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SARAH the BLUE MOVIE STARBack in the early 1980s my wife and I were struggling to pay the bills with two youngsters to clothe and feed. Sarah,s parents helped as much financially as they could while my parents pleaded poverty as usual so I had to work lng hours on security, no limit to hours worked back then even though the uk was a common market member. Sarah had confessedto me soon after we married that like me she loved to watch sexy films which in 1969 was 8mm films shown with a movie projector which we couldn,t afford. Sarah,s brother had won one in a contest on 1965 and he often showed films that were very hardcore for both his personal viewing and some of his pals. Sarah tried to see them, but brother Louis often tried to stop her so often when he was away she,d secretly view them and they always turned her on, especially the ones involving oral sex which I suppose helped her love of cock sucking somewhat as by the time I met her she sucked her boyfriends cocks to keep them satisfied and out of her juicy cunt. Getting married did not stop her sucking cocks and it sure turned me on as long as I was there to see her do it. If she sucked cicks when I was away she usually told me about it as I found the way she related her experiencesa great aphrodisiac as well. We had a few friends we involved in our sexy games, but only very close friends. One occasion as we were together apparently he made an interesting proposal to bahis firmaları my wife “Sarah. We both know how you love to suck cocks and swallow semen and get your pussy licked. Why not try to make some easy cash doing it on film?” Friend Roger Lens asked. “I couldn,t do that! Knowing my luck so,done close I know would some how see it and recognise my face straight away! I,d die from embarrassment!” she sighed. “I,ve an acquaintance who makes these films free lance who,s always looking for new people. You could a.ways wear a mask to hide your identity. Not many people would recognise your body!” he argued. “I might do it for Joe or a few real close friends, but not for a bunch of perverts!”! she sniffed angrily. “You have a great body and with a mask no one would know you.” he reasoned. “How much money are we talking about?” she asked, her curiosity now aroused. “500 pounds for pure amateurs, considerably more for experienced people.” He replied. “What would I have to do for it?” “Pretty much what you do now. Lots of cock sucking, eating some pussy, getting fucked, a lot is up,to you!” “I wouldn’t, any really kinky stuff!” “He says he won,t do anything a person doesn,t feel comfortable doing.” “Who do I contact then?” “I,ll get him to call you at home. How do,you feel about it, Joe?” “Well it is Her body! As long as she wears a mask I think it,s great and knowing it,s her would sure get my juices flowing” I laughed, kaçak iddaa never dreaming she,d follow it up. Later that week the fellow that took the films Did call Sarah and he assured her all was above board, but she asked me to go along to the house in Muswell Hill to ensure nothing untoward took place. The house was quite large, one room had been converted into a studio with professional camera equipment and a king sized bed. Dylan assured her that he would be the only person present and I could watch from the small room where coffee and tea was made between filming sessions if I wished which I most definitely agreed to do. “I will only do what you wish to do, Sarah.” He began. “But you must realise this is a hardcore SEX film in which you,ll be having sex with males and possibly females involving oral sex and Fucking. I did warn you to make sure you,re on the pill as many males don,t like using condoms. “It,s Okay Dylan. I,ve been sterilised so can,t have k**s any more!” she told him. “That,s Good, because in my films I prefer the males to shoot their loads in ladies cunts so I can get a close up of thick jizz oozing out afterwards. If you do well I may use you again. Do you like to have lesbian sex?” “I do now and then.” she confessed. “Okay I see you brought an overnight case with you for your dressing gown.Here is the mask you requested to wear.” He handed over a well decorated black mask with sparkly sequins on kaçak bahis it. “I don,t usually do close ups of faces any way unless it,s to highlight people climaxing, but you,re welcome to wear it. “In the credits we,ll just call you “The Lady in the Mask”, Okay?” “Fine with me.” “Okay.well you can use our bedroom to change and the bathroom for make up, but don,t use too much mascara as it tends to melt in the lights I use!” He warned. Ten minutes later she emerged wearing high heels and her dressing gown and joined me as I was finishing a cup of tea Dylan,s young wife Renee made me. “Okay. Hey Ryan. Come in and let,s get going!” A young handsome athletic looking dark haired male walked in with just a towel round his waist. “Ryan, this is Sarah and her husband Joe.Sarah will be filming with you today. No fancy stuff. The scene starts with Sarah sitting in bed with the covers up to her exposed breasts as she leafs through a pornographic magazine getting turned on. You,re her brother and you come in in just your towel,see Sarah and ask her what the devil she,s doing. She answers what do you think and that she,s looking at pornographic pictures because she needs a cock in her pussy. Sarah then asks you to Fuck her but at first you refuse saying as she,s your k** sister he can,t do that. With your mask on you could be anyone,s k** sister. Now Sarah you throw back the covers to reveal you,re totally naked and start playing with your pussy and again ask Ryan if he,s sure he can,t fuck you. By now his resolve is weakening and he reluctantly joins you and you Sarah Force his head between your thighs and make him use his mouth on your lovely twat.” TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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