kisses me. I could smell me all over his face. He rubs the head of his hard cock on my clit, teasing me with it. With gentle kisses, he rolls me onto my stomach and begins to tease my ass with the head of his cock. Being the impatient minx that I am, I begin lifting my ass and trying to encourage that cock to enter me. After a few long moments, he did. He gently pushes his cock into my ass. He pushes it in, pauses, and then pushes it in and out gently in that spot. He repeats the motion until his nice, full, hard cock is deep inside my ass and he could push in and out without resistance. He wraps his long arms around me until he has my boobs in his hands. He fingers my nipples while nibbling my neck and fucking me in my ass. I push my ass up to meet his thrusts and turn my face to try and kiss him at times. Oh this was so good. I push myself to my hands and knees and he grabs my ass while fucking it. He pushes in and out with slaps hard enough to make my ass jiggle while he fucks me and I fuck him back. Then, he pushes me back onto my stomach, pumps my ass hard for a few moments and then roared with a massive orgasm deep inside my ass. I can feel the warmth of his cum spilling into me. The haze clears and I realize my coffee is cold now. I am still sitting outdoors at the café looking into the sea of men before me. I realize I have moistened my panties thinking about getting fucked by a stranger during a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon here in Stockholm. I wonder if I am truly capable of such a brazen act of getting up, walking into that sea of men and taking ownership of a dick.

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