mother and daughter Affair

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mother and daughter AffairThis story and contains lesbian taboo and everybody is over 18.How did this happen? I do not recall on when it happened, but all I know is that my baby girl, my own daughter Hanna, a nineteen year old beauty has her head between my legs, giving me the best orgasms I’ve ever had. “Mum, did you enjoy you Xmas gift from me?”“Oh baby, I love every time you go down on me. Let me return the gift with a gift of my love for you.” I then put my head between her legs showing my love for her.While eating out my daughter’s pussy I remembered how our affair started over two months ago on her 19th birthday. My daughter Hanna had just finished her four years of college with a major in English so she could become a teacher. My daughter is 5’8 tall, and looks like Shyla Jennings with green eyes and long blonde hair. I have seen some of her bras as I do the washing and I’ve seen that they are D cup size 36; not bad for a girl her age. My name is Janna Smith and I’m 45 years old. I’m 5’6 with a nice body for a woman my age with C cup size 32 and I do have a small bush. My hair colour is the same as my daughter’s, my eyes are green too.You’re most probably wondering where is my cheating husband Danny. According to him, he has to work overseas for the next fewmonths including Christmas. This has been going on for the last three years so I knew something wasn’t right. Then I had a friend call me and told me she had seen my husband with a young girl going into a hotel kissing like lovers and that she was young enough to be our daughter. That was when I knew he had been seeing one of Hanna’s friends and bet it was Stacy the busty bitch, but I didn’t care about his affair with Stacy. I knew I wanted to get revenge on him; maybe I will fuck one of his mates and see how he likes it.But I didn’t have sex with one of his best friends or even his boss. I had sex with the person you shouldn’t have sex with and that was our daughter that I ended up having a sexual affair with. Now normally mothers and daughters aren’t supposed to have sex with each other because it known as taboo but let me tell you it is the hottest sexual experience I’ve ever had.The day our affair started on my daughter’s 19th birthday. I took her to London so we could a nice day out and have dinner at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant where it all kinda started. As we sat across from each other, Hanna would look at me with lust in her eyes which no daughter should look at her mother that way, but she did. It made my whole body tingle and we haven’t had a glass of wine yet, but I swear I could feel her legs rubbing up and down between my legs which made me horny; oh god I’m getting turned on by my own daughter. This happened all throughout our meal and the wine didn’t help me. It just made me tipsy and even more horny that I wanted my daughter to go down on me in the restaurant. Oh god what was I thinking.“Thank you Mummy for the birthday meal. I can’t wait to eat my dessert.” The way she said that made my whole body shake as I had a little orgasm. I didn’t know what was going on at the time nor did I know what was going to happen that night or the next morning, but I’m glad that they did happen. As we both had wine we couldn’t drive back home so we decided to stay at the local premier inn (a chain of hotels in the UK). This was the night where my relationship with Hanna changed from a normal mother-daughter relationship to a lesbian i****t relationship.Luckily for us, the premier inn was only a walk away from the restaurant. We left the restaurant at 9:15pm and we got to the premier inn at 9:20pm where a nice guy behind the check-in desk said to us, “Hello ladies. How may I help you?”“Yes you can um Matt. I would like two rooms for me and my daughter as we’ve had too much to drink for her 19th birthday.”“I will see what I can do for you lovely ladies.” As soon as he started to look I felt Hanna’s hand glide across my ass and rub up and down my back.“Oh I’m sorry ladies, there is only one room available and it has a double bed in it.”Before I could say anything Hanna said, güvenilir bahis “We will take it because I’m tipsy and can’t be asked to find another hotel.” I couldn’t argue with Hanna and agreed with her to take the room.“Ok ladies all booked for tonight. You will be in room 310 and it will be £40 please.” I paid for it with my card.Hanna grabbed the room cardkey as soon as the guy put it on the counter and walked very fast to the lifts (Elevators) because she knew I was angry about the little stunt she did in the restaurant and what she did here too. “All done for you Ma’am and don’t forget you can always call down if you need any assistance.”I just grabbed my card and receipt and moved very quickly. “I may think about it,” I said, leaving the front desk seeing my daughter getting into one of the lifts. I got to the lift she got into just as the doors were about to close. As soon as the doors closed I turned to Hanna to tell her off for actions at the restaurant but before I could say a word Hanna placed her lips on mine. I was in shock that my daughter was kissing me and it felt really good, but I knew I had to stop this before it went too far.I pushed her away asking, “Hanna what gotten into you? First at the restaurant rubbing your leg up and down my legs and flit talking, then at the front desk you graze my ass and then just now kissing me.”Hanna looked at me with sad teary eyes. “I’m sorry Mum. I…I just wanted to show you how much I love you.”“Oh honey, you don’t have to do what you did to show me how much you love me because…”“Mum you don’t understand that I love you not just as my mum.”“Oh you mean you’re in love with me. Hanna is that why you did those things?”She didn’t say anything except nod her head yes.“Oh baby, I didn’t know but please tell me how it came to be that you fell for me.” I couldn’t believe I just said that. Before my daughter could speak again the lift stops and the doors open to the 3rd floor. “Tell me in the room ok Hanna.” She just nods as we walked to our room.We noticed room 310 was at the end of the small hallway all on its own. We entered the room and wasn’t expecting to see a small sitting area with a TV in the room. “Have a seat Hanna and let’s talk.” We both took a seat on the couch. “So tell me, how did you develop these feelings for me?”She seemed nervous but she finally opened up to me. “It all started when I hit thirteen. I noticed something was wrong with me when I looked at you. My heart would pound, my nipples would get hard, my pussy would get wet and I didn’t know what was going on until…”“Until you found out about puberty and knew about what you might be sexually attracted to.”“That’s the problem Mum because you are the only one I get sexually attracted to. I have tried looking at guys and other girls but nothing happens to me.” I still couldn’t believe that my daughter wanted me sexually.“I had to try even though I knew what your reaction would be Mum.” Hanna then started crying and I didn’t know what to do because of what she said, but I had to do something. I wrapped my arms around her like a mother should and said some to her to make her happy.“Listen Hanna, it’s your birthday and I’m happy that you told me how you feel but for one night only…. I will let you have sex with me.” I couldn’t believe I just said that and Hanna couldn’t believe what I just said.“Are you sure Mum or are you just saying that to make me feel good?”“Honey the only way I can see if you are sexually attracted to me is for us to have sex and I don’t want you to sleep on this couch.” Before she could say anything I placed my lips on to hers.I could feel Hanna’s hand rub all over my body and I could feel her tongue pushing its way into my mouth, so I let her tongue in my mouth as I put my tongue in her mouth. She let out a little moan as she didn’t expect it to feel so good and neither did I. I broke our kiss to say, “Let’s take our shoes off and move to the bed ok.”Hanna jumped at what I said to remove her shoes. As she lifted up her dress I saw she was wearing a garter belt because I saw something türkçe bahis hold the nude stockings she was wearing and practically ran to the bed as I took off my shoes. I was also wearing a garter belt and nude stockings. I walked to the bed to see my Hanna on the bed in her bra and panties and garter belt. “Wow Hanna, you look stunning. Just let me get out of my dress and I’ll join you.” I reached behind my neck undid a button and pulled down the zip then removed my arm from the top half of the dress revealing my bra.I saw Hanna sit up on her knees as her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she saw my bra covered breasts. I continued to take off my dress revealing my garter belt and panties, then got onto the bed onmy knees. “I still can’t believe we going to do this Mum and it will be my first sexual experience.”“Yes I feel the same way and this will be my first lesbian sexual experience and it with my daughter.”“I know Mum. I just want to say you are incredibly sexy and to me you are the one I want to do it with.”I didn’t say anything after that. I just pulled her close to me and then we began passionately kissing. I could feel her hands on my back trying to undo my bra so I put my hands on her back and undid her bra. Hanna broke the kiss as I removed her bra to ask,“How did you get my bra off so quickly mum?”“What, you don’t know the quick release technique for bras?” I saw Hanna’s breasts and hard nipples. “Let me show you on your bra then you can try on your bra then you can do mine.”“Ok Mum I would love to learn from you.” I put Hanna’s bra on my lap and done it up.“This is what we call a pinch release.” Then I showed her what I meant. “Do you want to get a go?” I redid up her bra and put it on her lap.Hanna gave it a few tries before she managed to get it. “I did it Mum. Now can I do it to your bra?”“Yes you can Hanna.” Her hands shot behind my back and released my bra, pulling it away from my body and she placed her hands on my breasts.“Wow Mum, your breasts are warm and soft, and your nipples are hard just like mine.” Hanna let go of my breasts and grabbed my hands putting them on her breasts before going back to holding my breasts. To tell you the truth, it felt really good holding Hanna’s breasts that I wanted to suck them. “Mum can I umm suck on your nipples please?”It looked like Hanna beat me to the punch. “Sure Hanna, go ahead then maybe I will suck on yours after.”“Oh Mum, I would love that.” She moved her mouth to my right breast and began to lick and suck on my nipple which made both of us moan in pleasure as I felt Hanna’s left hand go down my body and into my panties, her mouth popped off my right breast. “Wow Mum, you are so wet, mmm I love it hmmm.” She then rubbed my pussy as she took my left breast in her mouth making moan louder.Hanna removed her hand from my panties and her mouth from my left breast and licked her fingers. “Hmmm Mum, you taste sweet. I can’t wait to taste your pussy with my tongue.”“Well you have to wait a bit longer, let me try sucking and licking your nipples.”Hanna didn’t say anything, she just put her arms behind her presenting her breasts to me like go ahead mum they’re waiting. I took Hanna’s breasts in my hands and placed my face over her nipples and placed my mouth onto her right nipple which made her moan. I’d never thought in my many years that I would have this kind of feeling going through my body and that the feeling was pure pleasure. Even when I had sex with my asshole husband I never felt like this. I moved my left hand down my daughter’s body and intoher panties to feel her hot, wet pussy. Without saying a word, I moved my mouth from her right breast to her left and began rubbing her pussy making her moan louder.“Oh Mummy don’t stop. Oh yes, I’m cumming. Mummy make me cum,” Hanna moaned as she came on my fingers. I pulled my hand from her panties and licked my fingers and the taste of her pussy juices is the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life and I wanted more. I slid off my panties and sat with my legs open.“Well are you just going to sit there or you going to güvenilir bahis siteleri eat mummy’s pussy?”Hanna took off her panties and put her face inches away from my pussy. “I can’t believe that finally I get to lick and suck on the pussy I came out of all those years ago.”“Well if you talk like that, then maybe I shouldn’t let you eat my pussy Hanna.” She didn’t say a word but just stuck out her tongue and licked between my pussy lips making me moan; it also felt really good. “Oh my Hanna that feels really good, mmm baby don’t stop.”Hanna don’t stop as she wrapped her mouth around my pussy lips sucked on them, making me scream out in pleasure but this did not stop Hanna. It just made her go faster, hearing my screams of pure joy.“Oh Hanna it feels so good. Mmm don’t stop eating my pussy, oh yes oh god.” I felt Hanna put two of her fingers into my pussy and I knew what she wanted the naughty girl. “You’re going to make Mummycum soon. That’s what you want isn’t it Hanna? Keep going, make me cum. I’m cumming Hanna.”She didn’t move as I had my orgasm just to make sure she gets all of it. Hanna removed her mouth from my pussy, then her fingers and placed them in my mouth so I could taste myself. I love my own taste but Hanna didn’t know that at the time.“My turn to eat your pussy Hanna or should I say try eating your pussy.”She looked at me then laid on her back with her legs open. “Well Mum, it’s not going to hurt to try my pussy now is it? Since I tried yours it’s the only way you can repay me.” I didn’t say a word as I stuck out my tongue and began to lick my daughter’s pussy and when my tongue hit her pussy, the taste of her juices made my taste buds tingle. I must be doing good job because Hanna was moaning.I wrapped my lips around her pussy lips then began to suck on them making Hanna scream with pleasure as I stuck two fingers into her pussy. “Oh Mummy that feels so good. Oh yes keep going like that Mummy. Oh god make me cum Mum, please make me cum.” When I heard that I started to pick up the pace making Hanna moan and scream in pleasure. “Oh yes Mummy. I’m cumming Mummy, take my cum in your mouth.” I did as she ask and I could feel her orgasm on my tongue. The taste of her cum made my body melt as it was the best thing I could of tasted. Then I brought my lips to hers and we began kissing again but it was more like lovers than the first time we kissed. Hanna broke the kiss and got between my legs.“Mum there is one more thing I want us to do before we sleep.”“Oh really and what was that Hanna?”Then she placed her right leg over my left leg and I felt our pussies touching each other. “I want to try something they call scissoring.”“Oh ok Hanna. I’m guessing that scissoring has something to do with our pussy’s touching.”“Yes Mummy. I’ll be rubbing my pussy against yours in a rocking motion until we cum.” Hanna then began to rock her hips and it did feel weird at first, but it soon felt really good as we were both moaning, the noise of slapping came from body coming together making our moan even louder “I’m cumming” as we both had our orgasms. Hanna fell forward a bit and kissed me as she climbed of me and we both fell asleep.The next morning I awoke to myself moaning as I could feel someone licking my pussy and I took the covers of me and saw Hanna eating away at my pussy. “Hanna what are doing? Oh god that feels so fucking good. I thought we agreed to last night being the only night we had sex.”Hanna removed her mouth from my pussy to say, “I know Mum but you can’t lay there and tell me you didn’t enjoy last night. I know I did and I want it to continue.”I couldn’t deny that last night was something special and like Hanna, I did want it to continue so I sat up, lifted her head up and kissed her. She returned the kiss and before I knew it we had morning sex.“Oh Hanna, what have we become?”“Well Mum, I think we have become lovers and there is no stopping us now.” I looked at her naked body lying next to mine and knew this will never stop and I don’t want it to.So that concludes my story on how my daughter and I became lovers and I would not change a thing. I love Hanna and she loves me. We are happy together and we will ride this train of love to the bitter end. Thank you for reading love from the mother daughter lesbian taboo couple Janna & Hanna Smith.

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