Meeting Mouse

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It was my last chance and it was going well. I sat across from Mouse watching her stare down at her coffee. It was awkward, neither of us knowing what to say, not knowing how to break the ice. I felt the seconds pass. I felt the minutes pass. It was all to the good I thought. She’ll see there was never anything there. It was just all fluff and air as everything is in the cyber world. This would be our first and last meeting.

We were both not free to be with each other and if the feelings, if the passions were genuine, there were some tough decisions to make. I was so sure once we’d met, we’d see it as a chimera, built out of air, and it all would collapse like a house of cards. I was able to finally come up to where she lived and now we sat there awkwardly in a coffee shop near where she lived. It was all to the good I thought.

But it wasn’t working for me. I saw her face and loved every part. When I saw her at the table, waiting for me, I saw the fragility in her as she fought her uncertainty and I saw the courage in her as she stayed there, waiting. From our first faltering words, I felt her vulnerability. What I hoped she saw was someone too old and too average looking – someone too much of nothing much.

Time was creeping slowly and time was flying by. It was both at the same time. I wanted it to be time to leave, for it to be over so I could go back to my hotel room and steel myself for the future. Yet, I wanted more time with her even though we were only sitting in silence.

So, I’d say a few words and she’d say a few words back or she’d say a few words and I’d say a few words back. Then, more staring down at the coffee, more staring out the window. All to the good. She must be bored to death. And I sat there not being able to let my heartbreak show.

Then it was time. She had to leave. I tried a smile and walked her out and stood there as she walked away, back to her home and her life.

I walked back to the motel. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t trust myself walking or driving around in a strange city when all I could think of was the emptiness before me, so I went back to my room, turned on the tv, and lay there. Empty words were babbling in the air, keeping me company as I tried to somehow fill the emptiness in me. I dimly heard the rumble of thunder and felt a cooling as the rain began to fall. I shut my eyes and listened to the babbling of the voices, the low rumble of thunder, and the rain. I tried to find life in them to keep me going.

I woke with a start. There was someone knocking at etimesgut escort the door. I was confused, wondering if the tv was too loud and someone complained. I got up and looked through the peephole. It was Mouse. I hurriedly opened the door and dragged her in. She was soaked. Her brown hair fell in wet strands around her face. Her blouse clung to her. Rain dripped down her pants onto the floor.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I rummaged through my suitcase and found my pajamas and slippers. Handing them to her, I told her to go to the bathroom, dry herself, and change. I grabbed some hangers, knocked on the bathroom door, and when she opened the it, stuck my hand with the hangars in. While she dried herself and changed, I turned the tv off and sat down to wait. Remembering the anxious, miserable look on her face as I grabbed her into the room, I dreaded what she wanted to say. I didn’t need a formal good-bye. I knew already. I should have said it first so she didn’t have to walk through the rain to tell me.

She came out with my pajamas on. I couldn’t move. She was stunning. I imagined the body that was draped under the them. I felt a stirring and hoped I wouldn’t get hard, hoping she wouldn’t see the affect she had on me. Then I felt a dread. Her clothes won’t dry fast enough and she’d be sitting there, probably not wanting to tell me until just before she was to leave. Those moment would be torture for her.

“Mouse,” I said. “You shouldn’t have come. Don’t feel bad. I know already. Let me see if there’s a laundry room around and we can dry your clothes. Then you can go. We can still be friends.”

I grabbed her clothes from the hangars and rushed out. Luckily I found the laundry room quickly and even more luckily, I had a bunch of quarters. I stuffed her clothes into the dryer and went back to the room.

As I turned from closing the door, I was almost knocked down. Her arms were tight around my neck, her face pressed against my chest, her hair getting my t-shirt damp.

“I love you,” she whispered.

My heart stopped. I couldn’t do anything except cling to her, feel her warmth against me. She looked up and I bent to give a gentle kiss. We clung to each other, kissing softly which rapidly turned into kissing deeply. I slowly pushed her back, onto the bed and eased her onto it. I unbuttoned my pajama top and pushed it apart so I could see her breasts. She looked shyly up at me, hoping that I liked what I saw.

I lay on top of her, feeling her breasts etimesgut escort bayan through my t-shirt. I kissed the top of her head, at her hairline. I kissed down her nose, her eyes, her ears. I kissed her shoulders, giving them a small lick, then kissed my way down to her arms. I turned her hand over and gently licked the meat of her palms and lightly kissed each finger. I kissed my way up her arms and down to her breasts. I kissed the underside of a breast and then just had to take it into my mouth, sucking gently. She let out a small moan as I scraped her nipple with my teeth. That beautiful nipple, hard and jutting up. I gave it a soft kiss and moved to the other breast, to kiss it, and to scrape that nipple with my teeth, to get another small moan. Still moving down, down to her belly button and I gave it a light flick of my tongue.

I had to get up to unsnap my pajama pants and pulled them off of her. She raised her hips to help. I looked down at her and didn’t want to stop looking. Her blue eyes looked shyly at me, her body open to me. I kept how she looked in my mind and continued – moving from her belly button, kissing the inside of her thighs. I lifted her leg slightly and kissed the back of her knees, and moved to her calves, to her ankle. I kissed the top of her foot. I kissed each toe and the arch of her foot. Then down the other leg before I started back up again, planting gentle kisses on her soft skin.

This time I stopped when I reached the top of her thighs. I kissed each side of her pussy and gave them a light lick. I flicked my tongue lightly on her slit. She let out a gentle moan and shifted her hips up, wanting more. My tongue went deeper, deep into her. I tasted her. I smelled her. I took a pussy lip and sucked on it then sucked on the other one. I stuck my tongue deep into her and began lapping, running my tongue from deep in her up to her clit. Her hips raised off the bed and her hands were clutching the sheets. I reached up and held her hands in mine while I ate her pussy. My face was wet and I only smelled her and I only heard her moans. I needed more of her taste, more of her wetness. I moved my head, wanting every part of my face covered with her wetness. She was clasping my hands tightly and I moved them to reach up to pull on her nipples. I pulled and sucked and got my face wetter.

Softly, I heard her say, “Fuck me”, a gentle moan, then a little louder, “Oh, please, please fuck me.”

I rose and kissed her. I wanted her to smell herself, to taste herself. escort etimesgut I wanted her to see how wet my face was and how wet she was. My cock was pressing against her and she moved her hips trying to take me in. I took her hand and moved it to my cock, letting her guide me in, letting her feel her pussy being spread and my hardness entering.

I fucked her slowly. I took her hands and crossed them above her head and held them there tightly and she groaned at being captured like that. Slowly, gently, I moved my cock out and then back into her. She wrapped her legs around my back to get more of me. I felt her wetness on my thighs. I heard the slow, wet sound as I fucked her.

We kept kissing as we kept fucking. Even the slow movements were starting to build me towards a peak however, but it was too early. I stopped moving in and out and just moved my hips in a circular motion, letting my cock rub itself inside her. I pressed myself against her pushing against her clit, putting pressure against it. She pressed back against me.

I looked at her, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly parted. I felt her pushing against me and heard her low moans. I kissed her hard, parting her mouth with my tongue, making her taste herself again. I held her captured arms tightly as I kissed her and slow fucked her.

Her hips began to move faster, wilder. Her breathing became faster. Her hands strained to be released. Her movements increasingly more frantic until her back arched and she let out a long, slow moan. We stayed still for a moment.

“Cum in me,” she said.

I started again, a slow fuck still. I moved my cock in and out of her, relishing the feel of her pussy. I let go of her hands and she wrapped them tightly around my back, pressing my head next to hers, pressing my chest against her breasts. I nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck. I felt her hair brush against my face and listened to the wonderful sound of her cunt being fucked.

I was there and I felt her hips move wildly again, her breathing becoming more rapid. Her arms around my back held me tighter. I slowed down to let the feeling, the tingling ebb within me and rotated my hips again, mashing hard into her clit. I wanted her to cum again. I fought the tingling building in me until she finally let out a long, low moan again, her back arching up. I didn’t rest this time. I fucked her a little faster, pulling my cock out to its length and pushing it hard back into her. The tingling in my cock increased and then I felt my cum spurt into her, deep into her. My movements slowed as my cock jerked out my cum to mix with her cum, her wetness.

I stayed in her as we gently kissed, her arms still tight around me.

She had to go soon. Her clothes were dry. Tomorrow we needed to talk. We needed to find a way to be with each other, to begin our lives together.

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