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All characters are over the age of 18

Hi my name is Jane and I’m 47 years old. I have a son named Toby who I’ve raised as a single mum since he was the age of 2. No real backstory there, it just didn’t work out with his dad and Toby has had no contact other than an occasional birthday card and he’s fine with that.

Toby did pretty well at school and got good enough grades to go to university (proud mum moment). As he was growing up I moved up through various different office jobs and was now managing a small team of customer service staff.

During the pandemic Toby had been stuck in university accommodation and I’d worked from home with days spent in online meetings and managing my team. This was a bit strange at first and definitely took time for me to reach a new rhythm in my work. All the advice I read said to manage your hours as if you were in an office, dress in work attire and try and put any work stuff away at the end of the day. This worked at first but we all find our own way and pretty soon the laptop was on when I was having breakfast, notebooks were left around and clothing became very much related to what meetings I had and if I needed to be on screen or not. Quite a few days became pyjamas only with no real need to change.

As I was stuck indoors for long periods my mind began to wander and as I’m a horny cow I started to try and push the boundaries in my head. I started doing some calls with no clothes on (only those where I wasn’t on cam obviously), some where I looked all professional on screen but with nothing below the waist and even occasionally with some porn on an iPad off screen (needed a towel to sit on for those ones). All in all it became an easy routine and by the end of the work day I’d usually be so worked up I’d need to give myself an orgasm before I even started dinner.

When Toby graduated in the middle of last year I was extremely proud of the man he’d become and was keen to support him on the start of the next stage in his life. He moved back home and started applying for jobs. Not long after, he received one offer to start at a junior level for a local company. Now through this I’d obviously had to go back to prim and proper Jan but when he told me he’d got the job I thought all that could go to one side while he was at work and I could go back to my ‘office fun’.

Unfortunately like many firms during the pandemic his had realised that hybrid working could save them a tonne of money with downsizing the office space and mostly converting to meeting rooms with tasks being done online. Now that created an issue as space at home was limited and while Toby set himself up in his bedroom it really wasn’t big enough.

With me using the spare bedroom as my office (I’d converted it to have more desk space with a futon for visitors) I felt a bit guilty for him being cramped in one small room all day and night. So one weekend I asked him if he wanted to help me sort out the office space to make it work for both of us and he jumped at the chance. We found a desk that would fit next to mine, moved his screen and laptop into the room and all in all we could both be comfortable.

We found an easy way to work as he never had many meetings so would just work quietly while I did mine and if there was a clash one of us would find another room for that brief time. As we carried on I started to wish for the days when I didn’t need to get quite as dressed up for yalova escort the day and longed for those comfortable pyjama days (and sometimes even less than that). When the weather started to get hotter I became even more fidgety when I was dressed in smart trousers and a blouse (trying to give Toby the impression of a professional at work). Toby started to notice I was uncomfortable and one day he challenged me on it.

“Mum, are you ok? You look like you’re very distracted.”

“In all honesty Toby I think I’m overdressed for working at home, I used to have days where I wouldn’t even change out of what I slept in.”

“Mum, don’t be silly. You don’t need to prove anything to me and if you want to be comfortable then you should be. I’m not going to think any less of you if you want to dress down.”

“Thanks son, from tomorrow I think we both need to dress a little more relaxed and enjoy the day.”

For the next few weeks I started off in leggings and a top on most days and a slightly smarter top when I had a video call to be on. Toby was a shorts and T-Shirt kind of a guy and as a junior member of his team he could get away with that.

One Tuesday around 11 I was on a call when my director unexpectedly joined, now he didn’t like talking to blank screens and insisted on videos to be on. I had a black rock band top on which I know would not go down well so knew I needed to change and fast. There was a white blouse to hand but I knew the t-shirt would show through if I just put it on over the top. At this point I’m past claiming IT issues and my camera struggling to work so had only one option. I told Toby to look away and stripped off my top to throw on the smarter blouse. It was at this point I remembered I hadn’t bothered with a bra that morning even though I’m a solid D Cup and so was topless for a brief moment while changing.

The call dragged on and sitting there in my white top with no bra on started to make my mind wander back to the days when this was all I had on and I’d be having a little play out of sight of the camera. With Toby in the room that wasn’t an option but I was getting more fidgety and by the time the call ended I was quite flushed. I then turned around and could see Toby staring at me with a far away look in his eye and I had no idea why but then looked down and my very erect nipples were showing through the thin material. Luckily the camera view I had on the call was above my boobs but knowing that Toby had been looking just turned me on more. I’d never looked at him that way but now in an enclosed space and no other company it was like a firework went off inside me. I excused myself and went to the bathroom where I brought myself to a very speedy and satisfying orgasm.

I knew now that I wanted to take the teasing further and began wearing less and less with tops becoming tighter and shorts being the only go to for below the waist. Underwear ceased to be a thing and knowing I was so close to my son in only one layer of clothing became a massive turn on. On one occasion I was on a call and my son had gone off to make himself a snack so I took the chance to slide my hand down my shorts and feel how wet I was. I couldn’t resist playing for a bit and missed him come back into the room. I very quickly removed my hand but my fingers were still soaked and didn’t want to use my laptop keys with them so sticky. My only option was to suck them clean but there was little chance yalova escort bayan of doing that without being seen so I decided to just go with it and openly licked them clean not really caring what Toby thought.

When the call finished I was embarrassed and didn’t really want to even look at my son so went to excuse myself again but then Toby stopped me.

“Mum, what the hell was that you just did?”

Now I thought I could come up with some kind of lie or deflect it but decided to just front it out.

“Toby, that was such a boring call and I’m horny so took a chance to find a way to enjoy it. When you came back in there was little I could do. I’ll try not to let it happen again.”

“I didn’t say I minded, I was just shocked.”

I decided it was time to just let it all out so we could get it all out in the open and both see what we wanted to do.

“Toby, while you were away that was a normal day at work and sometimes I went even further. It wasn’t unusual for me to play naked during a boring call and I’ve even been known to be fucking my self with a dildo while someone waffled on.”

My son just sat there open mouthed for a moment and I think he was quite shocked at my honesty.

“Mum, I never thought you had it in you. I think you’ve definitely opened a new side to your character while I’ve been away. I’m not quite sure what to do with that information to be honest.”

“Well son, I’m not sure how you find work but some days it just drags on. I’m not going to promise to change my ways but can understand if you don’t want to share the space anymore.”

“Mum, I don’t think I want to move out of this room ever.”

With that he pulled down his shorts and showed off his rock hard cock. It wasn’t enormous but was a decent size and with the advantage of youth it was steel hard. I didn’t really know what to do now as I hadn’t thought any of this through. However my body took over and I thrust my hand into my shorts again and started rubbing my incredibly wet pussy. As he started stroking himself I found myself matching his rhythm with my fingers and I was getting very lost in the moment. I needed more access so I pushed down my shorts and spread my legs wide. As my orgasm approached I leaned back with my eyes closed and the euphoria washed over me. As it started to subside I felt a splash on my legs with more larger splashes then landing on my thighs and hand which was still just slowly circling my clit. I opened my eyes to see Toby looming over me and his cum slowly dripping down off my skin.

Toby very quickly darted out the room and I sat there in a state of bliss. It slowly dawned on me what we had done and my motherly instinct just took over with a need to check on my son. I lightly tapped on his door

“Toby, are you ok?” No answer

“Toby, I’m coming in so we can talk about what just happened.”

I opened the door to find him laying on his bed facing away from me. I calmly say down on the edge of his bed and lay my hand on his shoulder. In a quiet voice I said

“Toby, it’s ok. I know you feel a bit strange but I’m not angry with you. We were both there and both enjoyed it I hope. I know this isn’t a normal motherly moment but I am human and have needs the same as you.”

There was still no answer so I got up to leave the room but as I left I turned round and with one last comment

“If you never want this to happen again I’ll understand escort yalova and we can go back to workmates. I’ll leave you to think about it.”


The following day I got up early as I had an 8am call and to not put any pressure on my son I put on underwear, leggings and a conservative top.

The call was one I was just listening on and was a regular event so Toby knew my schedule. I heard the door open and Toby walked in stark naked. I let out an involuntary sharp intake of breath

“Jan, is everything ok?”

“I just spilled some coffee so sorry if I interrupted. I’ll go on mute while I deal with it.”

I then turned to Toby

“I assume you’re ok with this now then?”

He just grinned and sat down at his desk. Well what is good for him was certainly good for me and I stood up and stripped off all my clothes too. I then thought about the day and went and got us both a towel to sit on so we didn’t ruin the chairs with any sly leaks.

Next call that Toby had I went over and started stroking him until he was rock hard. He was finding it hard to concentrate but managed the odd Yes or No in the right places. Once his call ended he grabbed me and pulled me down so my face was level with his cock. We both knew what was next so I immediately popped it into my mouth and went to town. It had been a while since I’d blown anyone but I quickly remembered the tricks and in about 5 mins I felt him expand slightly knowing he was going to explode. I kept him in my mouth and tried to swallow everything he had but inevitably as a 22 year old he produced huge amounts for the first one of the day. As I let him go I had some cum dribbling down my chin which I wiped up with my hand and deposited back in my mouth. I then wiped my hand on his towel

“I knew we’d need these today.” I laughed.

At around midday I had a call and I knew what was coming. As soon as I connected Toby was pushing my chair slightly back so he could get between my legs. As I tried to concentrate he was nibbling, licking and blowing on my thighs, lips and pussy while not quite landing on my clit. His teasing was almost unbearable but I was grateful as I knew if he went too far I’d have to leave the call. As the call finished I pushed my chair back, opened my legs wide and pulled his face into my sticky cunt. He started in earnest and in no time I was on a rising high with no sign of going back. All of a sudden my orgasm was there and I ground my crotch into his face while screaming out loud

“I’m cummmmmiiiiinnnngggg.”

I don’t remember the next 30 seconds but when I refocused Toby was back in his chair smiling at me.

This went on for a few days until one meeting I could take no more. I asked him to sit in my chair and while in the middle of the call I slid down on him taking his full length inside me. If you’ve never fucked during a meeting before I thoroughly recommend it. Just be careful as you may be able to manage your breathing but there is no mistaking that sound of slapping skin. The feeling of cum leaking out of you while while watching someone present some slides is second to none and I have never known arousal like it.

Since then we’ve fucked nearly every day and I’ve done calls with me bent over taking it from behind, Toby laying on the floor while I stand over him and he fingers me until I have to drop onto his cock and I even sucked his cock while he was having his 6 month appraisal. Once he passed that probation I jumped on him and fucked him until he shot the biggest load right inside me.

I think I approve of working from home and definitely have a new take on sharing my space………

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