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Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 13 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 13 ——————————————————————————- Once we were in my car, on our way back to Grandma’s, Andy said to me, “so what’s with this Boob guy?” I sighed heavily and said “What do you mean?” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Andy looking carefully at me, as I drove along. “Well,” he began, “I got the feeling when we ran into the guys at the mall that he has a problem with me, and I got the same feeling just now.” I sighed again, then told Andy about what had happened between me and Boob before our rehearsal. “Oh” was all he said. I looked at him. He looked back and said, “I’m sorry if I’ve caused a problem between you and him.” “You haven’t, he has,” I said. “So what are you going to do about it?” Andy asked. “Nothing more than I’ve already done,” I said, “he has to understand that, although he and I are friends, and he is my best friend here in the states, that you’re an important person in my life! I told him that, and thought he understood. Listen, Andy, you’re my best friend overall! I love you! I couldn’t tell him that. It would have hurt him too much. Also, I can’t ‘come out’ – not yet. Although, well…” “Well, what?” Andy asked. Then I told him about how Mike was checking me out while I peed and how I thought his crotch was bulging when I shook my dick at him. “Wow!” Andy said, “do you think he’s gay, and wants you?” “I never have had a reason to think that before,” I said, “but he was sure acting differently in the boy’s room! Don’t worry though, it’s you I want – not him!” Andy smiled then, and leaned over and bussed me on the cheek. I grabbed his crotch and gave it a quick squeeze. “Hmm – any good parking spots around here?” Andy asked, reaching for my crotch and giving it a gentle squeeze as well. I grinned, and made an abrupt right onto River Road, just before we were about to cross the bridge over it. Andy grinned hugely then. I accelerated a bit faster, and in a couple minutes, we were at the pulloff that overlooked the river. It was plowed clear, and nobody was there. I pulled off into it, and parked facing the river. Before I even had the parking break set, Andy was unzipping my fly, and unbuckling my belt buckle. He quickly exposed me, and as I spread my legs and reclined my seat, Andy leaned over me and sucked my cock into his hungry, hot, wet mouth. Damn his mouth felt good. He sucked on my semi-hardon, making me fully erect within seconds. Then he continued sucking up and down my dick. He reached up under my shirt and tweaked my left nipple. He continued squeezing it lightly, as he sucked my cock. I laid back in my seat, moaning lowly, enjoying my lover’s attention. After about a minute, I felt my orgasm starting to build. “Mmm, I’m gonna shoot soon Andy!” I purred. Andy quickened his pace slightly, and all of a sudden I cried out, as I felt a burst of cum shoot through my dick, and into Andy’s mouth. He swallowed it, groaning “Mmmm!” himself. I shot several more squirts of cum into Andy’s mouth, as he continued sucking on me, until my orgasm ended, and he’d sucked me dry. Finally, he pulled away from me and sat up grinning, and licking his lips. “Tasty!” he grinned! I snickered, as I stuffed my softening dick into my jeans and zipped back up. Andy looked around quickly, and seeing nobody around, reclined in his seat and unfastened and unzipped his jeans, exposing himself for me. Then he laid back, with his hardon, exposed, and twitching with excitement. I grinned, as I leaned over him, and took his member in my hand, straigtening it up, so I could lower my mouth over it. I sucked in almost all of his cock, and began sucking up and down on it. “Oh yeah!” he exclaimed, and put his hands behind his head and leaned back closing his eyes. I reached up under his shirt and found one of his nipples, and began tweaking it, like he’d done for me. He giggled as my hand brushed up his belly, then gasped as I squeezed his nipple. I continued kneading his nipple, and sucking on his cock. After about a minute, Andy began to thrust his hips up and down a little, and out of the corner of my eye I saw his nostrils flaring. “Ohhh!” he groaned. A few strokes later, and I felt his first glob of cum surge through the vein-like urethra on the underside of his cock, and explode into the back of my throat, as he cried out “Oh God! I’m Coming!” I continued pumping up and down his cock, and squeezing his nipple, as he pumped gob after gob of hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all. I sucked on him, till his orgasm ended, and he relaxed. Then I pulled off him, and sat up smiling at him, as he grinned at me. “God Damn! That was Brilliant!” he said, as he pushed his penis back into his pants and got dressed again. Then he sat up and looked around again. Still no one around. I reached over and drew Andy to me, and kissed him, he responded and our kiss lasted a long time as we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues, enjoying the flavor of the after-taste of our own cum that still coated each other’s mouths. Finally, I broke away and sat back in my seat. “I love you John!” Andy said softly, smiling at me. I grinned and said “I love you too Andy!” Then I started the car and backed around, and we drove again toward home. Grandma cooked a wonderful Turkey dinner for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed it, along with several kinds of pies for dessert. Then we all sat around visiting and playing board games the rest of the evening. Around 11:00 Dad and Elizabeth left, saying they wouldn’t be back until the next evening, for supper. We all went upstairs to bed then too. Jacob and Harry grinned evily at us as we said Good Night, so we knew they were planning a tryst before going to sleep. Scott asked if I’d be joining them tonight, and I said I wouldn’t. Both he and John grinned, then disappeared into their room. I thought I heard the lock click this time. I grinned at Andy, and he waggled his eyebrows at me. We went into our room and closed and locked the door too. Immediately, Andy began stripping. I joined him, and once we were naked, we hopped into bed together. We got into a ’69’ and spent an enjoyable several minutes pleasuring each other, sucking each other’s cocks and balls, and rimming each other’s assholes. Finally, we returned to sucking each other’s cocks, and within minutes, we were both exploding into each other’s mouths. When we’d both finished cumming, Andy, who was facing the foot of the bed, swung around and snuggled into my arms. We pulled the covers up over us, and drifted off into peaceful sleep together. The next morning, Andy and I made everyone Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Afterward, we hung around the house a little while, then finally, the boys were bored, so I suggested we go to the beach. “In the winter?” Jacob asked, looking at me like I was crazy. “Sure! It’s a nice day, c’mon!” So we told Grandma we were going to the beach, and took off. We stopped at a 7-11 şişli travesti and I picked up a few bags of popcorn and some sodas. It wasn’t far to my favorite beach, we were there in a few minutes. It was sunny, and relatively warm for winter – about 40 degrees. There was only a slight sea breeze, and the sand was clear of any snow. The boys all ran out onto the beach, as Andy and I followed them. First thing we did was feed the popcorn to the gulls, who flocked around us. I got several great pictures of the boys and the birds. Then we took a walk up the beach. There was one older man, using a metal detector, who we passed as we walked along, looking at the ocean. Jacob and Harry were busy collecting sea shells. Mostly they were clam shells, but they were enjoying stuffing them in a bag I’d given them. At one point Harry joyfully ran up to me, displaying a Frisbee he’d found washed up on shore. This of course prompted an impromtu game for Frisbee for all of us! Eventually, the twins decided to build a sand castle. We all joined in and after some time, we had quite the sand fortress excavated. We took a break and drank our sodas, then we went and found more shells and decorated our fortress with them and a few sea gull feathers we’d found as well. We took a bunch more pictures of all of us posing with our creation. It was well after noon by then, and we’d been out in the cold and wind quite some time, so I suggested we take off, and possibly go see a movie. We walked back to the car, passing the man with the metal detector again. He waved at us. I drove us all to the mall then. We selected a movie to see, but had an hour and fifteen minutes before it was to begin, so we bought our tickets ahead, then went to the men’s room and washed up. From there we went to the food court, and everyone found something they felt like eating for lunch. By the time we’d finished eating, we still had a half hour left to wait, so we walked down the mall. In the middle of the mall, we came upon an ear-piercing kiosk. Jacob’s and Harry’s eyes lit up and they both started shouting how they wanted to get an ear pierced like mine was. I noticed Andy was grinning and looking at the earrings himself. “No Way!” I said, “Can you imagine what your parents would do if I let you get pierced?” “Well, my parents are your parents, and you’re already pierced!” Jacob said looking at me pointedly. “And I think mine won’t care!” said Harry. “Grandma won’t mind,” John cried. “Yeah, if you say it’s OK, she’ll be OK with it,” Scott said. “You’re not in charge of me to begin with,” Andy added, grinning at me. “Oh, shit!” I said, “you too?” He grinned and waggled his eyebrows at me. “Whatever!” I said, and the boys all started giggling and talking at once. “I’ll go first,” Jacob cried, “I want a hoop just like your’s John!” I laughed and said, “Well – you have to get a post for your first one, it’s how it’s done!” The girl behind the counter was laughing as all five excitedly started looking at the ‘starter set’ choices. “How much for five piercings?” I asked, looking at her. She laughed and told me they were having a special that day. I said, “OK – you guys each pick out one of these,” and I pointed at a section in the case, “and I’ll pay for it for all of you!” There were various cries of “Cool!” “Wow!” “Really?” and “Thanks!” “Just hurry up, or we’ll miss the flick!” I said, laughing. In the end, Harry chose a Silver cube shaped one, Jacob and the twins each chose a gold ball, and Andy chose a fake diamond. I paid and all of them took turns sitting in the chair and each got their left earlobe pierced! Each was given a couple of packets of triple antibiotic ointment to apply a few times a day, and we left. I chuckled as we walked toward the movies and they all were dabbing at their ears with kleenex, not so sure they’d made a good decision, as it hurt a bit more than they’d thought it might! I had to admit though, they all looked good with them! We saw our movie, and the plot was riveting, so it took their minds off their ears. Then it was time to go home for supper. I also had to get ready for tonight’s concert! I wasn’t very popular with Grandma, Dad, or Elizabeth when we got home, and it was discovered that I’d let all the boys “deface” their bodies! It got worse when Grandma asked how the twins had paid for it, and it came out that I’d paid for them all! Dad was really pissed then! “Well Alan, you and I both knew Jacob would be wanting one sooner or later, since John has one!” Elizabeth said finally. “But what will Harry’s and Andy’s parents say?” Dad asked. “Oh Alan,” Grandma said, “don’t worry so. If they have a real problem with them, they can remove the earrings and the holes will close up in a bit!” “I suppose, but NO MORE piercings!” he said glaring at all five of the boys, then he glared even more sternly at me! “Yes sir” everyone mumbled. I just looked Dad in the eye, somewhat defiantly. He didn’t break his glaring stare. Finally I said “Fine!” and he looked away. “Um I suppose tatoos are out of the question then?” Scott asked. “Absolutely NOT!” Grandma and Elizabeth shouted together! Andy and Harry snickered, but Jacob looked at his mother and said, “John has tatoos.” “Yeah,” John cried, “he does!” “Guys!” I said, “I got those when I was young and not so mature. I still like the ones I have, but maybe someday I won’t anymore, and then it’ll be too late. It’s not something I’d do again! They’re permanent, unlike a pierced ear. Promise me you won’t be stupid like me and get tatooed!” The adults, and even Andy smiled when I said that, although the boys grumbled a bit, but finally all nodded or said “OK”. “OK then – time to eat,” Grandma said, and we all headed for the dining room. Grandma pulled me aside and said, “I don’t really care about the earrings, but please be careful with the twins, they both idolize you so much. They want to be just like you, but they’re not old enough to handle many of the things that you are old enough to handle.” I smiled and said, “don’t worry, I think of them as if they were my own little brothers, I won’t let anything bad happen to them.” Grandma smiled then, and we joined the others. After supper, I made all the guys follow me to the bathroom, where I showed them how to clean and medicate their earlobes. None of them were too fond of it, but I told them that if they didn’t do it a few times a day, their earlobes would fall off. They all snickered and agreed to do what I said. Then, it was time to get ready to go to the concert. I went upstairs to get ready. You could’ve heard a pin drop when I walked back into the living room, guitar in hand, and they saw me in my stage outfit. Andy said “Son of a Bitch!” under his breath. The twins started snickering. They’d seen me dressed to play before. I had on a pair of black western-style boots, black leather pants that really accentuated my crotch, and a black long-sleeve cotton shirt, sleeves rolled up, and the top few buttons open, so my chest was exposed. The gold necklace Andy had given me glittered against my skin, nestled in the little bit of chest hair I had. I figured it was the pants that had gotten most of the boys’ attention, as their gazes kept returning to my bulging crotch. Elizabeth’s attention seemed to be drawn there as well. My father however was staring beylikdüzü travesti at my eye makeup. I’d used some black eye liner at the base of my lashes, and under the lashes under my eyes. I’d also added a couple of black tear drops with the eye liner, dripping from my left eye. “You look just like a rock star!” Grandma said, smiling, “but no time for that now, get going, or you’ll be late!” “Andy, why don’t you ride with me – you guys – save him a seat!” I said. He grinned and grabbed his jacket. I put on my leather biker’s jacket and told the others I’d see them later, and we left. “Are you nervous?” Andy asked as I pulled into the high school parking lot. “Not really,” I said, “just really excited. I’ll be nervous in a while, just before we play!” Andy chuckled, “Well, just concentrate on what I’m gonna do to you after the concert when we get home, and you’ve still got those pants on!” I grinned, but then remembered, that there was a party after the concert. “What’s wrong?” Andy asked, as my smile faded. I told him about the party. He looked a little disappointed, until I told him he was coming with me. Then he grinned again. “What about the guys?” he asked. “They can come to the reception after the concert, but then they have to go home. The party’s for seniors only!” Andy grinned again. I parked the car on the edge of the parking lot, under a light. Andy looked around, and then said, “C’mere, and let me give you a good luck kiss!” I leaned toward him, and we kissed briefly. I grabbed my guitar out of the back seat, and popped the trunk, so I could get my amp out too. Andy carried my guitar in, and I carried the amp, which was pretty heavy. It was a BIG amp! I’d rented it for the couple days I needed it, so I didn’t have to bring my own over from England. All the rest of the guys were already there, in our waiting area backstage, except Boob. “Where’s Mike?” I asked. “He went to look for you,” Turkey said. “Here he is now,” Legs said. Mike walked in behind us. He looked upset. I noticed his glance kept falling on Andy. I clapped him on the back, and grinning said “You’re not nervous, are you?” “No, I’m alright,” he said, and went over to his guitar, and started checking if it was tuned. Andy gave me an ‘I told you so’ look, then said “I’m gonna go find my seat, you guys have ‘Band stuff’ to deal with. Good luck all of you!” I smiled, as all the guys, except Mike, replied with “Thanks” or “See you later”. I smiled and winked at Andy, and he smiled back and left. We all got our instruments ready then, and were all set by the time the show started, even though we were scheduled to play last. Mr. Haggerty, the principal, had whispered to us that he knew we were good, and he wanted a good act to close the show with. I peeked out and saw that we had a full-house, and even a bunch of people were standing along the back and side walls. I saw Dad, Elizabeth, Grandma, and the boys taking up almost an entire row of seats about half way back, dead center to the stage. Shortly, the principal announced the first act, and a group of girls all went onstage and sang a couple of songs, acappella. There was enthusiastic applause as their act ended. Then some dancers went on stage, and did their thing. As we waited, the principal came over and said “you guys are down for two songs, can you possibly do a third? One of our groups canceled at the last minute.” We were shocked, but talked together a minute, and the guys talked me into inserting a new song I’d written in England, inbetween the two songs we’d planned to play. This one spotlighted me, as it was more of a ballad. Thus there was less instrumentals behind it than some other songs, and it would make things easier on the guys. Besides, they all thought it was great! So we told Mr. Haggerty we’d do three songs. Several acts went by, there was a small intermission, then the other acts played. Finally, it was our turn. We walked out onto the stage to loud applause. As the applause died, I heard a girl’s voice yell from the back left of the audience “I really missed you Johnny!” Turkey gave a badda-boom on the drums. I grinned, held my hand over our eyes, and focused on where the shout had come from. Then I saw Jenny, a senior who I knew had the hots for me waving at me. “I missed you to Jenny!” I said into the mike and waved back. There were chuckles all over the audience. I introduced the band, and our first song, and we played. I was surprised at how great we played together, considering we’d only gotten to rehearse once since I got back. It felt great to be playing together again! We played really well! By the time the we finished, I wasn’t nervous anymore, and the crowd was applauding loudly, accompanied by several whistles from some of the guys in the audience. Grinning, I announced that the next song was one we hadn’t played before yesterday, so I hoped it was good. “I wrote it for someone very special to me!” I said, looking at Andy, who looked dumbstruck. I hadn’t played or sang it for him before, and he didn’t even know I’d written it. Jacob and Harry realized right away that it was Andy I was speaking of. They were grinning. Nobody else realized though, although I thought that out of the corner of my eye, I saw Boob looking at me with a hurt look. We started the song, and I sang of my love and passion for my lover. In the song, I make no reference to a specific person, and you couldn’t even tell if I was singing it to a man or a woman. The audience, believing me to be straight, all assumed I’d written the song for Lynn, or else, for a girl I’d met in England. When it was over, the applause were thunderous, a few girls were screaming, and we received a standing ovation! I saw Andy, smiling at me, as a couple of tears ran down his cheek, which he quickly wiped away. People were yelling for more! So, before they were completely finished applauding, I lead the band into our last, and (in my estimation) best song. Toward the end of it, as we were gearing up for our big finish, I noticed most of the audience was standing up and they were dancing at their seats. When it was over, they were all on their feet, cheering and applauding. It was incredible! Two standing ovations! We were all elated, as we walked off the stage, the applause still pounding in our ears. Everyone backstage told us how great we were. They were saying we should go professional. “My thoughts exactly!” I heard a man behind me say. I spun around and there was a man with dark hair, who was wearing a suit, and appeared to be in his thirties, looking at us. “Can I speak with you guys for a minute?” he asked. We moved to a corner, and he introduced himself as a talent scout for a recording company in NYC. He said he’d like us to audition with the company, to see if we might have a shot of putting out an album! At first we all just stared at him, but then we were all talking excitedly at once. The guy stood there smiling and chuckling. After we’d calmed down a bit, he told us he thought we were great and we really stood a good chance of putting out an album! He wanted us to audition as soon as possible. All of a sudden I remembered we were due to go back to England in a couple days. He asked when I’d be coming back, and I said I didn’t know, so he asked if we could come to the city before I left. The istanbul travesti guys all looked at me, praying I’d say yes. Which I did. So we set it up, so that we’d call him in the morning to set it up for the next day. He took our names and numbers down, and passed out his business card to each of us. Then he shook our hands and left. To say we were excited was an understatement! Quickly we packed our stuff up and ran it out to our cars, then went to join everyone at the reception in the gym. We all went off to see our respective families to tell them what had just happened. We agreed to meet up again later, at the party. When I told Dad, Elizabeth, Grandma, Andy and the boys about the audition, they were all excited and started talking all at once. I couldn’t believe it yet myself. Finally, we might be getting the break we all hoped we’d get someday! A lot of the kids I knew from school started coming over then to see me, including Jenny, who wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips! I introduced everyone to my friends. The reception lasted about an hour, then people started leaving. Grandma wanted to get the twins home. She said she’d take Jacob and Harry with her too. I told her and Dad that Andy and I were going to a “senior’s party”. It was being held at a bowling alley nearby. The boys all were disappointed because they couldn’t join us, and scowled as Grandma shephered them away. Dad told us to be careful and not to drink and drive, then he and Elizabeth left too. Andy and I ended up talking to a couple more of my friends who wandered over, then we left and drove to the party. It was in full swing when we arrived. About half way down the lanes, I saw Van Gogh flagging us down. They’d grabbed a lane for us. A couple of the guys had their girlfriends with them too. We all got shoes and balls and began bowling. We were all having a great time bowling, and everyone was in high spirits, except for Mike, who seemed pretty down. Andy seemed a little uncomfortable too. I noticed the two of them were trying to ignore each other. Mike however had daggers in his eyes whenever their eyes met. Finally, after missing a spare, Mike grabbed his jacket and stalked off toward the door, as everyone stared after him. I grabbed my jacket, and went after him, leaving Andy looking after me with a confused look on his face. “C’mon – Horse’ll fix whatever’s bugging Boob!” I heard Turkey say to Andy. Out in the parking lot, I looked around for Mike. I didn’t see him at first, but then I heard a soft high-pitched sound coming from around back of a pickup truck. I walked over and peeked around the corner, to find Julie Hays bent over the hood of someone’s car, while George Griesmer was giving it to her from behind. It was Julie’s whimpering, as she orgasmed that I heard. George was just exclaiming “OH FUCK!” as he apparently began shooting his load. I backed away, and wandered the other direction, as I saw some smoke coming around the corner of the building. There I found Pete Richards, Dave Rogers, and Quinn Caswell passing a joint around. They offered me some, but I declined, saying smoke was bad for my voice. Quinn handed me a bottle of Jack Daniels then. I took a swig, handed it back to him and asked if they’d seen Boob. Pete pointed to the woods in the back of the parking lot and said “he ran that way”. I thanked them and headed for the woods. As I walked past a van, I noticed it was shaking a little, and I heard some grunting and bumping from within. Obviously someone else was getting it on too! As I approached the woods, a car parked at the back edge of the lot started up, and careened toward me. I stopped, and got ready to jump. It was Boob’s car. He was driving it. He skidded to a stop when he saw me, and sat looking at me for a few seconds. I could tell he was upset. He looked like he was crying. I started to walk toward him again, but he hit the gas, and headed for the street. “Mike!” I yelled. He didn’t stop. He just fish-tailed out onto the street and roared off in the direction of his house. I stood watching as his car vanished around a curve. I debated whether to follow him or not. I decided it would be better to try and talk to him the next day, since I wasn’t sure he was really going home anyway. I walked back to the alley. As I approached the building, I saw DJ Connors and Greg Weiss pissing against the back of the building. “Better pee out here, there’s only one toilet working in the men’s room!” DJ called to me. I snickered, but then realized I needed to pee too, so I wandered a few feet from DJ and joined them. They finished just ahead of me, zipped up and went back in. I finished, zipped up, and went back in then too. When I got back to our lane, everyone looked at me. I shrugged and said, “He drove off toward his house. I thought about following him, but figured maybe he wasn’t going there anyway. I’ll try to talk with him tomorrow once. ” “Good,” said Legs, “he’s been acting pretty funny lately. He’s seemed pretty depressed when you were gone, but got really excited when we heard you were coming home. But now that you’re here, he seems worse than ever!” Andy gave me a meaningful look. “Well, I’ll talk to him,” I said. “OK then, let’s bowl!” Turkey said. We enjoyed the rest of the evening, bowling and hanging out with all my highschool friends. Andy seemed to loosen up and enjoyed himself a lot too. When the bowling alley closed, most of the kids all said good-bye and headed home. I talked the guys into going to the all-night diner near the school for breakfast though. At the diner, we all ate like pigs and had a good time talking and playing with our food. We almost got into a food fight, until the waitress gave us a look. Snickering, we finally got up, paid our bills, and left, as the waitress glared at us yet. In the parking lot, we decided to get together later in the day. It was 3 AM now, so Andy and I drove back to Grandma’s and tiptoed up the stairs, and went to bed. Sometime later, I awoke to find Scott standing over me, gently shaking me, whispering my name loudly. “What?” I asked, groggily. “You guys are pretty close, aren’t you?” he asked. “What????” I asked. “You and Andy,” he said, and pointed at us. It was then I realized I was spooned up against Andy’s back, my arm around him. “Um, uh, yeah, I guess,” I said, “what are you waking me up for?” “You have a phone call,” he said, “I said you were asleep, but they said it was urgent!” I looked at the clock. It was about 7:30 AM. I crawled out of bed, not remembering I was naked. Scott’s eyes got huge, as he saw my morning boner, come into view. “Damn, you’re huge!” he said, then after a slight pause he added “um – you sleep naked with Andy? uh – are you guys like me and John?” Bewildered, I just looked down at Scott. “It’s OK,” he said after a few seconds, “I get it. And I won’t tell anyone. Not even John!” I smiled down at him and said “Thanks Scott, I’d appreciate that! We’ll talk more later about it.” He smiled up at me, then left. I grabbed my jeans off the floor and yanked them on. Then I stumbled down the stairs and picked up the phone that was laying off the hook on the buffet in the hall. “Hello?” I said. I heard some sniffling, then Van Gogh’s voice said “I got bad news.” “What?” I asked. I heard Craig starting to cry. “Craig? What’s wrong?” I asked. Sniffling, he stuttered “it-it’s M-Mike! He-He’s d-dead!” “WHAT?” I yelled into the phone… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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