“Some People Collect Stamps…” (Part 3)

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“Some People Collect Stamps…” (Part 3)During Lunch Break I’d sat in my car out in the parking lot, scrolling through my e-mail, when I got a text message. It was from a guy who used to frequent my glory hole for quite a while, and then suddenly stopped (for whatever reason). His name was James. He was interested in dropping by my glory hole for a blow job. “You give the best blow jobs I’ve ever had!” was the way he put it (a little flattery was always nice). He said he knew it short notice, but he was wondering if he might be able to drop by that very evening. I checked my organizer, and saw that I had no conflicting dates or appointments. I’d planned on doing some stuff to the house because before he’d texted, I had no visitors coming that I’d known of, but, suddenly, the house chores seemed very uninteresting! So, I texted him back and told him that it would just fine for him to drop by. ‘What time?’ I texted back. Several seconds later, the reply was ‘8: 00?’ ‘That’ll work!’ Was my equally brief reply. Within a matter of seconds I got a reply. All it said was: “FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU!!!” I like people who are polite, and I liked people who went out of their way to be that way, and James had done that. So, making a mental note to give him a VERY good blow job when he came over; just for being so polite, I felt that subtle, but unmistakable, sensation of excited anticipation. I thought back to the last time James had been to the glory hole, and if my memory was correct, he had a rather BIG cock with a fat cock head and nice-sized set of balls (that produced copious quantities of that delightful male ambrosia called Sperm)!The rest of the day was the typical noisy machine-shop environment, and running such machines required careful attention; but, even so, I kept thinking of James, and, if memory served me right, I was eager to get his cock inside my mouth once again…and canlı bahis drain those balls of his totally, and completely DRY! As the end of the work day drew closer, I started feeling impatient for the day to be done so that I could get home! Of course, the hour that remained seemed to stretch out to be two hours; but, eventually, the day was done and I hurried out to my car and drove home.It had been close to two weeks since I’d had a visitor to my glory hole, and I’d begun to wonder if anyone was going to come back! I mean, I know I’m a damned good cocksucker, so that couldn’t be the reason for the worrisome ‘dry spell’, or so I hoped! So, thanks to James, maybe the dry streak was coming to an end finally! ‘Oh, PLEASE! Let it be so!’ I thought to myself. I love sucking cock! There’s nothing better (in my opinion) than a good, big, and HARD cock in my mouth; nor was there anything better than an equally BIG load of hot, fresh, cum!By the time James showed up (right on the dot of 8:00!), I was in the garage, on my side of the glory hole, eagerly waiting for that cock of his to come through the hole; and more than ready for to take it from there!I heard the side door open, then close.”Hey!” James said.”Welcome back,” I replied, and though eager as hell, I was trying not to sound overly eager.”Thanks! I’m glad to be back. It’s been a while, huh?” He said, and we chatted like that, he was unzipping his fly, as well as his belt, and then, without any further hesitation, I watched as he slid his cock, and balls, through the opening; and my memory had not been wrong! James had a very nice looking cock, along with ample-sized balls! He’d been expertly circumcised, and his cock head flared nicely; and there was a glistening droplet of pre-cum just starting to emerge! It glistened like a tiny diamond, right at the very tip. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought to myself as I reached bahis siteleri out and began fondling his balls, then, after a few seconds, I leaned forwards and caught the drop of pre-cum with my tongue just before it dripped to the floor!James let out a quiet moan of approval as I ran my tongue over and around the sensitive rim of his cock head, as well over the frenulum.”You in a hurry tonight?” I asked, between licking his cock.”No,” he replied. “Not really. Why?””Well, since you haven’t been over here in quite a while, I was thinking it would be fun to take things slower than normal. You know? Instead of being in a hurry, I’d LOVE to make this…LAST longer this time.”At that, his cock stiffened in front of me! That was an excellent sign!”Yeah,” he said. “That’d be great. As long as you’ve got the time, that is!” Again, he was being so polite! I liked that a lot!”Then, relax, James. Your in for one hell of a blow job!” I said, and at that, I began pouring on the lustful attention; and he loved it!I had a great time teasing James, and not quite going far enough with him so that he’d come, and I had him literally squirming against the glory hole divider panel as I did! I even coaxed him just enough to ‘milk’ a small amount of sperm, but without him going ‘all the way!’ I didn’t always have the uninterrupted time to do this with a lot of the guys who dropped by, and so I enjoyed myself tremendously…and I know James did as well!However, ‘all things must come to an end’, as the saying goes, and it was true in this situation as well. I knew I couldn’t keep James on edge forever! But maybe as close to forever as I possibly could manage! “Oh..FUCK,” James was saying now, and the urgency in his voice was palpable. It was time to end his ‘heavenly agony’, and when he came at last, it was a truly massive load of cum that he shot down my throat; and I had to swallow bahis şirketleri rapidly in order for none of it to escape!”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH—FUUUK!!!” James kept saying as he kept coming, and coming, and coming, and I was a very happy cock sucker that night!When he’d stopped ejaculating, I slowly (and with more than a little reluctance) let his cock slip out of my mouth. As it did, I gave the head a wet kiss!”Wow!” I heard James saying from the other side. “That, was GREAT! Thanks for letting me come by tonight!””No problem,” I replied, still trying to effect a nonchalant attitude (one that I didn’t feel)! “That was a big goddamned load! How long have you been holding on to that?!””A week, or so,” he said.”You’ll have to come by for frequently than that,” I said. “I’ll take care of you. You know that, though, don’t you?””Absolutely!” He replied. “Now that I’m back, I can do this more frequently!””That’s good to hear!”As he prepared to leave, he thanked me once again for the nice blow job.”Not a problem!” I said, truthfully. “Come back again soon, okay? And we’ll keep those balls of your empty.””Thanks, I’ll do that. And, again—Thanks! I really needed that!””I could tell!”He left through the side door. A moment later, I heard the side gate open and then close. After that, faintly, I heard his car drive off down the street.I could taste his cum in my mouth as I left the garage and then into the house. James’ load of cum had been a really big one. I loved big loads of cum from guys! I hoped that James would be coming back over again, and soon! I had a feeling that he would. I sure as hell hoped he would!I got a beer out of the refrigerator, and, somewhat reluctantly, I washed down his remaining sperm—and then, going to the bathroom, I jerked off into the sink, and as I did, I was remembering that beautiful cock of James, and the way it felt inside my mouth!”Oh, god YESSS!” I said, as I spurted my own load now, and then I felt happy. I’d quenched the lust that had been with me all day since getting his text message at noon! The cycle was complete (at least, for a little while)!The End

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