Sight , Sound Ch. 06

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Sorry for the delays, readers.

If this is your first glance at Sight & Sound, I enthusiastically recommend that you start at the beginning — Chapter 1. It really is a better story if you start from the beginning. Well, maybe you should be the judge of that.

As a quick lead-in, its now Sunday afternoon. Annie has been gone for a few hours on an emergency call (she’s a Veterinary) and Dan has just answered the door.

SUNDAY, 12:30 pm


Unable to speak.

I just stood there, dumb struck. Pamela was standing in my front foyer, relaxed, friendly and smiling, as if she was ready to continue the talk about fundraising for the community center.

I kept looking down at the Experiences Incorporated card and looking up at Pamela. This didn’t make sense to me.

Pamela broke the silence.

“Thank you for letting me into your house. I have a message for you but I need just a minute to prepare.” She never stopped smiling and I realized that her incredibly beautiful green eyes were unwaveringly focused on me.

Pamela turned and opened the hall closet door. She bent down, – what a perfect ass -untied her track shoes, and slipped them off. Still bending down, she placed them in the closet. She slipped her shoulder bag off, placed it in the closet beside her shoes and reached in and took out a pair of shoes. Black heels — stilettos – strappy. Then, Pamela, keeping her back to me, began unbuttoning her blouse.

She’s taking her blouse off?

Suddenly, all of my senses spun up to maximum. I became aware of her scent, a simple soap.

Ivory Soap? — Yes, that was it. Ivory Soap.

I heard the rustle of her buttons against the cloth of her blouse as she undid them, each one punctuating her even, gentle breathing. I heard the kitchen clock a few feet away ticking – it seemed to slow down as I focused on it. I became intensely aware of my own body. I felt my pulse rate speeding up, as if my heart had decided to compensate for the clock. The neck of my t-shirt was suddenly uncomfortable, just this side of constricting. The elastic waistband of my shorts seemed to tighten around me. I felt everything.

But the scene unfolding in front of me didn’t fit with these feelings. There wasn’t anything sexy about her movements, no teasing movements, no wriggling of hips. She was just taking off her blouse — just like she would if she was in a clothing store change room, trying on clothes.

“What are you doing?” My voice actually broke when I finally had enough presence to protest this.

“Just a minute please. I can’t speak with you yet.” Pamela answered calmly.

The blouse slipped off her shoulders. She took a hanger out of the closet, carefully arranged her blouse on it, and placed the hanger back in the closet. She kept her back to me — almost modestly. She was wearing a black bra — nothing special.

Her back — perfection — soft, clear, pale skin — she’s fit — her arms and shoulders well defined — wow…

Pamela then began undoing her belt.

“What are you doing? You can’t do that in my house!” I began to unfreeze.

“One more minute please. I can’t speak to you yet.” she repeated, keeping her back to me. In a moment she had stepped out of her pants and neatly hung them on one of the hooks in the closet.

I was still shocked and silent. She was wearing thigh-high black stockings under her pants — sheer and obviously expensive. A modest pair of black panties, the “old fashioned” style with the full back, covered her perfect ass. Her legs were firm, perfectly proportioned, and just as toned as her upper body. She then bent over at her waist and put on her heels, fastening each strap expertly. She reached into her bag one more time, pulling something small out. It was a collar — a black leather collar and still keeping her back to me, she put it on, snapping it at the back of her neck. She then took out her ponytail, shook her head gently letting her long red hair flow around her shoulders. All this had taken maybe five minutes from the time she stepped inside.

“One last thing.” she said. She then slid the panties down, stepping gracefully out of them and placed them in her bag. She was careful to do this without exposing herself to me and this time she lowered herself on one knee to reach the purse on the closet floor. Pamela stood up, her back to me and turned slowly to face me, arms relaxed at her sides.

There was a goddess in front of me – a perfect, young body. Her cascading red hair draped midway over her bra to her erect nipples. She was still smiling but not with the sexy look of a model. This was a smile of innocence, and purity without a trace of nervousness or reluctance. In a few seconds, I took in the entire vision — the black lingerie, the perfect shimmering pale skin, the soft tuft of red hair that covered the area between her legs. I could see that her toes were painted red through the stockings. And the strappy stilettos were high escort ataşehir — perhaps 5″ heels. She was a painting, a perfect, magnificent portrait.

I suddenly realized that I was looking her up and down in silence.

“What are you doing here? Who are you? You’re the woman in the video, aren’t you?” I started to get animated.

For the briefest of seconds, something flickered across her face.

“I’m here to speak to you about something important. I have a message for you. I can’t say anything else.” she answered calmly. “We have to go into your bedroom. I can only talk to you in your bedroom.”


She walked by me confidently turned down the hall and walked directly towards my bedroom. There was no hesitation, no looking around, just a nearly naked young woman with a perfect ass, walking to my bedroom.

I stood in the hall motionless until she turned into my bedroom. I glanced at the door, half-expecting to see Annie. I took one heavy step down the hall and then another and another and finally, I took a deep breath and overcoming a significant dose of nervous fear, I stepped into our bedroom.

In the brightness of mid-day, I found Pamela kneeling demurely on the floor in front of the chair.

That’s the chair that Annie was fucked in, Friday night, I remembered. Pamela was sitting back on her legs, her hands clasped in her lap. Her head was bowed as if she was praying.

“You have to get dressed and get out of my house. I don’t know what you’re trying to do here but I’m married.” I tried to assert myself – for a moment. Then I glanced down at the business card I was still holding, and the bravado evaporated.

“Sit in the chair.” she spoke quietly. “You must sit in the chair.”

“I’m not going to sit in the chair. What the fuck are you doing here?” I raised my voice.

I can get this back under control. I’m sure I can.

“Please. Do as I ask.” she was whispering now, almost inaudibly. “I’ll be punished if you don’t follow their instructions.”

Her pleading knifed through me. Instantly, I felt sympathy for her. I knew then that she wasn’t the woman who had fucked me. Pamela was being controlled. She was a pawn, a tool that they were using just like they had used me – and Annie. She’d be able to tell me how to get to these people. This poor beautiful young woman was my link to those raping fuckers. I felt the fear and uncertainty wash away, replaced by a testosterone-fueled stew of excitement, courage, and aggression.

I needed to know.

I can do this.

“OK. I’ll do as you ask.” I said with determination. I sat down on the overstuffed chair, stepping between Pamela carefully. She immediately raised herself up on her knees, and grasping my shorts by the waistband firmly pulled them off me. I was startled and pushed back deeper into the chair. Pamela tossed my shorts aside and turned towards me — well, actually she turned towards my cock. Never looking up, Pamela gently stroked my cock. Still partially primed from watching the video, I started to get hard again.

I wriggled away.

“Listen. I love my wife. I don’t cheat. We have a great life. Stop this.” I spoke clearly.

She ignored me and just kept gently holding my dick, all the time slowly stroking it.

Never taking her eyes from her work, she said, “I will give you several instructions now. You must listen to them carefully and do exactly what I say. “

“That depends on what they are.” I let out a little sigh as her other hand joined in by lightly tickling my balls. My token efforts to avoid her touch slowed down to nothing.

“Listen carefully,” she said more loudly. She then leaned over me and took my cock in her mouth. The first touch of her mouth was exquisite – a gentle, warm but persistent caress growing as she began taking me ever so slightly deeper in her mouth. Her tongue was gently working the sensitive spot under the tip. My body and mind began to flood with the sensation.

“Have you watched the video?” she asked between strokes on my now rapidly engorging cock.

I glanced down at this vision that was working on my dick. She didn’t look up at me — even when she took the time to lick the under side of my cock from its base to the tip. Grunting a feeble ‘yes’, I closed my eyes and leaned back. She was good — very, very good.

My god, what if Annie gets back early?

She seemed to sense this thought and suddenly sucked my entire cock down her throat — causing an intense burst of pleasure as synapses fired from my groin up my spine to my brain.

“Fuck….” I groaned, involuntarily lifting my hips out of the seat towards her.

And she released me.

“Mistress will call you at exactly 1:00 pm. You will answer the phone and say — ‘Yes. I am listening’ — if you do not say exactly that, the call will be terminated.”

Pamela was staring at my purple cock and didn’t look up. She was slowly and lightly stroking it with a very loose grip — caressing kadıköy escort it. I groaned again. My balls were already starting to ache. Glancing over at the clock, I prayed that she would finish me in the next eight minutes before the phone rang.

“Sure. I can do that.”, I was very agreeable. “Can I ask you something?”

Pamela didn’t answer as she returned to her sucking and licking. I closed my eyes and relaxed back in the chair as Pamela continued working her magic on my cock.

“Can you take off that bra?” I was the one who was pleading now. I could feel sensations in my balls, the touch of her chest against my thighs. Images began firing chaotically — images of Annie coming, moaning, trembling during the incredible sex we’d had that weekend.

She didn’t answer. She didn’t look up. My cock never left her mouth. She just reached behind her back, undid the bra, and put it beside her on the floor. She increased the speed, swallowing more of my cock on each down stroke, alternating with long, delicious licks with her tongue from the base of my balls to the urgent, angry head. After a few more minutes, she paused for a few seconds.

“You must take the call. I am going to leave soon. Stay here in the bedroom and answer the phone”.

“What? Aren’t you going to finish what you’re doing?” I was breathing through an open mouth, holding the arms of the chair in a death grip. My ass was almost off the seat as my body shifted towards this perfect woman. I needed to finish, to come in the mouth of this strange, angelic visitor. She swallowed me completely, her nose rubbing against my shaved belly. She held this position for ten, twenty, maybe 30 seconds. And she released me.

“The phone will ring in one minute. Please answer it promptly.” Pamela smiled.

Pamela stood up and turned towards the bed. She bent over the bed, putting her hands wide to steady herself. Her legs opened up and there I was — staring at the perfect pussy – open, moist, inviting. Her legs, the stockings, and the black heels — this was a vision that only existed in magazines. She froze in this position — she might just as well have been a mannequin — a very sexy mannequin.

I stood up shakily and stepped towards her. I glanced at the clock.

God. Thirty seconds to go. I’m ready to pop. I can come in thirty seconds.

I positioned my cock at her open cunt and pushed in hard and fast. She didn’t make a sound but she immediately matched my rhythm pushing back on me, grinding ever so slightly. The warm wetness of this woman enveloped not just my cock but my consciousness. Nothing existed except for the pale goddess in front of me, a perfect ass, and my swollen, red dick — disappearing inside her. I started pounding this beautiful, red-haired young woman letting the animal take over. And in a few more strokes, I was grunting on each slam. Louder and louder each time.

I grabbed a handful of her soft, full hair and pulled her head back towards me. Her back arched down. As I pounded into her again and again, I focused on her smooth pale skin, her firm back, and the symmetry of her quivering ass. She didn’t react at all as my swollen cock thrust in and out. She didn’t moan. She didn’t even breathe heavy. There was only the slightest of movement in her hips — a subtle grinding on each of my thrusts.

I felt the tension building in my balls. I was going to unleash a fountain of cum into this woman. It was there, right there, ready to pop as I thought about Annie tied in the chair. That rapid overlay of our incredible fucking over the past couple of days began flipping through my mind again.

The phone rang. It was exactly 1 pm.

Pamela didn’t look at me. She just pushed back from the bed, stood up stepping away from me in mid-stroke, and stooped to pick the bra off the floor. As the phone rang again, she walked out of the bedroom with exactly the same purposeful stride that I had seen as she walked down the hallway into my bedroom a few minutes earlier.

I stood there as my impending orgasm retreated, my angry, red cock bobbing with each pulse of the blood that was surging through me.

“Jesus. You shouldn’t even be able to walk after that.”, I said out loud. There was no answer.

I moved to the side of the bed near the phone as it rang for third time, and sat, or more accurately dropped, down. My cock was glistening wet but already softening. I just sat there looking at my dick shrink by the second as the third ring faded. More emotions hit me as I struggled with what had just happened. I had cheated on Annie — guilt — that was the nauseous, sickening feeling starting in my gut. I started breathing faster as my mind came back to reality.

What have I done?

I jumped. The fourth ring seemed louder than the rest.

I picked up the phone and stuttered at first….

“I… I… yes….” I took a deep breath to steady myself. That helped to clear my head. “Yes. I am listening”.

“Very maltepe escort bayan good, Dan. I’m sure you appreciated our specialized courier service?” The female voice didn’t wait for me to answer. “I want you to listen very carefully for a few minutes. Do not talk until I say ‘you may speak’. Do you understand what I have said so far?”

“Sure. I can wait for a few minutes.” My voice was clipped and tense.

“Dan, its important that we speak properly and respectfully to each other. When I ask you a question, answer yes or no. Unless I’ve asked for more information, all that is necessary is yes or no. Do you understand what I have said so far? You may speak.”

“Uhhh…. Yes. “

“Good. Let’s continue.” Her voice was soft and lower than most women. There was some kind of a slight foreign accent. Maybe Eastern European? I could tell that she was used to being in charge.

“Dan, first, let me assure you that we have no interest in money or any kind of illegal activity. We’re not spies, black mailers, or computer hackers. Is that the right term in your business? We have no reason to ruin your life. Our group exists to change people — to give them new perspectives on how they live — to present them with choices that, without our involvement, they could never even imagine.

“We are a group, a community, an organization that has been around for a long time, going back many decades — centuries in fact. We are quiet — only the members of our group and the few people who are chosen for — let’s call them “Experiences” for now — are aware of our existence.”

I maintained my silence — barely. I was seething inside — a fury was building that I probably couldn’t control for much longer. Who the fuck do they think they are? Who is this bitch?

“By now, you are likely getting angry. Before you say something you will regret, let me summarize your situation.

“You and Annie have been filmed in a compromising ‘position’. It is fairly aggressive bondage involving sensory deprivation, light torture, and anal sex. You were not offering resistance. You did not call out for help. You did not fight against your restraints. And you clearly enjoyed the sex.

“We have the video as you know.” She paused for effect.

“Today, we recorded Pamela’s delivery of our message to you. We have this video as well.”

My head spun. I felt as if I was going to lose consciousness. I simply couldn’t accept the words that I had just heard. I think perhaps I might have made some kind of plaintive low moan of pain.

“Do not worry. You have nothing to fear from us. The amplification of our guests’ sex lives is one of the very first impacts after we introduce ourselves. And I must say, you and Annie have certainly experienced ‘amplification’ — wouldn’t you agree?” She paused again.

“Do not search for our equipment. We will know instantly and we will take steps to suppress any curiosity you might display.

“So remain calm. And carefully listen to me. Do you understand? You may speak.”

“Yes.” I hissed. I stifled the anger. I could feel my blood pounding through me. I could hear the slightest hiss on the phone line. I could smell the Ivory Soap smell – Pamela’s aroma – still lingering in the bedroom.

A far away part of me heard the front door close.

Pamela just left. No — that was too soon — I needed to talk to….

“Dan. We will alter your life. You will be introduced carefully into our group and we will train you, and by extension, your wife Annie, to become a more developed human being, with stronger abilities in the real world, and to elevate your senses in ways only a very few individuals have achieved. This is not an option, Dan. You have been evaluated and chosen for this rare privilege. Do you understand? You may speak.”

“Uh. No. I don’t understand” I growled.

“Yes or no only”, she answered sharply. “Do you understand? You may speak.”


“Confusion is expected and common on first contact. We have observed that with other guests. You will understand more when we meet for the first time.

“The reason, Dan, that no one knows of us, except for those select individuals that we invite to be our guests, is straightforward. As I said we have no reason to harm you in any way. However, there have been a few guests over the years that chose not to accept our services and decided to work against us — to injure our organization. You’re likely feeling that and I expect that your mind is quickly developing scenarios that imagine you as a heroic character, fighting and destroying your unknown assailants.

“Dismiss these thoughts. We will not harm you but we will defend our organization from attack or public exposure. Please remember that we have recorded everything that has happened in your home since Friday evening. These recordings are secure and protected but we will use everything at our disposal if you attempt to contact police. You are not to disclose anything to your wife. If you do so, she will learn of your infidelity today. We have the ability to edit the recording of your experience with Pamela today and we can provide compelling evidence that you forced yourself on this young, innocent woman. I don’t believe that Annie would approve.”

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