State Football Championship Not The Only Highlight

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State Football Championship Not The Only HighlightThe week was finally here! After months of practices, games, blood, sweat, and tears–we had finally made it to the week of the state football playoffs! Coach Kennedy was on cloud nine. Although he had been super successful as a coach, this was his first trip to the state championship game. Casey, our star quarterback, and I were going to meet with coach this afternoon about some play calling strategies. Casey is super hot! He is ripped and has muscles on top of his muscles. His 6 pack is so defined and hard it is like hitting a brick wall! He is 6’2″, 175 pounds, black, and did I mention ripped? On top of everything, he is a super nice guy and a great friend.I am our starting center. Although not the size of a typical center, I moved up to the starting position after our original center, Andy, got hurt 2 games ago. Andy had broken his collar bone and was out for the rest of the season. I am 6’1″, 180 pounds, and I have muscles (just not as many as Casey has)!School was over for the day and Casey and an were supposed to meet with Coach around 5. We were having an evening practice tonight to mimic the time of the final game. We would be playing on Saturday night at 7 so Coach wanted to match the conditions as close as possible. I told Casey I would meet him back at the field house around 4:30 for us to meet with Coach. Casey agreed and said he had some errands to run.I was super horny after watching Casey and Coach all afternoon long. Coach was super hot as well. He was only a few years older than we were. We were his first class out of college. He was married but he and his wife didn’t have any k**s yet. Rumor was his wife was unable to have k**s. Coach loved to wear those tight, short “Coach’s shorts” which left very little to the imagination. The bulge of his dick was very obvious which didn’t bother me, but it did make me super horny.Since the lockerroom of the field house was now deserted, I slipped back to the bathroom portion of the lockerroom to take bahis firmaları care of business. I unzipped my shorts, pulled aside my jockstrap, and out plopped my half hard-on. My uncut cock already was wet with a bit of precum and it didn’t take long before my 9″ cock was fully hard. I began jacking off thinking of both Coach’s and Casey’s fat cocks.I had just got into a good rhythm jerking my pole back and forth when I heard… “Need a hand with that?” I turned around to see Coach Kennedy with his rock hard dick in his hand, jerking it back and forth. Embarrassed, I turned 50 shades of red and tried to conceal my cock. “Don’t be ashamed. We’ve got the same equipment. And besides, by the look of yours you have nothing to be embarrassed about!” Coach said. I really wanted to blush now. I couldn’t take my eyes off Coach’s dick. He was massive. His was every bit of 10″ and his cock was super thick. His hands couldn’t reach all the way around. I could see a glimmer of precum oozing from the tip. “You like what you see McKinnon?” Coach asked me. “Yes sir. A lot!” I replied. “Come take a better look.” Coach told me.Coach’s cock was uncut like mine. For years I had wished my parents had circumcised me as a baby. Why couldn’t I look like the other guys in my class. I had been self conscience of the way it looked for years. However, as I had gotten older and more experienced sexually-I realized that extra piece of skin made a HUGE difference in the pleasure department, (both for me and my partner). As I approached Coach, I could see the veins on his cock were super raised and he was super hard and horny himself. “Help yourself McKinnon!” Coach ordered.With that invitation, I reached out my hand and took hold of his dick. “FUCK McKinnon that feels awesome!” Coach said as he closed his eyes. I took advantage of the moment and not only grabbed his cock and began jacking his foreskin back and forth–I bent down and engulfed his throbbing cock with my mouth. “Holy shit!” Coach yelled as he moaned in excitement kaçak iddaa too. The taste and smell of his manhood was almost too much for me to handle. Coach and I were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t hear that someone was coming into the bathroom.”What the fuck?” Casey yelled out as he turned the corner and saw me swallowing Coach’s member all the way to his pubes. I pulled off and looked at Casey like a deer in headlights! Coach was trying to come up with what to say when he looked down and noticed Casey was pitching a tent in his shorts as well. “Well, well, look at Mr. Casey’s cock—I think he wants to join in the fun!” Coach said. And with that, Coach walked up to Casey and began feeling Casey’s cock through his shorts and could tell Casey was already getting hard!”Why don’t we get more comfortable?” I suggested. “I think we all could use a shower.” With that we all began to undress until we were standing there naked with raging hard-ons! We slipped over to the shower part of the lockerroom and turned on the water. It wasn’t long before we were all 3 making out, kissing, sucking, and jacking each other off. Casey had my dick, I had Coach’s dick and a Coach had Casey’s cock. We sucked each other, jacked each other, and soon we were all at the point where we were ready to blow our wads. As if we had set alarms, we all 3 began shooting hot bursts of cum all over each other. Cum was flying everywhere. It landed on our chests, each other’s cocks, the floor–it was everywhere.We finished cleaning up and got dressed. We talked about the subject at hand–play calling strategy for the upcoming championship game. We came up with a plan that was known only to us. It had lots of “inside jokes” that only the 3 of us understood. We also decided that if we won the state championship, we should get together again to celebrate!Well you guessed it–we won big time! 63-42 After we returned home from the championship game, all the players and staff showered and began to leave to go home to celebrate (or to go to kaçak bahis a party to celebrate). Casey and I hung back and helped Coach Kennedy round up equipment, start the uniforms to wash, etc. We ended up being the last ones in the field house. Coach Kennedy went and locked the doors as we all 3 entered the showers. In a matter of seconds, we were all 3 naked jacking off our hard-ons with our hands. This time however we did a little more than just jack each other off and/or blow each other with our mouths. Coach grabbed my ass, spit in his hand, and “lubed” my ass up with his spit. The next thing I felt was his throbing, rock hard cock pressing against my puckered ass. As he gently began pushing his dick inside of me, a searing pain shot through my body, I thought I was going to pass out. Deeper and deeper he went until I felt his curly pubes tickle my ass cheeks. He told Casey to bring his fine black ass over and Coach guided my throbbing 9″ up Casey’s waiting ass. His ass was so tight but felt so good.Coach began moving his hips back and forth. This made me move my cock back and forth inside Casey’s ass. The pain quickly subsided and we were fucking each other hard and fast. Casey’s huge black cock was flopping around as I grabbed it and began jacking him off as my cock filled his ass. It wasn’t long before we were all ready to blow our wads. “I’m about to blow my wad.” Casey said. “Me too.” I agreed. “As much as I want my ass full of your hot cum, I have a better idea. Let’s swallow each other’s wad.” Coach said. We were all so horny we didn’t want this cum to be wasted. We all pulled out and quickly began jacking each other off. As cum began erupting from our hard cocks, we began shooting our loads down each other’s throats. I got Casey’s load, Coach got my load, and Casey swallowed Coach’s load! We swallowed every last drop! The taste was amazing!Needless to say, the state championship trophy wasn’t the only highlight of the week/night! And this was only the beginning of an amazing threesome that continued for the rest of the school year!!!———————— If you liked this story, I hope you will read some of my others. I would also love to hear from you. You can email me at anytime!

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