South Carolina for the Summer pt 3

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South Carolina for the Summer pt 3Pam and Ethan’s Sexploits continue… Chapter 26Todd came out of the shed and locked the door, finally glad to be done with that annoying chore. The peacefulness of the yard without the noise of the lawnmower was pleasing. He looked around at the job he had done and he was satisfied. He noticed that Pam was no longer on the patio or in the pool. He recalled how hot she looked in that bikini, especially when she was bent over, showing him her ass and the cleft of her bikini covered pussy between her thighs. Then he noticed the wet bikini hanging over the patio railing. Did she change before she went in, or did she just go in naked? He wasn’t sure if he should go in to find out. However, he did want to go in for a drink.He set the glass of lemonade down and wiped his forehead with his sweaty t-shirt. He breathed out a long sigh and looked outside. The hot sun beat down on the yard where he had been working for the last hour and a half, and he was glad to be inside where it was air conditioned.He heard an odd noise and held his breath to listen for it again. He walked out to the living room and heard another, softer noise. He looked down the hall, but couldn’t see anything. He thought everyone was gone for the day, but maybe someone was there.He walked quietly down the hall. Some of the doors were open, but he heard more soft noises coming from the open door of Pam’s room, and they sounded like moans. He saw the light on in Pam’s room. The door was wide open. As he walked quietly down the hall, he could look directly into her room. She was on her back on the bed, nude, her long, sensuous, white legs were spread wide, with one leg dangling over the side to the floor. Her ass wiggled and she moaned softly. Sticking out of her cunt was a large, pink, rubber vibrator. She stared into the dresser mirror to watch as she pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were glazed, half open, fixed on the image in the mirror, and her soft breasts heaved. Her jaw hung limp and little moans of pleasure drifted from her open, quivering lips. She was just about to cum.He walked in. “Hi. What’s going on?”Pam jumped. She had one foot on the floor, the other in the air, and the vibrator still in her musky pussy. Her heavy scent filled the room. She turned white as a sheet and for a moment, he thought she was going to cry, but she laid back on her elbows on the bed and looked at him over the end of the dildo between her spread knees.”Fucking myself Why? You wanna try your tongue pendik escort here?” She moved the dildo in and out of her cunt with a slow twist, giggling. “Come here and kiss me,” she said, holding her arms open.He walked around to the side of the bed and bent over. She closed her eyes and parted her lips to make way for his tongue. He kissed her and his tongue pushed its way into her mouth. With his eyes closed, he felt for the vibrator, from her knee down her thigh, until he touched it where her legs came together. She tried to push his hand away, moaning but not letting go of his kiss, but he got hold of it and started working it in and out.He broke away and licked her ear.”Is this thing better than mine?” he said. He unzipped his fly and took out his cock.”Wait a minute,” Pam said, staring at his huge cock. She pushed his hand away and took the vibrator out with a loud slurp. “Don’t put that in me yet. Lick me first, just for a minute. Please.””Ok.”He dropped to his knees and lowered his face to the V where her beautiful legs came together. Her strong, lean thighs trembled and pressed against his ears. She moaned when his lips touched her mound, and she ground her hips in a circle when his tongue penetrated the wet lips of her cunt. She grabbed a handful of his hair where his head was nestled right between her legs and pulled him to her tighter.”I’m so wet. lick me please. God I want it so bad,” she said. Todd’s cock was already hard beyond normal but he continued to work his mouth over Pam’s pussy a while longer, sucking on her pussy lips, delving his tongue inside her and scooping her cream out with his tongue. moving up he sucked her clit between his lips and rapidly flicked his tongue over it. Then just as suddenly stopped to move up over her body.Taking his cock in his fist,he guided his shaft towards the pink slit nestled in her silky, curly, golden hair. rubbing the tip over her pussy the head parted her cunt lips, making the head of his cock slick with her juices. Rocking his hips, he started pressing his bloated shaft insider her”Ow. Go slow, baby” she moaned.He pushed again, easier this time. Her pussy opened and his cock slowly sank into her.”Oh God,” she cried, and wrapped her legs around him.He took her firm ass in both hands and pushed into her tight cunt as hard as he could, waiting for her to flinch and say ‘Enough’, but she took his whole cock with hardly a whimper. He pulled back and shoved in. When his balls touched her ass, she blinked and kartal escort her jaw fell open.”God yeah, that’s so groovy, you’ve filled me completely” she groaned.Her cunt gripped him like a vice. He was steadily pumping his cock in and out of her and she was grunting, The spontaneity of the whole event had him ready to cum within minutes and when he pulled out and came a stream of white cum spurted from the head of his cock all the way up into her hair and mouth and on her heaving breasts and her flat belly.”Put it back in,” she screamed, I need to feel it inside me” and the next load splattered on her thighs before he rammed it back into her pussy. His cock flexed heavily inside her as he shot the rest of his seed in her tight channel.Both of them were huffing as he settled on top of her and she licked the nape of his neck.”You still want to fuck that little plastic cock when you got a big slab of meat right here?” he whispered in her ear.”No,” she said, twisting the hairs on his chest. She rolled on top of him, pecking his lips with hers, and his shrinking cock slipped out of her. “I think your’s will do just fine.””Why don’t you put a little grease on it, make it slide easier?” he said, laughing, and she punched him playfully, stifling back a grin until she couldn’t hold it back and they both laughed at the thought of her with the vibrator. She straightened up over him, pressing down on his penis.She let out a soft, “Oooh,” and ground her hips in a circle. His cum was already running from her hole, but there was not enough stiffness to his cock, yet.”You take a lot out of me, girl,” he groaned.”I’m a woman,” she said defiantly. She bent over, letting her breasts hang above his face. “I’m gonna have big tits, just like my Mom’s.””I don’t doubt it. They’re big already.””But I want to fuck.””Is that right?” He put his hands on her ass and moved her over his stiffening cock and the thick rod slid up her cunt.She moaned. “Yes, every day.”She tossed back her head and her hair seemed to float on the air. One of his hands slid down the small of her back and she arched it in. She squeezed the hard muscles of his chest in her fingers, her nails digging in like she was trying to tear them out. He grunted when she began to cause him pain and she eased up her grip. Her fingernails left deep red marks where they dug in. His breath huffed along with her moans while she rose and fell with his hips, pushing his cock into her tight hole. Her breasts were flattened on his chest maltepe escort and her lips covered his face with kisses.Pam liked the way his cock fit her cunt very nicely, Todd wasn’t as big as Ethan, but he was still bigger then most men. She began riding him like he was a bucking horse, rising and falling with his pumping hips, but, where there was not a saddle to hold her on, there was a long, thick piece of flesh stuffed up inside her body that drove her mad. The top side of his shaft grazed the tip of her swollen clitoris on every stroke coming down and she whimpered each time it did. On the fast upstroke the cock jammed into her soft cunt not quite painfully, but making her wince and grunt when the air was knocked out of her.Her mind was clear of all other thoughts and she concentrated on the feelings of an orgasm building up inside her. She lowered her lips to Todd’s and his tongue pushed past her teeth. She welcomed it with her own tongue. The sweat on his chest spread on her chest and the sweat from his hips spread around the insides of her thighs.”Oh God … Oh God,” she moaned.This was the moment she loved and she wanted it to last all day. Her pussy tightened around his cock and she went rigid as her orgasm swept up over her whole body. It was coming slowly, hesitating like it wouldn’t come at all. She grunted, “Uhn … uhn … uhn,” and then she peaked. Her eyelids were sealed shut, but her mouth hung open sucking in air.Suddenly, her insides were flushed with another supply of warm sperm, just as large as the first, and fresh and moist. First there was the gentle pressure of it shooting from the end of his cock, then the pleasing warmth of the liquid spreading through her groin, and finally the joy of receiving a man’s hefty load of sperm directly into her body. It would probably leak out for the rest of the night.It took them a long time to catch their breath and stop giggling. She finally rolled off, letting his softened cock slip from her hole with a funny slurp sound. Some of the sperm came out with his cock, but she could still feel most of it moving around inside her. Drops of sweat glistened on their bodies and a bunch of cum mixed in the hair between their legs.”My mouth is so dry,” she said, giggling.”I’m beat.”He liked the way her boobs jiggled and shook when she was laughing. Her brow was crinkled up and she put a hand over her mouth.She sighed. “That was so good,” she said, as she moved to towards his middle. Taking his softened but slippery cock in her hand she stroked it twice before taking it in his mouth to clean their mingled juices off.He had closed his eyes but had a pleasant smile across his handsome lips. She gazed at him, while sucking and licking his cock clean thinking how cute he looked that way, so vulnerable but still strong and cool.

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