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surrenderIt’s been whispered that everyone is afraid of something. Brave heroes, brandishing shields of courage still tremble under their polished armour if the threat fits their one secret fear. If you had asked me what could possibly frighten the foxy and ferocious Jozette Juhnka I would have confidently answered that she was the one creature I knew to be immune from this unspoken rule. But I would have been wrong, wouldn’t I?Not a whimper. Not a sigh. But a sort of muffled exclamation mark leapt out of Jo’s gagged mouth as the two rapacious Duskies slowly approached her.But maybe there was still hope.Maybe they were trapped down here…just like she was.They weren’t necessarily going to do anything naughty to her, were they?There’s no reason to think they were going to…touch her again, right?Right?!A perfectly synchronised shrug of their shoulders answered all of her questions with a brutal tingle of toe curling, knee-knocking confirmation.Yup. She was totally screwed.Swaying erotically, their cowls fell heavily off of their petite Dusky bodies like a blanket of snow melting from the petals of a radiant thorny flower. Deadly and fragile at the same time. Dangerous and alluring. And this time a very audible groan did escape from Juhnka’s pretty lips. I’m not sure if it was a moan of consternation or an unwelcome admission of desperate anticipation. But either way, her eyes widened at the sensational sight before her.Sin and Sadie held their arms out to their sides and approached their prey with bashful confidence that only the truly gorgeous possess. With their cowls piled unceremoniously behind them, the unmasked beauty of these twins filled the room. And let me tell you…all standards of beauty would need to be readjusted once your eyes focused on the brightness of their bodies.Jo involuntarily shook her head nervously from side to side, imagining what they were going to do to her. She was all tied up. She was completely at their mercy. Damn it all. She was having such a good day, too. Now she was gonna die.Adorable little feet, bare except for the misty white thigh-high nylons that curved up to their sexy thighs, treaded gently toward the towering orc. Light blue skin met the snowy calm of their stockings and radiated a chilling heat, while your eyes would guiltily work their way up to full flaring hips. A teeny pastel pink thong would be the only obstacle between your gaze and the hidden perfection of their almost naked forms as your eyes travelled still higher, up the sensual slope of their firm tummies.Few have that flawless combination of strong muscle mixed with feminine softness, but soaking in the amazing details of these two Duskies you would be certain to have found exactly that. Thin pale pink lace formed a jaw dropping corset that embraced their perfect round breasts with such voyeuristic grace that one could make out the faint outline of their succulent blue nipples right beneath the intricate veil.Commitment to their cause was stated undeniably just looking at the outfits adorning their enchanting blue bodies. You have to understand, that lingerie like this was so i*****l, so forbidden that to possess such a garment would guarantee banishment or death. The Empire of Light had outlawed such sensual pleasures centuries ago. Every citizen of light was clothed day in and day out in a heavy black cloth vestement that covered them from oppressive collar to the tops of their feet.One and only one exception was the Elite. The catastrophic war of Thesnelia made damn sure of that. Thousands of Imperial soldiers dying because their cumbersome staunch uniforms inhibited freedom of movement, forever insured that members of the Guard could wear the battle apparel of their choosing, as long as they could justify it with victory.Skimpy outfits, like the one’s cradling the sumptuous bounty of Dusky flesh had to be custom made, hidden from the world of light, and worn only by outlaw adventurers that didn’t fear an agonizing death in exchange for frilly panties. That alone made Juhnka’s heart pound in her chest. Because it meant that not even the threat of public execution was enough to dissuade the sultry Sin and Sadie.Wet cotton didn’t help the feeling of her breath catching in her throat. Jo’s mouth went dry. Her radiant green skin began to tingle. Just watching them made her powerful muscles buckle in ways that she did not understand, and had no desire to. Ever.Each devastating second that ticked slowly past made the jade vixen feel more and more vulnerable. And for some bizarre damn reason it was starting to feel almost…well, she didn’t really know how to explain it. Not tolerable. But unbearable and riveting all at the same time. Somehow the inexplicable emotion seemed to make it even more calamitous. Even more delightfully painful.A silky pink choker separated their magnificent bodies from the pure glory of their faces. Almost as if the sight of both at once might cause the lucky set of eyes to detonate in their overloaded sockets. Full white lips, glistening from the touch of their warm tongues. High cheek bones framing a profile that would make a supermodel weep at her comparative hideousness. Sharp pointy ears that snuggled themselves elegantly inside the thick locks of shock-white hair that flowed down to the sumptuous curve of their glorious butts. And bright green eyes that hid so many secrets and revealed even more with every flicker of those long black lashes. Such was the impossible beauty of Sin and Sadie.Inches from her taut body, bound intractably in place, the seductive Duskies gazed up at the alluring face of their hot captive and met her eyes with a look of almost painful longing. And without warning they buried their heads against the tensed muscles of Jo’s rippling abdomen.Pouting lips adoringly kissed her belly. Petite hands held her tightly against their sexy bodies with desperate need. It scared the mighty orc half to death, and in her bafflement she somehow felt herself relaxing into the incomprehensible hug. Sounds bubbled up between kisses, rubbing their faces into Juhnka’s green skin. But they weren’t words. Nah. Words have shallow meanings. This was something else. Something primal.”Hmmmmmm!” the sexy orc seemed to almost purr in sleepy surprise at the unexpected snuggles, tingling over her entire body from what she originally assumed would be some kind of evil attack. Torturing fingers? Dangerous Dusky trick of some sort. The truth was that Jo really had no idea what she had anticipated. But she had definitely not expected…nuzzling.Proximity seemed to eventually quell some hidden desire. Something that these dark hotties had needed more ravenously than they could articulate. Jo shuddered as the seductive twins peeled their bodies off of her shimmering green skin, and almost felt a twinge of regret when the warmth of their skin moved away from hers.”We’ve missed you,” Sadie was the first to introduce words to their tango of bound passion. She delicately brushed her long white bangs out of her eyes and smiled romantically at the tied green vixen.”We missed you so much,” Sin added huskily, still trying to regain a modicum of composure. And then she joined her sister in a dazzlingly sweet smile.”MFFF FUFFLE?” Was about all Jo could manage to reply. Who the hell knows what she actually said. But somehow, Sin and Sadie seemed to know exactly what she meant.The poor orc hotty bursa escort was caught somewhere between unfathomable anticipation, warrior rage, and utter confusion. Gals like Juhnka live under the blanket of constant certainty. Life is never complicated. Find something to destroy. Get something to eat. Find something to destroy and then eat it. Such was the confident simplicity of her life. But at this particular moment all that was a distant memory. Because right now our green heroine was completely befuddled.”Do you like our outfits?” Sadie inquired playfully, slowly turning around to give Jo an even better look at their dangerously skimpy lingerie. The sort of custom outfits that we have all heard about in hushed tones, but no one ever dared to wear under penalty of swift fatal reprisals.But these two were wearing them. Oh wow…were these two wearing them.”We had them made just for you,” Sin revealed, running her perfectly manicured sharp pink nails down the delicate lace between her lovely breasts.”MARGLE…FFFFHU…HUFFLE MUFF?” mumbled the reeling orc. But regardless of what she was trying to say, the very obvious answer was: yes yes yes. How could anyone not like those outfits on those perfect bodies?”Our mistress has offered us great rewards to subdue you in this chamber,” Sadie smirked mischievously, putting special emphasis on the word subdue.”But when we found out that you were the one chosen by our Dark Cowl,” Sin chimed in with breathy breaks in her trembling voice. “We promised to do it for free.””HMMMF HMFFFFFFFFFF!” Jo cringed as they came upon her bound body, each practically straddling one of her sexy legs. A bead of sweat actually squeezed itself from the lovely orc’s pores and traced a shiny line down her gorgeous back.”Oooh no,” Sadie chuckled gently, raising her hand lovingly to rest on Jo’s naked thigh. “There’s no way you’re getting away from us this time.””Not a chance,” Sin confirmed adamantly, also resting the tips of her fingers on the rippling viridian skin of Juhnka’s other powerful thigh. “We’ve finally got you right where we want you.””NUH HUFF!” Jo pleaded into the frustrating moistness of her cloth gag, but even as she started to protest, she saw in their eyes exactly what she had been dreading. Half-closed lids with dangerously long lashes covered viridian eyes which sparkled in a look of pure mesmerised passion.Their lascivious gaze covered every inch of Jo’s scantily clad body, while their lips parted in a veritable moan of pleasure. Just like the night on the stocks. Just like the way they touched her trapped naked feet. They were gonna do it again.It wasn’t an accident, or some kind of coincidence.They were gonna tickle her.They wanted to tickle her.”Yesss,” the gorgeous twins inexplicably answered in lustful unison. “Tickle tickle for Growly.”With incredible care and attention, the seductive Sin and Sadie began gently stroking their pretty pink nails lightly across the rippling muscles of Juhnka’s bare thighs.”MRFFFFFFFFFFFFF!” The smouldering hottie blurted through clenching teeth, tensing her muscles and gnashing her fangs against her thin gag.”So beautiful,” Sin gasped, feathering her nails slowly over the supple green skin, and studying Jo’s every teeny reaction.”KEEEEEEEEE FRRRRRRRRRT!” Jo replied, clamping her eyes shut tight. Logic and reason had long ago sauntered away from this torrid mystery, but somehow our orc hotty knew that her very salvation depended on her ability to hold herself back.”So very tender,” Sadie swooned, affectionately tracing her nails up and down Jozette’s trapped thighs.”BEEEEEEEEEE KRPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!” She helplessly squealed, against their persistent coercing. They were barely even touching her, and already it tickled so terribly that Jo felt the thunderous laughter welling up within her.”Come on, Growly…” Sin encouraged mischievously, as her tantalizing touches became more and more confident, gliding from the back of her knee to right beneath her tiny loin cloth.”FWEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEERRRRRPTHKKKKT!” Jo gnashed desperately, as wicked trembles worked their way up from her shaking legs. She couldn’t do it. They were gonna get her. Much more of this and she knew she was gonna burst out in roaring screaming laughter. And once that happened…god help her.”You know you wanna,” Sadie teased delightfully, smiling her beautiful bright white smile at the quaking orc vixen, and lovingly squeezing the firm muscles right above her knee. That did the trick.”OHEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEFFFFFF HEEEEEFFFF!” Our hapless hotty cackled loudly into the merciless muffle of her gag, feeling all control slipping quickly from her grasp.”Ooh she likes that,” Sin noticed, adding her own playful squeezes to Jo’s other trembling leg.”KRPSLLLKTEEE HEEEEEE HEEEEF HEEEEFFF!!” Blurted the green beauty as rolling laughter bubbled from her clenched belly.”I wonder what else she likes,” Sadie inquired devilishly, squeezing higher up those magnificent curvy thighs. “Does this make you happy, Growly?””HEEEEEF HAAAAAAF HAAAAAAAAF!” Jo exploded in howling guffaws as they both moved over her legs in perfect symmetry. Each petite cutie kneaded the powerful meat of her bare thighs as our poor orc slumped into hilarious defeat.”There ya go, tough stuff,” Sin purred contentedly, relishing every subtle reaction from the towering warrior squealing at her knowing touch. “So ticklish on these sexy legs.””AAAAAFFF HAAAAAFFFF HAAAFFFFF!” Juhnka confessed as the tickling got closer and closer to her writhing hips.”Let’s see where else our green bruiser likes to be tickled the most,” Sadie suggested lustfully, walking around slowly behind her wailing captive. “How about these naked sides?””RAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAFFFLE!!!” Bawled our hot heroine in a scary combination of orcish laughter and bashful release.Sin abandoned any semblance of decorum and as she danced her pink nails up and down Juhnka’s naked leg, and leaned in to erotically lick the luscious curve up the front of her thigh.Sadie pressed the tantalizing firmness of her bare belly against Jo’s round half-naked butt, and began mercilessly scratching her nails lightly against the orc’s exposed sides, from her flaring hips to her well-defined ribs.Jo sank inescapably into her heavy boots, and iron shackles, tossing her head back in all-consuming hysterical laughter. Strands of black hair bounced seductively into her face. Tears started to trickle down her full cheeks. And the most alluring peach blush glowed from her beautiful face. She had no defence against this. Their little fingers sought her every tender secret, and she betrayed every thing with each hearty cackle that echoed past her wet gag.”I think someone likes being tickled up here too,” Sin announced, counting those sexy ribs, and giggling at the insane guffaws that resulted from her every careful touch. Her eyes closed, eyebrows arching up into that unique expression of almost painful desire. She was consumed. Entranced by the feelings flowing through her body.”Yeah?” Sadie asked teasingly, working her fingers over the horribly ticklish curve of those thighs, and licking wickedly to shrieking peels of roaring laughter from her bucking prey. “And she tastes…incredible.”As impossible as it seems, Jo erupted even further into the clamour of helpless laughter as the twin ticklers intensified their fiendish affections. The symphony of rattling steel chains, pulled bursa escort bayan her body with vicious efficiency mixed with hilarious squeals of muffled forced hilarity.”Mmmmm, she is delicious,” Sin cooed in delight, tickling her way down Jo’s naked back and nibbling playfully on her ridiculously sensitive flank. “Are you a little tongue ticklish, Growly?””And do you like to be tickled up here, Greeny?” Mused the seductive Sadie, pressing her ample breasts against Jo’s tiny loin cloth as she stood up to begin fiendishly exploring that gorgeous ticklish belly. The rock hard rub of the Dusky’s swollen nipples pressed anxiously into their thin lace confinement and teased our sexy orc’s naked tummy almost as much as the deliberate caress of those little fingers. Sadie moaned rapturously as she let her tongue lick that sensual curve beneath Jo’s belly button. “Oh yes….you do, don’t you?””AWAAAAAAAFFFFF HAAAAAFFFF HAAAAAAFFFFF!!!!” Was all poor Jo was able to reply. Her beautiful blush deepened. The strength of her body vanished completely. And she roared in shameless answer as each touch tantalized her further into ticklish delirium.Sin and Sadie had the perfect approach. Almost as if they knew how to tickle Jo in just the right way to cause the most powerful electric reactions from our fair heroine’s nubile body. With unabashed attention they erotically studied her writhing viridian figure, and looked up at her with sparkling love in their eyes. Call me crazy. But whatever this was. It wasn’t torture. This was something else entirely. Something new. Something unheard of.The feeling penetrated the powerful orc, wrapping itself around her. Little fingers touching her naked stomach. Sweet pink tongues licking her luscious skin. Perky pale blue bodies pressed lewdly against her own shimmering jade flesh. They had her exactly where they wanted her. And with each terrible touch Jo felt the most horrifying, unthinkable, wonderful sensation welling up within her. A fierce need she had never really known. Felt like hunger….only lower. Felt violent, dangerous…wonderful.You could see it in the Duskies too. I mean, they had been mesmerised in a trance of torrid passion since they had tossed off their heavy grey cowls. But now it was something much more than that. You should have seen the ferocity with which their perfect blue nipples strained against their fragile lace corsets. Their mouths gasping open in that pouting grimace that only accompanies the most savage of pleasure. The long lashes of their eyes sealed shut, tantalizing their wiggling screaming captive using only their knowing sense of touch, and their insatiable tongues. To say they were transfixed would be far too great an understatement. No. They were obliterated by this thing. Both lost, and suddenly found in it’s embrace. The three of them. Advancing toward something like a free fall. Together.”Oh god, she loves that spot,” gasped the ravenous Sin, hungrily licking the inside of Jo’s belly button with trembling pleasure, causing thunderous screams of laughter from the besieged orc. “Don’t stop, Sadie.””HAAAAAAAAAAFFFF HAAARAAAFFFFF!!!” Was the screaming confession, confirming our sexy orc’s unwilling approval.”Mmmmmm,” moaned the intoxicated Sadie, as she skilfully strummed her perfect pink nails against the magnificent sides of Jo’s barely concealed breasts. Kissing that muscular back, and dragging her sexy bottom lip across the contours between those strong shoulder blades, the hot Dusky reached around Juhnka’s firm body and let her finger tips wickedly torture the undersides of those fantastic green breasts.Frantic peels of laughter poured out past the feeble gag as Jo quaked into a state far beyond a little tickling. Their fingers titillated her entire being. Noises that would never have possibly been made by her beautiful lips now roared out of her. Squeals of bashful pleasure as her body rhythmically arched closer and closer to brutal arousal. Chirps of surprise when they found a new ticklish spot to tease her and force her to accept the inevitable. And now moans of desperate yearning as their wet kisses, evil tongues, and pink nails pushed her into a place she had not even conceived of.”Oh my, Growly,” Sin trembled breathily, sweetly licking the heaving muscles of our adorable orc’s heavenly belly, while she wickedly kneaded her tender hips in torturous caresses. The mischievous little Dusky found that dreaded spot above the hip bones that simple presses of the thumbs can quickly turn into deafening squeals of unbridled laughter. “Is that how you like it? Right here?””HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFFF HAAAFFFFFFF!!!!” Jo bawled into her useless gag, tossing her short olive-colored hair seductively into her own face, and then beautifully behind her head in fits of bellowing release. The metal choker around her neck jingled merrily in tune with her happy cackles of desperate laughter. Her insufficient loin cloth bikini fought for it’s dear life to contain the bouncing glory of her magnificent breasts and voluptuous muscular bottom. And every inch of her began to truly simmer with perverse arousal.”Omfff Jo, yes,” Sadie begged in barely more than a whisper, feeling her sexy green captive rising with each torrid touch. In a revelation of unspeakable lust, the passionate Dusky pressed the entire length of her body against Juhnka’s writhing back, and with the very tips of her pink nails traced ticklish shapes on Jo’s unbearably ticklish breasts. “Here, oh Sin, here.”Our poor orc vixen shrieked so shamefully that you would have almost felt sorry for her, as she slumped even further into her inescapable bondage. Light touches coaxing a need that she was not even aware of made her positively gyrate in unstoppable acceptance. Suddenly it occurred to her that within the tiny captivity of her little bikini top, her own gorgeous jade nipples had swollen to throbbing hardness, and were pressing against their a****l skin prison with reckless eagerness for liberation.Sadie’s affectionate fingers tips scratched the surface of her thin top, sending ruthless jolts of energy through a thousand neglected nerves, leaving Jo cackling so frantically that her wilful captors smiled brightly up at her in scandalous understanding.Fiery kisses left a scorching path of wet lip marks up her sexy belly to the fullness of her sensational breasts. Sin licked the thin leather barely holding that small top in place while her wicked fingers walked up Jo’s terribly ticklish ribs and into the silky hollows of her naked underarms. Even Juhnka felt the sound of her heaving laughter become huskier as their ownership of her body inched toward completion.”The knot…” Sin whispered between enticing kisses on the generous sides of those perky green tits. Pure ardor slipped from the Dusky’s pink tongue as she literally swooned erotically in her own ruthless arousal, and she tickled her sexy orc with such affection that even the mighty Jo melted into her embrace.Sadie was beyond the capacity of speech. Rapture was her language now. Ecstasy was her native tongue. Her pouty lips longed for sweeter fruits than what mere words could offer. Sighing so alluringly that the mere sound would weaken your knees, the hypnotised cutie took the knot holding Juhnka’s top together between her teeth, and slowly let the ties loosen as she ardently feathered those green hips.Leather strings melded with our escort bursa adorable heroine’s will to resist, as they both slipped away against the treasonously anxious swell of her own blushing nipples. Freedom encouraged what seemed like the impossible when Jo found herself howling even huskier tunes, and growing even more tremendously enticed at her new found nakedness. Deft motions quickly pulled her worthless top around her strong neck, and uncovered the full beauty of her sumptuous chest.Pale blue fingers teasingly cupped and pinched the virgin skin while Sadie moved in to taste the welcoming feast. Snowy white bangs drifted playfully in front of the Dusky’s approaching lips, brushing the heightened treats before her. And for the first time in her life, Jo felt herself give in completely.Guffaws so loud they seemed to move the room, and gyrating hips that demanded more. So much more. Gave Sin and Sadie the most wonderful news they could have received. “The feathers?” One of the adorable twins inquired in delightful surprise. Not even they had assumed that someone so strong and able would be dreadfully ticklish from their little pink feathers. But they had both certainly come prepared for just such a possibility.”Oh god yes,” Sadie confirmed, letting her soft bangs continue to tantalise Jo’s exceptionally ticklish nipple. “The feathers.”With quaking anticipation, Sin left her post behind the green vixen and scampered ecstatically to the crumpled heaps of their grey cowls on the earthen floor. Finding exactly what she was looking for, the radiant Dusky smiled mischievously and sauntered slowly toward their bawling undulating tickle toy, holding two of the softest fuzziest pinkest little feathers in her devilish fingers.Exchanging an amorous smile and a knowing wink the twins each pinched the base of the evil fuzzy torture tool and flanked their helpless squealing victim. Sadie stood trembling, inches from Jo’s right side. Sin leaned in voraciously, kissing the green beauty’s left. And in unison, the Duskies giggled softly as they raised the terrible tendrils of their malicious feathers to the yielding flesh of Juhnka’s outrageously ticklish nipples.”HWAAAAAAF FFFFFFAAAAAAA AAAHAAAAA!!!!” Jo exploded in a roar so violent that she literally bit through her gag, sending it fluttering down the undulating curves of her gorgeous body. Free from her muffled silence, bawling blissful sounds filled the room with ear-numbing pitch.Sin and Sadie were in heaven.With infinite caring they would kiss circles around Jo’s throbbing nipples, and lightly feather the luscious curves with their insanely tickly fuzzies. Pink nails danced in the soft hollows of her taut underarms while that magnificent body bucked wildly in brutal exertion, and unforgiving longing. Warm tears streamed down the sexy orc’s blushing cheeks, and somewhere inside herself Jo begged for more attention.”I think this is her favorite,” Sin mused, titillating that supple green nipple to painful hardness and then plunging the soft skin into the teasing depths of her hot little mouth.”I think you’re right,” Sadie chuckled in agreement, amazed at the intense reactions of her writhing, squealing ticklish orc. She licked the bottom of Jo’s scrumptuous breast, firmly flicking her tongue over the ripe treat in the middle. Sucking so hard that poor Juhnka felt she might die from the sinful sensation. Nibbling terribly to the surprised screams of hysteria that consumed our tender heroine.And all Jo could do was laugh harder. To her great amazement, stinging tingles resonated between her spread thighs as they rubbed their fiendish fuzzies up and down her firm bare body. An awakening, so savage that Juhnka was not sure she could withstand it, shook her tight frame as she clenched every muscle and wiggled her sweaty toes inside her immobile boots.She did things that orc, quite simply are not supposed to do.She giggled and squeaked as they tormented her ribs with kneading finger tips.Bashful squeals escaped her lovely lips as they ravenously suckled her throbbing nipples and licked her heaving breasts.A deep blush sensuously covered her light green skin, confessing her horrible surprise at her own sexy reactions to this relentless torture.And despite her very best efforts, she felt herself lewdly gyrating her hips each time they licked her chest, kissed her nipples, feathered her belly, tickled her hips.You should have seen her. It was absolutely incredible. I have never witnessed an orc look more radiant, more reluctantly blissfully happy, or more consumed by the unwilling embrace of forced pleasure.Rapture consumed them all.Jo cackled and moaned in horribly embarrassed confession as they took her in their mouths and tickled her body past the point of any control what so ever. They ferociously licked her pulsating nipples with viciously ticklish skill, and then would mischievously feather her dry again.”KEYAAAA HAAAAAAA HWAAAA HAAA HWAAAAAAA!!!!” Exploded our rapacious green vixen when the delectable Sin and Sadie finally hit that absolutely perfect rhythm.”Just like that,” Sin gasped in a****l passion, suckling that sweet breast, and rubbing her fuzzy weapon and fiendish fingers up and down Jo’s taut writhing ticklish body.Oh, more,” Sadie agreed voraciously, peeling the back of Juhnka’s tight loin cloth over the beautiful curve of her luscious backside.Jo literally screamed so loud and so triumphantly that her voice disappeared completely, and she gyrated furiously in the shaking obliterated silent laughter of the ridiculously ticklish.Sadie fingered the soft skin of Jo’s lower belly, down to the wet leather of her teeny loin cloth, on top of it, inside of it. She licked the rigid tip of her tender nipple and nibbled playfully, chuckling at the mighty orc’s writhing response.Sin slowly feathered the sensitive curves of Jo’s amazing bottom, slipping between her huge cheeks to horribly powerful approval from her quaking victim. She sucked, and she licked, and she tickled, and she teased until she could feel her glorious goal rising to meet her.A squeak of disbelief, a quaking green body shuddering in their able hands, and the mighty Jozette Juhnka erupted in the most powerful orgasm that any of them had ever even heard of.Light fluffies agonisingly feathered her throbbing nipples dry, after hungry tongues licked her to crashing waves of pleasure. Devilish fingers tickled her tight tummy, and clenching backside to bucking submission while the ravishing orc vixen surrendered to their relentless affections.Sweaty toes curled inside her immovable boots while she came ruthlessly against encouraging Dusky fingers tickling beneath her sodden loin cloth. And Jo roared in and out of silent screams of laughter while they forced her to release again and again into their loving caress.Sin and Sadie gasped in torrid utopia. Unfathomable pleasure greeted them with each nibble, and scratch. And in a completely unprecedented union of spirit, the two beguiling Duskies succumbed to their own inescapable climax as Jo burst into another swell of ecstasy.An orc climax is quite the sight to behold, in and of itself. But the spectacle of that flawless green beauty exploding bashfully from the wicked touch of those gorgeous twins, while they surrendered themselves endlessly back to her was too much for any two eyes to see at once.Iron chains separated in a deluge of sparks and falling metal.Three bodies crashed to the floor, entangled in each other’s arms, kissing, tickling, loving. And in the silent oblivion of brutal laughter and untamed pleasure these three found what they had all been looking for…all along.The end

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