Lust and Longing

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What had come over her? She wondered. How had she let things get so out of control? All she wanted to do was see if the cute guy that had been ogling her the past few months had the balls to actually do anything about it, but somehow she had pushed him too far.

And now look at me, Cassidy moaned in her own mind. I’m leading a virtual stranger by the hand to my apartment. Cassidy knew this wasn’t like her. She had always been the cautious type, and never one to give into petty urges or lose control of a situation. But now Cassidy felt like she was on a one way train track to either complete nirvana or disaster. Strangely, she didn’t care. This one, Cassidy decided, was worth the risk.

This was especially true considering what he had done to her back in the elevator. Her knees still wobbled as she tried to concentrate just on walking the rest of the way to her apartment door. She fumbled for her keys in her purse as the gray-plaster walls began to weave and the cheep chandelier light fixtures seemed to sway with her.

Strong arms caught her around the waist, steadying her. She paused a moment, leaning into them for support. She felt the rise and fall of his firm chest, and even the soft thumping of his heart. He was still warm and a bit sweaty from being stuck in the elevator.

It was an experience she would never forget. His tongue, his lips, and indeed his very voice had filled her slick center until she had climaxed with more vigor than she had in a long time. And she wanted more.

She finally found the keys as she glanced up into his patiently waiting green-hazel eyes. She wished she hadn’t because she almost melted again before she even got the door open.

Once inside, and the door closed safely behind them, they assaulted each other with a fervent kiss. Cassidy moaned deeply and Trenton matched her by inhaling and taking her breath away. She backpedaled toward the bedroom as his hands tore at her blouse, exposing her peanut-butter creamy breasts and black lacy bra.

She giggled as she lead him by the hand, kicking off her annoying heels along the way. She felt the stubble of his five-o-clock shadow on the back of her neck as he tossed her hair aside and nibbled on an ear. She could feel his arousal disrupting the cloth of her skirt on her ass behind her, and she began to have doubts about making it to the bedroom, of which the door to was still three steps away.

His mouth latched onto her neck from behind, and she felt a large hand work its way inside her bra as he caressed a breast. Another hand slid down, down, across her belly and finally to the hem of her skirt as he slowly unzipped it along the side.

To her right was her small kitchen inlet. It wasn’t much more than a stove, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator with a small sink and counter, but it had served her well. She stumbled over to the counter and braced her hands on it for support as Trenton’s hands continued to work their magic and his very excited bulge continued to tease her ass through the fabric of both his pants and her panties.

Her delicately light glasses fell from her nose as she pitched forward. She tried to recover them but Trenton spun her around, grinning broadly as his hands clasped to her shoulders.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said to her happily. “It’s like a dream.”

She kissed him, biting on his bottom lip and sucking it outward with a wet smack.

“Trenton,” Cassidy said sweetly. “I love this new confidence. I mean I really, really loooove it. But maybe . . . I mean . . . I think we should slow down . . . I mean we just pendik escort met, right?”

“I feel like I’ve known you for months,” Trenton said with a small frown, clearly disappointed. “I know that sounds crazy though, and of course I’ll respect your wishes.”

He smiled at her. Somehow, even his smile made her melt a little inside. She watched as he began to try to button up his shirt, but he frowned when he realized he was missing a few buttons that somehow got lost in the fray. Cassidy could see through the gap in his shirt that Trenton was lean and tanned, and he obviously took good care of himself. He wasn’t overbearing in his body like some of those guys that seemed to live at the gym, either, which was a good thing in her mind. He was so cute to her right now, like a confused puppy, that she just had to laugh.

Cassidy caught him by the hand, leading him into the living room. She picked a remote off a small side table next to her large, green couch, and pointed it at her stereo system. A light R&B song from the 90’s began to play. It was one of those boy groups that always had a guy with a deep voice saying romantic sounding things in the middle of the song. Cassidy had always had a soft spot for that type of thing, and Trenton’s deep voice drove her crazy.

“Dance with me,” she commanded soothingly. Trenton obeyed, and she was surprised at what a good dancer he was as he led her in a slow circle. She lay her head on his chest as they danced, and she was amazed at how his heart seemed to harmonize with the music.

They stayed that way for two more songs. With each new note, with each new melody, Cassidy began to feel her spirits rise. It felt so right being there with him. She was hungry, but she had completely forgotten about food. Instead she was hungry for something else.

The music changed again, and as a female artist began to sing another classic favorite, Cassidy surprised him by sliding down the length of his body. She kept her eyes on his the whole time, and she watched him hold his breath as she worked his zipper down, reached into his fly, and began to massage his rock hard shaft through his briefs.

She smiled wickedly as she worked the fleshy pole free so that it stuck out through the fly. He was big, and yet she wasn’t intimidated. She could tell he was big just from the feel of it trough his pants, but actually seeing it made her eyes light up.

She began to stroke him softly, and he seemed uncertain what to do with his hands. At last he decided on caressing her cheek and jaw line, and Cassidy thought the gesture was sweet, but she wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily. She teased the tip with a gentile lick before stroking him with a gentile hand again. When his legs began to shake, she took him into her mouth at last. But she only gave him one long suck, before letting the shaft pop free from the side of her cheek. When he sighed deeply in mild frustration, Cassidy decided he had been tortured enough.

She worked his pants and briefs down, and he stepped out of them. Then she began to suck him hungrily. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could, and tried to relax as she wrapped her lips around his member. She moaned deep in her throat as she corkscrewed her head slightly while she sucked.

Eventually, Trenton collapsed onto the couch, unable to stand. Cassidy followed him, moaning in triumph. Trenton groaned and hissed in ecstasy as Cassidy began sucking his balls and stroking his shaft rapidly.

“Oh, Cassidy!” Trenton moaned with his eyes tightly shut.

Meanwhile, Cassidy’s maltepe escort free hand moved of its own accord as it slid to her hot and moist clit. She rolled her panties down and began pleasuring herself. As she worked toward her own climax, her moans grew louder, and Trenton grimaced as he tried to hold onto his sanity.

Cassidy sensed victory and popped her bra-strap so she could slide her creamy soft breasts around Trenton’s member. She let her chest rise and fall rapidly on his cock as she squeezed her breasts together. Trenton clawed at the fabric of the couch as he stared at her with his mouth hanging open. She gave him an open mouthed smile and licked her lips teasingly.

She squealed as he pinched her nipples, and the feel of his shaft sliding easily in her cleavage excited her and sent shivers down her spine. It wasn’t long before she felt his thighs tighten while he groaned and yelled her name loudly. He came in a fountain of white sticky material that coated her breasts and left sprinkles on her cheeks. Even though she knew it was coming she shut her eyes reflexively.

“Holy Shit!” Trenton panted as he tried to catch her breath. “S-sorry I should have warned you, but . . . wow!”

Cassidy laughed as she went to find something in the kitchen to towel off with. She rubbed the sticky material and regarded it as a sort of trophy, before cleaning herself quickly. She watched him for a moment; his eyes were closed as he relaxed on the couch, trying to catch his breath. God how she wanted him! But should she go that far so soon? Would he even be able to recover after that? He had cum so much!

She sat on the couch next to him, now completely naked, and draped her arms around his neck before kissing him softly on the cheek. He turned to her and smiled.

“You really are amazing,” he said softly. “Are you hungry? I could order something.”

“Kind of,” Cassidy shrugged. “I could just stay like this with you, though, for hours.”

She lay her head on his shoulder and sighed. She noticed right away that he was still semi-hard. Curiously, she touched him again. He was still slick with his cum, and as she stroked him slowly she was surprised how he responded immediately.

“Oh, Cassidy!” he groaned. “If you do that, I won’t be able to stop myself. We can stop now, this is more than I ever expect-“

She kissed him, both to get him to stop fidgeting and worrying and also because she wanted to. As she rolled her tongue past his lips she knew that her real hunger would never be satisfied until she had felt him inside her. She couldn’t explain why, but she had felt driven by her life and her career for so long that she had never wasted time on love. All she knew is that she needed this- needed him.

“What happened to taking it slow?” He panted.

She gave him a lopsided malicious smile. “That was slow enough. Now are you going to put out, or what?”

Trenton laughed, but it turned into a gasp as she kissed his neck, and then let her tongue trail to his nipples. Her hand continued to stroke his slick member faster and faster. It hardened to its full throbbing size in moments, and she grinned. Her eyes went wide as he groaned and tackled her to the couch.

She squealed girlishly and blushed as she wrapped her legs around his waste. She could feel his fingers tease the insides of her thighs, and she shivered as his moth latched onto one her nipples. Her nails dug at his back as his teeth nipped at her and scraped over those most sensitive areas. He gave each breast equal treatment, and her breath caught in her thought as kartal escort she felt his fingers parting her labia, sliding inside her, and finally twisting and teasing her.

She locked her heels into the small of his back and ran her fingers through his hair. That’s when she felt it. A hard warmth at her entrance. His eyes locked with hers, and he grinned. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing to her. Then the warmth was gone, and she moaned.

“Please . . .” she breathed. “Please don’t tease me, I need you now.”

She shuddered to the core as he penetrated her slightly. But he stopped, and as she arched her hips to invite him inside her more, he matched her movement.

“Damn it!” she cursed.

He kissed her mouth, and she forgot her frustration. He broke the kiss with a smack, and she remembered suddenly that he was so close to where she wanted — where she needed him but still holding back.

“Ask nicely,” he chided.

She gave a low laugh between her short gasping breaths. “Fuck me, now! Damn it!”

At last, he obliged, but agonizing slowly. She could feel him filling her, spreading her, one torturous inch at a time. Her mouth opened in a soundless “O” as she struggled to keep her sanity. She shuddered as he began to withdraw, and her hips bucked to try and keep him to herself.

“Oh wow,” Trenton sighed. “I . . . Cassidy . . . wow.”

“Yes, baby,” Cassidy allowed. And she pressed her hands into his chest as she glanced at the place of their joining. “Please, keep going.”

Trenton began thrusting, pumping her at a slow rhythm. Each slap of his body into hers sent shockwaves through her body. She tried to make noise, tried to let him know how good it felt, but all she could do was choke on her own voice. She felt him adjust his hips as he tried different angles, tried different rhythms. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt his thumb brushing her clit as he thrust into her. Then she finally screamed. She kept moaning and screaming as he began slamming into her.

His hands cradled her ass, and he hefted her legs onto his shoulders as he used his weight to penetrate her with crushing thrusts. She felt a pressure building in her gut as he pounded her, and he began to tremble severely as he bit his lip.

Cassidy realized he was holding back as long as he could. And she clawed his strong stomach and tightened her center as much as she could as she glared into his eyes. She knew if he came it would set her off, and she begged him for it.

“Come on, Trenton! Cum! I need you to fill me. I don’t think you can hold back much longer . . .can you . . .”

“Ah!” Trenton gasped.

“Yes!” Cassidy barked.

“Ah…ooooh .. . yah!”

“Yes, cum baby!” she cried.

And he did. With a thunderous cry he released everything he had left into her. The new warmth caused her body to spasm, and Cassidy cried out hoarsely as her body sent electric pleasure through every fiber of her being.

Trenton collapsed on top of her, and she kept her legs tightly wrapped around him, encouraging him to stay joined with her. He felt so good, smothering her like a big firm blanket. One that was still giving her tremors of pleasure as the waves of the past moment subsided.

Cassidy rolled him over; staying joined with him, and ground her hips as she looked into his blissful expression. She leaned in close and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

“Stay the night with me,” she said softly as she absentmindedly stroked his firm chest.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

Trenton smiled.

“Why Miss Cassidy, are you using me?”

“Maybe,” Cassidy said with a wink. “And if you’re lucky I’ll let you use me too.”

He laughed, and they cuddled together until the next time he was ready, forgetting once again about food or the unforgiving world outside.

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