Special Nights

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My husband and I were having problems, so I told him that I was going to spend a few days with my father while we thought things over. Back home in my old room, as I unpacked my things, a feeling of relief washed over me. I wished I could once again be a teenager living at home with no worries or cares.

In some ways I spent the weekend acting out this fantasy. Friday night I talked Daddy into ordering pizza, and I slept in late Saturday morning. That night Daddy told me I could use his car if I wanted to go hang out with my old friends. “No, thanks, Daddy,” I said. “Let’s have one of our special nights.” When I was still living at home, a “special night” would be staying home and watching the latest movies on TV which Daddy was able to pick up on his satellite. So I went upstairs to get ready. Since I had forgotten to pack my pajamas, I stripped down to my panties and threw on one of Daddy’s robes.

Everything was as used it used to be, except we were no longer eating popcorn and drinking sodas. Daddy was drinking his usual gin and tonics, and I was drinking white wine. I drank enough that I started to feel a little tipsy, so I stretched out on the couch across from him where he was sitting in his recliner in his pajama bottoms and a T-shirt. Everything was nice and cozy, just like the old days, until one of those soft-core porn movies, the kind that shows everything but actual penetration, came on. The movie was about an affair between an older man and a young woman. I happened to glance over at Daddy and was shocked to see his cock pop out of the front of his pajamas. He had the beginnings of an erection. He hurriedly pushed it back inside.

Maybe because I hadn’t had any sex for a while—it’s hard to make love to someone when you’re always arguing with him—I was excited at seeing Daddy’s nice big cock. For some odd reason I still can’t explain, I loosened my robe and rearranged myself on the sofa so that if Daddy looked over at me he would get a panty shot. Even more oddly, I could feel the beginnings of my own sexual arousal, a little tingle in my pussy. After a minute or two, Daddy turned to escort buca me and said, “We can change the channel if this is too much for you, Lori.” When he noticed the way I was laying on the couch, he nervously licked his lips.

“No, it’s okay, Daddy,” I said, “I’m a big girl now. I can watch a sexy movie. In fact, it’s kinda exciting.” Then pretending to be a little uncomfortable, I twisted so that my robe came even more open and one of my breasts was showing completely. Suddenly, I was teasing my own father, and the way he was staring at me was driving me crazy. I guess I was staring, too, because I couldn’t take my eyes off the lump in his crotch.

“You’re sure you don’t mind?” he asked.

I shook my head no, and he turned back to the screen. I waited a few minutes and then said, “How about it, Daddy? Wouldn’t you like to have a young girl like that? She’s really pretty and has got a great body.”

“Not as pretty or as sexy as my little girl,” he said and turned to me. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that my robe was now completely open and he could see both of my breasts.

“That’s so sweet, Daddy,” I said. Acting as if I were unaware that he could see almost everything I’ve got, I spread my legs so that my crotch was pointed directly at him. I hoped he could see the little hairs that were curling out of the sides of my panties. I really wanted to turn him on. After giving him a good look, I got up and walked over to him. “Here let me sit in your lap, like I did when I was younger.” I got on his lap, both legs to the same side, and snuggled up against him so that I could feel his woody rubbing against the soft loaves of my ass.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea … I mean, aren’t you a little old for this?”

“Shhh,” I said and pulled his head forward to kiss its balding top, sending his face directly between my firm breasts. As I kissed him several times, I rubbed my boobs all over his face, feeling them brush against his nose, mouth, and cheeks. I even pushed my rock hard nipple against his mouth for a second. I was hoping he would buca escort bayan suck it into his mouth, but even though Daddy was breathing hard, almost panting, he was able to control himself and keep his hands and mouth to himself.

I was dying for him to do something to me, so to move things along, I turned and placed a leg on each side of his, straddling him. I scooted down so that lips of my pussy were in contact with his hard cock through the thin material of my bikini panties and his pajama bottoms. I hugged him hard, mashing my boobs against his chest. “You’re so warm, Daddy,” I said, moving my hips slowly in tiny little circles, so I could feel his hard on pushing against my clit. I was practically dripping. “Oh, Daddy,” I said, “I love you so much.”

I guess he got the message because he made a sort of growling sound, and his hands went under my robe and gripped my ass. He molded my butt with his fingers and gently squeezed and moved me so my opening was centered on the head of his cock, then I felt him push up into me. The way his cock had entered me had pushed the narrow crotch of my panties inside me and the lips of my pussy were visible. “Look at it, Daddy,” I moaned.

He looked down, and I noticed he had a crazy look in his eyes as he stared down to where we were joined together. “Oh, baby, we better stop,” he groaned, but at the same time he was trying to push further up into me, making the leg band of my panties rub against my clit.

“Please don’t stop, Daddy. Oooh ….” I arched my back, shoving my breasts toward him. I cupped one and offered it to him. Daddy closed his lips on the erect nipple and began gently sucking it. I moaned, going wild at the idea of what I was doing. I was cheating on my husband with my own father. And I had never been so hot in my life.

Continuing to hunch against his hard cock, I pushed his head away from my breasts and tugged his T-shirt up over his head. Then I leaned into him so that my naked breasts were rubbing against his hairy chest. He groaned into my mouth as our lips met in a deep kiss that seemed to buca escort go on forever. His hands were all over me, stroking my back, my breasts, my thighs. I was a little frustrated because my panties were keeping him from going all the way in me.

“Wait, Daddy,” I said, lifting my hips. I reached down and hurriedly unsnapped his pajama bottoms. I almost came when I saw his hard cock. The big purple head was curving up toward his belly button and oozing his clear stuff. I thought about kneeling at his feet and sucking it but decided that it could wait until later. I pushed my panties down off one leg and grabbed his cock and centered it. Then I sat down and slowly slid down the length of his cock.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” I screamed. “That feels so damn good.” I began riding him really fast, going up and down, sinking it in all the way.

“Slow down, baby. Let’s make it last.”

“I can’t, Daddy—maybe the next time. Right now …. Ohhh yes … my pussy really needs… to … do itttt!!!” Even though it only been a minute or two, all of a sudden I felt my body stiffen, and then my pussy sort of went crazy. “Oh God, oh yes, oh yes,” I screamed as my orgasm went on and on and on.

After a few minutes, I said, “Mmmm, that was really good, Daddy.”

“We’re not done yet,” Daddy said, clutching my hips, moving me back and forth.

“You’re still hard,” I said, sort of amazed. My husband could never last that long.

I don’t know how long he fucked me, and I lost track of how many orgasms I had. But suddenly he grabbed my ass really hard and pushed up into me so deep that I could feel his dick massaging some place in me that I never knew existed. His cock jerked and pulsed in me as he began to come inside my pussy, and I screamed one final time. Afterward, I lay my head on his chest until his dick finally softened and slipped out of me. Then hand-in-hand we went to his bedroom where we spent the night exploring each other in every way we could think of. We’ve been doing it day and night ever since.

It’s the best sex I’ve ever had. It’s so wicked and wild—I mean if people only knew. The only bad thing is that Daddy thinks I should either go home to my husband or get a divorce and live by myself. He says it would be the best thing for me in the long run, but I think he’s just feeling a little guilty. I’m working on him, though, and little by little I’m wearing him down.

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