My sister Stacey’s panties

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My sister Stacey’s pantiesMy younger sister had always been prudish. Even by the time she reached 18 she had never had a boyfriend, never drank, never smoked, never did anything fun. All she would do is walk around in her prissy clothes and look down upon everyone as if they were below her.Stacey was what I thought to be pretty average looking. She always wore jeans that were loose enough to not anything off, but not loose enough to be called baggy and always wore conservative shirts never exposing anything at all to anyone. All in all I thought there was nothing special about her at all. Until the day I accidentally walked in on her as she was getting changed.There before me stood my sister in nothing but a white, lacy bra and panty set. I stood there dumbfounded as I saw for the first time her long smooth legs running high up to her small waist, I could see her ass was extremely tight hidden beneath her panties. Her stomach was as flat as any other I have seen before which made her full round breasts seem even more perfect. I later found out they are 14C’s. Her tanned skin looked great against the white of her underwear. I stood their dumbfounded taking it all in, my perfect vision was interrupted by a shrill high voice.”What the hell are you doing, get out you pervert!” she yelled. I snapped out of my trance and ran out of the room into the hallway slamming the door shut behind me. I stood there trying to settle my mind as those beautiful images of my bitch of a sister ran through my mind over and over. Suddenly she came out of the room again and turned to me with the death stare she gives most people, that look turned into surprise and then disgust as she stormed away, then I realized that what I had just seen had given me the hardest erection I have ever had.From that day on I was obsessed with her, going through her room when I was beylikdüzü escort alone in the house looking for anything at all, looking through her underwear, holding them as I whacked off. My favorite was still those matching white lacy bra and panties that I saw her in.One day when she had left for work, I waited for about 5 minutes then ran into her room, looking around on the floor I saw those white panties that I love so much. She had worn them the day before and I could still smell her sweet scent on them. I got hard instantly. I dropped my pants and started stoking myself, the panties held to my nose as I thought of getting my hands on that tight ass I longed to hold. As I got closer and closer to cumming I brought down the panties and wrapped them around my cock. The cool material sliding up and down my shaft, the image of my sister’s pussy in that same material drove over the edge, I felt my balls begin to tighten as they started filling with my cum ready to shoot.Just as I was about to blow the door swung open and there stood my sister with a evil grin on her face, I tried to do something but I was too far gone and I started cumming in her panties wrapped around my dick. She walked in slowly as I dropped my head in embarrassment not able to think of anything to say. She walked up to me and lifted my head to look at me.”You are so dirty. You like to cum in your own sisters panties do you” She said with a disgusted look on her face before leaning in to whisper in my ear “I came in them yesterday as well thinking of your cock” She then grabbed my half hard dick in her hands, taking the panties away she dropped to her knees before I could say anything back to her.”I’m…I’m…I’m sorry Stacey I…oohhhh” I moaned out load as I felt her warm mouth slide over my cock. Moving her head slowly up and down by sucking hard. In no time I was hard avcılar escort again and she was bouncing her head up and down on my cock as I started fucking her mouth back. I was on the edge again but she pulled away and pushed me to the bed. Lifting up her skirt she showed my her bare pussy, already I could see she was wet. She bunched her skirt around her waist and came over to the edge of the bed grabbing my hand and placing it on her wet lips. I was frozen with fear and emotions, as I had no idea what to do. She started moving my fingers around her clit, moaning lightly as she did this, I came back to my senses and started doing it for myself, she took her own hand away and started unbuttoning her blouse, showing those perfect breasts of hers to me.I pulled her by the waist and placed on leg on either side of my face, looking directly up at her sweet shaven pussy. I kissed her inner thighs gently causing her to moan soft as she started playing with her hard nipples. Kissing up higher and higher until I was able to let my tongue trace ever so lightly around the outside of her lips teasing her. She would have none of that and pressed down harder on my face demanding me to eat her.I slid my tongue between her wet lips and licked up until she shuddered as I flicked her clit hard. This caused her to press down even more onto me and fearing suffocation I decided to give in to her wishes and I started swirling my tongue around and around her hard clit, until she was in a constant spasm and grinding against me. “Ohh god that’s it…oohh fuck…make me cum” she moaned above me, pinching and pulling at her own nipples as I sucked hard on her clit my hands holding onto her ass tightly, squeezing those cheeks between my fingers. “Yes…oohh yes” she moaned louder this time as she started convulsing on top of my in orgasm…”Fuck I’m cummingggg” she moaned esenyurt escort as I continued to flick and suck on her clit.As she finally came down from that high she looked down at my with a smile as I kept licking her soaked pussy, tasting her cum. She climbed off and lent to her nightstand, I jumped at this opportunity and got on my knees behind her grabbing her hips rubbing my cock along those wet folds of her pussy.”Wait” she said passing me a condom from her drawer “Best to be careful” she said with a smile before pressing back against me rubbing my cock harder against her as I fumbled to get the condom on. Finally I help her hip firmly in place as she squirmed against me, one quick slap on her firm ass held her still as place the head of my cock against the opening of her pussy, rubbing slightly around teasing her knowing how much she hates it, then sliding my full length deep in her causing her to yelp out in surprise which quickly turned into one constant moan as I pounded in and out of her cunt as fast as I could.Not being able to control myself I fucked her as fast as I could, looking down seeing my cock sliding in and out of her, just below that ass I love so much, my pelvis thrusting hard against her causing her breasts to swing wildly underneath her. I felt her fingers against my cock and realized she was rubbing her clit almost as fast as I was fucking her. “God Stacey I’m going to cum soon” I groaned out of me barely being able to hear myself over her screams and moans. I felt her tense up and her pussy twitching around my cock as she started cumming with a loud scream and that was it for me I started spewing my cum at the same time.”Fuck me brother, cum with me” she yelled when she realized what was happening, both of us pressing hard against each other as our bodies slowly started shaking, neither of us wanting to part from our bond that held us together.I looked down seeing my sister’s head collapsed again the pillow, her ass still high in the air with my cock deep in her pussy. Stroking her soft skin. I cant wait for more of this.

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