Mississippi Banging

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Mississippi BangingThere are some pretty farms in north central Mississippi. As a younger woman, I often hung out with a group that worked and often played on two large adjoining horse farms. One farm was dedicated to English riding and show horses. The other farm was dedicated to Western riding and barrel racing. Our little group of friends often got together where the two properties met along the banks of a large creek where we would picnic, flirt, shoot, fish, and have lots of laughs. My friend Karla, who would invite me to such gatherings was a pretty girl in her late 20s who coached barrel racing and was a former champ competitor. She was not of the family that owned the property but she always had the run of the place. Barrel racing is a girl’s sport and is often practiced by teens. Many of the horses used for it are large ponies or small horses, usually in the 13 to 14 hand size. Karla was a natural in the saddle and loved horses, dogs, guys, and the countryside. She was fun and impulsive. There were three close friends who worked on either/both of the two big estates. Shep, Rick, and Nick, were all pretty good looking but they had more finesse with horses than with girls. Once when Karla, the three guys, and I were in one of the barns (a really nice barn that often smelled more of Neatsfoot Oil than horse manure) güvenilir bahis she was joking around with the guys when Shep made an offer to play around with us and sweetened the proposition by naming a cash figure. Karla shot back that you don’t get two girls like us unless you deliver some more serious capital. I laughed but wondered if Karla could be serious. The guys seem to back down from financial discussions but Karla pressed them. “You mean you can’t come up with $300 for a delightful romp with not one but two beauties?” Karla pushed more, “you spend all that money on those damn quad runners.” “Why don’t you get serious about getting some good pussy?” The three guys suddenly agreed. We were going to go over to our remote picnic spot, spread some quilts, and act like johns and whores, for cash on the barrel head. I was less assertive than Karla. She and I had discussed our lovers and sex but we had never talked of spreading ‘em for money. I was shocked but did not object. I admired Karla so I gathered up two quilts and insect repellent while the guys fetched a loaded cooler. Karla was collecting our cash as the three ponied up the full amount on the spot.Down at our area by the creek, the late afternoon sun was still hot, as the guys fidgeted around and seemed to wonder if this was for real, just as I was wondering. türkçe bahis Karla started unbuttoning her shirt and told the guys to get out of their jeans. I kept pace with Karla and soon my big jugs were getting sun and my small triangle of pussy hair was on display. Karla had A-cup size breasts but she often went braless and guys were fascinated by every inch of her. She had the most gorgeous ass that drove guys nuts and seemed to work well in the saddle too. Karla went right up to Rick, and Nick, and motioned Shep to move over to my quilt. So we two came face-to-face standing up and we both turned to see what was happening at the other quilt. Karla was getting handy with the guys so Shep and I embraced and started feeling each other up. I liked his muscles and his appearance was only marred by three stupid tattoos. The preliminaries did not last long and soon Shep and I gained full carnal knowledge of each other as he began fucking me hard in the missionary position. I could see Karla had a big smile and was busy riding Nick while Rick was just watching. Soon Shep’s dick had me going and I got into it. His meat felt good with his long thrusts pulling out almost all the way and slamming it home. My vagina was getting some good treatment but the air of unreality was there. This is the kind of thing I did for free. güvenilir bahis siteleri Now we had this materialism thing hanging over us. But Shep did a good job of staying at it long enough for me to cum and cum some more. After a good fucking he pulled out and I though he was going to cum on my tits but he came on my face which I’m not into but the customer is always right I suppose. Nick also chose to cum on Karla’s face and she seemed pleased. Rick was up next and he was fucking Karla doggie but they soon went to cowgirl and he too chose to splash his semen across her face and hair. So Karla had serviced two to my one. But the three guys soon gathered around me to play with my tits, my ass, and my pussy. The guys took turns getting a finger up inside my rectum and talked-up the quality of my ass. They loved playing with my breasts and even Karla hefted my jugs and asked about carrying around such weighty glands. She was loose, happy, and carefree. As the five of us stayed naked in the sun for a while, I though, of what a whore I was but Karla was so free-spirited that I was almost able to put such thoughts aside and enjoy the moment. As the sun got a little lower the guys started eating out Karla and me and each mouth got to each pussy. Karla was giving up some good intimacy for these guys. The real passion was gone so the best part of the afternoon sex for me was when Shep fucked me long and good. When we got back to the cars, Karla gave me my half of the $300. I smiled at Karla as I pocketed the seven Andrew Jacksons, and one Alexander Hamilton.  

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