mixed thoughts..mother and daughter have fun.

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mixed thoughts..mother and daughter have fun.my wife went out last night and she came home smiling,,i asked her what had happened for such a big smile to be on her face. she said she has some good news and some bad, then she told me she had been fucked by 3 black men and they all had cum inside her when she was in fertility mode,,she said its a good chance i could get pregnant. but then i asked her was that it?? what’s the bad news news, she said your daughter came out with us last night and she joined in the fun!!my daughter has just turned 18 and she decided to go out with her mother and her mates whilst i was just finishing work so i had no idea she was out with them. Dawn told me she wanted to go out for a few drinks with her mates and Ella decided to tag along which she thought won’t be to bad.after a few drinks i opened up to her about us liking to share our marriage about?? she asked what did that involve and why??well i said your father and i like other men to fuck me whilst he watches and joins in..MOTHER why are you telling me this, you are 18 and i wanted you to know, but Dawn was a little tipsy and when she drinks she becomes very open.Elle understood and deep down she said she sort of knew something was going on cos of all the weekends away and us making her sleep out a lot at weekends when we were at home.well to the story what happened.Dawn was going to the toilet when a young black man took her eye and she made a point of him noticing her. Dawn has big tits and she lowered her top to show her big cleavage and straight away he noticed as she walked past and he said to his mates look at the size of them.Dawn had done it he was in the palm of her hand. she came back from the toilet and went to the bar but stood right next to him, hello love he said can i get you that drink, sorry Dawn said i’m with my daughter and friends so i can’t go back with 1.i will buy you a jug so you can share,NO son its OK.Dawn went back with the drinks and Ella said what was that about,nothing love they were trying to chat me up, Ella asked if i liked black men and i told her its the only men your dad will let me fuck..again she said MOTHER please..the night went on Dawn said and the lads were looking over when 1 came türbanlı edirne escort over and put his number on a beer mat and said ring me if you want to get in the club my brother is the manager and i will get you in with a free drink. the girls said deffo we will ring you..Elle asked will you ring him mam. yes love its free.Dawn rang the number and gave him the names for the list to get in, they all got in but once in they split up and Dawn was just alone with Ella, when she got a tap on the shoulder it was the lad who got them in. would you like to come to the VIP lounge its peaceful in there and free champagne.Dawn and Ella followed the lad who was called Jack to the lounge once they entered it was empty except Jacks mates who were at the bar. come in ladies have a drink. they sat and talked and drank more and more when Jack just started to kiss Dawn, Ella was shocked she said, she shouted out mam but i took no notice i kept on kissing him. Jack placed his hands on my tits and he popped one out.i peeked out of one eye and i seen the other 2 lads sat next to Ella and she was just sat talking so i continued, i put my hand on his cock and i started to feel it getting bigger in his pants, i undid his buttons and i took out his head he was cut. Jack stood up and took his jeans down he stood in front of me and he pulled out a semi about 9 inches long with plenty of growth left in it.Dawn took him in her hand and started to wank him then she took him in her mouth, she said she never looked at Ella cos the cock was so good but when she did look she had one lad kissing her and the other stood up with his cock out and Ella wanking him. like mother like daughter i said..Yesmy daughter has the same build as my wife she is just a little taller around 5 foot 6 big tits thick thighs a round arse and long blond her but Dawns is long black hair.Jack took my hand and walked me over to the settee and laid me down on it, he lifted up my dress and he pulled my thong to one side and he started to eat my bald pussy out, i laid back thinking of you Dave, thinking i wish you were here. Dawn looked up when she noticed another figure there with his cock out,,HELLO..who are türbanlı edirne escort bayan you..he was called Zack he said. i took him in my hand and whilst wanking him i asked where was Ella, he said she is getting fucked by Wez over the table. i pulled my head up and all i could see was her thick thighs in the air and a black arse going in and out of our daughter.Dawn laid back down and Zack sat above her and was now getting sucked off,Dawn said he was about 7 inches but a fat head, Jack had now finished eating her out and he pulled her legs up and he put his fat cock what had grown to a great size of about 11 inches Dawn said. Jack was pumping away and she said he was going deep and rubbing her clit at the same time which was making her cum, the juices were flowing she said and Zack was now rock hard and he wanted a go. Jack pulled out and they swapped, Zack asked if he could do me doggy so i got on my knees on the couch and it was a great hight it was perfect for doggy. Zack put his fat cock in and he started to fuck me hard and out the corner of my eye i could see Ella, she was loving it she had now got Jack who had walked over in her mouth she was tasting her mothers cum.i was now rock hard myself with the story she was telling me, i had my hand up her pussy feeling how wet it was and it was really sloppy. well back to Ella, she was now sucking and fucking 2 black lads and i think it was her 1st black cock cock cos since she started dating we have never heard her mention a black boyfriend. Dawn said she could hear her telling him to fuck her hard and deep,Jack told Wez to swap around he wanted to fuck he tight pussy and again he this time wanted her doggy, Jack pulled her towards him and he slid it in Ella gasped so he must have been bigger than Wez. Jack was pumping away and i heard him say i want your arse Ella, without hesitation she said fuck my arse hole i love anal..Jack pulled it out of her pussy and he slowly put his fat head in her tight 18 year old arse. Dawn was loving watching her go for it.Zack heard them also and he didn’t even ask she said he pulled out and he stuck his fat black cock straight in to my arse but like you know Dave türbanlı escort edirne i love anal,,it felt great his fat cock up there, Wez came over to me and he said come on mate lets have a go on the mother, so they swapped over and he went straight in my arse and he was a decent size she said about the same as Zack but a little fatter. Wes was hitting my hard he was gong for it and i knew he was going to cum i could feel him i just knew. he then asked me if i wanted it in my mouth my arse or my pussy, i knew i was coming home to you so i said in my pussy, he pulled out and he filled it up for you. he walked round the front whilst Zack jumped straight back in and he was up my arse again. i looked over and Ella was loving it i could see her tits swinging as he was hitting her arse hard, dawn shouted over don’t let him cum in you love OK..i won’t cum in her Jack shouted back i will save it for you Dawn.i had Wes in my mouth cleaning him down when Zack said he was going to cum, i also told him in the pussy, he pulled out and he pushed hard and deep in to my pussy and he filled it up, Zack walked round the front with cum dripping from his cock, i took his semi hard cock and i sucked him clean.i was now laid on a table with my legs in the air with 2 loads of cum inside me when a door opened it was Jacks brother Jake, he said what the fuck is going on in here. nothing brother just some mother and daughter fucking. Jake walked over and he seen Ella and he pulled his cock out and he placed it in her mouth she was now sucking him hard. Jack pulled out and he made his way over to me,i laid there with his mates cum still inside me and he open my legs and he slid it in, the noise was messy he pushed it up and it was squelching out, Jack held my feet and he open me wide and he went for it, his long cock was making me cum again i was loving it, Jack said he was cumming and he added to the mass cum inside me, he slowly pulled out and he made his way around the table put my head back and he dangled his cock in my mouth and i sucked the cum from it..Dawn then pulled her Knickers up and walked over to Ella who now had Jake inside her, i was talking to her asking her if this was her 1st group sex and 1st black cock she said yes but it wont be her last. we stood watching as Jake pumped away with us all watching he must have got excited cos it only felt like 5 minutes and he was going to cum, Ella said to cum over her pussy and not in her. so that’s a good thing at least your daughter wont be pregnant..well trust me i told her its the last time she goes out drinking with you..

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