Soccer Sucks

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Soccer SucksSoccer Sucks———-While I was in High School, I was not overly athletic, or I did not think I was until someone commented that my legs were like thick tree trunks. I was on the soccer team and all the running and kicking certainly has it’s affect on one’s legs. Strong and muscular was not tree trunks.After moving to the farm, soccer was a thing of the past. I still watched matches on the TV and kept up with the news of the my school friends when I happened to spot a name I recognized on one of the televised games. I pulled out my address book and sure enough, her name, Lily, was there, so I called and left a message, just saying hello, saw you on TV, hope all is well, etc. I remembered Lily as being a very timid and quiet girl, long brown hair and brown eyes. She was a bit thick, but her curves were in the right places with wide shoulders and hips.I was surprised to receive a callback from Lily, figuring that since she was almost famous from her college soccer team and their titles. We talked for what seemed like an hour, if only 10 minutes or so, catching up, joking about high school, when out of the blue, she asked if I would like to come visit and watch a game. I accepted her offer and we planned a weekend game that was reasonably close to me.I was apprehensive about seeing Lily again; we had been very close, competed for positions and for one guy in school. She won both, but when I arrived, she was all smiles and we got along bursa escort famously. Her time was limited, but she handed me a VIP pass for the game, allowing me full access to all areas at the college. I spent some time walking around getting accustomed to the setup, and found the VIP seating area, an outstanding set of seats, midfield between the two opposing teams’ benches. Lily waved at me and pointed to me, and all her teammates turned and waved and smiled.The game was an exciting one, the first half, both teams battled for control, but no goals were made, although there were many shots for each. The second half was more of the same with no score, until Lily made an outstanding shot that turned out to be the winning goal of the game.I stood up and cheered at the games end wondering what I would do until she rushed over and pounced on me, wrapping her legs around me and hugging me tightly. Within seconds, I was surrounded by her teammates, everyone hugging and kissing at their win. In the mass of bodies, I felt many hands on my breasts and buttocks, pinching and squeezing and heard numerous whispers to Lily about how delicious I looked. I blushed very red as a set of hands went inside my top and fondled my tits and my nipples tweaked and heard giggling burst out from a few girls because my tits were yanked out of my top.Lily grabbed my hands, and pulled me with her and the team into the locker room as I struggled to straighten my blouse. bursa escort bayan The girls immediately started stripping off their clothes to take showers. I had not noticed how much I had perspired in the heat of the day watching the match as Lily and another girl flanked me, and started removing my clothing as well.”You need a shower too girl, come on, we all want to see your lovely body. You have delicious titties.” It was happening so quickly, that I had no time to resist, and was standing naked with them all playfully reaching out and touching me all over. In my mind, I thought that I had never seen such a mass of muscular bodies in one place ever. Their muscles rippled as they moved, stomachs showing six-packs, with small but well toned breasts and a large number of very hairy and untrimmed pussies adorned most of them. My body quivered almost as if their excitement in winning and their lustful eyes and hands running themselves over my body had completely taken over my senses.I was both pushed and pulled into the steamy shower area. I stood helpless to resist these strong women as they groped my body, hands between my legs, fingering my womanhood wantonly. I felt several sets of breasts pressing on my back and sides, and saw the tops of heads whose mouths were engulfing my breasts and nipples with licks as hands cupped them. My legs were pulled open and Lily knelt down between them and started kissing my inner thighs and licking escort bursa her way upwards to my pussy. Fingers opened my labia, and Lily’s tongue darted into it. It was as if lightning had struck me and I felt myself being lowered to the wet floor with water pouring over me. I started to speak, only to have a hairy twat positioned over my face, stifling my voice. My lips were pressed against this girls labia, her ass was covering my eyes, as she started humping my mouth. The sweetness of her cunt overcame me and my tongue started licking her like an ice cream cone. I felt Lily holding my own pussy open and her tongue buried deep inside me. Other girls were suckling on my nipples. I felt my hands being directed to other girls’ private parts, and I started fingering their slits, letting my hands roam and relished the feeling of their hairy pubes.It was not long until I felt my pussy tense and quaver with it’s first orgasm on Lily’s tongue; I arched my ass upwards, pushing my pussy into her face more, savoring the feeling and came several times.Over the course of perhaps an hour, I was kept laying on my back, as girl after girl sat on my face for a tonguing as others took turns lapping at my pussy. I was so completely spent, that I did not realize I had managed to satisfy the whole team with my tongue and that they all had ravaged my face and pussy themselves.”Frolic,” I heard Lily’s voice softly speak above me, “the girls and I would like to thank you for ‘coming’ today. We all enjoyed you and your visit, and all want you to come back again for more VIP treatment after one or more of our games.”Smiling and nodding my head, I hoped their season’s schedule was still in my pocketbook.

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