Son Seduces And Fucks His Innocent Mom

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Son Seduces And Fucks His Innocent MomI am going to narrate another real story that happened a few months back. To know how my mother looks, please read my previous story – “First Glance Of Mom’s Pussy“.After that previous incident, I have seen my mom’s pussy many times but she never noticed me watching any of those times. I usually get this opportunity after my dad goes to sleep after dinner and when I am watching the TV.Mom had the habit of reading the newspaper once she was done with her daily chores.After done with the cleaning, she brushes her teeth, removes her pavadi (lunga) and panty. Most of the times, she reads the newspaper sitting on the floor. I get a clear view of her thighs while doing so as she spreads apart her legs. Since she was fair, sometimes I even get a chance to see her pussy. I have even seen her putting her hand inside the panty and scratching the pussy area.Coming to the story now. The heroine of this story is also my mom. Whenever there was a chance to travel with my mom, I become excited because some unusual things were bound happen.Once, we had to visit a few temples in Goa as one of my relatives had asked to offer prayers so that I get married this year itself. I had booked room for our stay for 2 days.On the first day after visiting the temple which was a bit far away from our stay, we thought of relaxing for the rest of the day. After having a hot water bath, we had our dinner which we had ordered from outside and then went to sleep. As usual, mom removed her pavadi and panty before going to sleep.I usually don’t get nice sleep when I visit other places. So I woke up early before my mom who was in deep sleep due to tiredness. The sun was out and the sun rays were coming inside through the window. To my surprise, mom’s nightie had gone up till her waist level. Usually, I have my mom sleeping with her nightie a bit above the knee.She was half-naked as her lower part of the body was in full view. I was super happy to see my mom sleeping like this. There were a few hairs on the pussy area and she was looking like a pornstar at that moment.The skin of her lower part of the body bahis firmaları was milky white. The ass crack was also a treat to watch. I kept watching and after sometime when she was about to get up, I laid back in the bed with the blanket covering my head. I acted as if I was in deep sleep but was watching through a small gap.As she woke up, she came to know that her nightie was not in the right position. She hurriedly pulled down her nightie and checked whether I was awake or not. She was not knowing that I have been watching her all this while.Then I woke up and my mom was standing near the window watching the outside view. I could clearly see that she was not wearing anything inside, thanks to the sunlight which was passing through her nightie.On that day, I was busy thinking how to move forward as I had only one more night to execute my plans.After visiting the nearby temples and beaches; we came to room, had bath and started packing our luggage as we were scheduled to leave the next day morning. As we were having a normal chat about our trip and as she was in a very good mood, I thought of telling about the morning incident.Me: Mom, as you were tired, you slept carelessly last night.Mom (with a scared face): Carelessly how?Me: Don’t act. Don’t you know what I am talking about?Mom: No.Me: I saw you in that position this morning.Mom (more scared this time): What position?As she was fully scared now, I thought of taking advantage.Me: I saw your private parts.Mom: (silence)Me: I won’t tell dad.Mom: (silence)Me: But…Mom: But what?Me: I want to see you in different costumes.Mom: what costumes?Me: I will tell you to wear different costumes, you have to wear them and come.Mom (scared): Wear and come where?Me: Don’t worry. Inside the room itself.Mom: (silence)Me: Ready? Come in bra and panties only.Mom: What are you saying, my son?!Me: Don’t worry, it’s only me and you here. After seeing you in that position earlier today, I am not able to thinking of anything else.After thinking for a few minutes, she went inside the bathroom and came out only dressed in a white bra and floral panties. She was trying to cover kaçak iddaa her ass and pussy area as the panty was too small for her.Me: Don’t be shy, mom. Remove your hands. You look beautiful at this age also. No one can say that you are 58. You know what is your best part?Mom (shy): what?Me: Those milky thighs.Now she was a bit relaxed and she moved her hands. I was sitting on the bed and I asked her to come near me. My dick became a hard rod by now. Mom had a bit of fat in the tummy. I asked her to turn around so that I could see her ass. Now, she was in an urgent mode.Mom: What next?Me: Remove bra and wear my vest.She went to change. Those hanging boobs when she came out of the bathroom was a treat to watch. She came out of bathroom with vest and panty. I asked her to stand on her all fours so that I can see her boobs. I wanted to touch those soft boobs. She asked, “What next?”Now I asked her to come just in a towel. This time, mom didn’t go inside the bathroom to change but instead changed in front of me. She removed the vest, wrapped the towel around her body and then removed the panty, While removing the panty, I saw part of her naked ass. She seemed comfortable so I thought of going forward.Me: I want to touch your private parts.Mom: That’s not possible.Me: Why not? I have seen you half-naked.Mom: But I am your mom.Me: No one will come to know about this. It will be a secret between us.Mom: (silence)Me: Please, mom.Mom: Ok, I will allow you but with lights switched off.Me (super excited): Agreed!I knew that I could see her full naked under the lights anyway in the morning. She turned off the lights and laid down near me in the bed. I was already naked inside the blanket. I was excited as well as nervous. My dreams were going to come true.I slowly started squeezing one of the boobs but while doing so, the towel came off! I realised mom was fully naked now. Her boobs were so soft that I started sucking one and squeezing the other.Slowly I moved down to her navel and started licking there. She was trying hard to lie down emotionless but couldn’t control after a few minutes. She started making light kaçak bahis moans.Now I came to the main area – the pussy area. It was already wet and few drops of liquid was already dripping from it. I licked and drank it all and came in 69 position. I asked her to suck my dick but she hesitated as she had never done that in her life. Even the licking of pussy was new to her as my dad never used to do it.As I started to lick her pussy hard, she started making even more loud moans. To negate the sound, she started taking my dick inside her mouth! Both of us were in full action for about 10 minutes. We were behaving like a****ls now.After some time, we took rest for a few minutes, lying in the bed fully naked. Then I tried to insert my dick into the most beautiful hole in the world. This was my first sex experience. Initially, it was paining but after a few to and fro attempts, my dick started sliding into mom’s hole easily.As I increased the pace, “faat faat….” sounds were coming out which felt musical to me at that time. After a few minutes, I cummed inside her hole and we both slept naked.But I wanted to see her fully naked in the day light. So I was waiting for the sunlight to come inside through the window.I woke up around 6 am and by that time sun had come up, I was in heaven looking at the way she was sleeping. The room and the bed was a mess though. The bra, panty, towel, boxer etc were all lying in the floor.My mom’s hair was also messed up. Seeing this, I thought of having another session with her. I started licking mom’s pussy again. While I was licking, she came to her senses and woke up. She tried to cover her body but all her clothes were on the floor. She was shy and saw my hard dick which was pointing towards the ceiling.Mom: Didn’t you sleep well?Me: No, I was drinking ‘lassi’ all night.Mom started laughing.Me: How was yesterday night?Mom(shy): Best night of my life.I continued licking the pussy and we had two more sessions before leaving the room. One in the bed and one while bathing together.After this incident, we usually have sex when my mom visits my flat at Bangalore. Sometimes during Sundays, we don’t even wear any clothes and remain naked all day. We have fucked in different positions and in different places of the room.Hope you people enjoyed this story. Waiting for your feedback. Please post them below

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