Submissive Slut’s Suprise

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Submissive Slut’s SupriseI was always toying with my partner about being a Sub Slut. In my personal life I am quite the opposite so it would be a tough transition for me but was still interested somewhat. We have pretty much done it all sexually and some things were much more enjoyed than others , but both of us always open to new possibilities. We always felt that if two consenting adults agreed on something and no one was forced than it did not matter how crazy, kinky , or bizarre it may seem. I have turned out to be quite the anal slut and love to be ass fucked more than anything.I enjoy video’s of women being forced to submit and being used and humiliated and sometimes fantasize about it being me, but would always chicken out if he arranged something like that. I like the glory hole idea and fantasized about him backing me up to it and my ass being pounded by cocks and strapons till it was full of cum and sore and gaping, but once again I would never follow through. One day he arrived home early from work and caught me doing something that was promised to not be dome unless he was present. It is very taboo and not something you can just share with others allthough we have, with güvenilir bahis şirketleri a select group. He was furious and grabbed my hair, slapped my face firmly and said ” Bitch now you will pay for this infraction of our aggreement, and you will pay dearly”! Before I can respond I am hooded, handcuffed, and placed face down on our bed and whipped like never before.With my ass stinging fiercly and not being able to see or speak I am told I need to be taught a lesson and I will be taught to never go against our agreements again.I am placed into a crate used to haul large dogs and into our van. I can hear him on the phone but not was is being said. I am very frightened and never have seen him like this before. At the sametime I am a bit excited.After a short drive we come to a stop and I am removed from the crate but am still hooded so I can not see or speak but can hear. I hear a lot of voices both male and female and one that seems to be more intense than all the others. My handcuffs are removed and I am placed on all floors and collared and leashed. At this time I am instructed that I am here for a lesson in submission and am to stay on all fours until otherwise tipobet güvenilir mi instructed. I am also introduced to Mistress Pain and am given strict instructions to follow or there will be consequences. Than I am taken to a soundproof room and am told the lesson is about to begin and to pay close attention. After be placed on some sort of table with my anus exposed I am subjected to massive amounts of hot enema’s and forced to hold them and tortured like this for what seems like a life time. I all the time can hear my partner saying” that is what you deserve you nasty slut”. When my rectum is cleaned to perfection and sore I am than turned over and urthreal penetration is forced upon me.It is quite painful and the more I scream in pain the larger the objects that are being inserted become until both parties seem satisfied. I am scolded again and whipped with a riding crop and told this is only the beginning and I will be sorry I ever mentioned any fantasies cause all are to become reality tonight.I am taken to a glory hole and unhooded and told to beg through the hole for large hard cocks and huge strapons. As I do this I am watched closely to tipobet giriş make sure I am following directions. I am then turned around, backed up and forced to take 25 hard cocks till they cum in my asshole and then to be forced to take 10 ladies with strapons after. I am starting to get sore and this amuses both Mistress Pain and my partner. She asks him, “Do you wish to continue”?. He answers” Oh yes, hurt the Bitch”. For the next 24 hours I am gang banged, whipped, electrical stim shocked, and surgically stapled. I am then re-enemaed with more hot liquids and then scrubbed out with a toilet brush. I am so sore that I am whimpering and cowering in the corner. I am told there is one last instruction before this lesson concludes. I am left in the room alone and soon enters a group of Lesbians. I am then used and abused by them. Double and triple penetrated, fist fucked and basically made their toy. With my anus gaping and my pride gone I am returned to my partner with the instruction that lesson one was concluded but if you want a true Sub she must complete them all. My partner takes me back to the dog crate laods me in it and says to me I think you need more instruction and then schedules lesson two. The following day he makes me watch a video of the whole session and punishes me for it making my pussy hot and wet and says ” That is why you need lesson two”. ” Better get ready cause it will be more intense and much worse bitch”. To be continued with Lessom #2.

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