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She lay in the grass as his cock went inside her, it was the fourth cock to enter her, one way or another in the last twenty-four hours. It wasn’t what she expected when she first went out last night.The evening before was a warm night in the Valley Hotel. Justin was on his way home but couldn’t resist stopping for a quick cold beer. He sat down and quickly noticed across the bar, the beautiful auburn-haired lady in a red mini dress. She was just pure sex with as much flesh on show as she had covered. The dress hugged her petit body and accentuated her round ass and perfect tits. Her heavenly legs were bare, tanned and toned. Her little red painted toes looked perfect squeezed in her black and gold high heel sandals. And she had a gold toe ring for added sexiness.Justin went over to her and introduced himself.“I’m Stella,” she said beaconing him to sit down next to her at the bar.They started to chat, Stella explained she was here to visit her friend, but they had been called into work.He bought Stella another drink.“Are you married?” he asked.“I was, not anymore,” she answered.“Are you?”Justin looked blank and didn’t immediately answer, which meant quite clearly that he was. Justin was good looking in a typical kind of way with sandy hair and a well-built physique. Stella was attracted to him; he was exactly her type.“So, you are married. I am guessing with kids?”“Yes, how did you know?”“Lucky guess. Where is your family?” Stella said smiling“They have gone to Helena to stay with family,” Justin said.“If you are married, it probably isn’t a good idea to be talking to me,” Stella quipped.Stella switched her crossed legs; güvenilir bahis Justin watched as she rubbed one leg up against the other.“You are probably right,” Justin confirmed.But Justin’s wife was away, Stella was on her own. Right or wrong Justin seized the opportunity. He left first and Stella left five minutes later so as not to rise too much suspicion in the bar. Everyone knew everyone and everything in this part of Montana. Stella walked out to find Justin waiting in his family wagon.The drive back to Justin’s house was over thirty minutes, Stella wondered where the fuck they were going. Eventually, they arrived at Justin’s house on the other side of Great Falls city.Once inside Stella studied the décor as Justin fixed them a drink. He watched her tight, round ass as it glided around the room.“You have a great butt,” he commented.Stella hitched up her dress and teased with a glimpse of her bare cheeks. They both know what is going to happen. Justin sat down on the sofa; Stella sat down on the coffee table opposite. Justin could see the red lace of her thong.Stella undid her sandals the arches of her feet slide out and she puts them neatly to the side.Justin put his hand on her legs. He leant in and kissed her pouting red lips. She tasted so sweet. His hands prevent her from closing her legs.“You like what you see?”Between the valley of her legs was the ultimate prize and Justin wanted so much to revel in the pleasure behind that red thong. He moved the garment to one side so he could feast his eyes on her lush pussy. It looked so inviting, her pink lips complemented by neatly trimmed pubic hair. He couldn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri wait to taste her snatch.Justin’s hands ran up and down Stella’s legs still stopping her from doing anything but display her pussy.She reached into his groin, undid his jeans, and pulled out his cock. It was hard and ready for action. Stella moved forward and straddled Justin and sat on his lap.She manoeuvred herself onto his cock. He pushed inside her as she bounced up and down on his throbbing member.Justin unzipped her dress and pulled it down to her waist revealing her perky tits. Her nipples were aroused and hard. Justin ran his tongue over them as he pounded into her wet canal.Stella pulled Justin’s checked shirt from his torso. She moaned out her orgasm as she came hard on his cock.Slowly she got up and pulled her dress completely off. Her lace thong was wet with cum, she slid it down her legs and flicked it in Justin’s face, he loved the smell of her fuck fluid.He got up and pulled a naked Stella in close. His hands grabbed her bare ass as they kissed. Stella pulled down Justin’s jeans, his cock still hard, it swung in the air and rubbed against Stella’s moist groin.Justin walked Stella upstairs to the master bedroom, which obliviously was where he slept with his wife.Stella lay back on the bed as Justin got on top of her and put his throbbing cock back in her pussy. He thrust hard and deep, swimming in her heavily filled up cunt.  They kept fucking through the night until Justin was spent and hosed her tits with his semen.The morning sun burst through the window. Stella and Justin slept naked half-covered by bedsheets. iddaa siteleri The roar of a truck outside disturbed the silence.“Fuck, it’s my Patricia, my wife,” Justin shouted.“Quick, you have to get out of here.”Patricia wasn’t due home until tomorrow, Justin figured he would have all day to clear up the existence of Stella and not just minutes.Stella ran naked downstairs, she picked up her bag, dress, thong, and shoes and ran naked to the back of the house. She slid on her thong still wet from last night, then jumped in her dress.Justin frantically went through the house pulling sheets off the bed, hiding used glasses. He told Stella if she went to ‘Treats’, the café down the road he would get his cousin Jed, who worked there to give her a lift back to the hotel. Stella agreed and ahead out the backdoor.She waited and watched as Patricia seemed to be unloading her 4×4 of children and bags before going into the house.When the coast is clear Stella ran down barefoot past some trees and onto the road. She dusted off her soles and put her heels on. Some locals rode past her on bikes and stared. Stella walked down the road and picked up other strange looks. She felt hot and sticky, smelt of sex with damp underwear in last night’s clothes. To say, she looked out of place was a massive understatement.Stella stumbled upon ‘Treats’, the guy behind the counter knew exactly who she was, and she assumed he must be Jed.“Where’s your car?”“My car?”“My cous’ Justin said you had broken down and needed a lift.”“Oh, it’s been picked up by a recovery service. But I need to get back to my hotel” she said thinking on her feet.“Give me ten minutes until Daisy comes in and I can give you a lift.”Stella thanked him and sat down with a coffee and sandwich. She then freshened up in the restroom. Daisy, a girl in her early twenties appeared behind the counter and Jed was free to go.

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