my Dad part six

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my Dad part sixChapter sixMy DadI woke up a few hours later because I had to have a pee, Ana was still asleep and had her hand on my right breast, her other hand was between her legs, and I thought yes we have something in common, both of us like sleeping with a hand on our pussy;s, she looked very beautiful just lying there naked, she had a lovely body and I wondered if she would remember what had happened between us earlier, I went to the toilet and sat down I started to have a pee and Ana said you will have to shut the door, I jumped with surprise and wet on the floor, she only laughed and said “I was really enjoying our little bit of fun that much it sent me to sleep, you are really very sexy Ekaterina” I said still peeing, “I have never done anything like that before, but I must say it made me really very wet and I enjoyed having you in my mouth, you taste really sweet, wiping my pussy Ana said “I am bursting” I said “ don’t pee on me, I’m wet enough as it is”, she said “you should try it that is really sexy watching a woman piss over you and tasting het water Mmmmmm, love it” I got up and walked past her, as I did I reached out and touched her ass, she said “honey you can touch me anywhere you like, I don’t know if he put my things in my case but if he did we can have some fun after if you like” she sat down on the toilet and said “come here honey” I moved forward and she reached out and took hold of my arms, putting one hand on her breast which were already starting to get hard nipple, I could hear her peeing , before I realised what she was going to do, she pushed my other hand down between her legs right in the path of her pee, it felt very hot and a good strong spray, she pushed my hand up against where it was coming out of her and kept rubbing my hand as hard she could against her wet cunt, I looked at her and she said “Katerina how does that feel, if you think that felt good, just imagine having a woman stood in front of you naked as us, one leg up on a chair and pissing all over you and you head that close you can feel her pressure, and taste her pee in your mouth, drinking her like cum, she stopped peeing and let go of my hand, I pulled my hand out and looked at it, it was soaking wet with her pee, I picked my hand up and started licking her off my fingers, her piss tasted good too and yes it was making feel really sexy, she wiped herself with some tissue, came closer and started feeling my breasts, squeezing them and rolling my nipples between her fingers she leaned forward and kissed istanbul escort me on the lips inserting her tongue into my mouth and playing with my tongue with hers, I put my arms around her and held her close to me, it felt really strange to feel her heaving breasts again mine, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and was moving it around the inside under and over hers and around the roof of her mouth too, my hands were now sliding down her sides, her skin felt really soft and sexy, nothing like men, I slide my hands over the cheeks of her ass and into her crevice until I reached her ass, I could feel her ass hole and my finger was going around in circles, her hands were sliding up and down my sides and the sides of my breasts which were squeezed out on either side, like hers, she was just pinching them where she could, she then slide her hands down and I could feel them on my tummy between our body’s, she was playing with my belly button, pocking a finger in and turning it around, we stopped kissing and I said “ let’s go in the bedroom, our drink is in there”, she said “I want you to take you to bed babe” she took my hand and lead me back to my bedroom, I poured us a full glass of vodka ,she got into bed and sat up against the wall, her lovely breasts hanging down her chest, she really did have lovely tits too, nice pink nipples and halo around them, her breasts where bigger than mine, my nipples were brown with a bigger halo around them and that was brown too, She tapped the bed and said “bring the bottle over here babe so we don’t have to get out again, will you pass me that case please” I pick it up and she opened it, she did not have too much in it just some tops and a few pairs of jeans and some dresses, she said “he ripped most of my clothes up, I managed to get these and this”, she pulled out a Dildo and a 12 inch strap on, I got into bed under the blankets because I was cold, but sat up like her, she said “ your tits are really nice Ekaterina and you have a great pussy too, I tasted you on my hands nice, have you done this before with a woman, I have never but I have dreamed of you and I doing it many times, never thought we would though so this is like a dream come true, my thigh is really hurting where that bastard bite me” I slide my hand under the blanket and onto the top of her leg and was just smoothing her skin, she was very soft, I said “Ana, can I ask you something” she said “anything you like” I said “why is it you skin avcılar escort on your clit and lips feel like velvet and is so soft” she said “next time you have your period, after you come off feel yours, I know mine is always so soft after that” she was playing with my nipple and I had was playing with the top of her pussy, rolling her clit in my fingers, I felt her hand on mine and she was doing the same thing, believe me it felt great, I looked at her heaving breasts and had to suck them, I leaned over and with my tongue licked her breast just under where it was resting on her chest and up to her neck, kissing her neck and nibbling it I reached her ear, and started lick around the outside of it, nibbling her lobs she started to morn, so I did it more, nibbling and biting after a little time I moved back up and started gently blowing into her ear and licking it in all the ridges, I knew she was enjoying this and I moved back down to her neck, still nibbling she was really morning now, I licked back down to her breast and removing my hand off her wet pussy I cupped her right breast in both hands and licked around her hardening nipple, as I licked I noticed little bumps appearing all around her nipple so I licked a little faster, I then put her nipple in my mouth, she taste really sweet and I knew my juices were flowing, I could feel her hand on the top of my pussy, she was stroking my clit and trying to reach my cunt opening, my pussy was just a little too far for her to get her fingers in, as much as I wanted her to be right inside I moved and turned so I could reach her left breast, I got her left breasts and started smoothing both of them with my hand palms, very gently and just touching them too, if she was anything like me her nipples would be really sensitive now, mine were when dad sucked them, I ran my tongue up her cleavage, her breast were hanging apart, so I pushed them together, my tongue slid up towards the base of her neck, I think she thought I was going to nibble her neck again, but I reached up and kissed her full on the lips, my tongue was running around her lips and I could taste the lipstick she was wearing, her tongue tasted smooth and wet, she was playing licking my tongue tip to tip, I could feel her gripping my tongue with her teeth and sliding her tongue over and undermine, her breathing was very heavy and her breasts were heaving, I stopped kissing her and moved back down her body to those beautiful breasts, her nipple and halo were in my şirinevler escort mouth and I was sucking on them as hard as I could, I am sure she had milk in them too, a few times I tasted it, not lots but just enough to know it tasted thick and nice to, this nearly me cum thinking I last time I had breast milk was when mum feed us as baby’s, I cannot remember too much what it tasted like though, I then moved down the bed, and got her to lie down, I picked her legs up so they were bent at the knees, I was looking right at her wet pussy which was glistering in the light, she was partly open I could just see her opening, I ran my tongue up her legs and was smoothing her silky thighs my tongue was just below her cunt she was really wet, as I was breathing I could smell her wee, when she wiped herself it must leave soon dry into the skin, I smell like it myself I suppose, from how close I was to her cunt, her lips looked nice and long and I got hold of them to see how long they were, they stretched either side and touched her thighs, they looked lovely and pink and moist with her juices glinting on them, I licked her down there one lips at a time, sucking her lips into my mouth and flicking them with my tongue, They felt strange to have inside my mouth but really soft and silky ,I push my tongue through them and into her pussy, her juices were all over my face now, while I was licking her insides my hands where playing with her ass, I reached and got the Dildo of the bed side cabinet and turned it on, putting it by her ass hole, I spat to get her hole wetter and was pushing the Dildo into her hole, she opened her legs further to reveal a very wet pussy and lovely look ass, she had the dildo inside her ass, and was pumping her body up and down, her pussy was open and I pushed two fingers deep inside of her turning them around a little, easing my fingers out slightly, then inserting three fingers inside her lovely soft pussy she really started to morn her body was tense and I watched her tits heaving up and down, still moving the Dildo in and out ,pushing further inside her all the time, my fingers were really wet from her juices, I pulled them out again and licked her juices off my hand and she really tasted nice, I have never tasted a woman until today, no wonder men like going down there licking women’s cunts, they taste just as nice as men’s sperm, better in fact. Pushing my four fingers back inside her, and working them in and out, she was taking most of my hand and moving her body up and down too, I looked up at her face, her eyes were closed and she was groaning then she was digging her nails into my back and just squirting her juices out like a fountain, I knew she had really enjoyed it because when Dad makes me come like this, I did what he does and that was lick all her socking cunt and ass mmmmmmmmm really nice too.

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