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MasterShe married him five years ago and he totally controlled her. She never left the house without him and he dressed her as he wanted. He loved sex and loved it rough. She only wore a robe around home and when he came home she was to be naked for him. Tonight she heard his car pull into the garage and she took off her robe and waited for him. Her pussy felt wet thinking about him. He came in and grabbed her by the hair and kissed her tonguing her mouth. He told her “Are you ready to please me any way I want you? Tonight you are going to cam for me and show every one what a dirty nasty whore you are. Now crawl into the playroom.” As she crawled into the playroom he slapped her ass then he grabbed her by her hair and told her “Watch me undress. Then tell me how much you want my cock in that nasty cunt.” When he was naked he turned on the cam and stood her in front of it. He watched the monitor as men signed in to watch his wife. He grabbed her and pulled her over his lap and began to spank her ass with a wooden spoon. It left bruises and red welts. He then sat her up on his lap facing the camera and spread her legs. “Show all the men your nasty cunt.” He then shoved a wooden spoon into her hole and began to fuck her with it. He soon had the cum flowing out of her and he liked that he could turn her on so fast. She loved sex and loved it rough. She was his perfect toy.He then laid on his back with his hard cock sticking up and pulled her mouth over his cock and shoved her all the way down on it. He used her hair to pull her up and down on his long cock and fucked her mouth deep and hard. He told her “Take that cock deep in your throat and suck me hard. You like to suck a big cock don’t you? Show the cam what a good cocksucker you are. Take it like a slut.” He held her head deep on his cock as she sucked and swallowed all his cum.He put her on her hands and knees and brought out a big long thick dildo. He shoved canlı bahis siteleri every inch into her cunt and then got his belt and spanked her ass hard. When her ass was covered with more welts and bruises he then got behind her and shoved his cock deep in her ass with no warning. He was a big man and his cock was long and thick and it really stretched her ass. She said not a word and let him fuck her ass with his cock and her cunt with the big dildo. “I am going to fuck you till you can’t walk. Then I am going to play with your big tits.” He spent the next hour fucking her cunt and ass and she was raw by the time he filled her ass with cum. He pulled his cock out of her ass and told her to lick it clean. As she licked his cum and her ass off his cock he watched his obedient bride. He then grabbed her and began to suck on her nipples. She had huge DDD tits that were firm and perky. He loved sucking them and loved her naked around the house so he could see them and rub them and suck them. He also loved whipping them and leaving bruises. Biting them and leaving teeth marks was a favorite also. She was his and he loved to use her any way he wanted. He sucked and bit each nipple then he took his fingers and stretched a nipple out far. He took his time sucking and biting each nipple till he could see his mark on them. He reached over and turned off the cam. “You have been a very nasty slut for me tonight. Lay on the bench. I have one last trick for you. Now you get to be a really naughty dirty little slut. I love how nasty you can be for me.” As she laid on the bench he spread her legs to each side and then propped her hips up with a thick pillow under her ass. He fastened her legs to the posts on each side of the bench. “You look so sexy and I love seeing your snatch wide open for me. Are you ready?” He then fastened a clamp to one pussy lip then another to the other lip. He tied twine to each clamp perabet and wrapped the twine around her leg spreading her lips far apart. Next he tied her hands to the posts on each side of the bench and now she was not able to move at all. He then attached a clamp to each nipple. He took twine and bound each tit tightly then tied the twine to each nipple clamp. He ran the twine thru a hook above the bench in the ceiling. He tightened the twine stretching the nipples. “Your big tits were made to be tied and bound. You look so sexy.” The last clamp was then attached to her clit. This was painful but she said nothing. She knew he was her master and controlled her body. His last move was a gag ball and blindfold.Then he moved down between her legs. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs close but not touching her spread pussy. He then kissed her legs and kissed her pussy. He ran his tongue and licked her pussy and then grabbed the clamp on her clit and pulled it with his teeth. He licked down to her fuck hole and licked all around it and then pushed his tongue in her and began to tongue fuck her. It did not take long before his face was covered in her cum. He kept licking her clean and still tongue fucking her hole. Then he added three fingers to her ass and finger fucked her ass. Now she really covered his face with cum as he kept tonguing and fingering her. He added the fourth finger and kept fucking her hard. He was sucking the cum from her cunt fast as she filled it for him. Finally he added his thumb to her ass and fisted her. She really was trying to move but was securely tied and could not but he kept fucking her holes knowing how turned on she was and could get. She loved being fucked and fingered by her master. “Your cunt is so wet my sweet slut. You was born for me to fuck you any way I want. Look at my fist in that nasty ass of yours. Feels so good doesn’t it. Now I bet you want a fist perabet giriş in that dirty cunt.” He then pushed three fingers in her cunt and began fucking her deep as he pushed in her. His fingers were covered in cum and he added the fourth. “That’s it baby. Keep cumming. Next is my thumb in that nasty hole. I remember how you like both holes fisted.” He then added his thumb and shoved his fist in her cunt. Now he was fist fucking her ass and cunt. She was moaning and screaming but no sound could come out of her gagged mouth.He fisted both holes for a long time. He liked fisting her as much as she liked to be fisted. She was as much of a sex freak as he was. He loved he could do anything to her and she never said no. One week he tied her to their bed and fucked her for almost a week. He kept taking the pink sex pills and his cock stayed hard and he fucked all her holes till she was raw. When he finally let her loose after a week of hard fucking and fisting she actually could not walk. It took her two days to be able to sit on her ass. He loved seeing her cunt and ass gaping after a good hard fisting. She also loved to be spanked. She was not happy unless he left welts and bruises that she loved to see in the mirror. She liked the teeth marks too. She was naughty and nasty and he loved her and loved her sexy body.He then pulled his fist from her ass and looked at the big gaping hole. Then he did the cunt. It also was gaped open. She looked well fisted and he loved that look on her. She was like no other woman. Next he started untying her but left the clamps on her pussy and tits. He stood her up and helped her walk to the mirror. He wanted her to see how sexy she looked with the clamps pulling her pussy lips wide open and the nipples stretched. “You look so sexy and so well fucked. Let’s go to bed and you can suck my cock and tongue fuck my ass. Did I get you sore enough to make it difficult to walk my little nasty slut? Or do you need me to take the riding crop to your tits, ass and cunt? Yes, you will like that. I can do your back and legs too if you so desire you sexy bitch. The longer you suck my cock and fuck my ass the more lashes I will give you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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