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Amidst all of my angst over Elle’s downward slide… the one to which I’d applied copious amounts of KY Lubricant, I needed to do one more thing before making my initial foray into the “Adult Sex Club” that Kat had recommended. Despite her and our new friend Keith’s endorsement, I wanted to be extra sure I wasn’t putting myself and Elle into any sort of compromising position.

So I called my friend Teddy.

He and I had grown up together, gone to the same schools and been best friends until I went off to one college and he’d gone off to another. I’d studied “Education, with a Business minor” and he’d studied “Co-eds, with a Football/Baseball minor.”

At age 12, Teddy was 6’0″ tall and weighted 200 lbs.

At age 22, he was a 6’4,” 240 lb “Small College All American” at Defensive End/Linebacker. He also was the catcher on a Conference winning baseball team.

While he’d managed to have a cup of coffee in the NFL, 2 years on “Practice Squads,” with 2 call ups and 4 games of participation, he’d had a respectable career played in the Canadian Football League, playing for 6 years and winning 2 Grey Cups.

Now, over twenty years later, we were again best friends, Teddy now in the “Adult Entertainment” business.

He’d put his “Major in Co-Eds…” to good use

If you’ll recall, in Chapter 18, I first introduced Elle to “Strip Clubs.” But in making the decision on which of several to bring her, I’d purposely avoided one club in particular. The reason for my choosing to avoid that club… was because it belonged to Teddy and I wasn’t sure how he might handle my arrival with a woman that wasn’t my wife!

But now I needed his advice… and because my wife and I would sometimes attend events at Teddy’s club together, including having her judge “Amateur Night” contestants, I couldn’t have him innocently ask me, “So how did that Sex Club work out for you?”

While chastising me for my lack of faith in him, he did offer a comment on, “… the dangerous game you’re playing with her…” meaning Elle. That was before he answered my question about that “Sex Club” with, “… to the best of my knowledge the place is legit and the law seems to feel the same way.”

The next day he called to tell me he’d done some additional checking… and was thinking about joining himself! (He was kidding… his wife Jeanne, a Canadian, had two Moose heads hanging in the house and would think nothing of adding Teddy’s if she thought he was screwing around with, “…the help!”)

He did ask that I let him know how the club actually worked…

And he never asked about being introduced to Elle.

I submitted my application that night, via email, and received a confirmation reply later that evening. Along with the confirmation came a phone number and a request that I call that number at my earliest convenience.

But… the request also contained an appeal that my reply take place, “… the sooner the better, as we have a “Orientation Night” coming up next week and I’d like to give you an opportunity to attend.”

It was signed, “Mike.”

I called the number the next morning and got voice mail. I asked that “Mike” return my call at, “… 4:00 PM if possible. If not, “Please before 5:00.”

He called at 4:05.

The “interview” was simple; answers to questions about my knowledge of the club, the philosophy behind its rules and regulations and one pointed question… actually two pointed questions… “Can you abide by these rules…?” and “When can I expect to hear from your significant other?”

“She’s sitting next to me,” I responded, after answering in the affirmative to his first question… then handing the phone to Elle.

We’d driven to a donut shop parking lot and I was standing outside her car. Because I knew that the rules called for her to answer the same questions Mike had asked me… I had, for the first time, had her participating in my plans that would include a, hoped for, number of sexual interludes for her with strangers.

Didn’t like it, but I had no way around it.

She was actually excited about the possibilities, her innocence about those possibilities a big part of her excitement.

I put the phone on “Speaker” mode.

After Mike had asked his questions and seemed satisfied with Elle’s answers, he bantered a bit with her, making a few suggestive remarks, which she laughed off and then offered a couple of her own suggestive remarks. That caused a pause on his part and then…, “If you don’t mind me asking… what do you do for a living?”

As she started to answer… he interrupted, “I’ll bet you’re a school teacher!”

Surprised… she responded, “How did you know that?” now looking at me.

I shook my head and shrugged… he hadn’t asked, so I’d never volunteered that information.

Mike answered, “Because about 60% of our female members are teachers or nurses and they are, by far, the most confident and self depreciating girls on the planet. I can’t wait to meet you!”

She couldn’t wait for the next Friday to arrive ataşehir escort bayan either.

That night I emailed Keith and asked him to how his “Orientation” had gone, since he and Sara had been members at “Options” for about three months. While he’d given me a cursory explanation the night after his “Orientation,” it had only included a physical description of the club, some of the rules and a small sample of his interactions with the members and potential members. He hadn’t gotten into any of the important stuff… like what did those present expect of the potential members… in regards to their sexual proclivities?

As usual… he was no help at all!

“Wish you would have warned me. Sara and I would have attended if for no other reason than to ravage your lovely Elle for the whole time that she’s there!”

“You’ll get your chance… either there, if they accept us… or at Eden! How did the women dress?” I asked.

“Mostly casual, but a few wore sexy things.,” he replied, then adding, “But none of the women present exposed herself as expertly as Elle… and I can guarantee that!”

That tidbit solidified my decision on what she would wear.

I promised to let him know how we made out and if we’d decided to join and had been accepted.

He was good with that.

In between I told another story in both classrooms, which was well received by both children and teachers. In a surprise move, Leo, the principal, decided to attend my presentation in Lexi’s class, her forth grade teacher, Ms. Silva having no reasonable explanation as to why he’d made that decision.

He also congratulated me on the story and told me that I’d done nothing that would alter his opinion on my ability to connect with the children.

Because my “Story” time for Lexi’s class was always right after lunch, Leo walked with me from the classroom to the office. On the way, he casually mentioned, “… some rumors” he’d heard that referenced a “… possible romance between you and Elle?”

He smiled when he said that.

Now the “real” purpose of his visit was out in the open.

“Just rumors?” I asked.

“More like idle speculation,” he responded, “a couple of the older teachers are wondering about Elle’s change of wardrobe habits and her more cheerful attitude… not that she ever dour by any means, but an attitude change that seemed to coincide with your becoming her classroom’s “Story Teller,” another smile for me at the end.

Now giving him a smile, as I signed out and tuned in my name tag, I said, “I’ll plead guilty to the change of clothes, because I did wonder out loud a few times why she wore the, “Pilgrim clothes.” But as far as a change in her personality is concerned, I’ve always found her to be a very cheerful young lady… so I can’t comment on that.”

Putting his hand on my shoulder, now with a big angelic smile, he patted that shoulder and half whispered, “And if I were you… I’d stick to that story.”

Last time we ever spoke.

Picked Elle up on that following Friday, this time she was only “fashionably” late, as she apologized… her excuse, “… Kathy’s house again.”

Since I had “suggested” a wardrobe option for her that evening, I’d kind of expected some “resistance” from Kathy. How much resistance would soon be revealed.

I had dinner at Katmandu planned, figuring she might be a little nervous about the “orientation” at “Options,” so starting the evening in a familiar and comfortable environment would be good for her.

Never mind the obvious lust that Chloe, the restaurant owner, held for her and the exhibitionist vignettes that both Chloe and I would contrive, independently of one another, to show Elle off.

However the night ended, I figured we’d be off to a good start.

It turned out even better than I could have imagined… or fantasized!

Chloe had reserved our regular table, but must have caught on to my making fake reservations for the other two tables so Elle and I could dine by ourselves, or I could set someone else up at another of the tables.

Instead, she’d blocked off both tables, telling me, “… in the future… when you call for a reservation… please let me know when you have… or want, company.”

She was waiting for us at the door, her smile matched only by Elle’s, their embrace causing the young hostess standing nearby to blush.

It got worse when Chloe helped Elle take off her coat.

Elle was wearing the “O” of silver sequins… the one that Kathy had refused to let her wear on one of our earlier dates, over a skin tight purple mini skirt, one which I’d purchased for her at 2Hot on one of my earlier, solo, visits.

Obviously, Kathy had known about my plans for the evening.

My heart skipped a beat… and so did Chloe’s… maybe two beats!

The hostess was now blushing a “Fire Engine” red!

In the second it took Chloe to recover, Elle stood beaming at the look on the woman’s face… never having glanced at me to see my expression.

“Good escort kadıöy lord…” the restaurateur breathed, “is there no end to your showing off! Girls dancing in the Strip Clubs downtown wear more clothes than that…! Where in god’s name to you find these things?”

Still smiling from ear to ear, Elle simply held up a finger and pointed to me.

The hostess smiled at that.

After seating us, every head in the building turning to watch Elle take her seat… the hostess left for the bar, Chloe having already ordered our drinks.

She returned with them and then informed us that her boss had the kitchen prepare a “special” for us, “… a four course offering based on your past dining experiences.”

She left the table without further explanation.

Elle and I looked at each other, wondering what this was all about?

One thing that had also puzzled me, was the lack of movement on the part of the sequined “O.” When she’d modeled it at 2Hot, it was more of a necklace than an article of clothing… the “O” not staying in place for a second, offering anyone looking a constant view of her exposed breasts!

Then it hit me… Kathy allowing Elle to wear the top because…

“Double sided tape,” I said out loud.


“Kathy put double sided tape on the inside of your blouse.”

“What time is it?” she asked, ignoring my comment.

“8:14” I answered, after looking at my watch.

“I win!” with a huge smile.


Another big smile… “Kathy bet me you wouldn’t notice that my top wasn’t moving until we got to that club. I bet her you’d notice before we ate dinner.”

With that, she got up from the table and disappeared around the side of the bar heading for the “Ladies Room.” Less than thirty seconds later, she walked back to the table, the “O” every bit as revealing as when she’d modeled it at 2Hot!

The reaction from the other diners ranged from jaw dropping disbelief… to tight jawed anger… to narrow eyed annoyance… to eye popping lust!

Somehow, word got to Chloe, who suddenly appeared below our table, asking if everything was, “… alright?”

Both Elle and I knew why she was there, so Elle bent over, smiled and asked, “Do you like my top better like this… or the other way?”

The sequined “O” was hanging six inches away from her tits, nothing even remotely obscured.

Now Chloe’s mouth hung open, her eyes big as saucers, and stammered, “God… I couldn’t have imagined that you could look any more edible…!”

Elle leaned back, still fully exposed, laughed a cute giggle and replied, “I’ll take that as a, “Yes,” you like this way better.”

So much for the double sided tape!

Fresh Oysters on the half shell, Calamari, “Rhode Island” style for the two of us to share. A side salad of leafy greens and fresh mozzarella cheese for each of us… Monkfish fillets, “Dijon style,” wild rice and string beans for Elle. A thick cut Ribeye, served “Au Poivre” with garlic mashed potatoes and Cauliflower florets for me. Chloe had also chosen a Sauvignon Blanc for Elle and a Malbec for me… before finishing things off with Crème Brulee, which Elle didn’t share, for dessert. We both had a nice Remy Martin XO Excellence cognac after dinner, Chloe stopping by to enjoy one with us, along with enumerable views of Elle’s exposed tits.

As she commented on Elle’s casual way of, “… showing off,” she also mentioned that, “Vivian… my hostess, had two customers who complained about you, one man going so far as to state, “If I wanted to be confronted by trashy looking women… I could have eaten downtown!”

I then asked, “So what did the other guy have to say?”

She laughed, “The other guy was a woman… and she said about the same thing, except she substituted, “… some whore” for “Trashy.”

Elle smiled, “Wow, someone noticed!”

“Oh…,” Chloe continued, “lots of people noticed. Two guys at the bar were ready to leave until you walked back from the “Ladies Room,” and they stayed instead and spent another eighty dollars on drinks and appetizers just so they could watch you! And a college professor friend of mine from RISD asked if I knew you and when I answered “Yes” he then asked if I might recruit you to pose for his Videography class.”

Looking at me, Elle smiled and said, “That sounds like fun!”

Chloe promised to send me his email address.

From there we went to, “The Hill,” where we had Espresso and I bought a bottle of the same cognac we’d had after dinner because Elle thought, “… it tasted so good and I know it will calm me down when we get to the club.”

That errand completed, I drove to the address that Mike had provided.

Located in the south end of the city, and even knowing where I was going… I might have missed the sign had Elle not noticed the single light bulb over the top of it. A small, one story building that was surrounded by much larger structures.

I parked in a guarded private lot behind the building, which was normally reserved for maltepe escort “Gold Suite” members. This was a privilege granted to all “Newbies” on “Orientation” night.

I found a camera over the entry, along with a door bell button. Pushing the button, we were asked to identify ourselves, which we did and then we were buzzed into the reception vestibule.

That was where we met Mike.

Nothing like I expected!

First impression had him, maybe early to mid thirties. Small frame… 5’9″, probably 140… 145 tops. Prematurely balding, pale complexion, glasses… more Bank Teller than Sex Club entrepreneur!

But looks can be deceiving.

He greeted us warmly… Elle that is… took her coat, his eyes growing when he saw her wardrobe selection, and then took a moment to introduce us to the “Sign In” protocol. In the process he accidentally dropped his pen on the floor, where it bounced into the middle of the small space.

Elle turned and innocently bent at the waist to retrieve the pen… just as innocently exposing her ass and crotch in the process.

Mike’s eyes grew even bigger.

As soon as she handed the pen back to him… he again, “accidentally,” flipped it back to where she’d just picked it up, this time with an “Oops,”

before adding, “… got me a little shaken there!”

Giggling, she reprised her exploit, this time holding her pose for a long moment, before returning the pen to him… both of her tits joining in the uncovering.

Pen back in hand, he smiled, shook his head and stated, “This is why I told you I was looking forward to meeting you!”

He then had us move into the “bar/common area” where we joined three other couples who were also there, waiting for the “Orientation” to begin.

One look and I knew we were the oldest of the four and Elle was the only female dressed provocatively.

Not that I’d expected anything else, but it would have been nice if one of them….

On top of that, all twelve eyes were riveted on Elle… and while I would normally think that was perfectly acceptable… given the circumstances, I could sense her unease… along with that of the other couples… and that was when I remembered the Remy Martin in my sport coat pocket.

While the two plastic cups were a poor substitute for the snifters we’d used at Katmandu… the double shot of cognac went down smoothly and Elle gave me a kiss and a “Thank you.”

Club rules dictated that, since they had no liquor license, everything was B.Y.O.B. Because of that, you marked your bottle with your name and left it at the bar, as bottles and cans were not allowed inside the club proper. If you didn’t finish whatever you brought with you that night, it would be stored there for 60 days… and if still there, emptied. Open bottles could not leave the premises. Sensible and precautionary rules.

A moment later, two more couples joined us, along with Mike, who informed us that, “… everyone is present and accounted for… so let’s get this started.”

Now everyone exchanged names, Mike telling us, “… the better you all get to know one another, and all of the members of the club, the easier it will be for all of you to feel more comfortable in this sexually charged atmosphere.” He then went on to tell us that, “… there are also a dozen or so members here tonight and they’ll all tell you that their excuse for being present is, “… to answer any questions you might not feel comfortable asking me…”

“But… let’s face the facts and realize that they’re really all here to check you out and see how you all react to what you see and hear from me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… they all joined for the same reasons some of you will join… to see and be seen and to, hopefully, enjoy the ambience of the club… and if you’re lucky, maybe find someone new to be intimate with tonight!”

He told everyone who wanted to get a refill to get their cups filled and then proceeded to give us a tour of the facility.

The first room we saw was called the “Playroom” which filled the middle of the building. It had a number of over stuffed couches, matching chairs, two giant screen TV’s that showed continuously streaming porn, a pile of mattresses against one wall, six doors and two short hallways. All of the doors opened into bedrooms, except the double doors on the right side of the space, those opening to the “Nightclub,” a room dedicated to dancing and group activities. The room was lit by “disco” lights, had a “DJ” stand and a professional sound system. To the left of the stage was another door, which led to the “Gold Suite.”

Here Mike explained the club’s four levels of membership, “Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold.”

“Copper is for single women. Bronze is limited to “Single Men” and is the least expensive because “Single Men” are admitted on a very limited scale. Depending on the “theme” of the weekend’s event, the number of single men admitted varied from a few, to somewhat limited, and then unlimited, but that is only when the theme is “Insatiable.” We call it “Insatiable” because that is a night for women who would like to interact with as many men as they might desire…”

“Isn’t that kind of sexist,” one of the other girls inquired, “shouldn’t women have that opportunity at every party?”

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