Morning Heat

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In the early morning hours you stand, leaning against the counter in the kitchen, sipping coffee and watching me as I put away the dishes I washed the night before. I walk past you and something makes me meet your gaze. It always amazes me how you can draw me to you with just a look. I find myself pressed against your body, one hand around the back of your neck, the other spread over your heart. Your arms are around my waist, your hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer. I look into your eyes and watch them darken with the passion that burns so hotly within you. I am hypnotized by your gaze and unable to look away.

You tug gently on my hair and I tilt my lips up to meet yours, my eyes never leaving yours until I close them with the contact of your warm lips on mine. I feel the beating of your heart beneath my hand increase as you deepen the kiss, your tongue slowly teasing mine. I tighten my fingers against the back of your neck and you plunge recklessly into my mouth. A flame sears through my body and ignites my passion beyond my control. I respond to your kiss uninhibitedly, my tongue thrusting wildly against yours, my hips pressing tightly to the hardness that has risen with your desire. Your lips leave mine and I moan a protest but sigh as I feel your breath on my neck.

I tilt my head to the side and allow you access to the sensitive skin. Your lips leave a hot, moist trail behind as they drift kartal escort down to the curve where my neck joins my shoulder. You feel me shiver and know you have reached that sweet spot. Your tongue swirls over it and I press myself harder against you as another soft moan escapes my lips. My knees almost buckle as you sink your teeth gently into the hypersensitive spot. You guide me back against the table and hold me there with your thigh pressed in between mine, your erection pressing against my hip.

You tease my sweet spot with your tongue again. I gasp this time as you bite harder and I feel a rush of moisture against my labia. I thrust my pelvis hard against your thigh in my excitement. You push my cotton gown over my shoulders, exposing my breasts to your gaze. You look at them for a moment then trace each areola slowly with a fingertip. I watch your hand in fascination as my already erect nipples harden even more at your touch. You look into my eyes as you begin to lower your head towards a breast. I can’t tear my gaze away as your lips close slowly over a nipple. The sensations are unbelievable, a warm moist environment that turns into a tight vacuum, causing a tingling feeling that leads to another rush of moisture between my thighs. Watching you, I think you are the most incredible thing I have ever seen as you move to the other breast.

I watch as you lovingly suck on my nipples, your maltepe escort bayan dark lashes closed over your expressive eyes. I am entranced watching you and do not notice you have raised the hem of my gown until I feel your fingers against my wetness, parting my labia and teasing my hungry clit. I shudder hard at the combination of pleasure my body is experiencing between your hands and mouth. You lean away from me for a moment and slide my gown over my hips, dropping to your knees as you push it down, and let it pool around my ankles on the floor. You look up and see the hunger in my eyes and press yourself against me, wrapping your arms around my hips. Your lips meet my belly in hot kisses, your tongue swirling and tracing patterns down to my pelvis. You slide your fingers up and down my labia, slipping between them and thrusting a finger slowly into my hot, wet opening. My thighs part willingly and your lips join your fingers in their quest.

I tremble and gasp as your tongue flicks over my clit while you slide a second finger into my pussy and thrust harder, in and out, drawing more and more moisture from my body. My hands are clasped around your head, fingers squeezing your scalp with every spasm that runs through my body. You continue thrusting your fingers deeply within me, pressing upward against that magic spot as you close your lips over my clit and suck gently, flicking your escort pendik tongue rapidly back and forth. As my orgasm breaks you rise and push me back onto the table and free your erect cock from your shorts. You grab my hips and thrust into me slowly, my orgasm sucking you deeper with every inward motion. You groan at the sensations you are feeling as my pussy spasms and clasps you lovingly.

I gasp in delight as your hardness strokes my depths, building another orgasm before the first has had a chance to subside. I wrap my legs tightly around your hips and pull you in deeper and deeper as I thrust my pelvis against you, my excitement building to a fevered pitch as I feel myself getting closer and closer. You thrust harder and harder into me and I call out your name as I feel myself erupt in a sweet explosion, my juices coating my thighs as you ride me into a mind-blowing orgasm. I clamp my legs around you and hold you tight to me as I feel you swell and shoot hot cum deep within me as I shudder around you. Your back arches as you grind your pelvis against me and shout your pleasure at your orgasm.

I surface from the depths of my swirling mind and watch the expressions on your face as you pour yourself into me. You are so incredible silhouetted there showing your pleasure openly to me, holding nothing back. Your head drops forward slowly as your breathing begins to slow. Your thick lashes part and you meet my loving gaze with a sweet smile. You slide your hands under my shoulders and help me rise to a sitting position, still joined with you. Your lips meet mine in a slow sweet kiss then you pull me against your chest and hold me tight as I listen to your beating heart.

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