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Big Tits

Subject: straight jock boy chronicles 12 love to hear from all of you. xoxo – jasper ps. don’t forget to donate to ess … The two-hour drive back to campus was humiliating. Ryan couldn’t bare to look but would feel the bus driver’s lustful, lecherous eyes in the rear-view mirror once in a while; it’s like he was doing it on purpose, to remind the handsome, corn-fed jock what he had offered the two strangers just two-hours prior. One by one, passengers departed the bus at every grinding stop until the straight jock boy was alone. They were so close. Ryan clenched his fists. So close. Just… only… 10 more minutes. The bus pulled over to a full stop. … The bus driver couldn’t help himself. He had to feel that jock boy’s perfect body one more time before delivering him back to campus. He approached the clearly tense cadet seated in the very back row of the bus, watching the jock’s big blue watery eyes widen with anticipation and dread. How innocent and young the jock boy looked, how red his cheeks are, how tightly he clenched his square, masculine jaws, how sweet his blond head smelled – sweaty, stinky and sugary even after withstanding a deep, brutal fucking – how obedient, how compliant the boy was, how angry his eyes burned… letting the older stranger pull his sweatshirt off of his steaming body. That body, those broad, muscular shoulders, meaty pecs, large round tits, lean and taught eight-pack abs, thick arms… those large, hate-filled eyes looking up helplessly and angrily as one item of clothing got pulled off tenderly and helplessly, one after another. “Here, boy,” the bus driver whispered gently as he slowly peeled off Ryan’s underwear and socks, marveling at the naked sight before him, feeling the jock’s heat, inhaling all the sweetly-acrid scent of dried semen, sweat and saliva on the teenager’s bare skin, guiding the perfect muscle boy by his hands – feeling his nervous trembles – to his bare feet as he sat down in Ryan’s seat. The old driver whispered, patting his fat thighs, “Here, boy, sit…” Feeling the heavy mound of shaking, smooth muscle obediently lower onto his lap, not straddling him like a cheap whore, of course, but feeling those muscular, fat glutes, the long, tree-trunk thighs and thick calves draped over his own, ankles crossed and with one hand gripping the back of their seat and the other hanging on to the seat in front of them, feeling the burning heat radiating off the boy’s smooth skin and naked muscles and smelling more of the cum and ass and sex emanating from the jock’s crotch and crack, finally tasting the reluctant cadet’s closed red lips, caressing every lithe musculature on the docile boy’s hot, smooth abs, thighs, and arms, prying open as the jock’s lips with his tongue until the boy finally, finally, kissed back with hesitation, reluctance and repressed hunger. The driver was mad with desire; he loved this straight jock slut. He wanted to give Ryan everything the jock wanted, craved, desired. How adorable the muscle cadet is, nestled naked in his lap, how hot and smooth his skin felt, how sweet he tasted and how ripe and soiled he smelled… how hard his cock is, bouncing against his tight abs, turgid and red and wet in all of it’s eight-inch glory, how tight his muscles… his defined abs… how his dog tags nestled between the his full, thick pecs… Finally a soft gasp, a moan, escaped the tense boy, so willing and obedient but with eyes shut tightly with rage and shame, as the driver broke their kiss and started licking the jock’s red nipples. Gentle licks and kisses, tasting the jock boy’s sweaty, sexy sweetness as he lapped his tongue around each hard nipple, already so red and so raw from previous abuse… The driver wrapped his pudgy fingers around Ryan’s swollen cock and began stroking the writhing jock, slowly and deliberately, feeling the jock cock throb in time with every lick of a nipple, feeling the boy inhale deeply… gasping… whimpering… “(ughnn…!! oh shit… oh shit… uhgnnn!!)” Ryan could barely control his body, which quickly responded to the pleasure and started fucking the driver’s tight fist, feeling electricity shoot from his nipples down to his cock to his long, squirming toes, raising his chest and nipples to meet the greedy man’s mouth. The jock boy was complete putty, whimpering softly with contempt as he reluctantly accepted the molestation. “UGHN! UGHN!! FUCK! UGHN!” The jock cadet screamed out in pleasure as he felt the driver start nibbling and biting his nipples, one, then the other, back and forth. Licking and nibbling, biting and sucking, harder and harder; the jock boy stretched out his torso and arched his back in uncontainable pleasure, his long toes curling and flexing, his meaty legs instinctively spreading wider and wider as he fucked the man’s hand faster and faster. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! UGHN! UGHN!! UGHN!!! Fuck. Finally. Here’s that slutty bitch. Relishing in the heaving mound of hard, sweating jock muscle splayed across his lap accompanied by sounds of panting and moaning, the driver’s switched hands stroking the writhing boy, with the other hand finding its way between the jock boy’s beefy thighs, probing past the boy’s muscular ass cheeks – not without great effort – before feeling the hot, pulsing jock hole at his finger tips. He could smell the ripeness of a used, abused hole… somehow still so tight yet so wet, so full of cum… “UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNNNN!!!” Ryan shut his eyes tightly as he felt the intrusion, with one arm wrapped around the seat in front and the other hand gripping the back of the driver’s head, pushing the ravenous stranger’s mouth and teeth onto his right nipple. The jock boy threw his head back and screamed out as he felt the man’s fingers pry him open all the while milking his cock with the same, slow deliberation and steadiness. “Fuck, boy…” The driver grunted as he gnawed harder on the jock’s nipple, feeling the smooth, hot hole open up again… so much cum he was holding in. A third finger. “UGHN! FUCK! UGHNN! UGHNN! OH GOD!!” Both of the jock boy’s legs are now in the air, his size-13 feet planted and pushing against the bus’ low ceiling, as he endured the finger-fucking, his hole automatically sucking on those fat fingers, his ass cheeks clenching and unclenching with every insertion. Clear precum coated the jock’s cock head and the man’s hand. The bus instantly smelled like ass and cum. The 180 degree turn from the docile boy of barely a minute ago to a sex-addicted bottom whore was radical, the driver relished, as Ryan thrashed about, his pathetic whimpers climbing in pitch and volume. “Sweet boy, don’t worry… I’m not going to fuck you… your ass milked all the cum out of my cock for tonite…” The driver kissed the jock’s red lips tenderly, feeling the wild jock buckle on his lap, the throbbing cock between his hand, the wet hole sucking on his fingers. Breaking the kiss: “Unless you beg me to…” “(No…!)” Ryan whined. He wanted it so bad. The fingers felt so fucking good. He was so hard again. So hard still. Just… just fuck me again… please… please… more… The blond jock, blushing so hard from desire and stimulation, looked to be on the verge of tears with his big, wet blue eyes, pleading, begging. resisting… “No! UGNN!!!” “Oh, sweet boy,” The driver chuckled greedily; he knew exactly what the jock really wants and kisses the boy deeply, jamming a fourth finger into the boy’s open and wet pussy, swallowing the boy’s girlish moans and feeling the jock’s cock throb even harder, now so wet with precum that just won’t stop dribbling out. “Up…” Hoisting the sweaty man-boy on his feet with much effort, all the while keeping his fingers inside that insatiable, now cum-leaking, hole, the driver briefly relished in the sight before him – a corn-fed, naked jock boy, chiseled and masculine, athletic and muscular, sweaty and hard, panting and angry – before pushing Ryan’s red, cherubic face against the window. With one leg kneeling on the seats and the other leg extended on the floor, the jock whore automatically arched his back as he felt fingers fucking him, harder and harder, faster and faster. deeper and deeper Feeling the overweight man behind him, lips and teeth on his neck and shoulders, Ryan gripped the ledges of the windows with both hands, feeling his balls swell and boil with fresh jock cum as the man stroked bursa escort his cock faster and faster from behind. “UGHN!N! UGHNN! PLEASE! UGHN!N! I’m… I’m… gonna… gonna…!” Ryan trembled in shame and lust, his eyes desperately shut because he couldn’t bear to look at their reflection in the window, choking down his pathetic words: Just… just fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!!! The pace of stroking and fingering suddenly slowed to an agonizing pace. The driver could feel the shaking mound of muscled jock ass clenching desperately around on his hand, the hungry, cum-filled hole quivering sucking hungrily on his fingers. He inhaled deeply the jock’s masculine scent filled of precum, of old cum, of ass, of feet, of musky armpits, of sweet ripeness. “Do you want it boy? Beg…!” “UGHN! Please… just…” The jock boy bit his lips as he pushed his ass back wildly, fighting the words: Just… fuck me. Rape me. Breed me… don’t you want to?! Why won’t you just fuck me?!?! “Say it, boy…” The driver let go of Ryan’s wet cock, delighting in the cruel withholding and the boy’s desperate, dissatisfied groan. How amazing this boy smelled. How amazing that hole felt around his fingers. How that thick and hot cock throbbed in his hand. Ryan was almost crying from desire and exasperation. He wanted it so badly. To cum. To be full again… to be fucked. “PLEASE!! Just…!” Ryan could barely catch his breath as he fucked himself on the man’s four fingers when he heard the driver unbuckling his belt. He pressed his sweaty forehead against the steamy window pane. Just… yes… yes… yes… fuck me… breed me… “Say it, boy…” The driver withdrew his fingers from the jock’s hungry hole… dribbles of cum leaked out. “PLEASE!!!!!” Ryan, filled with rage and desperation, resentment and humiliation, pushed his ass back against the hot air between him and the driver, fucking nothing and feeling so, so empty as cum continued to leak out of his hole. He spread his legs as wide as the space allowed, arched his back as deeply as he could. Just fuck me… just fuck me… just fuck me… fuck me…!! “Beg, boy…” The driver whispered as he licked and tasted the nape of the jock’s neck, his hands now hungrily massaging every sweaty, muscular sinew of the jock’s squirming torso, of those abs, cupping hard those full pecs, feeling the hard nipples throb in his palms… Ryan’s whole body shook and convulsed with dissatisfaction and contempt – cock dripping, hole agape, knuckles white and toes curled. The boy swallowed deeply as tears of shame finally trickled from his big, blue eyes. “(Fu… fuck… fuck me…!)” Ryan angrily grunted. His naked body was completely coated in sweat. So… hungry… so in need of cock… of domination… of pain… “Say it, boy…” “(Please…)” “Beg, son…” The driver was so cruel. Ryan swallowed his shame spread his legs even further, his glistening muscular body writhing and responding so, so addictively to the humiliation. “Please… fuck me…” “What was that, boy?” Ryan pressed his forehead against the window… so humiliated… so turned on… more tears trickled down his red, flustered cheeks as he grunted between shallow breaths. “Please… fuck me…!” “Can’t hear you son…” Ryan’s hard cock swung between his muscular thighs. His smooth, pink hole so empty, so open… his thighs wet with old cum leaking from his hole. He whimpered as he felt the driver press his fat torso and hard cock, still clothed, against his back, and ass, as tormenting hands continued to grope his rock-hard pecs and abs, spreading his jock sweat into every defined, muscled groove of his athletic body. “Say it again…” “FUCK… UGHN! JUST… FUCK ME!” Ryan was hyperventilating as he choked back sobs of hate and shame as he ground his ass against the driver’s crotch, hard and wild, his dog tags dangling and clashing against the window. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!!” “Again, boy…” “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!!” “More, boy!” “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!” “MORE!” “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!” “Now now… easy boy…” The driver whispered as he reached down and pulled off his belt. “(FUCK ME!)” Ryan whimpered and gasped in relief, arching his back even deeper and spreading his tree-trunk legs as wide as the bus seats would allow, presenting his pink, hairless hole in all its hungry glory, wet and puckering. Finally… yes… yes… yes… salvation… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… “Not so fast, son…” The man suddenly looped his belt around the jock boy’s neck, tightening it as he slapped and caressed and slapped again and again the jock’s perfect, round ass. “On your knees…” “PLEASE! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!” “Not so fast, boy. On. Your. Knees.” “PLEASE! JUST… FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! PLEASE… FUCK ME!!!!” “I SAID: ON YOUR KNEES!” “UGHN!” Ryan’s entire body turned crimson with bitter rage and indignant frustration. BUT I BEGGED!!!!!!!! His whole body was burning to take a hard fucking, to feel the pain of penetration, to explode with pent up sexual energy as he strained against the belt. Bitter tears poured as he felt his body pushed to the floor. But I begged for it…! I begged! I… “UGHN! FUCK! FUCK YOU! UGHN!!!!!!” The driver started pulling on the belt, dragging his naked, sweaty muscle jock – crawling on all fours – towards the front of the bus. Yes, he knew what Ryan really wanted, what he really needed. Yes, he wanted so badly to fuck and breed the jock boy again like he had done two hours ago, to take him home, to worship that perfect body, to fuck him over and over and over, to make love to the most perfect and beautiful straight jock boy he’d met… to kiss him and lick him from head to toe… to do it all over the next morning and day and night. No… he knew he simply couldn’t satisfy this gorgeous, insatiable slut cadet. “STOP! WAIT! UGHN! STOP!” Ryan screamed as he got dragged like a dog. His eyes widened in terror and lust as the driver opened the door. His voice hoarse from screaming and the tightening belt tugging around his neck. “UGHN! STOP! PLEASE!” “Come on, sweet boy…” The driver ignored Ryan as he pulled the struggling boy out into the cold, dragging the jock’s naked, steaming body awkwardly down the few steps of the bus onto the paved road. Ryan hated that he was so turned on by this degrading treatment, and his raging hard cock bounced between his meaty thighs with every step. On the pavement, Ryan suddenly froze in place on all fours. Not due to the cold night air, but because he saw the three large cargo trucks lined up on the side of the road, with more approaching in the distant. His cock throbbed and hole quivered, his knees and hands hurt from the rough road. He was terrified, aroused, degraded, turned on… “Wait… what… what… are you doing?!?!” Ryan trembled with fear and uncontainable excitement as his cock bounced in the night cold between his legs, practically leaking and spitting precum – leaking and dripping – while his hole instantly agape and clenched and agape again and again. His face looked so young and innocent in the moonlight. “UGHN!” Without a word, the driver tugged on his belt-leash and approached the back of the truck parked in front of the bus, pounding loudly on the metallic door of the cargo-hold. Silence. More pounding. Silence. More pounding. Shuffling. Clanking of locks. Ryan was shaking with fear and anxious excitement and anticipation. “You again, grandpa?” Ryan couldn’t bear to look up as he heard the door unlock and open, with a gruff voice intoning. Staring down at the pavement, the sweaty, teenage jock was near hyperventilation as he felt new eyes on his bursa escort bayan naked body. A second voice: “Well, well, well… and where the fuck did you find this pretty little piece?” Ryan yelped as he felt a tug on his belt-leash. “Please… ughnn!!! Please…!” A third voice: “You did good, grandpa…” “UGHN! STOP! STOP! STOP! PLEASE!! UGHNN! UGHNNN!!!” As he handed over the jock by and his jock leash, the driver watched the naked cadet instinctively trying to fight off the three burly truckers, one pulling hard on Ryan’s leash-belt while two others wrestled the muscular, flailing limbs into the back of the cargo truck. One man managed to gain control over the fighting athlete by grabbing Ryan’ by his full balls. Hard. The jock buckled, and his immediate, feral screams were muffled by a gloved hand, and the pressure from the leash belt quickly replaced by a thick, muscular arm in the form of a chokehold. The driver watched in awe as the jock’s long, tree-trunk legs kicked and thrashed at nothing, his heaving pecs and abs so incredibly defined in struggle – his rock-hard jock cock spitting precum as he got manhandled and dominated – as the naked, teenage jock got dragged deep inside the back of the truck. This is all for you, sweet boy… “Ya’ll fuck him hard. He won’t break I promise. Pretty little bitch loves it.” … Did I black out? Ryan couldn’t remember as he snapped to, surrounded by sounds of chains clanging around him. Foggy and lost, completely off balance, the jock boy looked up and saw the driver’s old, lustful face on top of his own and immediately cried out as he quickly regained his senses, suddenly feeling the pain and pleasure, sounds of spit and lube, the smell of ass and cum. Of balls slapping against taint. Of skin against skin. His own… He was getting fucked. Hard. “UGHN! OH GOD! FUCK! UGH!NN UGHNNN!! OH GOD! UGNNN!!!” Ryan cried out. He couldn’t move. He was on his back, and his wrists and ankles were restrained, suspended in air. He, for a split second, couldn’t recognize how, but he was getting fucked. So deep and hard. He couldn’t close his legs, which were spread wide with a clothed man slamming a thick cock in and out of his hole mercilessly. He had no control of his body, which somehow slammed back against every thrust. So, so… so hard… so… deep… so… good. All he could smell were sweat and cum and ass and spit and sex. It was pitch dark save a flickering bulb dangling above and the sounds of his hoarse screams and high-pitched whimpers. “UGHN! OH GOD! FUCK! UGH!NN UGHNNN!! OH GOD! UGNNN!!!” Ryan felt rough, gloved hands gripping his waist as he felt that familiar sensation of a hard cock swelling even harder inside him, ramming so deep inside his jock hole… that familiar feeling of an erupting cock buried so deep inside his jock pussy, filling him with cum. The grunt of a man as he orgasmed. The feeling of being out of control, of being used, being fucked, being raped… of an erupting cock filling him deeply. “UGHN! OH GOD! FUCK! UGH!NN UGHNNN!! OH GOD! UGNNN!!!” Ryan threw his head back as he fought against his own body, knowing full well that thick, jock cum suddenly shot out of his cock and balls, feeling a stranger’s cock unloading inside him as spurts of his own cum hit his chest and chin and neck and face. His wrists were numb as he felt and grabbed the chains that bound him. His legs were numb. His ass was on fire, sore, aching, full… The jock boy winced and grunted as the spent cock got uncaringly ripped out of his boy pussy, his whole body quivering with pleasure. Covered in sweat and fresh cum. Ryan was gasping for air as his body buckled and thrashed with post-orgasmic pleasure as more cum dribbled on to his defined abs. “UGHN! UGHNN!! OH GOD! UGHNN! FUCK!!! UGHNNN!!!!” “Easy, boy, easy…” The driver cooed as he kissed the writhing jock, steadying the boy in the leather sling, noting the teenage jock’s legs shaking in the air. “You liked number seven, didn’t you, boy?” Ryan was horrified. He couldn’t navigate his new reality: the incredible feeling of getting fucked and bred, of cumming so hard handsfree, and his shackled state, his vulnerability, his insatiable craving, his perversity… his first sling. His eyes burned with rage, wet with shame and crazed lust. He was high and delirious. His balls dry, his nipples raw, his cock aching. He knew he’d blacked out at some point, but he could still hear the chains clanking, still feel the numbness of his wrists and ankles, the bus driver’s lips on his own, kissing him, tasting him from above. Memories slowly flashed back, of the men dragging him by his balls, of gasping for air in that chokehold, of getting hoisted into the sling, of the leather restraints tightening around his wrists and ankles, of his own pathetic, girlish cry when the first man slammed his cock inside his boy pussy, of the pain, of his own girlish whimpers, of the dehumanizing snickering around him, of the door opening and slamming shut, of the cold, night air filling the stuffy, sweat- and cum-filled space… of the sounds of fucking, of being treated like a hole, of the satisfaction of milking a man’s cock dry with his ass, of the pain of another cock entering him, of everything on repeat, over and over, man after man lined up between his splayed legs, of the indescribable shame and humiliation he felt, of the insatiable hunger for more and more. Again and again. “UGHNNN! UGHNNN!” The jock gasped as yet another cock shoved past his sphincter and brought him out of his flashing memories and back to current reality. The driver noted, man after man, how hard the boy’s cock would jump and throb, how wet and glistening his cock head would get from precum with every new cock. Yes, the masochist boy craved the moment of penetration, of getting fucked for the first time, of getting raped. The pain. That moment of intrusion… yes… And his wildness… after the initial shy whimpers and grimaced readjustment to a new cock, the sex-crazed slut emerged on cue. “UGHNNN! UGHNNN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER! CUM IN ME! CUM! CUM INSIDE ME!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!!!!” “Fuck that sweet boy ass… fuck it…” The driver, through the jock’s whimpers and screams, could hear the teenage cadet’s hole open up with every thrust of a new cock, wetter and sloppier after yet another load dumped inside, though clearly desperately trying to hold all of that cum inside afterwards. Man after man… everyone groaned at how tight and hot the boy’s pussy is. The tightest hole they’d ever fucked… How they can fuck as hard and rough as they want… How he just won’t break… how deep they can cum… Nobody even touched his perfectly sculpted body, save the occasional choker, slapper, feet licker. Nobody cared about how handsomely cherubic he was, how beautifully symmetrical and chiseled his face was, how ripped and muscular his body, how thick his legs, how his toes curled in the air, how flushed his face was, how sweet his body smelled despite all the sweat and cum… Nobody cared how his nipples perked up with every cock. Nobody cared how loud he screamed and wailed and moaned, how he squealed like a piggish slut, how he whimpered girlishly every time the driver nibbled on his nipples and tasted his red lips. Nobody cared how wildly he came – again and again – how the grooves of his abs became a river of his own jock cum. Nobody cared the driver was there, tasting the shackled jock’s fresh sweat and cum. Nobody leaned in to kiss the cadet. Nobody noticed the dog tags dangling around his neck. Nobody cared about the jock boy. Nobody gave a shit about pleasuring the jock whore. He was just a hole, a live toy, into which to dump their loads… … The half-asleep night guard failed to recognize anything off with the jock boy as he checked back in, no acknowledgment of the way he smelled – reeking of sex, ass and cum – nor the way he slowly ambled down the hallway… Every step hurt… every step made his muscular body tremble… every step made the crazed jock boy bite his lips, swallowing gasps and stifled whimpers as he finally made it inside the bathroom. Sockless, Ryan’s toes curled inside his stinky running shoes as he closed the door behind him. He left the lights off, wishing there was a lock on the door. A new coat of sweat covered the jock boy, soaking through his tight escort bursa tank top and sweatshirt. In a few hours his fellow cadets would be up. The jock boy couldn’t wait any longer as he stumbled into the shower stall, tearing off his sweat-soaked clothes, kicking off his shoes and falling on his knees. Sweating so hard, the jock boy turned on the water… his eight-inch cock somehow still so red and turgid and raw and sore… He bit his lower lips as he reached behind, feeling the rawness of his ass cheeks – red with handprints – as he groaned, whimpering louder as his fingers gingerly traced his sweaty, smooth ass crack, moaning deeply as trembling fingertips found the end of the giant, black butt plug… With every throb of his cock, the jock’s hole sucked on the plug tighter, harder, pulling it deeper inside the insatiable teenage jock cadet… Feeling the hot water pour over his abused, muscular body, the kneeling jock boy spread his legs as wide as he could, with an expertly-arched back and curled toes, resting his forehead against the steaming, tiled wall. How low he felt… the degradation… the shame… the anger… the pain… the abuse… all the men… all their cocks… how much his body loved every second of being in the back of that truck, in that sling. He doesn’t even remember how he got dressed or how he ended up back at the barracks on campus, realizing only that he wished he was still in that sling. He remembered the driver’s old, wrinkled face atop his own… tasting still the old man’s lips on his own, feeling the calloused hands on his cum-soaked torso, his flabby arms cradling him as he got raped. He could only remember the emptiness he felt after the last man had shot his load inside him, how open he’d felt, how he’d begged for more, to cum again… hearing his own pathetic voice squealing for more… He could only remember how hot it was in the back of that truck, sticky, sweaty hot… how naked he was… He could barely remember the driver loosening the restraints around his ankles and wrists, how the old man’s hands molested his sweaty, spent body as he was lowered off of the sweat- and cum-soaked sling. How much he wanted to just cum one more time… just one more time… How cum leaked from his jock pussy… how hot the cum felt trickling down his crack and ass and thighs… how desperate he was to hold it in… how the truck driver kissed him, how large that plug felt when the driver first pushed it against his cummy, worn hole… how he wept and sobbed in the driver’s arms as he felt the driver push the plug deeper, how he wanted just another real cock, how he realized it was all over, how desperately empty he felt despite everything, how hungry he still felt, how insatiable he was, how much he hated himself for wanting more… how raw his spent cock felt rubbing against the driver’s clothes, how he sobbed with regret as he laid there beneath his sling with his knees up and feet on the cold floor, how his body trembled as he felt the entirety of the plug got shoved inside him, how he wept feeling the driver’s tongue on his lips, his face, his neck, his shoulders, pecs, abs, armpits… cock, balls, thighs, calves, bruised ankles, feet, toes, soles… how he clenched and unclenched his hole, feeling that large plug push in deeper, but frustratingly no further. … The driver knew he’d hit the jackpot with Ryan. Though he, too, had lost track of how many men had fucked and bred the jock boy after 10 or 15, he remembered every time the jock boy came while getting in that sling… how the boy had begged to cum for a fifth time after everyone had left, how… sweaty and delicious he smelled, how submissive, how crazed the boy was as he lowered Ryan from the sling. He knew Ryan was delirious and high, but he was surprised at how insatiable the boy still was. “(fuck me… fuck me… fuck me sir… fuck me daddy… breed me…!) UGHNN! UGHNNN!!!!!” “Soon, sweet boy…” The driver kissed the boy deeply as he reached down between Ryan’s thighs and slowly shoved a giant butt plug into Ryan’s abused and leaking hole, relishing in the boy’s yelp and gasp, feeling the hot, soiled body beneath his own, panting, heaving with pleasure and dread. The jock was sobbing uncontrollably as the driver tasted the teenager’s body, licking him clean of cum and sweat, relishing in the boy’s masculine musk, of his sweet cum, of his smooth, hot skin, of his rank armpits, of the funk between his toes. “Keep all this in for daddy, ok son? Keep it all in for me… we’ll get you back for another round soon…” … Ryan tentatively traced the round edge of the giant butt plug wedged between his muscular ass cheeks and embedded so deeply inside his boy pussy. With much reluctance and determination, the straight jock bit his lower lip, startling himself with the guttural cries and girlish whimpers, as he struggled to pull out the butt plug. So wide, so long, so deeply shoved inside him… Ryan struggled against the vacuum hold his hole had on the plug; the jock boy wanted so badly to just keep the toy inside himself, to keep him full, to… to… No. No. NO! “GUHNNNN!!!!!” Ryan gritted his teeth as he grunted, finally managing to rip the huge plug out of his hole, feeling its every millimeter both in girth and length, hearing and feeling the wet, squishy plop as the fat tip of the giant plug finally popped out of his hungry, sloppy hole. “UGHNN! UHNN! FUCK… fuck… fuck!!!” Immediately regretting what he’d done, feeling the emptiness and all the cum trickling out of his gaping hole, the jock instinctively shoved the plug back inside, making himself squeal at the intrusion. Just, just once more… just… one more time… Ryan sat back on his ass, feeling the fullness invade his hole once again as he pulled his knees up to his chest and got on his feet, holding on to the towel bar on the tiled wall as he squatted down as low as he could, hanging on for balance as he felt his ass cheeks against the hot, wet tiles beneath him, and finally whimpering as he felt the edge of the plug pressing against the tiled floor. The crazed, teenage jock – overwhelmed with pleasure – didn’t even know spurts of jock cum had already shot out of his bouncing, eight-inch rock-hard cock. No. He needed more than to cum… more than empty balls, more than an aching cock… “UGHN! UGHNN!” The naked jock fucked himself, riding that plug like his teenage life depended on it, his long toes gripping on the wet tiles beneath as he arched his back and slammed his ass onto the plug, again and again, grinding deeper and deeper, over and over, harder and harder, until he felt that uncontrollable heat and pleasure swirl deep inside his ass. Seeing stars and sparks and feeling a final wave of pleasure imminent, Ryan sat back on crossed ankles and pressed the plug against his right heel, grinding against himself deeper as he stretched his muscular, perfect torso back on the wet floor, feeling the plug rub against the deepest part of himself as he writhed like a cheap slut on the wet, tiled floor. His spent cock – red hot and still hard – throbbed in the air, pointing towards the downpour of hot water. Gagging and suffocating under the water, Ryan cried as his fingers and thumbs found their way to his swollen, raw and abused nipples. Pinching, squeezing, pulling, tugging. “OH GOD!! UGHNNNN! UGHNNNN! UGHNNNN! UGHNNNN! ” He couldn’t breathe. It’s like he was being choked all over again. Ryan’s jock body writhed like he had no more control of his jock body, fucking himself and riding that plug against his own heel, sobbing with the pain and pleasure from his ass and nipples as he finally felt that anal orgasm surge and take over his entire body. … two months later… FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Where is it?! Where is it?! Where the fuck is it?! Ryan was covered in sweat. Fresh from the gym, the jock boy rifled through the bin underneath his bed holding underwear and socks. It’s not here. It’s not here…! Since that weekend in the city… the bus… that night in the truck, the jock boy had tucked away the butt plug, only allowing himself to only grip with his hands once in a while when alone, feeling it’s massive girth and its heaviness, smelling the remnants of his ass and strangers’ cum on it. In the few moments of being alone between classes and workouts, or in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, Ryan would suck on it, taste it… feel his hole and cock throb and quiver… before shoving it back inside the bin, burying it with his socks and underwear. … Where is it?! Where is it?! Where the fuck is it?! … TBC.

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