My first time getting fucked in the ass.

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My first time getting fucked in the ass.I think this is the first thing i’ve posted on here in a very long time, so i’m going to make it a special one, a true story about the first time i got fucked in the ass, it was when i was in collage (University here in the uk): I Walked into my friends room and he was having a wank (door unlocked, tut tut), i just managed to get a look at the tip of his cock as he slid it under the covers, now I’ve known I’m bi for a long time at this point, had one or two cocks down my neck as experience. But I wasn’t sure what my friend was into, but the pc screen of the two hot guys fucking the hell outta each other gave me a clue.”no, leave it on, i’ve seen this, it’s got a great finish” i say quickly to stop him turning it off, i start to unbutton my jeans, letting my cock flop out i take a seat next to him. Knowing that he’s looking at me and having the twink on the screen get pounded so brutally got me rock hard in seconds and for about a min we sat there jerking off. I started to get close (i was 18 after all), Suddenly i have to have the sound loader, i want the whole dorm to know what we’re doing, but as i lean forward reaching for the volume I feel my friends finger push through my ass cheeks and start to get into my hole, Snapping my head round i see for the first time his hard cock getting tossed and his eye’s, rus vip escort kızlar burning with lust, fixed on my now very exposed ass.It proves too much for me, I can’t take my eye’s off his cock, then as the twink starts begging to be fucked deeper, my friend slowly twists his finger forcing himself deeper into me and i scream out an involuntary “FUUUUUUUCK” as I unload my hot cum over his keyboard.A few seconds pass as I’m lost to my own orgasm, then i turn to my friend and beg for his forgivnes for messing up his keyboard, I slide off the bed onto my knees to have a closer look at it and he shimmys up too where i was, telling me over and over that it doesn’t matter letting his hard cock stand on it’s own as he slides up to where i was, PERFECT, i lunge at it, taking his manhood as deep as i can (again only 18, so can’t deepthroat yet). After his instant moans of pleasure let me knew i was a good slut I started to do what my 40year old lover had taught me to do and as i cupped his balls with one hand i worked his shaft with my other letting my mouth keep him wet and warm the whole time. After time his moans get louder and louder, i pull back a bit letting his cock out of my mouth, look him in the eye and beg him to cum in my mouth. He doesn’t take kindly to this, grabbing my head he forces his dick into rus escort öğrenci kızlar my mouth, deeper than i was expecting and i choke a little as he tells me “bitch, you chose to cum over my keyboard, you don’t then get to choose where i cum”, with that he thrusts forward and pulls my head towards himself, forcing his cock deeper than I’ve ever taken it before and I pull back chocking and gagging for breath.As i collect myself on the floor, steadying my breath and readying my mouth to be abused again i look up and see he’s applying a generous amount of lube to his cock and the realisation of whats about to happen sinks in, i just about mouth “i’m a virgin” not fully the truth, i’ve used some toys on myself, but he doesn’t care “good, then rather than gifting me a new keyboard you can gift me your virginity, Now submit to me you little slut by bending over my bed and spreading your ass cheeks ready for me” i sit there frozen, like a rabbit in the headlights, “Don’t give me any of that you slut, your rock hard dick gives away how much you love taking my cock any way i make you”. I’m looking at his cock now, it’s not big, maybe 5 – 5.5 inches, I find myself thinking “i could take that”, that’s when i know i will be, nervously i take to my feet, walking the 2-3 steps to the bed feels much longer than vip rus escort kızlar it is, so i take off my top, now completely naked I bend over his bed, reach behind myself, spreading my ass waiting.The first thing i feel is him getting into position, my heart beat gets faster and faster with each second. Then the feeling of his lubed cock up against me asshole, my own hands giving him such easy access, my heart is racing and my dick is rock hard. Then i feel it, his head side inside me, i know from my toys i need to relax and not fight it, the lube removing almost all the resistance my ass can conjure up, I feel my Virginity slip away as his unprotected cock violates me and all i can do is moan with both pleasure and pain. he starts off slowly going in a little bit at a time, then he says it … “you ready to be take it all like a good slut”, I muster up enough courage to say “Yes, but please don’t cum inside me”, but as soon as i say yes he gives me his whole shaft, i half cry out my sentence, but half just cry out, the earth-crushing pain mixed in with the full on godly ecstasy mumbles my words. “what was that” he teases me “you want me to cum inside you?”, “n, no” i just about manage to say, massive mistake, grabbing my hips in response to my words he starts to fuck me hard now “do you know what we do to sluts who say NO to their masters?”, the pain has started to get much worse than the pleasure now so all i manage as a response is a pathetic “what?”, I can hear the smile in is voice when he simply say’s “this” and with a hard thrust he stops fucking me and i feel his hard throbbing cock inside me and i know whats happening before i feel his hot cum quickly fill up my tight ass.

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