Nicest person with whom you were sexual

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Nicest person with whom you were sexualAside from my wife, who is the nicest person I know, I thought it might be fun to recount (and hear our stories) the nicest person I was ever sexual with.I was in college at the time. It was my senior year. I met a girl at a fraternity party who (for the sake of anonymity) had a name that started with “M”. She was 2 years younger than me, and I could tell she was pleasantly plump. By no means obese, but a bigger girl yet with curves in the right places. She was with a girl who had a rare skin disorder in which her pigmentation became very splotchy from the merest exposure to the sun. It was impossible for M’s friend to avoid this condition even in the cold weather town our college was located. Merely going to class and back would be enough to trigger this condition. There was nothing objectionable about M. She had a cute face, normal disposition, and it was clear that she had other friends, but wanted to take a friend out at night who might not always get a chance to enjoy the typical bar-going college lifestyle. The special thing was that M was neither pitied nor condescended her friend. She treated her like any other college friend. I know many of you may say, “Well, that’s not nice; that’s just the decent thing to do,” but trust me, most females at my school were gaziemir escort not so decent and M’s conduct truly set her apart.M and I had kissed on the dance floor already and I certainly wanted to take her back to my apartment, but I wasn’t sure if her devotion to her friend would stand in the way of us going back to hook up. (I had parted ways from my friends at the party a while ago claiming I was going to make a play for the curvy one. Unfortunately, my friends were not interested in M’s friend with this skin condition.) Frankly, as horny as I was, I certainly didn’t want her to leave this friend – especially – alone. Turned out her friend’s apartment was not far from mine. So we were able to walk her home and M and I just continued the extra block or so to my pad.M was a little uneasy about it, but she figured that the night wasn’t cut short on account of us hooking up and she got her friend home safely. I really wanted to make this girl cum. Not because I was attracted to her and I wanted to see her moaning in ecstacy, but because she was so damned caring. I didn’t even care if I came that night as long as she did. It didn’t take long before we were down to our underwear. She had large soft breasts with huge aereolas and cotton ‘granny panties’ girding her buxom hips and round ass. gaziemir escort bayan I hadn’t yet seen or felt her vagina, but I had a feeling when I saw those granny panties that the one thing I like more than shapely hips lay beneath – a hairy pussy. Sure enough I was right! I pulled off her panties which she more than obliging spread her legs to accommodate. I saw the most beautiful triangle of long auburn pubic hair surrounding unexpectedly large labia the color of raw salmon. I laid on my back and started lapping her pussy immediately. I saw the slightest crease of a smile on her face as my tongue first touched her labia. It was one of the more endearing things I’d ever seen in bed and I thanked god I had my lamp on.Virtually instantaneously she took my cock out of my underwear and eagerly helped me discard my underwear completely when I started tugging them off with my free hand. Another thing that made her the nicest girl I’d ever hooked up with was when she saw my hard cock for the first time she said, “No wonder you wanted to get me back to your place the first night we met.” So M is giving me a casual yet awesome hand job as I’m licking her pussy. In her mind, I’m sure she was thinking she was keeping me at a slow boil while she was enjoying her lips and clit being licked. Of course escort gaziemir the sight of her salmon lips, auburn hair and delicious taste is driving me wild and her long smooth strokes along my shaft and glans aren’t helping much. My main goal is to give this nice, sweet girl orgasms and meanwhile I’m feeling my own orgasm bubbling in my balls. Somehow, I suppress it long enough to where I start hearing her moans increase. When I thought she may have cum I asked, “Did you have an orgasm?” She replied, “I actually had 3.” I don’t know if it was the turn-on of her telling me she came 3 times or the relief that I could finally relax and let loose, but as she continued to jerk me off no more than 5 seconds went by and I blasted my cum onto her leg, the sheet below us and a healthy dollup on my torso. To which this nicest of nice girls giggled and said, “Oh, were you waiting to make sure I came before you did?” I said, “That’s exactly what I was trying to do.” She then said something like, “Not too many guys are as considerate as that – and definitely not the ones you meet at a frat party and hook up with the first night.”I told her I didn’t want it to just be a drunken one-night-hook-up and sure enough we went out several times after that night and enjoyed each others’ bodies each time. We parted amicably; I was graduating and lived in a different state so based on where we were in our relative college careers, it didn’t get serious, but it was certainly more than a one-night-stand. M. was the nicest girl (outside of my wife) with whom I’ve ever shared my bed.

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