Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 04

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Part 4 of this story returns to the opening scene from Part 1 and returns to Jenny’s perspective. I encourage you to read the stories in order.


I’m the only one there and the bartender looks eager for company. “What can I get you?”

“Umm. A shot. Anything. No, make it a Tequila.”


I nod as I reached for the shot. I’m shaking like a leaf. The liquid burns my throat. I’ve only drank Tequila one other night and that was almost 12 years ago.

I check my watch. No, he isn’t late, I’m early. Really early. I’m trying to relax and appear confident, but it’s hard. No one else ever made me feel this way. I hardly know him other than a long weekend and some recent texts and phone calls. But seeing him in person after all this time is a lot of pressure. What if he isn’t attracted to me? What if I’m not attracted to him? It’s been 12 years and a lot has changed.

This is too much, I can’t do this. I should leave. I place my credit card on the counter and run my hand through my hair trying to reconcile my conflicting feelings.

“You are so beautiful. And you still play with your hair when you get nervous.”

The baritone voice and light accent hasn’t changed in 12 years. He has started to grey, but his hair is still dark, thick and curly enough that I feel compelled to touch him. I slide of the stool and approach him, hesitantly. I decide a hug is safer, but his lips have suddenly found mine. Not a long kiss, but not a peck either. It feels good. Unexpected, but really good.

“I’m well. Especially now that the elusive Jenny has agreed to meet with me.”

He’s right. It was my fault nothing more happened between us. I was so caught up in my new career that I didn’t try to bridge the almost four thousand miles between us. Calls soon turned to emails, which turned into an occasional card. But then Mark emailed me last month to let me know he was coming to the United States to teach for the semester. Well, it made sense to connect over a meal. Neither of us are in a serious relationship, so we agreed to a lunch to start. I spent the last few days pretending not to care much about this casual reconnection, but the clothes I left strewn on my bed told a different story.

As I sign my bill, Mark steps closer to me and sniffs the shot glass. “Is this what I think it is?”

I laugh. “Yes, Mark. For sentimental reasons and nerves, I had a tequila. My first time in 12 years.”

“You don’t say. Don’t tell me you morphed back into reserved Jennifer?”

The short answer is yes, I have. But I’m not going to tell Mark that work had consumed me and I my love life wouldn’t even get an R rating. I certainly kurtköy escort haven’t been experiencing the kind of passion Mark and I had 12 years ago. But Ill let him continue to conjure up crazy fantasies he maintains about me.

“Oh Mark. Surely you know a Tigress can’t shed her stripes.” My wink earns a big laugh. Well played, Jenny, I think to myself.

The hostess seats us at a table with a beautiful view of the gardens and even though we were in a different city, I find myself wishing we could have had the view of the water, for old time’s sake.

Mark notices my apprehension and whispers to the hostess who is now moving us to a table on the other side. She removes the Reserved sign and pulls out my chair.

“How did you manage that, Mark? Oh, don’t tell me. You know someone who works here.”

Something like that. He laughs. “You have a great memory, Jenny.” Then he got serious. “Tell me, Jenny, is life good?”

I want to tell him all about the ups and downs of the past decade, but I hardly know him. So instead, I nod. “Life is good, even though I spend too much time at the office.”

He shakes his head. “Someone like you. Single. If I was here, I would be courting you every day.”

He has to be embellishing, right? But it still feels good to have someone flirt with me.

We continue to chat over lunch and Mark shares what he has been doing this past decade. I want to find out more about what happened with his wife, but I can tell it still hurts. Before we know it, the time is 1:30.

“Oh no, Mark. I’m so sorry. I have to be in a meeting by 2 and I need to leave now or I’ll be late.” I kiss him on the cheek. “Let’s do this again.”

I can tell he is hurt, and he does his best to put on a smile. “As always, my Jenny, you have given me a couple of hours of pure sunshine. It was such a pleasure.”

As soon as I leave, I regret how I handled the lunch. I’m tempted to call him, but I have a lot to do for my upcoming presentation. As much as I try to focus the rest of the afternoon, I find myself thinking about Mark. I check my text, but there isn’t anything. What do you expect, Jennifer. You kinda blew him off again.

When I get home, I kick off my shoes, pour myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, grab a plate of strawberries, and let the tub fill up. I am going to treat myself tonight.

I slide off my clothes and allow myself to model in the full mirror. Running has kept my legs in great shape, though I could lose the crow’s feet around my eyes. My boobs still look good, but I find myself lifting them and imagining they were an inch higher and a size beşiktaş escort larger.

Maybe I held on to them a little longer than necessary, but it has been awhile since anyone had touched them, including me. I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm. Soon I find myself watching my nipples grow harder in the mirror. I better stop, I think, before I miss my bath altogether.

I slide into the bubbles and close my eyes, treating myself to several more succulent strawberries. I soon find myself thinking about the harsh Tequila shot today and how different it was from my first two shots with Mark, which led to me losing my blouse and my virginity. I trace the outlines of my breasts, trying to remember Mark’s lingering tongue.

Maybe I should apologize. I pick up my phone. “How are you?”

He texts back, “Jenny! I miss you already.”

“Sorry about Lunch. Lost track of time. Forgive me?”

“Oh, Jenny, IDK. You keep breaking my heart.”

“I’ll make it up to you”


“I’ll think of something”

“You could start with a selfie”

“I can’t.”


“Naked in bath”



“Cover yourself”

The angel on my right shoulder keeps whispering something about being a professional woman, but the devil on my left keeps pouring more wine and telling me to stop being so reserved. I laugh, blow hard towards my right shoulder and snap the picture. You can see the top of my breasts, but not enough to be scandalous. I hit send before I can change my mind.

“U are so sexy, Jenny”

“Now you need to send one.”

I feel the buzzing and look at his picture. Mark is still wearing the same outfit and he looks good. Really good.

“Not fair”

“Selfie. Just like you.”

“But I was naked in the bath”

“Covered up”

“Please. Show me skin.” I can’t believe the words forming in my head. My phone buzzes again and this time he has no shirt. He looks good. He has filled out some, but it is in the right places. No belly and his broad shoulders now have more muscle on them. I feel myself wanting more.

“Your turn”

What does he mean? I’m not going to send him anything else.

“Done with pictures for the night”

“No fair. You’ve got to give me something”

“Okay, touching my breast right now.”



“I should be there. Remember the first time?”

“Of course.” How could I forget? He made me come just using his hands and mouth on my breasts. I start to rub my breasts while talking into my phone. “What about you?”


“Whatcha doing? şişli escort R u hard?”


“Now who’s a tease?”

“LOL. Yes. Very Hard. Stroking myself.”

“Where r u?”



I can see his hotel room, but not him. But then I look closely in the mirror and see his reflection. He isn’t kidding- he is hard. I dip my hand and slowly rub.

“Nice. Can we have a do over?”

“U seemed busy”

I don’t know why, but at that moment I really want Mark. I start to imagine him naked in front of me. I would do anything to have him inside me right now.

“Please, I’ll make it up to u”


“2nd Fantasy”

“U remember?


“Deal. Saturday night. Instructions to follow. Step 1: Save yourself”

“Will do. U2”

I try to save myself, But my hormones are racing and it has been so long. Too long. Before I realized what I am doing, my hand starts stroking myself. I close my eyes and grab my left breast with my right hand while my left hand continues to rub in circles. It comes on me suddenly and before I know it, I am seeing sparks and my head bangs against the tub. I laugh. A big hearty laugh that I haven’t felt in a long time. That Mark, I think to myself. How does he do this to my body?

I dry myself off and put on my towel and make a quick salad. As I am cleaning up the kitchen, my mind wanders back to that picture of Mark. Using my fingers, I expand the picture he sent and take a screen shot. He really does look so yummy. His dark patch of hair on his abdomen seems to invite me to keep dropping lower and lower.

I clean up the dishes and go upstairs to read. I take off my towel and jump in the covers. Normally I wear panties or shorts, but tonight I want to feel the sheets against my body. Soon, my nipples are hard again. I can’t concentrate on my book, so I pull up some stories online. In no time, I find myself wet again. I need something inside of me this time. More than just my fingers. I want to feel full. I still remember the feeling of Mark stretching me.

Wait, I have that gag gift from Kat’s bachelorette party. I remove the packaging and insert the batteries. Now back in bed, I turn the setting to low and push the thick dildo inside of me. I pull it out a little and slowly push it in deeper. It’s almost too thick, even though I’m very wet. A moan escapes as I put it in another inch. The squishing sound brings back memories and I soon find myself pushing it in and out faster. My left hand finds my clit and I start to slowly rub. My right hand continues to push this thick object stretching me until I find myself trembling and grabbing onto the bed with my free hand. I’m struggling to keep quiet but suddenly a noise rumbles from my throat, like a wild animal crying out. Hopefully my neighbors didn’t hear that. I’d be mortified if they did. I find myself falling asleep and turn out the light, letting my head rest next to my new toy and my phone, which I realize was on.

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