Operation Valve

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It was called Operation Valve. Its main purpose was designing portals based off of salvage Nazi science plans, and to make them able to transport things great distances in no time. The team was not composed of Nazis, but a small group of people working on the project.

Other researchers, namely from bioconstruction, biofusion, and biochemistry were in the group. In case something was to go wrong, prosthetics, recombination, and cell structure experts were on the scene.

One of the biofusionists, Dr. Sarah Collins, had recently gotten surgery done by another fusionist, her friend Dr. Andi Lauren. She wouldn’t say for what, and there was no physical change about her, but something was indeed different.

Several months after the first successful portal, the V-221, Dr. Collins was sitting at a tech screen, constructing possible ways to reconnect the arm to the torso, so should it ever be removed, when a young techie approached her. “Dr. Lauren would like to see you in Room A-04,” she said, and Sarah nodded. Saving and tabbing the program, she got up to go see her friend.

Room A-04 was a large, empty space, typically used for storage and loose meetings. Inside it was one of the successful V-221 models, a few chairs, and a desk. Sarah entered, and the two girls hugged in greeting. “What’s up Andi?”

Holding up a large ring, almost a bangle, Andi said, “I’m trying to test out this new device. It’s a smaller version of the portal,” she said, pointing at the large machine, “And I need to see if it works.”

Sarah nodded, then asked, “So why do you need me?” Smiling, Andi said, “First, ümraniye escort you need to take off your clothes. Though she was confused, she did so. Andi wagged her finger, and said, “All of you has to be here.” Sarah sighed, and forcing it out, revealed her surgery item.

“Well, that’s where you hide your big-boy part that you got from biofusing to yourself after you stole it from your clone!” exclaimed Andi as a large cock and balls, wet from Sarah’s pussy, fell out. The same color as her skin, it was uncut, though the foreskin was smaller than the muscle, and the head remained uncovered. It was the sheer size, grown after many hormone injections on the clone she had made, that made it so noticeable. “Looks like you’ve been using it a lot.”

“Don’t say that, Andi…” Andi approached her, and put the ring around her cock. Flipping a small hand-held switch, she removed half the ring… And Sarah’s dick with it. A small bit of shock went through her, and then she marveled at seeing her dick at a new angle. It was turning her on a bit. And then she saw herself get hard.

“See how marvelous this ring is? You can just hold it in your hand like so!” Andi stuck Sarah’s cock in her face, showing it off. Sarah blushed a bit. Pulling back her arm, Andi mused, “No matter how big or how long… It was always out of reach… But now it’s like a big pacifier you can suck on every day…” Licking her lips, Andi put the dick into her mouth.

Sarah moaned. She could feel the tongue of her friend circle the head, massaging it slowly and expertly. mecidiyeköy escort Slight sucking made Sarah feel weak. “An… Andi… What are you…?” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Andi made only “mmmm” noises.

Opening wide, Andi went down on it as far as she could go, and slowly pulled it back out. A slight “pop!” sound was heard as it left her mouth. Precum ran down the shaft and Andi’s face. Sarah couldn’t keep her eyes open any more.

“I made it in mind of the thickness of your cock,” she said, stroking it slowly, “But your dick just barely fits… Amazing…” Taking her index finger, she put it into Sarah’s urethra, the finger fitting in perfectly. She gasped, not used to this kind of pleasure. Andi pulled her finger out, and a constant stream of precum flowed out. “It’s like your precum is the same as an ejaculation!”

Sarah’s mouth was wide and gasping. Smiling, Andi handed her back her own dick, and said, “Well… It is yours… Enjoy it.” Sarah took it, looked at herself, and put it into her mouth.

Never in the history of the universe had such a feeling been expressed. Moving her massive dick in and out of her mouth, she felt as if she could cum at any moment. But she refused. The pleasure was too good. Her own cum poured out of her mouth, onto her breasts. She took it out, scared to suck any more.

Andi laughed, and after she reconnected the disks, shouted, “I have an idea!” Kneeling down, she forced the ring up her friend’s pussy, explaining her idea. “First we put one up here… Then we put the other one over kartal escort your dick…”

Sarah jumped. She felt her own dick inside her pussy. She didn’t realize how tight she was! Her friend lifted the disk over her cock up and down, going lower and faster each time. Sarah squealed and jumped a bit with each thrust, drool hanging out of her mouth. “How does it feel to have your own dick in your pussy?” asked Andi. Sarah tried to say good or something like it, but words never left her mouth, only moans and squeaks.

Playing with Sarah’s chest, Andi mused, “It probably feels so good having both at the same time… Probably better than sex with another person! So… I wonder how this feels!” Forcing the disk as far down the cock as she could, Sarah felt it deep inside her. She screamed, and then began shouting, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Cum poured out of the disk in Andi’s hand. Audible gushing sounds were heard. After several seconds, Andi laughed, “Holy crap, so much cum!” Sarah’s mouth was slightly open, one eye rolling and eyelid twitching, her breaths catching. She clung to her tit like a life raft. Andi removed the disk from her friend’s cock, and got to see the last gushings of the cum. “Still not finished, huh?”

Sarah collapsed on the floor, and hugging her friend, Andi said thanks for the experiment. She tried to respond, but failed at it. Several minutes later, Sarah would leave the room after Andi. Her large cock was, oddly, unable to go into her pussy again. Awkwardly, she went home.

The next day, she was brushing her teeth when she suddenly felt something inside her. She felt it squirm, and after a few minutes something warm entered her. “What the… Oh my God… Oh my God, no!” she screamed, reaching in her pussy for something she couldn’t well get.

Miles away, a man in a booth owned by some chick named Lauren Andy, after paying $10, was humping a small ring that felt so much like a pussy…

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